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The SOULCAST Podcast

Author: Harry Ogbogu

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The SOULCAST podcast features discussions about the purpose & journey of the Soul with wellbeing teachers Harry Ogbogu & Jewel High.
Our intention is to create a space that will expand clarity about your TRUTH, beyond your experiences of the past and beyond the bias of religion & morality.
This podcast is brought to you ASCEND Wellbeing Inc which is a Healing & well-being movement that aims to offer uplifting thoughts & truths about who you really are.
14 Episodes
Ep 5 - Guilty as Hell

Ep 5 - Guilty as Hell


Guilt & Shame. Why tho?
Your visions for 2019...
Ep 3 - Gettin' Unstuck

Ep 3 - Gettin' Unstuck


Everybody gets stuck sometimes. In this episode, we discuss some ways to get out of any state of inertia or feeling stuck in a rut.
Dealing with loneliness and the lies that accompany it.
The inaugural episode that explores the truth about your desires and the decisions you make about them
The News That is Good!

The News That is Good!


What is the gospel truth? For more, listen to Podcast on Soundcloud here: or listen on iTunes here: Music Out of the Skies, Under the Earth by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:
The Facts Vs. Your Opinions
A Shared Heart

A Shared Heart


The Symmetrical Nature of your Being
Episode 5 - I, Failure

Episode 5 - I, Failure


The Journey to Failure.
Understanding The Impossible
A Prescription for Satisfaction (Not valid at your local pharmacy)
A quick note and affirmation on the subject of TIME and our relationship with the inevitability of it.
A simple thought experiment to help deepen your understanding of who you are.
First/Test Episode of The Definition Podcast.
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