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The SEO Insider: Law Firm Digital Marketing and Beyond
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The SEO Insider: Law Firm Digital Marketing and Beyond

Author: Seth Price

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A weekly exploration of the best practices and updates of Search Engine Optimization to provide you the tools to grow your business online.
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On today’s episode of SEO Insider, Seth Price is joined by Todd Richheimer, founder of the law firm digital marketing company Lawfty. They talk about PPC challenges that COVID-19 has brought to the industry and the current volatility of the law marketing world. Todd explains the importance of economic consistency, choosing worthwhile PPC campaigns, and selecting the best keywords when bidding. The two deliberate over the possible contrast between a perfect branded landing page and the number of clicks on a page with an immediate response. They discuss the prevalence of influencers and how using social media in a relatable manner can help reach a wider audience. Todd’s firm, Lawfty Law, can be found at and more episodes of Seth’s SEO Insider series can be found at For more helpful tips on legal SEO, check out BluShark’s other channels:WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: LINKEDIN: INSTAGRAM: #LegalMarketing #PPC #DigitalMarketing 
On today’s episode of SEO Insider, Seth is joined by Casey Meraz, founder of the law firm marketing company Juris Digital. The two discuss working remotely and how Casey transitioned his team to this before COVID-19, the training process for their marketing firms and how it has evolved, and Casey’s lessons learned from acquisition of a company. Seth and Casey speak on the digital landscape of the legal industry today, long-term growth strategy, and Casey’s experience with managing a team internationally. They talk about the importance of having valuable content and improving older pages, updates coming with Google and how to position for them, and challenges with mobile-first indexing.Casey’s firm, Juris Digital, can be found at more episodes of SEO Insider, visit
On today’s episode of SEO Insider, Seth Price is joined by Alan Bleiweiss, a forensic SEO consultant and founder of Alan Bleiweiss Consulting, to discuss SEO consulting and Alan’s experience optimizing websites for both desktop and mobile use. Seth and Alan talk about how internet testing plays a role in SEO and how different internet connections impact search engine optimization. Seth asks Alan about what the biggest things people should tackle before seeking SEO consulting. Alan discusses common issues he’s seen throughout SEO consulting, such as the organization of page content and usability issues. Seth asks Alan about the upcoming Google Page Experience update and how to prepare for the Google update. To see more episodes, visit: For more helpful tips on legal SEO, check out BluShark’s other channels: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: LINKEDIN: INSTAGRAM: 
Today, Seth is joined by Brett Tabke, the founder and CEO of PubCon. Brett announces the exciting news that PubCon will be back in person on August 3rd - 5th for its conference in Florida! The two discuss the history of the conference and how it has grown to become a “must-attend” event for SEO marketers and practitioners, whether they’re advanced or just starting out in the industry. Brett also gives his insight on how PubCon curates and fine tunes their selections for speakers to make sure that attendees get the absolute most out of the experience! Seth and Brett continue the discussion by looking at future changes we may soon see in the digital marketing world and government’s potential influence on it.To view all SEO Insider episodes, visit: more helpful tips on legal SEO, check out BluShark’s other channels:WEBSITE: Digital LLC was founded to lift the confusion around search engine optimization (SEO) by providing businesses with innovative, transparent, and successful solutions to help them stand out with their online presence. Click below to learn what clients have to say about their partnerships with BluShark.
On this episode of SEO Insider, Seth is joined by Jason Brown, the founder of Review Fraud. Jason discusses the basics of his business and the ways he gives SEO guidance, common misconceptions about SEO, and all about how fake reviews and negative review attacks can impact business. The two also speak on how to get Google to take down a review, GMB local spam, and how incentivizing reviews is against FTC guidelines and can get a listing taken down. They discuss how reviews can be subjective, the importance of asking for reviews in industries where it is allowed, and how asking for photos to be uploaded on review sites can lead to more reviews.
On this episode of The Local Business Leaders Podcast, Phil sits down with Seth Price, the founding partner of Price Benowitz LLP, and the CEO of Blushark Digital, a digital marketing agency. The two discuss their background with marketing and their own businesses, and Phil speaks on his experience working with entrepreneurs to give them visibility, his process with his podcast and finding a niche audience, and putting clients’ ROI over your own profits. Seth and Phil discuss cross-selling across their agencies to get new leads, and the importance of referrals and good customer service.Seth’s law firm, Price Benowitz, can be found at and his digital marketing firm, Blushark Digital, can be found here: can be contacted at and more episodes of Seth’s SEO Insider series can be found at
On this episode of SEO Insider, Seth sits down with Tom Martin, the founder of Converse Digital and expert at turning conversations into customers. Seth and Tom discuss their mutual background in advertising before the internet, Tom’s philosophy of spending less time selling and more time conversing, and the importance of being connected. Tom goes into depth about his strategies for B2B and B2C marketing and how they differ, his experience targeting certain industries and audiences, and the ideal client at his company. He also speaks on the importance of building trust and relationships with clients before selling to them, and how that builds a good foundation for business.More information about Tom and his company, Converse Digital, can be found at
In this episode of SEO Insider, Seth sits down with Kye Duncan. Kye is the Executive Vice President of Activation at LeadingResponse. LeadingResponse partners up with professionals in the financial, legal, elective medical, senior living, estate planning, and home services industries to scale their businesses. The two discuss the aspect of leads in digital marketing, specifically for law firms. Seth and Kye explain how these leads can change substantially based on the different practice areas and areas of law. Kye explains how these leads are generated, as well as examining the sources of the leads. The duo also dives into retargeting changes, lead costs, as well as the process of purchasing leads from different lead generation companies.For more helpful tips on legal SEO, check out BluShark’s other channels:FACEBOOK: For more on LeadingResponse:
On Today’s episode Seth is joined by guest Karl Sakas, an agency consultant and executive coach. Seth asks Karl what the biggest mistakes people make when scaling their agencies. Karl discusses how he got started in his career and how he found his niche helping businesses grow. Karl discusses the importance of being selective in the early stages of scaling, how to focus on what you want during growth, and when to make yourself optional. Seth and Karl discuss the four stages of agency satisfaction and balancing that with client satisfaction. Seth asks how agency leaders and owners can balance their involvement in their company’s growth. Karl gives insight as to how owners can control their involvement based on their needs. For more on these topics: 4 stages in the "Firm Satisfaction Index": Powerless, Overwhelmed, Confident, Valued4 stages on day-to-day involvement: Mandatory, Necessary, Needed, and Optional
Join Seth and Will Scott as they discuss paid search, SEO, agency-building, and more. Seth and Will speak to the prevalence of spam in local search and Google’s efforts to validate businesses in paid ads. Will emphasizes the importance of reporting bad listings and shares some of his favorite lessons he has learned over time in the SEO field. Will’s biggest takeaway from 20+ years in SEO? The importance of non-sexy SEO: How do I get locally relevant, non-spammy links? How do I develop content that answers my customers’ questions?Seth and Will go on to discuss agency-building, speaking on the importance of not putting all of your eggs in one basket and leveraging the power of your team.Will Scott is CEO and Co-Founder of Search Influence, an online marketing company that provides a holistic approach to Search, Social and Online Advertising.
Seth Price is joined by Joe Laratro, the founder and president of Tandem Interactive, on this episode of SEO Insider. Seth and Joe discuss how companies of all sizes can manage their reviews and how to use them to benefit your company. Joe also dives into his experiences with Google My Business and Local Service Ads and how both can help develop company strategy. Listen in to hear Seth and Joe discuss these best practices.  
Seth Price is joined by Darren Shaw, the founder of Whitespark, on this episode of SEO Insider. Seth and Darren discuss local search rankings and local SEO and how to rank well on the Google search engine result page (SERP). Darren designed Whitespark to help companies and businesses improve their rankings, drive business, and build a positive online reputation. Darren has local search down to a science and shares what he has learned over the years with Seth making this an episode you do not want to miss. Listen in to hear Darren and Seth discuss local SEO and keywords.
Seth Price & Ali Katz

Seth Price & Ali Katz


Seth Price is joined by Ali Katz, the founder of New Law Business Model, on this episode of SEO Insider. Seth and Ali discuss how legal marketing has changed over the years and how the legal marketing industry is entirely different to how it was 50 years ago. Ali explains how the New Law Business Model was designed for lawyers who want to make a real difference in their clients lives while staying competitive. Listen in to hear Seth and Ali discuss new best practices and how best practices have evolved. 
Braden Pollock, the founder and owner of Legal Brand Marketing. In this episode of SEO Insider, they discuss the pros and cons of using different extensions as well as the ins and outs of investing in domains. Furthermore, Pollock analyzes the importance of keywords, the value of URLs, and the several ways entrepreneurs can leverage domains for their own properties.
Seth Price is joined by Fernando Agulo to discuss the ways SEMrush has been adapting to the recent digital marketing landscape changes. The two also dive into local Service Ads, Googles core web vitals update, key word searching, and what is in line for REMrush’s future in digital marketing.
Seth Price is joined by Barry Schwartz to discuss what changes to SEO we can expect in the near future, and how to adapt to them. The two also talk over search engine spamming, security, and how they have evolved.
Seth Price is joined by Ben Fisher to breakdown the transparency and effects of spamming in search results. The duo also deliberates business practices confronting spam, the process of reinstatement, as well as preparing for what lies ahead for offices in the virtual world.
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