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This is the official podcast of Katee Sackhoff, celebrated for her iconic roles in Battlestar Galactica, Longmire, The Mandalorian, and many other beloved projects. Over her career, Katee has collaborated with a host of extraordinary individuals.
Now, on her podcast, Katee invites these remarkable personalities for candid and authentic conversations. By creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, she seeks to dismantle the unreachable celebrity façade with in-depth questions, heartfelt exchanges, and plenty of laughter. Katee offers listeners an honest glimpse into the lives and work of her guests.
Each episode also features Katee's reflections on the discussions and responses to listener comments and emails, adding a personal touch. Through this vibrant community of fans and fellow travelers, Katee is crafting a space where everyone can share, learn from their common experiences, and enjoy the journey together.

Tune in: New Episodes of The Sackhoff Show air every Tuesday on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube and anywhere podcasts are found.
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You know this week’s guest from Shaun of the Dead, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, and much much more. I can’t understate how immensely cool Simon Pegg is, so I’ll simply say that he is a very rare member of the sci-fi trifecta club (Star Wars, Star Trek and Dr. Who), which we discuss in this episode, and a fact of which I am equally impressed by and envious of. As always, stick around for the hindsight, and that’s what’s up!
Guys, it’s Ahsoka herself – actor Ashley Eckstein, AKA The voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Rebels, and Forces of Destiny, and much more. We talk about her beautiful perspective on connecting with fans at conventions, the Force, and female fans Star Wars being bullied. As always, stick around for the hindsight, where I get asked about a Tarantino role that never came to be, that I’m still a little salty about. That’s what’s up!
You know this week’s guest from Battlestar Galactica, How I Met Your Mother, or his insanely good performance on The Fall of the House of Usher, but to me, he is first and foremost my beloved work-husband ... it’s Michael Trucco! We discuss Michael growing up the son of a police officer, a near-fatal car crash that altered his perspective on life, our time together on BSG and much more. As always, stick around for the hindsight where we read some crazy animal facts.
My guest this week is arguably the most influential person in horror at this moment in time!! Mike Flanagan is the man behind Hill House, Fall of Usher, Oculus (where I had the pleasure of working with him), Doctor Sleep and much more. If you’re at all interested in the movie and television industry or the horror genre, this is not one to miss. And of course, I answer your lovely questions in the hindsight section.
You asked, and here he is. Robert Taylor is not only my co-star from Longmire, but a dear friend and one of my favorite people to talk with. We discuss the prospects of bringing Longmire back to TV screens, the pros and cons of intimacy coordinators, whether it’s OK to compliment someone’s (my) ass, how he stumbled his way into an amazing acting career, and much more. Stick around to the end for the hindsight where I answer your questions. That’s what’s up!
Hey you guys! Today i bring another pal from the Mandalorian-universe: Tait Fletcher, who you'll probably also recognize from Breaking Bad, John Wick or the new Jumanji. We talk about the on-set head injury that turned his life upside down, and a bunch more. As always, stick around for the hindsight where I talk about much sillier things and answer your emails.
I was super excited to talk to today's guest, and she did not disappoint. You know her from The Mandalorian (where she played Elia Kane), or maybe from Ant-Man and the Wasp or her new film Love Lies Bleeding. It's Katy O'Brian, and that's what's up!
He's tall, handsome, good at everything he does, and has a literal tennis court. I didn't remember how I knew Joel McHale until I asked him about it in this interview, but you probably know him from Community, The Soup, or Animal Control. Our conversation went all over the place in the best of ways, and I hope you'll like it! Stick around for the mail sack and some big news on the personal front.
I met today's guest on a plane, and we became fast friends. Troy Baker is an incredible voice actor/actor with over 400 IMDB credits, including The Last of Us game (where he played Joel), Uncharted, God of War, Naruto, Rick & Morty and other humongous titles. Troy is so talented, and his voice is obviously silk for the ears, so I hope you'll enjoy this one as much as I did. That's what's up!
I have another MUCH requested interview for you this week... the stunning and talented Mary McDonnell. We talk about the incredible career which has earned her two Oscar nominations, her brilliant performance as Madeline on The Fall of the House of Usher, Battlestar Galactica, societal pressures that come with getting older as a woman, and what the future might hold for young women today.
My amazing friend Seth Green is here, and you're going to love him! You know him from Robot Chicken, Austin Powers, Family Guy, or one of the gajillion other things he's been on. We talk about how we met, drugs, Pedro Pascal, Justin Bieber, John Cleese, Robin Williams, stuff he's working on and a ton more. In the hindsight I answer your questions and take more shots at Canada... That's what's up!
I'm back with another of our most requested guests! Tricia Helfer is one of my favorite humans and I feel so so very lucky to not only know her, but to have worked with her. You obviously know her from her work on Battlestar Galactica but she spent years before that as a model. We talk about all that, how she used to work in the nude on a farm growing up, her history with Sylvester Stallone, losing her hair on Battlestar, and how she got discovered as a kid. Tricia is one of the most practical and put together people I know and it was such a pleasure, as always, to spend some time with her. Enjoy!
Kevin Smith [Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob, Chasing Amy] talks to Katee about Clerks, dropping out of film school, New Jersey, paving his way into filmmaking, God, and much more.
You've all been asking for it, and it's finally here! My conversation with Ming-Na Wen. Of course, you know her as Fennec Shand on 'The Mandalorian' and 'The Book of Boba Fett,' but did you know she was also Mulan? She's been in so many amazing things, and she's an amazing person that I'm so happy to call my friend. She is the only friend of mine who has a star on the Walk of Fame. No joke. We had a great conversation about how she got her start in Pittsburg, what it's like being an Asian actor in Hollywood, her role in 'The Joy Luck Club', working on 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,' and of course, 'Star Wars.' Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy!
Stay tuned for some changes to the podcast coming in the next few weeks. Can't wait to share more with you guys. Don't forget to stay subscribed!
JOANNA BENNETT is one of the most successful stunt women working today. You know her from her work as Katee’s stunt double on the Mandalorian, she had a prominent role in Book of Boba Fest and she is Brie Larson’s stunt woman for Captain Marvel .Joanna discusses these roles as well as growing up in gymnatistcs and the issues she had with being in that sport and transitioning into the world of stunts. This and more on Blah Blah blah with Katee Sackhoff.
 On this episode of In Hindsight with Katee and Kristian, the gang discusses the most recent episode with Jack Osbourne.  We talk about perceptions of Jack, his bravery, and talking about MS, his show and life growing up with one of the most famous rock stars of all time as a dad
On this episode of Blah Blah Blah with Katee Sackhoff, Katee is joined by Jack Osbourne who discusses everything from growing up the son of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, being diagnosed with MS and how he manages it. They also discuss his show, dealing with the supernatural and moving on after divorce.   
On this episode of hindsight with Katee and Kristian, they discuss the latest episode with Michael Rosenbaum. Katee re-emphasizes the inspiration. Michael gave us when we were starting this podcast. We talk about the friendship that they have, how Michael is as an overall person, plus amazing performer. We also dive into Michael’s comments about why he didn’t return to Smallville. All of this and more on today’s in hindsight.
On today’s episode of Blah Blah Blah with Katee Sackhoff, Katee sits down with her friend, Michael Rosenbaum. Michael has done amazing work on the Podcast front with his successful show Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum. Part of Katee‘s inspiration to doing the podcast is watching the great work that Michael has done. Katee and Michael, discuss casting, relationships, and the business in general. Michael gives a very detailed explanation on why he did not return as Lex Luther in Smallville. Michael also talks about close connections with the people he meets across conventions and shows. It is a very inspiring and heartfelt conversation.
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Yay! Am sure this one will be a fun podcast. Saw your insta post about your first guest, Bryce Dallas Howard... love her work, too!

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