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Hosts Chioma Nnadi and Chloe Malle – both longtime Vogue writers/editors – take you inside the world of Vogue. Each episode features conversations with Vogue editors, creatives, and cover stars. Who's the new designer you should be paying attention to? And what are Vogue editors buzzing about this week? Listen to The Run-Through with Vogue to find out. This is the podcast to listen to when you want to be in the know about fashion and culture. 
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Ms. Tina Knowles sits down with Chloe and Vogue’s Kiana Murden to chat about what it’s like working with her daughter Beyoncé on their hair care line Cécred, her relationship with her grandkids, and her favorite songs from Cowboy Carter. Plus, Vogue’s Radhika Seth reports straight from Cannes to share her favorite films and fashion looks so far!
Sophie Turner sits down with Chioma to talk about motherhood – including mom shaming and protecting her kids from the public eye. She reveals her favorite Britney Spears song and talks about what she hopes life will be like in her thirties. Also, Chioma at Buckingham Palace and the Gucci Cruise show, all in one week!
The Run-Through revisits a favorite episode from our early days. Chloe and Chioma speak to Natalia Vodianova and her long-lost sister Jenna Burns about how a DNA test reunited them. Plus, Chioma talks to Michaela Coel about the time they spent in Ghana Rollerblading – and shooting Coel’s 2022 Vogue cover.
The Met Gala is here! Reporting fresh off the red carpet, Chloe and Chioma speak to Oscar-winning actress Da’Vine Joy Randolph and fashion designer Zac Posen. They cover their favorite looks and best moments of the most iconic night of the year. 
The Met Gala is less than a week away! Plum Sykes, the writer, editor, and noughties it-girl came on the podcast to talk with Chloe and Chioma about her new book, Wives Like Us, and her most hilarious Met Gala memories, beginning in the ‘90s when she first arrived on the scene at American Vogue. 
Happy Earth month! Amber Valletta talks to Chloe about some of her favorite Met Gala looks and runs through some of her greatest vintage finds of late and her sustainable shopping suggestions. Then Vogue’s resident vintage ladies Margaux Anbouba, Lilah Ramzi, and Emily Chan talk about the new Vogue World Vintage guide.
Chioma sits down with British Vogue’s Jess Diner and Hannah Coates to discuss all things beauty and wellness – from nail art trends to facial injectables to beans (yes, beans). Plus, Chloe gives a rundown on Brooklyn’s big week of fashion, between the Dior show at the Brooklyn Museum and the WNBA Draft at BAM. 
Zendaya is the new American and British Vogue cover star! Law Roach, the man behind Zendaya’s image, talks to Chloe and Chioma about styling the covers, Zendaya’s iconic red carpet ‘fits, and whether or not he’s still retired (you will have to listen to find out!).
Gillian Anderson talks about playing a journalist in the new film “Scoop,” and about the unforgettable dress that she wore to this year’s Golden Globes. Also, a dispatch from Shanghai Fashion Week, and Angel Reese’s big Vogue news!
We start the show with breaking news about a new Creative Director at Valentino. Then Chloe and Chioma are joined by Vogue’s Alexandra Macon and Elise Taylor to talk about what makes a great Vogue Wedding. They talk about the most memorable weddings they’ve covered, from Serena Williams to Kourtney Kardashian and their wedding pet peeves (no donut walls, please). Plus, Vogue’s Liam Hess and José Criales-Unzueta discuss the albums they are anticipating this spring from Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter” to Dua Lipa’s “Radical Optimism.” This episode of The Run-Through is presented by Graff.
Chloe sits down with Eva Chen to talk about balancing work (she runs fashion partnerships at Instagram), parenting (she has 3 kids), and fashion (she loved Loewe in Paris). Chioma talks to designer Batsheva Hay about her previous life as a lawyer, her new store in NYC, and casting a runway show with models all over age 40.
Chioma is joined by FKA twigs. Together, they chat about twigs’s highly anticipated album, her leading acting role in “The Crow,” and how she stays in a state of “eusexua” (tune in to find out what that means!). Also in this episode, British Vogue’s Giles Hattersley sits down with the hosts to talk about royal conspiracy theories and the potential TikTok ban.
Chioma and Chloe are joined by Taylor Antrim and Christian Allaire to discuss the best moments of Oscars night. They review the hottest red carpet looks and go over the wins (and snubs) of the biggest night for film. 
Chloe and Chioma are joined by Nicole Phelps and Laura Ingham to discuss the highlights of the final shows at Paris Fashion Week. In the second half of the show, Chloe and Vogue’s Leah Faye Cooper sit down with celebrity stylist Danielle Goldberg to talk about what it takes to make Hollywood’s it-girls shine during awards season. 
Vogue’s Jose Criales-Unzueta and Naomi Elizée are joined by tennis superstar Coco Gauff who is Vogue’s April cover star. They talk about her love of anime, her pre-match meal of choice, and her winning performance.
Chloe and Chioma are joined by Vogue Italia’s Francesca Ragazzi to discuss their favorite shows of Milan and Paris thus far. Then, Chloe sits down with Vogue’s culture connoisseurs Taylor Antrim and Chloe Schama to preview the best of spring TV, books, films and music to get excited about. 
Chloe and Chioma are joined by Hamish Bowles and director Kevin Macdonald to discuss the upcoming film “High & Low – John Galliano,” a complex exploration on the life and work of legendary designer John Galliano. Chioma also sits down with British Vogue writers Alex Kessler and Daniel Rodgers to recap their highlights from London Fashion Week on its 40th anniversary. 
Designer Rachel Scott (of the brand Diotima) joins Vogue’s Naomi Elizée to discuss the inspiration behind her brand, why she learned to crochet, and navigating her sexuality in Jamaica. 
British designer Martine Rose chats with Chioma about the London club scene that has inspired her collections, working with Demna (of Balenciaga), and her iconic collaborations with Nike and Kendrick Lamar.
Vogue Runway’s Nicole Phelps sits down with designer Gabriela Hearst to discuss her learnings from her three years at Chloé, and what her goals are going forward for her eponymous brand. They also get into what makes her clothing both sustainable and luxury, the Uruguayan night sky, and the witchy women who inspire her.  
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