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Author Ro Wright shares seven innovative advancements in technology that may surprise you. A few you may have heard of and some you probably have no clue they even exist. From hotels and retail stores to solutions for natural disasters, technology is evolving our way of living faster than most of us realize it. 
After a 1971 Playboy Magazine interview with Western Mega Star, John Wayne, recently resurfaced organizations in California push for the John Wayne Airport's name to be changed. Ro discusses John Wayne's racist remarks and breaks down an overlooked pattern of racism in Hollywood. 
Democratic Presidential Candidates are all ranting about giving reparations to Black people. It has caused quite the controversy but are these political ideas actually feasible? Ro highlights key statements made by Democratic hopefuls and takes phone calls from callers about giving money to Blacks as restitution for slavery. Special Guest: Collegiate Historian and Author, Robert Wright.
Who is the G.O.A.T.? Ro takes a journey through time as callers suggest what Black Iconic Musicians could never be duplicated. From Sam Cooke to N.W.A., R&B to Gospel, from the 70's to the 90's... Ro explains why these specific Black artists will never be forgotten.
Callers call in to tell Ro Wright why Historically Black Colleges & Universities are still relevant and important to the Black Community. 
Gucci, Prada, and several luxurious fashion brands have released products disrespecting Black History. Ro takes calls from listeners and discuss how the Black Community should respond to these designers. You can always leave a comment for upcoming shows by calling 504-534-5044. View the upcoming topics at
Nike took a bold position by placing Colin Kaepernick as the front of their new 'Just Do It' campaign but not everyone is supporting their statement of Equality. The Mayor in Kenner, LA banned all use of Nike Goods and Clothing in Public Park & Recreation Facilities in Kenner, LA. Ro Wright sheds light on it and speaks with participants at a protest in Kenner, LA.
Dr. Kiki Baker-Barnes is the current Athletic Director at Dillard University in New Orleans, LA. Ro Wright talks with her about Politics within Professional Sports and the advantages of an HBCU.  
Rick Gallot, current President of Grambling St. University, talks with Ro Wright about the evolution of Grambling, the Bayou Classic, and the importance of all HBCUs working together.
Ep #99 - Judge Aisha Clark

Ep #99 - Judge Aisha Clark


Judge Aisha Clark talks with Ro Wright about the rise in Black Women in Leadership throughout America, breaking down labels and boxes, and her ideal husband.
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