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The Rush Limbaugh Show, the most-listened-to national talk show in America, features the “Doctor of Democracy’s” unprecedented combination of serious discussion of political, cultural and social issues, along with satirical and biting humor, which parodies previously “untouchable” personalities and topics. Limbaugh’s passion inspires millions of Americans to be the best they can be and keeps the country on course to a bright future.

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PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Todd Herman guest hosts for Rush on Tuesday. An imperfect leader vs. people who want to destroy the United States. Seattle defunds police including SWAT and training. Teachers trying to hide their lessons from parents. Cowardice of street thugs. Militias connected to Antifa. Trump can be a uniter. Sympathizers to the utopian fantasy. America’s abusive relationship with the left. Child-COVID stats. Stop the hate, focus on love of country. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: So much fear is being merchandised. Michelle Obama uses COVID to push leftism. There’s an America that’s been frightened to death. Wasn’t the point of Obamacare for grocery store workers to have insurance? The Lincoln Project conservatives are not the go-to anymore. Technocrats won’t give up power. Caller: We won’t let radicals destroy Salt Lake City. GOP ad makers need to keep track of Democrat hypocrisies. Pent-up enthusiasm to turn things around. Show videos of Antifa rioters to your friends. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: There’s right vs. wrong and we must stand on the side of right. Which party is siding with violence and harm? BLM Inc. not helping black lives, only their own. Before the election, you will see some surprise arrests. There’s a massive day of reckoning coming for Silicon Valley. The left’s hypocritical tyranny. We need to reeducate people on the racist lie about America. The Democrat Party Ponzi scheme. Gettysburg.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Rush treatment update. Trump calls their bluff, now Dems want to talk. Fox News is the most-watched television network, including the Big 3 Networks. We're not outnumbered. Trump trolls media at press conference, calls supporters a "peaceful protest". Willie Brown advises Kamala Harris to turn down Biden for VP. Sweden over coronavirus without lockdown. Dr. Scott Atlas added to coronavirus task force, countering Fauci. Houston psychiatrist and "empathy expert" explains what she thinks happens in your brain when you listen to this show. How many people are really on Twitter? Big Ten cancels season. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Brian Stelter on CNN, showing total lack of awareness, does whole show on Rush and conservative media devoted to tearing down Biden, totally disconnected from reality of what they do to Trump on CNN and every other channel. Trump executive actions box in Democrats. Democrats want chaos, depression, people out of work, economy in tatters to defeat Trump. National polls tighten more. Biden can't hide forever. New York Democrat credits hydroxychloroquine for recovery, thanks Trump. NPR weatherman in Tacoma fired for comparing Seattle to Nazi Germany. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Press corps question Kayleigh McEnany on Trump tweet about Pelosi and Schumer. Democrats go to old playbook, say Trump wants to cut Social Security. Rush explains Trump's payroll tax cut executive order. Trump supporter wants Trump to stop saying things that Rush has to explain. We all want to see more pushback against the forces that want to destroy the country.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Cuomo concedes to Trump, says NY schools will open. Portland mayor to rioters: Stop murdering, not because it's wrong, but because you're helping Trump. Federalist editor: American leftists stand out because they hate their country. Biden handles attempt to clarify racist remarks. Montage of Dems and Drive-Bys trying to explain Biden's racist comments. Biden is an old-time segregationist Democrat. Biden tweets clarification of racist comments, steps in it again, says he was talking about geographical diversity. Biden repeats original remark to different group. Let's compare Recovery Summers. Cuomo: Schools can open, but what happens if numbers change? Will he close the schools in October? Allan Lichtman predicts Biden win. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Biden makes it worse with clarification. Clyburn attempts to explain Biden remark. How does the economy recover from virus that makes blue states shut down and allow rioting in the streets? Jobs reports better than expected, Drive-Bys spin. Dingy Harry, Dems, media say Biden is a "devout Catholic." Democrats get a pass on being pro-abortion Catholics. Biden tries to clarify comments on Latino ethnicities and African-Americans, steps in it again. Drive-By montage calling Biden "devout Catholic." Cardinal Dolan on the attacks on God. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Tax preparers warn people unemployment benefits are taxable income. Trump threatens to use executive orders if no deal on COVID relief bill. Dems to deny AOC a speaking role at convention? Ilhan Omar could lose? Cardinal Dolan on left's attack on churches. CNN on tightening polls. CNBC questions whether Trump got jobless numbers early, don't understand Trump's optimism. Who will pick Trump's VP? If Biden can't make it, who will get the Democrat nomination? Will it be the VP candidate, Crazy Bernie? Michelle Obama? Mnuchin rejects latest Dem proposal. Biden is the first phantom candidate for president. Phantom of the Campaign? We don't know who will really be president if Biden wins. Biden's history of racist stories. How do we get Biden out of the basement? Biden vs. Corn Pop.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: NY AG sues the NRA, let down for Drive-Bys who thought it was a case against Trump. Trump requests 4th debate with Biden, but there won't be any debates because Biden can't do it. Biden says black people have no diversity of thought. Racist Biden thinks African-Americans are like-minded simpletons who all think the same way. Biden gives nonsensical answer on China. Gallup: 84% blame media for political divide. CBS doesn't defend its African-American reporter from Biden's racist remark. Zuckerberg said he didn't want to be "arbiter of truth". Facebook, Twitter pull down Trump post on children being less likely to get coronavirus. Former Kamala Harris aide who works at Twitter responsible for pulling down Trump tweet, former Hillary aide at Facebook responsible for taking down post. Trump: Biden insulted the black community. Democrat Party has been radical for a long time. 1995 montage of Democrats saying Republicans want to starve children. Cuomo begs tax base to come back to NYC. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Rush compares Biden's racist comment to baseball executive Al Campanis' racist comments in 1987. Biden betrayed how he really sees black people. The Democrat Party has always been the home of radical leftists. Why do they hate Trump so much? The establishment and deep state hated Make America Great Again so much because they want to cut America down to size. NY AG attack on NRA shows they don't think they have election in the bag. NYC puts up checkpoints to enter city. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Antifa, BLM making case for NRA. Journalists do their jobs for each other, not for their audience. Study: Washington journalists interact within micro-bubbles of themselves. NYC sets up coronavirus checkpoints. Cuomo begs people to come back to city he shut down. Georgia doing great thanks to Governor Kemp's policies. Michelle Obama admits to "low-grade" depression. Massive majority of black Americans don't want to defund the police. LA Mayor says he's going to cut off water and power to private homes that host large parties. Trump hits Biden in campaign speech on tarmac in Ohio. CNBC's Cramer advises Dems: Make deal, don't let Trump give away money by executive order. Teacher upset with criticism of teachers who don't want to go back to school.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Trump: Barr and Durham have found breathtaking evidence. Yates says Comey went rogue, defends investigation which cannot be defended, coup attempt based on false evidence. Trump on Fox & Friends on BLM, kneeling for the anthem. "It is what it is" is the only mature, adult way to deal with the coronavirus. We can't hide from it forever, we have to learn to live with it. Kids must go back to school. The policymakers aren't impacted by the policies they impose on us. More Trump on F&F. Difference between mail-in and absentee voting, absentee requires proof of ID. Pelosi vows to stop Trump from giving RNC acceptance speech from White House. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Dealing with reality of coronavirus. Elon Musk says American young people are too entitled. Oprah tells white people they have white privilege even if they're poor or not powerful. Trump toys with Dems by suggesting RNC speech at White House. Trump on debating Biden. Caller: The coup worked, Obama holdovers refused to accept election results, held on to power. Biden stumbles when trying to say "mental fitness". Mentally unfit Biden lashes out at black journalist, asks him if he's a junkie. In June, Biden said he's tested on cognitive abilities every day. Biden's wife says he'll show up for debates. Teachers don't want to teach. Protesters sue over cost of protective equipment to protect them from police. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Biden is attractive to Democrat power brokers because he's got cognitive disabilities, will be a figurehead. Biden VP pick. Michael Goodwin column on Plugs. Trump campaign must make it Trump vs. Biden, not Trump vs. Generic Democrat. Upward mobility exists in America. Oprah on caste system. Media still outraged over “It is what it is”. Carl Bernstein: GOP must make Trump resign like Nixon. Oprah has been political since she started, but many of her fans didn't see it.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Drive-Bys go nuts over Trump Axios interview. U.S. sees coronavirus cases drop for second day in a row. Trump uses one of Rush's favorite phrases: "It is what it is." Trump: Lockdowns not a viable solution. Thomas Friedman: Coronavirus panic ends in November. HuffPo: Twitter users stunned by "lunacy" of Trump's Axios interview. Dr. Fauci to receive RFK award for "affecting social change." He's a doctor, what does that have to do with social change? RFK, Jr. claims Fauci stands to make millions on vaccine, therapies. Drive-By montage on Trump Axios interview. Jonathan Swan of Axios on Trump's philosophy of positive thinking. Why does Trump do interviews with Democrat media? PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: The Johns Hopkins Case Fatality chart that Trump referred to in the Axios interview. Millennials can't understand positive thinking. The Dems and Drive-Bys know if we learn to live with coronavirus and end the panic fatality, they can't beat Trump. RFK Jr. says Dr. Fauci stands to make millions on coronavirus vaccine patent. The 2.2 million death projection that led to lockdown was never real. Liberal politics have corrupted medicine. Trump's can-do personality. Jonathan Swan doesn't know that 90% of Republican voters will crawl over burning coals to vote for him in November; his manners, tweets, way of speaking doesn't matter compared to what we face. Trump voters look at him like Patton. Hydroxychloroquine. Thomas Friedman admits: The crisis ends in November. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: The Trump-Patton comparison. Trump shows you can beat back your enemies and win. If Trump wins, there will be protests for the next 4 years, they're not going away. The Never Trumpers think if Trump loses, everything will go back to normal. It won't. The left will continue the march to drive the country down. Who's going to rebuild the GOP against these Marxists? Will Florida COVID cases rise when testing centers reopen after the storm? Millennial disappointed in his generation. The left doesn't have to win. More people than you know see what the Democrats are doing and despise it. We'll find out in November.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: How many things have been #1 for 30 years? Dud of a storm in South Florida. Politics of climate change. U.S. records lowest daily rise of coronavirus cases in weeks. Ratings crash for NBA, MLB after protests. Pelosi attacks the Scarf Queen. Trump video sums up what's at stake in the election. When did Rush know that his show would be a phenomenal success? MLB, NBA are captives of Twitter and the media, think that BLM marketing strategy will help them, do not know who their audience is, and that they do not want to watch anti-American propaganda. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Clippers owner Steve Ballmer: Important to keep sports going so players can speak out on BLM. Professional sports are in bed with Marxist, anti-American organization, not about civil rights. Majority of NFL owners are conservatives. Rush on the early days in Sacramento and the Slim Whitman parody. Elizabeth Drew in NY Times: Scrap the presidential debates. Rush plays the satanic messages in Slim Whitman parody he played in Sacramento. BBC Radio claims Rush started the campaign against global warming in 1991 in coordinated conspiracy with energy companies to sway uneducated white men. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Democrat Party train wreck. Dems burn bibles in Portland. BLM leader makes demands of Democrat Party platform. Minneapolis advises people to give phones, wallets, cash to robbers, carry extra cash to give to criminals. Biden VP pick. COVID-19 death rate compared to overall deaths. Anyone remember Hillary's running mate? Caller on Rush's bond with the audience, which the left cannot understand. Steve Ballmer: We need kneeling during the national anthem to unite the nation. Ellen DeGeneres controversy. Bari Weiss on Twitter mobs. Blue state like Minnesota should be a utopia. Cancel sports, but let the players kneel.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Rush's 32nd Anniversary. Rush app releases Android Auto version. Rush recommends Daniel Silva's, "The Order". Rush apologies for being in a bad mood yesterday. Rush not sure about Durham indictments anymore. Epstein documents released, reveal Clinton was on Epstein's island. Conservative media revolution did not impact the left's power. People are frustrated by the infection of everything with liberal politics. Why Clinton-Epstein story isn't big news. Brewers-Cardinals cancelled because of COVID-19 outbreak. NBA players kneel for national anthem, Charles Barkley defends people who don't want to kneel! How Rush has been underestimated through the years, since he was 4 years old. All the controversies, all the times the media thought they had taken Rush out. Fauci won't say protests spread virus. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Trump approval rise. Rush warned of the dangers of multiculturalism, Redskins, Christopher Columbus controversies in early ‘90s interview with William. F. Buckley. Shaq and Barkley on NBA anthem kneelers. Jordan questions Fauci, Fauci refuses to say protests can spread the virus. After 32 years, are we still winning? There is no unity of purpose on our side right now. Trump was on the way to a landslide victory before the virus. The conservative movement in the ‘90s, the future of conservatism. The real history of the Reagan years. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Jordan and Fauci joust over whether protests spread the virus. Trump, Stephen Miller on mail-in ballot potential for election fraud. Miller on Obama bashing Trump. Ferguson cop finally cleared after all these years. Rush tells story of when he first met radio legend Paul Harvey and was insulted by Sally Jessy Raphael. Replay of Trump giving Rush the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The infamous Sally Jessy Raphael no-makeup photo.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Ohio Governor DeWine reverses hydroxychloroquine ban in Ohio. Twitter plays doctor on hydroxychloroquine, censors medical opinion of doctors. Madonna tweet censored for hydroxychloroquine tweet. Dr. Stella Immanuel, female, black, immigrant trashed by American left. GDP didn't plunge 32% in one quarter, that's an annualized rate. Obama says he fears Trump will steal the election through voter suppression, Trump responds with tweet on delaying the election because of mail-in ballot fraud, Drive-Bys go crazy. Reagan bashed at John Lewis funeral. Nurse on hydroxychloroquine hypocrisy. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: D.C. Circuit court grants hearing to hear Flynn judge's appeal. CBS News exposes massive mail-in ballot problems. New York mail-in vote resulted in chaos in June primary election. Obama has set up Democrats to contest the election, they want chaos. Democrats looking forward to day they can eliminate elections. Could hydroxychloroquine be saving lives? Politics and hypocrisy at the John Lewis funeral. Mika Brzezinski blames Trump Tulsa rally for Herman Cain's death. Politico editor John Harris writes fantasy piece where Trump quits, doesn't run for reelection. Democrats not confident of victory. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Rush app adds CarPlay capability. Politico hopes Trump will quit. Portland riots. Peer pressure to support BLM. 1992 was said to be year of "angry white male", this is the year of the angry Millennial woman. Michelle and Barack on how boomers raised their girls. Caller wants Trump to show more fire in the belly. Poll shows support for anthem kneeling.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Poll: Average American believes 9% of US population (30 million) has already died of COVID-19. Drive-By Media reporting number of cases, but not death rate coming down. Gallup: BLM protests have changed 65% of Americans views on race, 1 in 4 young Americans has participated in BLM protest. Democrat Barr hearing was Twitter live. Democrats are on the side of violence, murder, arson, looting because they believe that's what their voters want, and they want it too. DHS agents describe Portland rioters as drug addicts, mentally ill, catatonic with hate. Andy McCarthy, others on the Barr hearing. St. Louis caller on BLM lawn signs. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Twitter is not America, but liberals think it is. It's not all bad news, analysis of battleground states predicts big Trump electoral victory. All of the great conservative voices out there are in media, Fox, talk radio, not many among elected Republicans. Trump's union appeal. Politico prematurely posts story saying Biden chose Kamala Harris as VP, pulled it back. NPR frets that Rush will inspire violence, Civil War, while leftists have already started it in Seattle and Portland. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Big Tech CEOs testify before Congress. Jim Jordan lays out time after time when they have discriminated against conservatives. Left has turned white Millennial women into violent thugs. Zuckerberg answers for taking down viral video of doctors in support of hydroxychloroquine. More positive hydroxychloroquine reports from around the world. Tech bloggers mad about how many people saw the hydroxychloroquine videos before they were taken down. Big Tech is trying to revive the liberal media monopoly that this show busted up.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Democrats in denial of reality, claim riots across the country are peaceful protests. Nadler attacks Barr at hearing, Jordan, Republicans play montage of Democrats calling the riots "peaceful protests" while showing footage of violent riots. Nadler, Cohen lecture Barr at hearing, claim Portland rioters are "moms" and "veterans". Democrats are trying to cover up the reality of the violence their supporters are carrying out. Social Media takes down Trump, others tweet of doctor who claims hydroxychloroquine is a COVID-19 cure, media smears the doctor. Women report aggressive eye contact from men in masks. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Women report rise in aggressive eye contact from men in masks. Axios focus group finds Michigan voters not sold on Biden. Trump and others tweet video of Dr. Stella Immanuel claiming hydroxychloroquine is a cure for COVID-19, social media companies take down posts. Daily Beast writes hit piece on doctor. Rush has been warning conservatives and Republicans for years that we have to push back against the left, not allow them to destroy people like Sarah Palin. Do some of those people now realize Rush was right? Will Comey and the coup conspirators ever really be held accountable? Left trying to destroy female-black-immigrant doctor. Rep. Cedric Richmond accuses Barr of systematic racism. Good economic news. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Social media attempts to censor Dr. Immanuel fail, video clips go viral. NFL to paint "End Racism" in end zone. Patriots players opt out. Peaceful protesters barricade federal officers inside Portland courthouse, try to burn it down. Biden: Women need my help to succeed. Bernie co-chair: Voting for Biden is like eating a bowl of crap. Frustration over prosecutors, judges ruling in favor of rioters. There are enough Trump voters to win if they all go out and vote. The left hates hydroxychloroquine because they hate Trump.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: MLB turns off millions of fans with Black Lives Matter protests. Fourteen Miami Marlins test COVID-19 positive, two games canceled. Baseball games without crowds don't seem real. Fauci's terrible first pitch; caught in stands not wearing mask. Nadler calls Portland riots a "myth". Chief Justice Roberts rules against religious liberty, affirms limits on church services, but not riots and protests. USA Today piece on "myth" of American Exceptionalism. Charlie Cook, who was wrong in 2016, predicts Democrat sweep in 2020. Oregon resident on lack of GOP pushback against Democrat lies. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Speculation over Biden VP pick. Cato Institute: Shows everyone but liberals are scared to be honest about what they believe. 77% of conservatives are afraid to tell people what they think. If Biden is so far ahead, why does everyone care who his VP pick is? Epidemiologist caller says we must go on offense against coronavirus, use antibodies and hydroxychloroquine. Dems fear riots will hurt them. Antifa and BLM are Marxist terrorist groups. Rahm Emanuel doesn't want Antifa to become face of the protests. Myths about the protesters. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Rush mobile app introduces CarPlay. Montage of Democrats saying Trump will use troops, Russians to steal the election. Rep. Bobby Rush says Trump wants to be Grand Wizard of the KKK. Teacher on black youth and cops, BLM. Rush believes poll that says 77% of conservatives afraid to say what they believe, because we see no pushback out there.
Podcast Summary: Hour 1 Todd Herman guest hosts for Rush on Open Line Friday. Acknowledging American victories by electing Trump. We could run a documentary on leftist hypocrisy. The left is conditionally for the 2nd Amendment, but only for chaos. Who is paying for the riots? Nancy Pelosi’s actions are un-American, not Trump stopping the riots. Let’s cancel the debt to China. Affordable Fair Housing was Draconian. Camera on, mask on. Camera off, mask off for Anthony Fauci. Caller can’t communicate conservative values at work. Putting your mind at ease amid COVID concerns. Vote and ask your Democrat friends to explain and defend the violence. Podcast Summary: Hour 2 Rep. Louie Gohmert is putting together a brilliant malicious compliance tool. Plant the seed of doubt in your Democrat friends’ minds. Trump should hold aid for lockdown states. Golden handshakes instead of golden watches. Professional teachers go to work. Democrats are sponsoring terrorists in a spiritual battle. We should talk about homeless work-for-money programs. Masks are to prolong panic and compel speech. Dems release criminals amid COVID and side with them when they commit crimes. NYPD should ignore De Blasio. Podcast Summary: Hour 3 The elites were hungry for the lockdowns. Central planner Marxists want to extinguish the fires of freedom. Message to Marxists: Now is the time to destroy things. Who is funding BLM, Inc.? Data stacking and COVID. Taking China seriously. The radicalization of the libraries. Tips to avoid forced mail-in voting fraud. Would you be surprised if China was funding the Marxist revolution? You must drag your non-voting Republican friends to the polls. The right is on our side.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Todd Herman guest hosts for Rush on Thursday. We have an opportunity to show sane Americans the left’s insane motives. Time to clarify the separation of BLM, Inc. from helping the black community. Sweden has hit herd immunity while the media tries to rebrand it. The election is sitting here waiting for us to win. Address the moderates, not the aggressors. Managing the COVID misinformation being spread. The Atlantic cheats on the coronavirus numbers. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Todd Herman interviews Missouri Governor Mike Parson. The left welcomes chaos. What Joe Biden and the Democrats will do if he wins. 60 million people are with the police. The injustice of the McCloskey case. With every gun sale, there’s a new voter to help win the election. The excess of power against Flynn is why we should be for small government. Value black lives but not the BLM, Inc. Marxist revolution. The left wants to destabilize families. How to get onto the streets. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3; Todd Herman interviews Peter Rosenberger to share the story of Remar Rucker. The easy ways to win elections on the national and local levels. Partisans in public health fields are flooding the zone. We are not in a pandemic anymore. Democrats’ chaos. No difference between lockdown and no lockdown countries. The myth of the mask. Kayleigh McEnany should make the media talk about the falling COVID numbers. It’s up to us to show that George Soros is more than just a boogeyman. Broken lives matter.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Ken Matthews guest hosts for Rush on Wednesday. Trump shuts down Chinese consulate in Houston. China and Russia accused of trying to hack vaccine technology. America’s enemies were spoiled by Obama. Starbucks employee fired for spitting in cops’ drinks. No one is covering the mass shooting in Chicago. The hypocrisy of Nancy Pelosi. Trump administration secures up to 600 million COVID vaccine doses. Margaret Sanger’s racist founding of Planned Parenthood. George Will says he will vote for Joe Biden. Teacher fired for saying “Trump is our President.” PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Donald Trump is the adult in the room. Joe Biden actually mentions white people might be on his VP list. Jesse Jackson used to spit in white customer’s food. Police use of force akin to 1968 would be appropriate now. You can’t demand police to stand by while other cops are attacked. 100 federal officials headed to Chicago. Why does the left cling to burning and breaking? Trump isn’t in the same league of self love as the Obamas and the Clintons. Liberals push alternative history with Hulu’s “Rodham.” PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Ken Matthews interviews Larry Elder to discuss his film, “Uncle Tom” and why all your liberal friends should see it. The case against private police. Mask mandates won’t stop the left’s self-policing. Canadian caller implores voters to stay away from Joe Biden. How the media ignores black conservatives. Debunking the late 60s civil rights switch of Democrats and Republicans. Politician Obama peddled poison to his people. Trickle-up information in response to COVID misinformation.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Ken Matthews guest hosts for Rush on Tuesday. Ken Matthews interviews acting Homeland Security deputy secretary Ken Cuccinelli. Portland wants to be a Third World banana republic. Why don’t these leftist cities want Trump’s help? Sergeant Trent Taylor speaks about cops in anguish amid political betrayal. Elected officials’ number one job is to protect you and liberal leaders have failed that. The rioters adapt ISIS tactics. Weaponized accusations from the left. Terrorists were already wearing masks. There might not be enough infected people to test a COVID vaccine. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: We’re learning the hard way about dependence on Chinese labor. Why did we penalize the least affected and expose the most vulnerable to COVID? Democrats’ tactics not working on the silent majority. The Democrats are stealing Republican losers: John Kasich to speak at DNC. Leftist calls Kayleigh McEnany a lying b-word. Nancy Pelosi plays the Nazi card. George Soros and vigilantism. Be glad the left has overplayed its hand. Fox News releases body cam footage of Seattle police. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Donald Trump has done more to bring sex traffickers to justice than anyone before him. Connecticut COVID tests are creating false positives. We’re making decisions on shutting down schools based on a false narrative. Joe Biden can’t go off script. In seven years, we’ll have studies on mask misuse. Miami-Dade mandates masks in all public spaces. The protesters were trespassing on the McCloskeys’ and private property. NC caller: Cases and hospitalizations up, but terminal cases down. Conservative college student concerned about leftists’ attack on capitalism. Trump supporters afraid of the headache that comes with flags, signs and bumper stickers.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Never have so few done so much damage to so many, small minority of rioters and health experts. Media not showing you rioting on TV. Coronavirus spike all about getting rid of Donald Trump. Chris Wallace again asks Trump if he'll accept election results. Pelosi, counting her chickens, says he'll be fumigated out of White House. Haggling over next coronavirus relief package. Kasich reportedly will speak at Democrat convention, support Biden. Trump on riots, resuming coronavirus briefings. SCOTUS rejects Democrats' plea to speed up Trump tax case. There is no grassroots demand to reopen the country and go back to work because we paid people too much not to stay home. GOP has to find a way to incentivize work. Oakland Hillary backer says business owners will vote for Trump. Small business employees are making $50,000 a year not to work; Republicans hesitant to take their free money away. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Doom in gloom in media is out of control. Desire to get rid of Trump is overwhelming everything. Movie prop master on discontinuing coronavirus relief, wanting to go back to work. What income in America puts you in the top 10%? Caller who makes more working than he's getting from unemployment. If you make $160,000 a year, you're in the top 10%. Caller says his son went back to work even though he made more on unemployment. We hope the American work ethic is still alive and well. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Democrats $3 trillion COVID-19 relief bill is attempt to convince you socialism works. Restaurants have adapted to coronavirus realities with delivery services. Mnuchin: We're going to make sure we don't pay people more not to work. Drive-Bys go nuts over Trump saying more testing finds more cases (which is true) and blame Rush for saying it first. Biden co-opted by Bernie and left. The U.K. is inflating COVID-19 deaths. Reports of Texas babies contracting coronavirus was fake news. New polls showing Biden double-digit leads all sampled Republicans at 24%. CDC chart shows rapidly declining death rate. Caller thinks Republicans should extend full coronavirus unemployment benefits. Do Republicans have to sound like Democrats to win?
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Kemp and Noem resist mask mandates. Why weren't gay people mandated to wear condoms during AIDS outbreak in the ‘80s? Are masks doing more harm than good? Story of woman misdiagnosed with COVI9-19 when she contracted Legionnaires Disease from a mask. Scandal of 300 COVID-19 testing centers in Florida buried. Everything you see and hear about coronavirus is about getting rid of Donald Trump. Conrad Black remains optimistic, thinks Democrats will be rejected. Redskins sexual harassment scandal. Dems don't believe in workplace free from harassment, harass conservatives, Trump supporters all the time. Ellen Degeneres Show accused of hostile workplace, racism. Biden voter calls in, asks why should vote for Trump. Bari Weiss NYT accusations very similar to Redskins claims. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2 Every election is said to be most important election of our lifetime, but this one really is. The Marxists and communists behind Joe Biden will end America as we know it, eliminate meaningful elections. Caller asks if she should speak up to her company’s CEO who is barraging employees with anti-American propaganda. Rush's eyes were opened when he spent Thanksgiving in California, and New York, as opposed to the Midwest. People who will be in charge if Biden wins grew up hating America. Grandmother praises Hillsdale College and Rush Revere. Officials report no coronavirus spread from Trump Mount Rushmore event. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Can we change coronavirus numbers? MLB intrasquad games are odd with no fans. What would you do to stop coronavirus? Kevin McCarthy: Dems will end elections as we know it. Mailmen instructed to leave mail behind if it slows down routes. Ruth Bader Ginsburg reveals cancer recurrence, has survived with cancer for 20 years. Immunotherapy rewrites the body's software. Caller says BLM has a point about police accountability. Cops are held accountable more than media, Democrats. Black Portland cop denounces white protesters who know nothing about racism, use same authoritarian tactics that have been used against blacks. What Trump can do about the riots. Federal officers using unmarked vehicles to take Portland protesters off the streets.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Top uniformed NYPD officer who took a knee with Black Lives Matter protesters gets beat up by rioters on the Brooklyn Bridge. Drive-Bys flood zone with polls showing Trump down double-digits. Hogan Gidley on polls, Biden. 57% of PA voters in poll think there are secret Trump voters. If Democrats thought Biden was ahead by double-digits, they'd want a regular election, instead of closing schools, polling places and pushing for mail-in voting. Don't be surprised if Biden never comes out of the basement and doesn't debate Trump. Hidden Trump voters call in, say they don't talk to pollsters or give false information. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Woman in custody for beating cop on Brooklyn Bridge. Radical leftists cannot be appeased. ‘60s radical Marxist Angela Davis says Biden is candidate who can most be controlled by the radical left. Trump's list of 42 disastrous things Biden would do as president. Another secret Trump voter calls in. The Smithsonian attacks white culture, Western Civilization, everything that made America. Caller on polls. What’s worse for the NFL, missing a season or having a season with no fans and social justice protests? PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Will there be an NFL season? Would the league be better off without a season filled with politics? NFL players want to be paid like entertainers, but treated like politicians. NFL dominates the most-watched TV broadcasts. Trump's Mount Rushmore speech is our agenda. What would happen if Ilhan Omar became Speaker of the House? New York State troopers don't want to go to NYC. Police union endorses Trump, Biden refused to talk to them. Berkeley to stop using police for traffic stops. Redskins rumors. Democrats to use voter intimidation at polls.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Rasmussen: Trump back to 48% approval. Just the News poll: Trump cuts Biden lead in half. Zogby poll: Biden losing support with blacks. Hillary can't get over loss, blames Russians, says Trump won't leave if he loses. For second election in a row, Dems propping up senior citizen nominee who isn't all there. Who will really be president if Biden wins? CDC Director: Northerners brought coronavirus south. Huge scandal: Phony COVID-19 case reported uncovered by local Fox news station in Orlando. 300 testing centers reported 100% positives. Americans want to return to normal, over the pandemic. Why is there so much false reporting? PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: German study finds no evidence coronavirus spreads in schools. Scott Atlas battles devil's advocate Sandra Smith on why kids must return to school. Jane Doe caller claims there's massive COVID-19 coding fraud in hospitals. Trump causes outrage by saying more white people than black people are killed by cops, but it's a true statement. Fraudulent coronavirus reporting is rampant. Trump changes the way hospitals report COVID-19 data. Hawaii closed to tourism. St. Louis coronavirus death numbers compared to murders. Black Lives Matter mural vandalized, but Black Lives Matter painted on streets by Democrat mayors isn't vandalism? PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Trump still rock solid in GOP, has united the party. Trump-endorsed candidates won big in primaries on Tuesday. Dems have abandoned appealing to the middle, have gone full socialist, will let Trump own American values, American founding. Trump Rose Garden press conference, bashing of Biden. Jeff Sessions gracious in defeat, praised Trump, Tommy Tuberville. Covid reporting fraud. Delray Beach caller on influx of northerners. Tuberville on Trump. Trump on Biden in the Rose Garden, Rove criticizes. Washington establishment still doesn't get Trump.
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Hans Wortman

happy birthday Rush on your endeavors and helping me to be conservative as a Christian

Aug 1st

John Carpenter

Rush believes in and loves America as founded. excellent national political analysis always. if your on the left and Rush has been demonized to you, I challenge you to try listening to him for a few hours if you dare. it may upset your political and social life

Jul 8th


I thought he ran as a democrat is the 90s?

Jun 24th

Josh Farley

Rush is an addiction!

Jun 7th

Josh Farley

I can’t go a damn day without our Rush! He will be off this week. Rush and Katheryn is taking a much deserved vacation.

Jun 7th


haha rush is like a friendly, digestible version of Alex Jones 🤣 or the other way around 🤣

Jun 2nd

Jon Kubeck

what ever happened to tolerance, trolls!

May 29th

N Me

what a ball sucking shit

May 27th
Reply (3)

Sharon Ostrowsky

russ Limbaugh is a fool and doesn't want good for America but evil and harm for us just like Trump, Limbaugh spreads false information to harm us and help Trump! I got a summary of his podcast and it made me want to vomit, he is not listening to Medical Professionals who are trying to help us fight this pandemic,! , Limbaugh is making this political to help trump!

Apr 29th
Reply (3)

James Palmieri

mark steyn fantastic

Apr 28th
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