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Join Steve Crowe and Eugene Demaitre every Wednesday for discussions with leading roboticists, innovative robotics companies, and other key members of the robotics community.
17 Episodes
Sarcos Robotics' Ben Wolff joins us to discuss the challenges and opportunities of full-body exoskeletons. We talk about Uber's self-driving car division reportedly being low on cash. And Clearpath Robotics' Dave Niewinski is back to chat about developing ROS support for Boston Dynamics' Spot quadruped.
Ayanna Howard and Monroe Kennedy III, academic co-leads of Black in Robotics, discuss diversity and inclusion issues in the robotics industry. They share their personal journeys, challenges they overcame, and what can be done to level the playing field for minorities in robotics and engineering fields.
Daniel Theobald, founder & CEO of Vecna Robotics and a founder of MassRobotics, joins us to talk about his passion for agriculture and the state of autonomous mobile robots. We also recap robotics investments and acquisitions from August 2020 and check in with Brady Watkins, Senior VP & GM at SoftBank Robotics America.
Oliver Mitchell, venture partner at ff Venture Capital, talks all things robotics investments. We discuss current robotics trends, how startups can deal with COVID-19, the autonomous vehicle bubble and more. And are Amazon delivery drones finally coming to the US? We discuss the impact of Amazon's recent FAA approval.
We talk about all things mobile robots with Jason Walker, CEO & Co-founder of Waypoint Robotics. He discusses his affinity for ROS, how his experience as a racecar engineer prepared him for robotics, and why mobile manipulation is a trend to watch. We also catch up with Thomas Visti, who recently stepped down as CEO of Mobile Industrial Robots, to learn about his next chapter helping Danish entrepreneurs.
We talk to Qualcomm's Dev Singh about the affects 5G and edge computing are having on robotics. We also touch upon Qualcomm's involvement in NASA's Mars 2020 Mission. Gene and Steve recap the latest news and robotics investments trends and talk about the economics of delivery robots with Kiwibot's David Rodriguez.
We talk to Veo Robotics' Patrick Sobalvarro about how robotics can help solve today's manufacturing challenges. We discuss Amazon scooping up vacant retail spaces, iRobot getting tariff relief, and a Starship delivery robot driving straight into a canal. We also take you inside our teleoperation of Boston Dynamics' Spot robot from nearly 3,000 miles away. Show Notes
We discuss the state of autonomous trucking with Kodiak Robotics and get its take on middle-mile logistics. We also hit on former Google executive Anthony Levandowski heading to prison for stealing trade secrets from Waymo, walking Spot from 3,000 miles away, and we catch up with The Ventilator Project.
On Episode 9 of The Robot Report Podcast, we talk re-skilling coal miners with Kathy Walker of the eKentucky Advanced Manufacturing Institute, and maxon's crucial role in the Perseverance Rover mission to Mars. We also discuss the return of Jibo and Boston Dynamics' partnership with Ford.
On Episode 8 of The Robot Report Podcast, we talk with PlusOne Robotics about FedEx adopting its parcel handling robots, we discuss Waymo's exclusive partnership with Fiat, and Tom Ryden of MassRobotics updates us on how startups are dealing with COVID-19.
On Episode 7 of The Robot Report Podcast, we talk with the founders of Hello Robot, which came out of stealth with the Stretch mobile manipulator. We also hear from Miso Robotics, which just launched a pilot project with White Castle, the oldest fast food chain in the world.
On Episode 6 of The Robot Report Podcast, we profile the Pickle Robot Company, a Boston-based robotics startup developing the Dill parcel handling robot. We also discuss Softbank's dancing robots at Japanese baseball games, and discuss the benefits of ROS on Windows 10 with Clearpath Robotics' Dave Niewinski.
On Episode 5 of The Robot Report Podcast, we recap the top stories of the first half of 2020. We also talk with Chris Thayer, who has worked on space robotics systems for 15-plus years.
On Episode 4 of The Robot Report Podcast, 6 River Systems co-founder Chris Cacioppo discusses the Shopify acquisition for nearly $500 million, creating a culture of innovation, and mobile robot trends to watch. Gautam Narang, CEO and Co-founder of Gatik also joins the podcast to discuss Level 4 autonomous vehicles for middle-mile logistics, the changing investment landscape of autonomous vehicles, and why Level 5 autonomous vehicles are at least a decade away.
On Episode 3 of The Robot Report Podcast, Michael Patrick Perry of Boston Dynamics discusses the commercial launch of the Spot quadruped and we catch up with Universal Robots President Jürgen von Hollen.
Paolo Pirjanian, Founder and CEO of Embodied, joins The Robot Report Podcast to talk about the moonshot of developing the Moxie companion robot.
Jonathan Hurst, Co-founder and CTO of Agility Robotics, joins the podcast to talk about the challenges and opportunities of developing legged robots. Hurst also discusses the evolution of his company's legged robots, Cassie and Digit, comparisons to Boston Dynamics, and much more.
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