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Author, trance medium and philosopher Robert Goodwin gives his views on all aspects of life and spirituality including extracts from afterlife communications, interviews with deeper thinkers and comments on current global events and agendas.
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In this second espisode of season three Rob speaks to Debbie Charlton, a healing trance medium, teacher and inspirational speaker based in Belfast. Debbie runs several online groups including Discovering the Unfoldment of Trance on Facebook. She is also about to host her first retreat as her popularity expands and speaks about her development as a medium, her approach to developing trance and her views on many things spiritual. Debbie is an engaging lady with a wealth of experience, following in the footsteps of her father and grandmother who were both
Small Group online sessions are proving to be very popular and here, speaking to one such collective on December 13th 2022 the spirit sage gives a fascinating description of the principles behind spiritual healing and the role played by the recipient's own immune system before answering some questions put to him by the group. What is particularly striking about this communication is the emotion evoked by the guide's words and the impact this made on the proceedings. In these challenging times, the comfort and guidance shown by our spirit friends is priceless beyond measure and reassure us that we are never
In the final podcast of 2022, Rob speaks to fellow medium Aiden Hall. Known for his forthright views and 'old school' approach to mediumship, Aiden shares his wisdom and offers up his thoughts on some of the spiritual practices that have served him well over the years. An avid collector of spiritualist books, recordings and articles, Aiden also discusses his admiration for some of the 'greats'of mediumship, including Leslie Flint and John Sloan as well as highlighting a few of the current issues surrounding the mediums of today and spiritualism in
This penultimate episode of the year concludes the second half of our October online trance session with White Feather and features the remainder of the Q&A section of the communication. Again, the spirit sage does not dissapoint, answering questions put to him by online participants from across the
On 8th October 2022 White Feather spoke through his trance medium Robert Goodwin to impart spiritual philosophy and answer questions from an international online audience. As always, he did not disappoint, delivering a fascinating opening address before answering a wide variety of questions in his usual inimitable style. Life In Trance - 50 Years as the medium of White
As someone who has demonstrated as a trance medium for close on half a century, I regard myself so privilaged to have been the instrument for White Feather and the wonderful teachings that he has imparted. I have also worked alongside some fantastic mediums and witnessed first hand the transformative power of spirit. In this episode I am privilaged to share the work of two developing trance mediums, both resident in the US, with whom I've been working to hone their ability. I cannot take full credit for the point at which they find currently themselves, because others have shared in their development and deserve credit for the work that they have done. That said, I am delighted to have been able to share with them both, my many years of experience and hope that in some small way, I am helping to take them to another level.
The world famous Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary is known for its many years of wonderful work providing contact and distant healing to those in need. Here in conversation with Rob Goodwin,  Chair of the Trustees, Martin Thomas shares his views about the current role of the sanctuary, it's history and the pioneering work of it's founder Harry Edwards as well as answering some challenging questions from his host!As Martin says, "My parents were interested in spiritualism , and although I took no particular interest in it as a youngster, I was aware of the benefits my mother had received from years of absent healing from Harry Edwards in the 1960s. As an adult I also wrote to the Sanctuary myself for health issues, and was deeply grateful for the positive results received from Ray and Joan Branch. About 10 years ago I was finally able to visit the Sanctuary in person, both on Open Days and to receive contact healing which was beneficial.My active interest in becoming a healer started in 1998 after the passing of my father. I was moving around with my job, but managed to train with the NFSH (now Healing Trust) whilst living in Edinburgh and then in Houston, and finally met the Panel in 2006. I have been a member of the Ashford NFSH Healing Centre for many years, and currently serve there as Chair.My Mum continued to receive 'The Healer' magazine for all those years, and then one day in 2016, just about the time I was retiring from work, I saw the advert in it for trustees. I applied and was eventually accepted, and stepped up to Chair in July 2018. I am passionate about the benefits of healing, and will work tirelessly for it to be at the top of our
In this episode Rob speaks with U.S. based animal communicator Lorraine Turner.In 2010 during a daily meditation Lorraine discovered she could speak with animals. It began with wild horses in the US that were being rounded up and visited her every day asking for help and it was through this encounter that she began illustrating what all the animals were showing and teaching her. You can read more about this here.Lorraine became a Certified Professional Animal Communicator and has studied with world-renowned Wynter Worsthorne of AnimalTalk Africa.She also specializes in distant communications using photographs sent to her from all over the world. Lorraine offers services for distant communications that are General, Animals in Spirit and Missing
Here in conversation with Emma Mather, Rob Goodwin discusses her mediumship and in particular her wonderful spirit art.  Emma is a natural born medium and an empath, who over the years has had many varied experiences with spirit. She works Clairvoyantly, Clairaudiently and Clairsentiently, which means that she is able to see, hear, sense and feel spirit, including seeing and hearing externally. Emma is also able to see auras and can also feel the emotions and conditions of both those on the Earth plane and those in spirit, who may have had an illness or physical condition before their passing.Emma has always had spiritual experiences from childhood and says. "I have seen spirit in different ways such as silhouettes, a bright light in the shape of a person, orbs or that which appear to be like tiny shooting stars. When I was 2 years old, I saw a man sitting on the couch, I was eating a lollipop at the time, I pointed my lollipop to the gentleman on the couch asking him if he wanted some, he did not speak but only turned his head side-to-side as if to say "No" to me. My mum came in the room at this point and asked me who I was talking to, I could only lip read her at the time because I was born partially deaf, I did not wear hearing aids until a little later on. As I grew older many would not always realize about my deafness due to the fact that I do not have any speech impediment."When Emma does her spirit art, she often sees an invisible guideline on the blank canvas which helps her to draw over these guided lines of the etheric (spirit) and produce the portrait. She went public with her mediumship and spirit art in 2012, serving various churches within the UK. She has also done paintings and spiritual paintings over the years and also began making jewellery in 2014, followed by her crystal creations in 2019 and candles in 2020.
In this episode Rob speaks with Shamanic Practitioner, healer and spiritual thinker Elwyn Jones.  Elwyn discovered the art of Spiritual Healing when he first met his wife Caroline in the summer of 2004. This turned out be a life-changing experience, as he spent the next 16 years practicing and promoting this healing modality within the 'Modern Spiritualists' movement. This involved many years of attending and organising weekly healing services in the spiritualist churches of his local area as well as organising training sessions for trainee healers, both  in the UK and also online. For many years Elwyn practised spiritual healing in accordance with the religion and religious philosophy of the 'Modern Spiritualists' movement but in more recent years yearned to follow his own spiritual pathway and has now progressed beyond the restraints of any particular spiritual organisation. He now enjoys a freelance position that allows him to pursue his spiritual pathway exactly how he chooses to. This change in direction has allowed Elwyn to discover the wonderful world of Shamanism and he has now positively experienced what this ancient healing modality has to offer, both for himself and for others. He firmly believes that all spiritual healing originates from 'Source Energy', regardless of what particular discipline is being practiced and also believes that a spiritual lightworke should be humble when forming a two-way working relationship with the Spirit World, emphasising that one's ego should play no part in the equation. Bearing this in mind, he does not view myself as anything special, stating humbly that, "I am simply a very small cog in a great cosmic machine called the universal 'Web of Life'. "Elwyn Jones
On June 7th 2022 White Feather spoke through his medium of over fifty-years, Robert Goodwin to an online group comprising participants from across the world. The group was relatively small in number, but the guide's message was huge; wake up NOW to what is unfolding by the day or suffer the consequences.The sage is known for his wise counsel and for always answering any question asked of him without hesitation and he did not disappoint, responding in direct fashion to some very direct questioning, particularly towards the latter stages of the session. For anyone who has so far failed to recognise the Orwellian global agenda, otherwise known as 'Agenda 30' and 'The Great Reset'  - which in effect is a power grab of enormous proportions by the 'elite' power-brokers and mega-rich to the detriment of all life on our planet - this is your wake-up call. Ignore the words of the wise at your peril.www.whitefeatherspirit.com
This episode of the podcast finds Rob Goodwin in conversation with fellow trance medium, spirit-inspired poet and author Ray Edwards. Ray has published several books of inspirational poetry and teachings received in trance from his spirit guides The Philosopher, Jaria, Seeker and others and is well respected for the spiritual wisdom that flows throughout his work.Ray Edwards -
Here is another take on the evil that is unfolding in the world as Rob looks at the phenomenon of Wetiko - with extracts from online talks by Paul Levy and David Icke.According to Native Americans, Wetiko is an evil spirit that invades human minds. It’s a “virus” of selfishness - a psychic pathogen forcing the victim to feed their insatiable needs as if they were starving. It makes humanity become its own worst enemy…This interesting yet unsettling view comes from a piece of literature we think everyone should read. Paul Lévy is an admirer of Carl Jung’s legacy and a regular columnist for “The Guardian”. He published a book titled “Dispelling Wetiko” that deserves some reflection along with a follow-up published in 2021 "Wetiko". Levy says that we live in an era where most psychosocial phenomena proves the existence of a “virus” of selfishness.When indigenous communities came into contact with the first European pilgrims, the Native Americans said they were infected by Wetiko. It was a tribe of the Cree in Canada who used this concept for the first time. However the Ojiwa, for example, already were using the well-known term “windigo”.Whatever the case, the mental concept they had of the white or “civilized” man was that of an individual affected by the “virus” of selfishness. The virus led them to desire the force of nature and its resources as their own. In turn, Paul Levy explains that this idea is the very same one Carl Jung used to explain the concept of Shadow. Shadow is the archetype of the unconscious that we all share.Thus, common things like jealousy, greed, thirst for power, and selfishness are actually products of our collective unconscious. Our darkest shadows and a 'self' which has become dissociated from the conscience. - a being that lets itself get carried away by despicable acts.Therefore, we could say that the evil spirit defined by the Native Americans is different from Jung’s idea. It wasn’t something that came from the external world, bent on possessing us. Instead, it resided within ourselves.Actually, we all carry that Shadow within, but it’s up to us whether we give it power…
Philip Mantle is an international UFO researcher, lecturer and broadcaster and his books have been published in six different languages. He is the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association and former MUFON representative for England. Philip has written articles and features for numerous publications around the world and has been both editor and assistant editor of high street UFO publications as well as being the founder of FLYING DISK PRESS. Here in conversation with host Rob Goodwin he discusses his latest book 'UFO Landings UK' and his longstanding passion for UFO research spanning several decades.Philip can be contacted via his website at:
Back in November 2011, White Feather spoke through medium Robert Goodwin at a specially arranged demonstration for an intimate gathering in the home of fellow medium Rod Beech and his wife Pauline. The session incorporated the well established White Feather formula of an opening talk, followed by a Q&A segment that allowed for those present to interact directly with the spirit sage. With all that is now unfolding in the world it is interesting to listen to some of the answers given, particularly those relating to a question about 'The New World Order' and it's associated agenda, suggesting that some in the afterlife were well aware of the dangers of what was planned to unfold. If nothing else, this should offer some comfort in these dark days and we would do well to remeber that all things are known.
Jan Higgins has been aware of Spirit since being a very small child. "I am very lucky that my Spirit Guides worked with me from such an early age, as they allowed me to develop clairvoyance (the ability to see Spirit), clairaudience (the ability to hear Spirit), clairscentience (the ability to sense and feel Spirit) and clairscience (the ability to smell fragrances they bring).Like most youngsters who are born with these abilities, I learned to ‘switch them off’ during my teenage years. But I always knew that one day I would work with them again. More that 30 years ago, I knew that time had come, and I started attending a local Spiritualist church and sitting in a development circle, so that I could develop my Spiritual gifts and start to give public demonstrations of mediumship. This progressed very rapidly and within 12 months of commencing sitting in circle, I was invited to take a service in a local church.Since then I have worked all over the country, giving demonstrations of mediumship and healing, running training events and workshops, and even starting my own Spiritualist Church in Bewdley, Worcestershire. I am an ordained minister and officiate at weddings, funerals, baptisms and other services within the community."Here in conversation with Rob Goodwin she discusses her powerful work using Cymatic Therapy and also shares some insights into her Trance and Physical
On January 31st 2022 White Feather speaking through trance medium Robert Goodwin once again addressed a small online audience and gave his usual informative address followed by an interesting Q&A session. By his own admission some of the questions put to the sage had never been asked of him before - making for a highly interesting evening. With Amanda (Sunflower) hosting the proceedings, a highly enjoyable time was had by all, proving once again that our friends in the afterlife are closer to us than many would 
In this first podcast of 2022 Rob Goodwin chats to Native American Style Flute Player and Trance Medium Steve Newton, from the UK. Steve is well respected for his wonderful meditative music and has released several excellent albums. He has also been nominated for an award in the prestigious Native Heart category of the NAMA (native American Music Awards) for 2022. His mediumship is also of the highest quality and he regularly undertakes trance demonstrations throughout the UK and
Out with the old....

Out with the old....


In this final podcast of 2021, Rob imparts his views on the 'pandemic' and 'climate change' scams, revealing the links between them and the hidden hand controlling these and other world events. Although many people are still in denial of what is unfolding,  it is becoming increasingly obvious that 'The Great Reset' is nothing but a description for the Orwellian dystopian world that is being assembled to meet the demands of the New World Order agenda being driven by a global cult operating largely behind the scenes. Some may ask 'what has this to do with mediumship and spirituality'? - the answer is everything. One cannot see the truth selectively; either the whole is observed and known, or it is not. The truth can sometimes appear to be unpleasant, but it is still the truth. Take a listen to Rob's warnings and also his concluding upbeat solution to solving this nightmare scenario - the answers as ever, lie within.
This penultimate episode of 2021 episode features a recording of the second 'small group' online trance organised by associates in the USA, following on from the highly successful initial session featured in episode eighteen of this series. The event was recorded in late September 2021 and features White Feather giving an opening talk, followed by a Q&A session between the sage and those present in the online chat room. Following our protocol, no questions were censored or known beforehand and the entire contents of the recording, totally unrehearsed. As always, the proceedings were aptly hosted by Amanda (Sunflower) and our thanks go to all who took part.
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