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The Rush Limbaugh Show, the most-listened-to national talk show in America, features the “Doctor of Democracy’s” unprecedented combination of serious discussion of political, cultural and social issues, along with satirical and biting humor, which parodies previously “untouchable” personalities and topics. Limbaugh’s passion inspires millions of Americans to be the best they can be and keeps the country on course to a bright future.

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PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: We didn’t elect Dr. Fauci. Drive-By Media crowing about unemployment numbers. WH briefings becoming commonplace, apocalyptic. Two big stories echo what Rush said earlier in the week: modeling death toll projections in doubt. Emails from Rush’s former Democrat friend in Chicago telling him he’s the only person in media questioning this economic suicide. In two separate stories, modelers cast doubts on death toll projections they give to the White House! Trump listened to Fauci and Birx, now media wants to say Trump inflated the projections to make final results look better. Small business owner complains about bailout red tape. Kudlow: We’ll open the economy when the doctors tell us we can. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: What we’re doing to the country is tearing Rush apart. History of Great Depression isn’t taught, lasted 10 years longer because of FDR’s socialism. Homeschool with Rush Revere. Pelosi’s coronavirus commission. Biden’s running mate. Freedom Caucus’ Andy Biggs: Get America back to work. Podhoretz begs for hope from Andrew Cuomo. Media hypes Pentagon body bag order. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Dr. Fauci cross-examined on hydroxychloroquine on Fox, sides with bureaucracy over hope. CDC, NIH are Washington establishment government bureaucracies. WHO is corrupt, in bed with China. Worldwide survey of doctors favors use of hydroxychloroquine. UPMC vaccine study. Media wants to get rid of Trump at all costs, happy about economic destruction, happy about active hurricane forecast. Apple plans to open U.S. stores in May, re-opened stores in China. Caller remembers Rush said he called his mother every day. Victor Davis Hanson on destroying the economy, low coronavirus death rate in California.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Government by modeling. 10 million file for unemployment. Media, liberals want Trump to order entire country shut down. How are we reporting coronavirus deaths? Rush to give daily briefing. Rush doesn't like to plan ahead. Post Office stays open for IRS filing. Schiff looking at impeachment. Pelosi plotting to cram more leftist garbage into another relief bill. Newsom sees opportunity to expand liberalism. Tapper disturbed when Newsom praises Trump. ChiComs hid virus data. Job #1 of bureaucrats is CYA. How do we reboot our economy? Cuomo gives modeling update. Trump in total command, not scared. Bill Gates wants to shut down total country for 10 weeks. Malaria still a leading cause of death worldwide, despite Gates Foundation. Axios founder says Florida, Georgia didn't shut down soon enough because of "Rush Limbo". O.J. Simpson on Tiger King. Caller praises Rush for providing alternative to mainstream media info. UPMC doctors say they've developed coronavirus vaccine. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Malaysia orders women to wear makeup during quarantine. We'd be in big trouble right now if we all lived the way environmentalists wanted us to. Trump cares about the American people. The Obamas want no part of running against Trump. California only started social distancing 2 days after New York. Living under modeling. Is herd immunity what happened in California? PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Gavin Newsom says this crisis will usher in a new era of progressivism, change capitalism. Pelosi wants new stimulus bill stuffed with liberalism. Charles Payne of FBN tells VP Pence capitalism is on the line. Bob Kraft sends Patriots plane to China to get a million N95 masks. CNN discovers choloroquine. America is not a country of lazy sloths. Obamacare medical device tax drove production of masks, other medical devices overseas. Trump relishes the opportunity to help the country.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Shutdown not sustainable. California curve. Tiger King. NFL plans for full season, full stadiums. Why did media behave at Tuesday's WH briefing? Briefings are not equivalent of Trump rallies, they are full of information, media questions, people other than Trump speak. Jim Acosta says Trump was scared at briefing. China hid true nature of outbreak. Death projection modeling at WH briefing. The doomsayers always win: Birx, Newsom credit mitigation, shutdown for California curve flattening. Trump wants an infrastructure bill. Wimbledon canceled. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Trump is not afraid of the coronavirus. Fear of unknown is rampant out there. Trump wants infrastructure bill. Construction work still going on in America. Federalist piece on how economic shutdown not sustainable, how long can we do this? Pelosi lies, says Trump and McConnell admit they didn't act soon enough. We need light at end of tunnel, reopening of American economy. Apocalyptic national cable news shouldn't be running our country. Listener since he was 6 years old on Baby Boomer generation lecturing on behavior. List of what has killed how many so far in 2020. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Another piece echoes Rush on the cost of an economic shutdown. Pelosi lies, says Trump and McConnell admitted they didn’t move fast enough on coronavirus. Pelosi setting up for coronavirus impeachment. Pelosi on infrastructure bill. More on the curve in California. We have chosen to shut down our economy. Swine flu numbers in 2009-2010 are astounding and we didn’t shut down anything. Why the social distancers won’t let more stores open.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Fredo Cuomo has coronavirus, will anchor CNN from his basement. Andrew Cuomo press conference. When does this end? America can't go on like this for months and destroy the economy. What's really happening in China? UK study suggests death rate for coronavirus lower than previously reported. Four things Cuomo says NY needs. Rush didn't make it through first episode of Tiger King. Cuomo: Sometimes you need an emergency to force change. Obama blames virus on climate change. Palm Beach county coronavirus stats. Obama's tweet on Trump, virus, climate. Suspending freedoms during time of crisis. Cuomo on private hospitals. Is Trump listening too much to the doctors? PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: WH guidelines based on models. Chinese New Year celebration in Wuhan spread virus. Why isn't California ground zero of coronavirus infections? Northam closes Virginia until day after GOP primary. People want to trust the government, but closed economy isn't sustainable. Tiger King. Rush's advice for mom worried about educating her kids at home. Use Rush Revere books as part of home education. Caller: Call it the Communist Virus. Dr. Fauci and the media. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Rush sees the good side in everything, cancer testing upgraded his eyeglasses. Fauci and the medical experts aren't apolitical. Sweden leaving distancing decisions up to citizens, life goes on as normal. California caller's theory that many Californians have already gotten infected and recovered. Nurse on how widespread testing will allow people to go back to work. Drive-Bys mock My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell for mentioning God at Trump briefing.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Rush feels better after reaction to treatment. An overview of where the country is. Undeniable that media is focused on defeating Trump. Woodrow Wilson never involved the federal government in the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. Unreported story is the success so far of anti-malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. CBS airs footage of Italian hospital during coverage of NYC hospital. Media doesn’t want to cover Trump briefings. Fredo says Trump wants old people to die. Pelosi stimulus stunt. Country will come together despite Democrats, media. The people who are essential in America are the truckers, farmers, cops. Amazing how three years of economic success can be wiped out so quickly. Innovation in crisis. ChiComs say crisis is over in China. The doctors and modeling. Rush wanted Obama’s policies to fail to save America, Trump’s enemies want America to fail to get rid of Trump. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: The stimulus package. Bailout lesson: You can’t replicate American prosperity by giving it away. Fauci on modeling. UK epidemiologist revises dire death estimates due to flaws in modeling. We’ll never know if the shutdown was necessary. The entire manmade climate change movement is based on modeling, not facts. Doomsayers always win with models. Realists and optimists will always be blamed. The press behavior with Trump. Poll shows Biden winning in swing counties. Dems’ hope for Cuomo doesn’t translate out of New York, state is broke, everyone fleeing. Ventilator innovations. Projections, death toll, mitigation. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: ABC buries Trump approval number in story about their own poll. Trump has moved heaven and earth to solve problems. Trump and Pence have soared to new lows, Pelosi and Schumer have sunk to new depths. Democrats know Biden is going to lose. Cuomo. Trump might skip debates so as not to embarrass Plugs. You can make models say what you want them to say. Rush mastered social distancing years ago. Tiger King on Netflix. We didn't elect Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx. Deep state layer of career "experts" in foreign policy, intelligence, health. Cuomo says the whole country will go through what NY is going through. Geffen's yacht photo. How fast will the economy rebound?
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Very special guest, your host, Rush Limbaugh calls in. Frightening how easy it is to shut America down. What kind of country will we have after this is over? Rush provides an update on his health. We are all facing something, we’re all going to persevere. Rocky Bleier’s story and partisan divide. UK epidemiologist admits his dire models were wrong. Ken Matthews guest hosts on Open Line Friday. COVID-19 scams. The battle of best intentions. Someone needs to make a hand sanitizer/lotion for men. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Thomas Massie attempts to force a quorum in the House. Is the stimulus a backdoor to socialism? We have to pay attention to the left’s attacks on Constitutional Amendments. Being comfortable with playing fast and loose with the Constitution. Trump lashes out on lack of ventilators. House passes the stimulus bill. Is there something in the bill that will come back to bite us? Bill passed by intentional voice vote. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Vaping and the coronavirus. Ken Matthews interviews Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY). By and for the people doesn’t mean fast and loose. We need to focus on where the problem is, not a blanket solution. A worst-case scenario letter from the Henry Ford Health System. Business frustration with the legality and compassionate sides of COVID-19. We don’t need the federal government babysitting socialist states that can’t take care of themselves. Millions of people are stepping up.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Guest host Ken Matthews interviews Donald Trump Jr. live. Trump indicts Venezuela's Maduro and offers reward for his capture, saying he's using drugs to poison America. Details on the emergency stimulus package. Rigging the unemployment numbers to get Trump. The media’s treatment of Trump is frustrating. Schools are not allowed to call COVID-19 the "Chinese virus." Elections across the country are delayed because of the coronavirus. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Using the stimulus check to contribute to Trump’s campaign. Media can’t handle Trump’s daily COVID-19 updates. Stimulus package peace of mind. The right welcomes debate. Removing early retirement fund withdrawal penalties a godsend. Where is Adam Schiff? Ken Matthews interviews Federalist senior contributor, Ben Weingarten. Where is the GOP response? A draft Cuomo movement. The number of total coronavirus recoveries. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3 Republicans know better than to be petty. Trump supporters won’t fall for media hysteria. This is an opportunity to change things for the better. Let’s not embrace communist dictators anymore. Birthday parties and weddings canceled around the world. Cuomo chose not to buy ventilators, established triage officers instead. Biden protected by #MeToo organizers. The left’s last big play: scare the hell out of everyone. Is COVID-19 germ warfare by China?:
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Todd Herman guest hosts from Seattle for Rush on Wednesday. Another Republican president wouldn’t have made Nancy Pelosi cave. Single payer will be great, just look at the VA. The razor’s edge of bringing the economy back and securing those at risk. In the face of media and bias, Trump’s approval rating rises. Staying positive amid the panic. Pot is a necessity, but not self-protection. Why do investigative journalism when it cracks the narrative? Newsom will politicize the coronavirus, they all will. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2:   Todd Herman guest hosts from Seattle for Rush on Wednesday. Another Republican president wouldn’t have made Nancy Pelosi cave. Single payer will be great, just look at the VA. The razor’s edge of bringing the economy back and securing those at risk. In the face of media and bias, Trump’s approval rating rises. Staying positive amid the panic. Pot is a necessity, but not self-protection. Why do investigative journalism when it cracks the narrative? Newsom will politicize the coronavirus, they all will. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Rush prediction comes true. Biden is not all there. COVID-19 stimulus money. The media is only telling half the story. Confronting the propaganda of silence. Why Taiwan isn’t as impacted. Caller worried about Trump and Pence. SiriusXM radio host David Webb joins the show to talk about why COVID-19 is not the only pandemic. Caller takes Todd to the woodshed.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Todd Herman guest hosts for Rush on Tuesday. The media’s new filth: Save America or the economy. How to use herd immunity. Todd Herman interviews former senator Jim DeMint. COVID-19 is here, it’s herd immunity time. The commitment of a born-free American woman. Dems tank bailout bill to push their agenda. Four senators should be jailed for insider trading. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: President Trump’s Fox News virtual town hall discussion. Todd Herman interviews Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR). Elitist morality is empty. Nancy Pelosi and the left view you as a product. Ballot harvesting. Judge people on what they do in a crisis. The real Nancy Pelosi is the worst kind of looter. Our nation’s health is tied to the economy. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Rush’s optimism and the things we know. Taiwan is free of the Wuhan flu. The Chinese government is a malignancy. Government health care and the CDC slowed the response to COVID-19. End the payroll tax. Government covering small business payroll. It’s amazing what you can do if you don’t give in to despair. Different experiences across different places in the U.S. Rush was right about the media’s Trump attacks.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Ken Matthews guest hosts for Rush on Monday. An audio message from Rush. The American flag brings a sense of relief. A blown opportunity for the media to shine. The National Guard is best served in a state capacity. How many of you like social distancing from management? American Spirit vs. Virus Rebels. What if you don’t need or want the stimulus package? Joy Behar is still stupid. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Rush speaks to you. Cuomo’s brokered convention plans. Trump’s optimism is truthful. Cher’s weird tweet and Madonna in a tub with rose petals. How to help the hospitals. Ken Matthews interviews national press secretary for Trump’s 2020 campaign, Kayleigh McEnany. The left demands the end of Trump’s Wuhan virus briefings. The news media is no longer indispensable. Military experts are some of the brightest minds in the country. Government overreach starts as temporary measures. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: The carelessness of the Virus Rebels. Rush’s message to you. American people stepping up before their leaders. Trump speaks from the heart. Democrats wasted valuable time with impeachment. Veteran-owned distiller is producing hand sanitizer. Never let a crisis or a virus go to waste. Dems attempt to blackmail the president. The symptoms of COVID-19. 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo are postponed. Limiting the overreach but still helping those in need.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Todd Herman guest hosts for Rush on Open Line Friday. Trump speaks truths about illegal immigration and China. Dems war room coronavirus response. Media defends China when the Chinese government hid this virus. Will China get rid of wet markets after this? Tax deadline extended to July 15. COVID-19 take-home test. Senators engaged in insider trading before COVID-19 crisis. Todd Herman interviews “Throw Them All Out” author Peter Schweizer. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: WHO chief congratulates China for work on Wuhan flu. EverlyWell develops a COVID-19 take-home test. Washington’s economic package. We need CFO Trump. China’s numbers shouldn’t be trusted. Humor is an innate survival skill. Dealing with the coronavirus like a war. China deeply wants Joe Biden to be president. The businessman president’s response vs. that of a swamp creature politician. Caller: China should be tried for crimes against humanity. PC culture wants you hurting. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: An exquisite moment to sway fence-sitting voters. Clinton and Warren staffers’ dark money campaign against Trump’s China flu response. If you’re scared, we’re with you. We’re praying for you. Caller: Frustration of a coronavirus scare. Shared sacrifice. Trump faces a problem that even FDR didn’t face. The team-up to make China the good guy. Things to get done after the fight. A generation that doesn’t get it.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Ken Matthews guest hosts for Rush on Thursday. Where do you get news on the coronavirus? Trump invokes Stafford Act. The myths of coronavirus. Two ways Stafford Act goes into effect. Cuomo hitting it out of the park during his press conferences. Upcharging masks isn’t capitalism. Ken Matthews interviews board-certified general surgeon at Geisinger, Dr. J. Bret DeLone, MD. COVID-19 cases doubled overnight in New York. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Ken Matthews interviews board-certified general surgeon at Geisinger, Dr. J. Bret DeLone, MD. Our news media is so petty and absurd. Shame on the media for obsessing over “Kung Flu” and not important details. Government overreach vs. protecting the public. Myths of the coronavirus. The foolishness of the left wanting a recession to hurt Trump. It’s insane what we have allowed to go on in the public discourse. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: The EU asks Netflix to lower streaming speeds. Prison reform is needed in this country. The left cheered on illegal activities of people in power. Bill Maher wanting a recession sums up the Democrat Party. The news media has dropped the ball on every major news event in the last decade. How can you be for open borders after this? Ken Matthews interviews former federal prosecutor and co-author of “Conviction Machine,” Sidney Powell.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Todd Herman guest hosts for Rush on Wednesday. Trump addresses you as a citizen not as a subject. This president demands actions for you. A constant drumbeat of despair doesn’t help. The people keeping this country going. Trump has deregulated, but the companies aren’t. Help small businesses by buying gift cards. Hillary panders during pandemic. Todd Herman interviews Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas. Lab, field service and postal workers are on the front lines too. Trump invokes Defense Production Act. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Trump and the Defense Production Act. What will the left say about Trump flexing the legal muscle of the presidency? The unsung workers on the front lines of preserving American life. The media is divorced from what is actually happening. Americans are keeping Americans working, media is trying to panic them.’s racism concerns shows how left is losing. What you can accomplish during a crisis. Media has no sway over conservatives. How can we afford $1,000 per person? We stay open because you are staying open. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: The left’s insistence on racism of Wuhan virus. Biden is proof of the Democrats’ moral bankruptcy. Caller reaches out to husband in quarantine through the show. Trump’s reaction will help him win re-election. Our dependence on China is untenable. Why is the media unconcerned with Biden’s China relations? Free markets vs. state-controlled markets. The Dems would shut down the truckers keeping this country going. The joy from Americans doing what needs to be done. We will come out of these times.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Mark Steyn guest hosts for Rush on St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish travel ban. A St. Patrick’s Day without alcohol. Bernie and Biden aren’t worth leaving the house for. Cuomo: One ICU bed for every six patients. NBC News should self-quarantine. Dysfunctional federal bureaucracies are a major problem. Rush’s example of a rich, full life can be spent at home. Treasury official says a four-figure check coming. Tax season extended. Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots. Kentucky man finds out what happens when you don't self-quarantine.  PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Cheerless St. Patrick’s Day. Joe Biden fever? Everyone getting a grand from the gov’t in two weeks. Don’t trust the Chinese. We didn’t learn the lessons from SARS - will we learn it this time? The danger of being politically correct during COVID-19. It’s time to de-couple from China. Pelosi sneaks abortion funding into bill.  PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Guest hosts take social isolation seriously. No one showing up for Dem primaries today. Rubio: Global event that makes partisan potshots trivial. Bernie and Biden’s plans make us more vulnerable to viruses. It’s time to start pushing back for changes. The media needs to be better than just trying to get Trump. Americans not banned in Canadian border shutdown. TMZ: Brothels open, customers need to wear masks during sex. There’s never a Hitler around when the leftist media wants one. Racism is deplorable but not an infectious disease.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Mark Steyn guest hosts for Rush on a Monday like no other. Florida still plans to hold primary tomorrow. ISIS advises terrorists to avoid Europe. Coronavirus is stopping ISIS, Iran and illegal immigration. Can Italy flatten the death curve? America is not like other countries and bureaucracies. FBI announces it mysteriously lost all files on Michael Flynn. What would COVID-19 do to Dems and the Senate Judiciary Committee? The coronavirus stopped Maryland’s expansive abortion legislation. TSA still patting down travelers. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: This St. Patrick’s Day will be a quiet one. Canada's joke government isn’t worth fleeing to. The economic tragedy of closings and curfews. It’s time to decouple from China. This is the result of stupid elites running the planet. Coronavirus affecting young doctors and nurses in Italy. China’s statistical lies. Americans care about American deaths. The maple curtain closes, Canada shuts its borders. Does the U.S. go the South Korea route or the Italy path? PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Trudeau wants Canadians abroad to come back, not just the broads. Political correctness helps no one in a pandemic. Political correctness helps no one in a crisis. How climate change panic is causing pandemic panic. Trump is trying to impose his will on a bureaucracy full of idiots. Governments don’t let crises go to waste. Dems hold Grumpy Old Men debate. The conflict on Dems’ primary and Trump treatment. It’s too late to be South Korea, but we don’t have to be Italy.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Trump to declare National Emergency. This is what life would be like under Green New Deal. Sports leagues shut down, claim not to think about money. 77% of the 40 coronavirus deaths in the U.S. were in the state of Washington, all deaths were people over 50. Drive-Bys praised Obama's response to swine flu. Obama didn't declare a national emergency until there were 1,000 deaths. MIT biologist says this panic will go down as one of the greatest frauds to bring down an economy. Rush discovers the music of Blue Magic. Louisiana postpones presidential primary. MIT biologist on coronavirus fraud. Media buried severity of swine flu outbreak to protect Obama, push Obamacare. Will cable news survive without sports? Get ready for hysteria when more tests find more infections. Did media that lied to you about Trump for four years just start telling the truth? PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Coronavirus numbers vs. swine flu. Crazy Bernie compares coronavirus to WWII. Joy Behar takes leave of absence from The View. Apple refuses to postpone WWDC. Left's narrative that Trump's a dictator blown up by coronavirus. What's Rush's greatest accomplishment? Andrew Gillum involved in meth-related incident. The Democrats think they're beating Trump with this, but they're not. Coronavirus reaction will backfire on Democrats. The 65-year-old woman in Betsy Ross T-shirt featured on Fox has fully recovered from coronavirus. Nobody wants what's going on right now. It's going to end. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3:   Nancy and Bernie dueling press conferences. Pelosi pledges to feed starving children who can't go to school. Governor Cuomo praises Trump, talks about his mother at press conference. Why are people raiding stores for toilet paper? Rush is only voice of reason for millions who feel like world has gone crazy. GOP beating Dems in Gallup congressional approval poll. Democrats won't beat Trump by acting so pleased about this panic.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Rush not panicked, but ticked off. Sixty million Americans contracted swine flu in 2009; 300,000 were hospitalized —and the media didn’t generate any panic, because Obama was president. The market rebound will be huge. Media treating Trump like George W. Bush. Montage of sniveling Democrats ripping Trump on MSNBC. Actions Dems will pay price for are destroying economy. Steps Trump takes right now will lead to huge economic rebound. Seventeen thousand died from swine flu in 2009-2010 and there was no panic. Democrats try to shut down primary. All of this panic is political. Why doesn’t anyone care about flu deaths? Liberal answer to coronavirus is same as climate change: More and bigger gov’t. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Market gains over 1,000 points in Rush’s first hour. VP’s office sends great pictures from Pence studio visit. Does anyone know the U.S. coronavirus death toll? Death toll still in 30s, so it’s not mentioned. Dems oppose Trump’s EU travel ban. None of the doctors Rush has dealt with in the last few months has been concerned about coronavirus. Biden gives virus speech. Benefits from market crash? Victor Davis Hanson on the coronavirus. Why isn’t teacher’s union opposing school closings? PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: AP: Most coronavirus patients recover. Only 39 deaths in U.S. Plugs delivers sleep-inducing coronavirus speech. Mature caller understands the ups and downs of the stock market. Should Trump postpone the election? NBA, NHL, MLB shut down. NFL teams close facilities, will they hold draft in April? TV advertising has become less interesting because they follow the media, wimp politics. Solomon: FBI memos show Russia collusion case fell apart in first month.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: China accomplishing what Trump's enemies have tried to do for years. Weinstein sentenced to 23 years, what did all that money to Clinton and Obama buy? Democrat primary makes no sense. Coronavirus panic isn't warranted, but can't be stopped. Biothreat from China is destroying American economy. Wash your hands. Biden is senile. Bloomberg was supposed to save the day. If Bernie had shut up about Cuba, he may have made it. Don't be surprised if we see Trump impeachment over coronavirus response. Dems to hide Biden. Diversity VP pick, watch Stacey Abrams. Dems only hope is to destroy the economy. Economy is being destroyed by governments canceling business. If coronavirus is such a threat, why are we even talking about the Democrat primary? WHO declares global pandemic. Donna Shalala: There's another virus coming. Caller cites statistics, says Dems trying to take over private health care. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Crazy Bernie staying in race. Biden is winning with old people. Corona Joe: You've got one vote left, vote for Joe! Clyburn, Carville, Axelrod call to shut down the primary, cancel debates. Crazy Bernie throws down gauntlet, will debate Biden. College-aged Bernie voters complain about long lines to vote. Nobody talks about Biden's aneurysms. Brit Hume: Biden is senile. Donna Brazile: Biden told me he wanted to have "black on black" discussion. Doctor caller wants to know how many people have the coronavirus to determine how dangerous it is. Van Jones warns Dems against screwing Bernie voters. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Kasich: Governors can't worry about criticism, just cancel things. Why don't we ban driving? Columns on coronavirus. If you focus on containing spread instead of treating the sick, you are destined to fail. You can't contain the spread of viruses. Drive-Bys bury news, Fauci says mortality rate of coronavirus is around 1%, media takes "10 times more lethal than flu" out of context. Caller thinks he and his wife had coronavirus in January. Clyburn wants Biden to pick a black, female VP.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: ChiCom dictator does PR wearing little mask in Wuhan. Trump and Pence announce insurance companies will waive co-pays on coronavirus treatment, cover drug treatments. False narrative: Trump doesn't care about anybody but himself. Drive-Bys treating coronavirus like a hurricane just before landfall. General Honore blasts Wall Street for panicking. Trump talked to Saudi Prince overnight. End of Crazy Bernie. Nomination is cruel and unusual punishment for Plugs, everyone knows he's not up to it. Photo of Xi Jinping, wearing mask in empty room waving to coronavirus patient on TV screen. Democrat Establishment putting Biden up in desperation. Biden is not capable of being president. Biden floats cabinet full of Obama people. Caller asks if he should deploy Operation Chaos vote in Michigan. Democrat establishment preserving down ballot Democrats with Biden. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Democrat called Trump xenophobic back in December when he wanted to close borders to prevent spread of coronavirus. Rush predicts Dems will bomb out on coronavirus weaponization. Brit Hume on Rush, Democrats and the coronavirus. Biden melts down, tells voter in Michigan he's "full of sh*t". Media causes panic. Never Trumpers on coronavirus task force. Cuomo calls in National Guard to New Rochelle. Do illegal aliens have to obey coronavirus orders? Never Trumpers, worried about Trump's lack of civility, sign up with Biden, who curses at voters. After canceling SXSW, Austin mayor begs citizens to go out. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Gavin Newsom praises Trump's coronavirus response. Democrats know the real Trump. Debbie Dingell says Biden cursing out voter was a "human moment". Elon Musk fears he'll never get to Mars. Why Democrats will spend $8 billion on a virus that caused 26 deaths, but nothing for the border wall. Democrats oppose the wall because they need a permanent underclass of victims. The Democrat Party is socialist. We're getting over the hump on the coronavirus. Trump on coronavirus. Hillary still wants the nomination.
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Oil, not coronavirus, causing market plunge. Democrats back to weaponizing coronavirus against Trump. Fracking has killed Saudi oil market. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s power play, put his own mother under house arrest, took over control of country. Saudis flooding market with oil in price war with Russia. America no longer dependent on foreign oil. Trump allowing Saudis to wreak havoc with his supposed buddies in Russia. Coup attempts against crown prince. Gas prices will come down for American consumers. Democrats hoping to profit on discomfort of fellow Americans. Coronavirus hype. Trump tweet about Saudis and Russia. Saudi move targets Iran too. Oil price drop good for America in long run. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: WH talking about targeted stimulus. Disease panics in election year. ChiCom investment in Italy has led to increase in travel between the two countries. Coronavirus attacking elderly with respiratory problems, like a viral pneumonia. Jet fuel. How Trump should combat the weaponizing of the coronavirus. Democrats want to end Trump rallies because of coronavirus, think Trump rallies are held for him, not for his supporters. Caller on death and coronavirus panic. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: CNN to allow Biden to sit down during debate with Crazy Bernie. Former Bloomberg staffers tried to sabotage campaign, took commissions for placing Bloomberg ads. Musk says coronavirus panic is dumb. Yang says panic is worse than the virus. Caller thinks ChiComs created the virus. Drive-Bys follow cruise ship in San Francisco Bay. California bill destroys independent contractors, journalists are collateral damage. Hulu Hillary documentary features Rush and Hillary’s “testicle lockbox”.
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