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What happens when a lifelong Star Wars nut decides to combine his passion for charity running with a galaxy far far away? Join host Stu Skinner with his friend Jez Allinson to discuss the Jez’s Running Stormtrooper Project which started in 2016 as a London Marathon attempt with the hope of raising £2000 for Make-A-Wish. Since then the Running Stormtrooper has managed to run 3 x London Marathons, gained a Guinness World Record and completed his challenge in 2018 with a 100km run in armour again for Make-A-Wish but also for the children’s charity Spread-A-Smile. In total over £36,500 was raised between 2016-2018. Now out of retirement the Running Stormtrooper has pledged to run 1000 miles in armour in 2020 including a 100 mile run at Lucasfilm-Pinewood Studios. Each monthly episode will cover a previous chapter of the fundraising/running, an update on how the 2020 challenge is going and a section on running or fundraising top tips! Join these 2 chaps for a light hearted advert free podcast designed to encourage and inspire those who are considering running or charity running.
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As promised Jez (AKA The Running Stormtrooper) & Stu are back for the final Running Stormtrooper podcast episode: Did he complete the 1000 miles in armour in 2020 challenge for Make-A-Wish and Spread-A-Smile charities? or was the final push of 143.5 miles in 20 days just too much? You’ll have to tune in! Regardless of the outcome, join Jez & Stu as they go over some of the highlights of the year long challenge including when Jez explains how his Stormtrooper running stopped a 747 'Jumbo Jet' in it’s tracks and at one stage he thought he might end up as dog food! The lads are joined by Steve Buckley of the UK Garrison who takes us back to 2015 and explains the origins of the UKG and wider community support for this crazy project, he also fills us in on what the UK Garrison have been up to this year. The winner of the Brooks running shoe giveaway is announced, and a BBC presenter admits live on air that she was getting ‘a little bit sweaty’ when interviewing Jez.This one is slightly longer than usual but there is a lot to cram in, after all; it is time for the Stormtrooper to end.
This month's episode begins with disaster as Jez admits that for the first time ever as the Running Stormtrooper, he has failed to hit his target! There is some positivity though as things improve in May. Finally Jez and Stu recall the extra special May the Fourth 40 Mile Stormtrooper Run which finished inside Pinewood Studios back in 2017, alongside a very special young man.
In this special episode, Jez and Stu try to turn a positive out of a negative by highlighting that with the postponement of a number of big races, there could be plenty of time to apply for a Guinness World Record. Jez explains all about his 2017 Guinness World Record attempt and dives into the application process. Join them in this refreshingly positive podcast, which doesn't promise to change the world but could make you smile.
Join Jez and Stu in their latest episode where Jez explains if he's still on target for the 1000 miles in 2020 challenge. He takes us back to February 2016 when a video of him Stormtrooper running through his village went viral on Lad Bible with over 2 million hits in 24 hours. Plus Jez explains why he is a Brooks fan for life and tries to always Run Happy!!!
In this first full episode Stu briefly questions Jez on some of the key highlights from 2016-2018, gets an update on how the 1000 mile 2020 challenge is going so far and asks the all important question, why?
Pilot : A New Hope

Pilot : A New Hope


This short pilot episode hints at what is to come for each monthly episode of the 2020 Running Stormtrooper Challenge.
Full of star wars soundbites and running chat, Jez & Stu are back for their penultimate Running Stormtrooper episode, where Jez explains how everything came to a grinding halt in November due to injury and how he now faces an even tougher challenge to have any chance of completing his 1000 miles in Stormtrooper armour in his 2020 challenge. The lads also speak about the mammoth 100km ‘Last Stormtrooper Run’ which Jez ran in the armour in 2018 at the Lucasfilm area of Pinewood Studios. Jez also mentions about how Disney asked him to help ‘Fuel your Force’, plus he explains how a listener could win an incredible pair of Brooks running shoes! 100km Run video:
Jez & Stu are back for a bumper Running Stormtrooper catch up!This one is packed with Progress, Positivity, Problems and the Pride of Britain awards!Jez also covers the extremely important subject of hydration and shares a sizeable discount with the listeners. The lads also cover London Marathons including the recent Virtual London Marathon and discuss the hottest one on record! Full of Star Wars and running nerdom! It's virtually perfect!Catch up on the 2020 fundraising : on Target with the Virtual Revolution : how the 1000 miles in 2020 challenge is going : up to date with Stormy :
Hitting Your Target

Hitting Your Target


The latest episode of the Running Stormtrooper Project Podcast has it all: running, laughter, triumph and tears. This special ‘2020 - A look back so far’ episode comes to you a few weeks late, as Jez has finally decided to launch it after a troubling and soul searching few weeks. Join Jez and Stu as they talk through the highs and lows of the 1000 miles in 2020 challenge. Is the Running Stormtrooper still on target? How are the #STAYONTARGET virtual races going, and what tips do the lads have for charity fundraisers. For 2020 COVID-19 really is THE PHANTOM MENACE in all respects and you’ll learn why the cancelation of almost all public races and the postponement of the much hyped Star Wars Celebration to 2022 has had a devastating effect on Jez’s fundraising. The boy needs A NEW HOPE!For a while this one may have never been released, however Jez has decided that the public really need to know what’s going on, and how he really feels about this challenge. THE RISE OF STORMTROOPER.Check out how this year’s fundraising is going here: Stay up to date with the mileage tracker here: For more info on The Running Stormtrooper see here: To sign up for the #STAYONTARGET Virtual Medal Series see here: Watch the desperately sad - Vanessa’s Story here:
Stay on Target

Stay on Target


In this months running and fundraising packed podcast, Jez and Stu talk about the BBC video and the running escapades of the last month. The big tips is Virtual Medals and how creating a Running Stormtrooper virtual medal series managed to raise over £3000 in charity money for the 2018 challenge. What's more, Jez announces probably the most amazing and coolest medal series you'll ever see for 2020! Get amongst it and stay on target!!
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