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Neurofeedback Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Neurofeedback started in the 60s Help retrain the brainwave activity Can get rid of seizures Can help with ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, dementia,   BrainTap is a good device if you can't make it to her office Related episodes and posts Make Rapid Changes With This Mind Fix, Discovered By Erin Pheil The Most Interesting Entrepreneur In The World, Bob Moesta. She does a brain map Finds areas of the brain working too fast or too slow Professional athletes and CEOs and those looking to improve performance are diving into this space The brain vs. the mind It's hard to improve the mindset if you don't address the processor first, i.e., your physical brain Autism, post-concussion, etc. Logic and decision-making can be improved with kids You can have an attention problem and it not be ADHD Classic ADHD has more slow-wave activity vs. fast-wave activity The reason you're hyper is that your brain is looking for stimulation ADHD drugs stimulate the brain to go into fast-wave activity so we can concentrate Reward to create more of a behavior Pavlov's dog Look at the lobe's of the brain Sensors detect the brain's activity Get realtime audio/visual feedback Reward causes new behavior About 40 sessions can change the brain for up to 30 years You may need a "tune up" if you've got some underlying issues, injuries, etc. If you're older, on medication, or have had a lot of trauma Reorganization of the brain Exercise and food are important, but why is it good? Exercise—particularly weight lifting—increases dopamine, which helps your brain Food and supplements can hurt you and your brain Guided breathing Sleeping is healing, so get good sleep Sleeping is healing, so get good sleep!" Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Visit Brain Train Centers
Mastermind Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Masterminds changed her life She was an employee at a law firm The attorney wanted to automate his law firm She found her people She saw that business owners all had similar challenges Staffing Leads Sales Marketing Cashflow It can be lonely being an entrepreneur Masterminds give you speed to make mistakes   Related episodes and posts Join The Five Build Extraordinary Teams Runs her masterminds strictly No electronics You're totally present You share your biggest issue via hot seat You share your biggest takeaway No more than 10 attendees She leveraged her network to start Started as a one-time retreat, sold the value, and upsold them into a year-long membership Attendees voted on allowing that person to join If I'm not having fun, I'm not doing it." Live quarterly meetings Live monthly calls Accountability each month Collaboration is powerful Do you need a coach or a mastermind? You can't read the label from inside the bottle." One voice vs. multiple viewpoints giving insight and input Lots of entrepreneurs have staffing issues Compensation Hiring Profit-sharing Small hinges swing big doors." Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Visit Dex Connects to find your mastermind
Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... B2B buyers want to be in control of and drive their research and overall buying process Professional salespeople must transform prospects and customers into their own sales team and brand ambassadors. Here are the 3 new rules of sales and marketing Here's a fresh approach to the B2B sales funnel   Related episodes and posts LinkedIn Ain't Selling Says Sales Trainer Lance Tyson How To Make Your Prospects Thirsty, With Harry Maziar Co-founder of a CRM/marketing automation company His clients say they need something new Has been in sales & marketing for over 30 years Was at a board meeting presenting his pipeline and projections He was challenged "How confident are you in these projections?" How good are you at forecasting and predicting? He was doing more guessing than the should have been Most of the sale happens when the salesperson leaves the room Prospects want to feel like they're in control of the buying prospect How good are you at forecasting and predicting?" Get the prospect into the revenue zone Is there demand for what you offer? Do they trust you? How do you lay out the yellow brick road? Not focused too much on the prospecting side of things in this book It's easier to get a meeting, but harder to get a meaningful meeting A confused mind says 'no.'" Don't stalk your prospects...educate and support them Prospects get confused and overwhelmed with all the data Help your prospects avoid the rabbit holes Help them avoid being overwhelmed A confused mind says "no" Is there a pending event?" Usually a buying team at larger companies Take your current sales cycle and reverse engineer it Where are the bottlenecks? Where are the trends? This is great for marketing leaders who are working more closely with sales This is great for rev ops personnel and sales leaders, not necessarily the quota-carrying salespeople Sales professionals should continue qualifying/disqualifying Is there a problem? Is there a pending event? Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Get Tom's book "The Revenue Zone: The Ultimate Playbook for the Next Generation of Sales, Marketing and Predictable Revenue Growth." Visit Tom Burton's website
Persuasion Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Homeschooled Thinking outside the box Figured that getting people to go along would be beneficial "White Bears and Other Unwanted Thoughts" "The Logic of Failure" People don't have full control over their thinking   Related episodes and posts Trial Attorney Turned Persuasion Expert Master The 6 Persuasion Power Levers With NLP & BJJ Paul Mascetta Started her career in tech More in the creative and product area Propaganda is a form of persuasion The Roman Catholic Church was the first to leverage propaganda in the 1600s Logical fallacies White, black, grey propaganda She's for medical freedom Not a fan of Biden's vaccine mandate Our government's reaction to COVID was a huge propaganda campaign We were reeducated during the lockdowns It was all-COVID all-the-time on every news channel Few see the narrative and how this was all connected Films and Hollywood have groomed us to persuade and manipulate us This is a unique opportunity to shift humanity." ~Klaus Schwab Good persuasion and propaganda is subtle It's hard to hide a lie Grow up and understand the power and fragility of freedom Connect and convince people with emotion "If you buy from us, you'll feel better." Connect with the lizard brain When you're pitching someone, you can put a positive spin on it It all ties back to understanding what people want You must understand your audience Know what's in it for them You are not your customer It's not about you Propagandists have so much confidence Propagandists have repetition and persistence on their side We must enter the conversation going on in the mind of the prospect." ~Robert Collier Why do smart people fall for propaganda? Seeing patterns is a sign of intelligence Memorization is not intelligence. You must be a lateral thinker People have no imagination People have no creativity Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Get all the Propaganda Fluent Links Visit Propaganda Fluent Listen to the Propaganda Fluent Podcast
Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... CEO and CMO Launched new idea during COVID VCs were shrinking He couldn't even meet with his co-founder unless they walked his dog Understand the process of ideation Meet with potential co-founders Launch during a crisis Use the turmoil and chaos as an opportunity Launch when it "makes no sense" Related episodes and posts Use AI to make better sales calls Build Extraordinary Teams With Juliana Stancampiano. When people are worried about sales, they are more discerning with their spend Demos are always dangerous Demos can be complex and time-consuming Sales teams are thrown to the wolves to do the demo correctly Yoav launched and it was a top product on Product Hunt 200 press articles in their first 18 months The landscape is in need of good demo tools Demos are always dangerous." Hired a VP of Sales They had two founders and a developer VP of Sales hit up his peers to get additional validation VP of Sales started selling as well Had a $6 million seed Got $2.5 million up front People change their minds on what's a good idea when you send them an invoice They asked prospects about their challenges to see what they described as their friction and issues It's a great tool for SaaS solutions Drag n Drop demos Add prospect logos Not great for mobile apps Won't break because you're not connected to the backend Demo typical use cases People change their minds on what's a good idea when you send them an invoice." He and his co-founder both had startup experience Raised $56 million in total He had to move fast in hyper-growth mode to shift the market Has over 100 employees now with over 100 big clients Be bold, move fast, break things The market perceives them as the leader Getting over 1,000 inbound leads/mo now Came out of stealth on the high end of the pricing spectrum and it worked Constantly test, experiment, and research Go high on your pricing to establish your value in the marketplace." Focus and demand can put pressure on you to accept less-than-ideal clients His product team is organized and does not allow noise to interfere with decisions Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Visit Walnut to create more than interactive product demos
Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... In the same way we get a lot of power from splitting tiny atoms in the form of nuclear energy, you can unleash great power in your life with tiny changes Your habits shape your identity The four steps to building better habits Make it obvious Make it attractive Make it easy Make it satisfying ...the aggregation of marginal gains." ~Dave Brailsford, Performance Director of the British Cycling team Massive success does not always require massive action Over time, a tiny improvement can make a huge difference Habit improvements compound like money compounds with interest Be patient Be disciplined Don't slide back into your old routines and habits On a flight from L.A. to NYC, if the plane is 3.5 degrees off course, it will miss NYC by 225 miles and land in D.C. Success is the product of daily habits Be more concerned with your trajectory than your results Your outcomes are lagging indicators of your efforts, your habits You get what you repeat Good habits make time your ally Positive and negative compounding habits Productivity vs. stress Knowledge vs. negative thinking Relationships vs. rage Breakthrough moments come after long, focused periods of invisible work Bamboo Cancer Business wins The Plateau of Latent Potential Change can take years...before it happens all at once Mastery requires patience People call you an overnight success The Valley of Disappointment The results of our efforts are often delayed All big things come from small beginnings Breaking a bad habit is like uprooting a powerful oak tree Building a good habit is like nurturing a delicate rose one day at a time Forget about goals, focus on systems Goals define the results you want, systems are the steps you take to get those results The only way to win is to get better every day Bill Walsh, Super Bowl-winning coach of the 49s said, "The score takes care of itself." Goals are good for setting direction, systems are best for making progress Winners and losers have the same goals Goal setting suffers from survivorship bias Achieving a goal is only a momentary change You must address the cause, not just the symptom You need better systems With the proper input, the output will take care of itself Goals restrict your happiness Goals create an "either-or" conflict A systems-first mentality is the antidote Goals are at odds with long-term progress It's a yo-yo effect We want to do more than win the game. Systems help us to continue playing the game. You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems Focus on 1% improvement Make small, easy-to-implement changes Why is it so easy to repeat bad habits and so hard to form good ones? We try to change the wrong thing We try to change in the wrong way Three layers of behavior change Outcome (Get) Processes (Do) Identity (Believe) Most of the time we work from the outside in We need to work from the inside out, i.e., from the identity to the process to the outcome Shift the focus from what you want to achieve to who you want to become "Want a cigarette?" "No, I'm trying to quit." "Want a cigarette?" "No, I'm not a smoker." Behavior that is incongruent with the self will not last The ultimate form of intrinsic motivation is when a habit becomes part of your identity Take pride in yourself and you'll be motivated to maintain the habits True behavior change is identity change Improvements are only temporary until they become part of who you are Become a reader Become a runner Become a musician Get out of your cognitive slumber "I'm terrible with directions." "I'm not a morning person." "I'm horrible at remembering names." You create your own reality of negativity Identity conflict is your main barrier to positive change You are self-sabotaging because of your negative identity Progress requires unlearning So how do you form your identity? Your beliefs are learned and then conditioned through experience In other words, your habits embody your identity The word identity is derived from the Latin words essential, which means being, and identidem, which means repeatedly So your identity is literally your "repeated beingness." The more evidence you have for a belief, i.e., "I'm terrible with names," the more strongly you will believe it. The process of building habits is the process of becoming yourself Fortunately, meaningful change does not require radical change If a change is meaningful, it is big! To change who you are, change what you do. Trust yourself. Learn to trust yourself by doing small habits repeatedly that bring about the small results you're seeking You don't have to be perfect. You don't need a unanimous vote to become a new you. Just give yourself new evidence of your new self to create your new identity Who do you want to be? What do you want to stand for? What are you principles and value? Who do you wish to become? Maybe you have some big goals. Write those down then work backward to figure out what you need to do to get there. "I want to write a book (outcome-based). Who is the type of person who writes books? Someone who is consistent, disciplined, and reliable. Okay. I am a consistent, reliable, disciplined person (identity-based)." This is a feedback loop. It's a two-way street Focus on becoming the right type of person you need to be and the outcome will take care of itself Know who you want to be. Habits help you become that someone. Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Order the book by James Clear, "Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results. An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones' by James Clear
Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... The Spirit of Selling: Using Universal Laws For Sales Success The boomerang law Money is earned, it's not made You earn commissions from services rendered Get in the good spirit of selling What you put out into the world comes back to you   Related episodes and posts Be a Go-Giver with Bob Burg I Have 7 Children By Choice His mentor was great. He was a football player and they spoke about the competition like they were the nemesis. They were competing and comparing, thus they were dealing from the realm of you have to go out there and "eat their lunch." That was a stressful process Reframe the internal perception that "I am going to win because I am adding value." Great salespeople show great empathy Walk a mile in the shoes of your prospects Assess if what you have will assist with their transformation Know what you are selling Understand and believe in what you're selling Know the value that you bring Get the prospect to move from logic to feelings so they will open up and move them from focusing on 'what is' to 'what could be.'" Everyone has the money, but do they have the desire to sacrifice their money and time to buy what you're selling People come from logic and keep you at arm's length until they trust you and let you into their heart A lot of prospects think they can't get what they want We are too negative with ourselves School beats our creativity and imagination out of us Get your prospects to imagine their potential No desire, no sale." Accomplish, fix, or avoid things How big is their desire (pain)? Is the problem bigger than they thought they had? What are their motivations? Are they in pain? Universal laws hit at the heart. They are not logical, but they apply in any and all environments." Less stress is better Your boss is your personal trainer Do you judge money or expect it? "Money is the root of all evil." "Most people with lots of money are devious." Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Visit "The Spirit of Selling: Using Universal Laws For Sales Success"
Entrepreneurial Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Founder of Got into real estate after trying to become a movie producer His uncle was in real estate 2008 real estate crash crashed his dreams Got into a boutique real estate brokerage firm in San Diego and fell in love with the industry Always had an entrepreneurial spirit Had a team of agents Tried to feed his agents leads Learned how bad his agents were at following up with leads All agents were terrible at following up with leads   Related episodes and posts Chris Orlob is using AI to qualify your leads Use Qurious AI for your team to grow sales He and his brother started "My Agent Finder" Raised some money Grew to a nationwide market in 2015 Agents loved his leads He was great at qualifying and disqualifying leads, but they were a small portion of the leads their clients were getting Time kills deals." Clients started asking him to qualify their leads  Expanded into more industries Humans are humans Follow up is key This is an internet leads problem He used to meet leads by having them walk into his office! "Location! Location! Location!" He would shake their hands, look them in the eyes, and confirm they were good leads. Chris Orlob created and AI to help you grow your sales. Leads now come in day and night, with all levels of interest, with fake info Time kills deals Use humans + AI to supercharge your lead flow 72% of homebuyers will work with the first agent they meet." Buyers aren't typically looking for an agent. They are less loyal. 40% of his leads were for homeowners looking to list their homes. There are 10-20x the number of real estate leads, but the same number of homes are being sold You must filter out your leads and disqualify them quickly The majority of leads are disqualified." With the right mix of humans plus AI you can get really good at lead qualification and lead disqualification Don't replace humans, make your salespeople more efficient You need to make 6-8 touches to follow up with a lead Convert inbound leads to qualified opportunities Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Visit Verse to book a demo on how to convert more leads faster
Communication Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Native New Yorker Learned patience and how to work with a culture that is not motivated by money in Costa Rica How to motivate people Grew a call center to 600 employees Looked at quality of life Gave unlimited vacation time Helped him relax and calm down, which was healthier He had to be within two bus stops for his workers, so location was key Take the 1,000-call AI challenge to make more sales with outbound calling." People today are looking at quality of life as well now in the post-COVID world People understand their worth now He is paying his people better Create a better culture to offset lower salary if you can't match your competitors Chris Orlob discusses using AI to close more sales on The Sales Podcast #233 Working in the B2C world to return calls to leads and transfer to a sales rep Calls are so rare post-COVID, so making calls can be more effective today Multi-media, multi-step follow-up is key He's creating a contact-solution vs. a call-center-solution He has a conversational AI product Personalized greetings Tied to your CRM, i.e., tokenization Does a TO—turnover—quickly when the system doesn't know how to answer People want to be more direct and get to the point faster The AI has to listen We don't listen to learn, we listen to reply Listen to understand Your AI can keep you Conversational Consistent Compliant Cost-effective You need 10-agents at least to benefit from his software It's an all-in solution He's the gas of the fire, not the spark It's a model that has to be trained by humans Get your sales cycle dialed in before you bring in AI Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Take the 1,000-call challenge at Vocodia 
Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Made a pivot in life from being a CPA after six years Be curious about your prospects Be interested in helping your clients Ask great questions Lean in The client will get the feeling that you are sincere and will be easier to work with  The hard part is connecting for the first conversation Bring insights Be an expert Help the prospect first Outsmart and Outmaneuver Your Competition To Grow Sales Legal matter management systems Competitive space Be curious and committed to helping your clients to gain their trust and business." Well known in the space, especially New Zealand and Australia He's the first VP of Global Sales He started with guerilla marketing at the beginning Created their own community, Inview, that they host with over 2,000 members Traditional sales methodologies are not working, i.e., cold calling, cold email, trying to get a blind meeting, or set up a demo Digital marketing is working for them Targeted posts and campaigns Targeted emails Provide tools and industry insight that addresses the key challenges of their prospects Make it easy to be contacted after you pique their interest Cast that wide net Lead scoring is key A sales professional knows it takes multiple touches to reach the best prospects He'll target all of the top people at his target accounts They do placement ads, associations, organic posts, etc. They test and measure They have fun at their trade shows (Legal Tech is now Legal Week) They wear T-shirts, give away cool things Optimistic vibe from attendees Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Visit his site at LawVu
Entrepreneurial Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... He used to focus on the money Now he focuses on how many people he can help Now he makes more money Self-employed since 1997 Was a media buyer back then  We present good information and let people make a decision." In 2005 he launched his first online business Came out the other end tired and woke up and just decided to sell his business His advisor told him to hold on for another six months because the market was turning around in his opinion He put together some SOPs and sold in 2010, took a year off, and joined the Quiet Light Brokerage then (a team of two) Last year they did $250 million in transactions Grown 55% a year on average the last four years They represent the sellers They don't "sell." Considers himself an educator When you're desperate you can't give it away He was a typical entrepreneur He ran his business and got sick of it and wanted to move onto the next venture, but he wasn't prepared for it Most entrepreneurs don't have accounting in place Most entrepreneurs don't have accrual accounting He didn't outsource his accounting Outsource your e-commerce accounting Set a goal to sell and reverse engineer your business You need to know your exit goal in dollars to know if it's a pipedream or a reality Buyers are looking for four things Risk Is it a single-channel vs. multi-channel? Is it a young business? Buy a bigger business with more history Growth  Transferability Documentation Gets 300-400 leads a month The valuation call is free Buying with an SBA loan is fantastic But SBA loans are tough for online businesses since they might be too young or they co-mingled their finances You need to qualify as a business and a buyer for an SBA loan E-Commerce Lending in Florida is a great SBA broker/lender His median transaction size was $1.8 million and 90% were all-cash SBA deals are usually more stable and more likely to close, but they take longer It's emotional It's hard to find a buy-side broker He has to help the buyer as much as the seller He creates a detailed P&L He asks all of the tough questions upfront There are lots of reasons to sell a business Entrepreneurs get shiny-object syndrome and want to move on In the vast majority of businesses, the bulk of the money is made when the business is sold, i.e., when Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos "sold" by going public Most people don't take a lot of money out in the early years In 2021, about 30% of buyers were FBA Aggregators—Fulfilled By Amazon This is new in the last five years, is the biggest The other 70% are private equity firms (20%) and smaller entities buying for themselves (50%) "Acquisition Entrepreneurship" - "Buy Then Build" You should like what you're doing There will be tough periods so it helps to have a passion Training and Transition period Hold back 20% to keep the seller around 2013 he closed 23 transactions that were sold by what he'd call kids today We're in a different world now People know what an online business is today Transaction size has grown 10-fold 3.7 offers per listing But it's not as crazy as real estate Younger businesses are growing quickly This is not a passive investment You're buying a job Most transactions are done remotely, without meeting in person He does best when he focuses on one thing His one thing is M&A, so he doesn't mess with crypto See Cryptocurrency-Related Posts J. Hunter: Crypto Gaming Nik Bahtia: Layered Money author Erik Voorhees: Bitcoin Explained He has never had his entire team of 15 in one place He has never met his business partner's spouse in the decade they've been partners The book is a playbook for the seller If you're buying an online business, get his book and, "Buy Then Build: How Acquisition Entrepreneurs Outsmart the Startup Game" Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Get a free download of "The EXITPreneur's Playbook" Get his book, "The EXITPreneur's Playbook: How to Sell Your Online Business for Top Dollar by Reverse Engineering Your Pathway to Success"
Entrepreneurial Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Play crypto games like Pegaxy The power of decentralization and "DeFi" or decentralized financing IDO (Initial DEX Offering) is similar to an IPO (Initial Public Offering) ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is similar to a TGE (Token Generation Event) Nik Bhatia discusses, “Layered Money: From Gold and Dollars To Bitcoin and Central Bank Digital Currencies” Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Check out the Crypto Gaming Team Get his book, "Zero to Hero Crypto Guide: The Only Resource You'll Need To Understand: Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance, Crypto Gaming & The Metaverse"
Entrepreneurial Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... How do you define a win? "I made a sale!" "I closed this guy!" Top salespeople define winning as "I made a difference for the customer." Spend more time in diagnosis to become great Acute listening Ask better questions Stop winging it Lather, rinse, repeat  Rory Vaden Turned Failure Into Sales Success Retired about 18 months ago from the business he founded Can we replicate sales systems? Interviewed 30 sales experts in 20 different industries Real estate, RV sales, insurance sales It's only creative if it sells." People reject the idea of sales because they have been offended or experienced the stereotypical salesperson He's a college flunk-out You need to get comfortable in sales and marketing as an entrepreneur Focus on the long-term potential of your clients to earn referrals and repeat business Know the lifetime value of a customer $5 is the average sale of a Taco Bell customer, but they'll spend $11,000 over their lifetime Most of the people interviewed said this was not their default approach Guys are usually more aggressive and wanting to "win" the sale so they have to grow out of that a bit to be more of a servant Never stop learning Stew Hansen was a top Dodge dealer in the country and they had dinner and he had just turned down a buyout offer and he was the first one in the morning session taking notes Being successful only means you were right once I'd rather wear out than rust out." Hearse driver in New Orleans and said, "Work is like my vitamin." "Halftime" by Bob Bufford, move from success to significance Master negotiation. Your job is to determine who has the power, then act like you have none. Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Get his book, "Servant Selling Book"
Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Work effectively, remotely How to organize, build culture, communicate Those with remote staff are handling the Coronavirus better than many "traditional" companies You don't have to see your people to know they are working "How do I delegate work?" Have high expectations Hold yourself accountable to constantly improve." She tells her team to shut down and take time off If you hire adults you trust with a great skillset who are motivated, you get results Work is still measured and output is calculated Burnout is real when you work from home Tricia is an extroverted people-person, High D personality She had her doubts about working from home You do have to retrain your brain Create your in-home schedule Create culture and even fun despite being remote They have a Monday morning team Zoom call You need a new skillset to lead people remotely You need more patience You don't need everything now Get a good webcam so you can see one another See them frequently and schedule it You need to meet them on video calls at least weekly Turn your notifications off Decide how to spend your time so you're not at the mercy of the world They meet in person quarterly Be thorough in your metrics Track your KPIs Be an open and transparent leader Links Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Visit Belay Solutions Get "The BELAY Guide to Working From Home
Entrepreneurial Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Musicians can be "artsy fartsy" but he became a player with an entrepreneurial mindset Wanted to travel the world after his parents split up He'd love to travel with others and tour but he needed a band He was a drummer at the time but knew he needed to write some songs so he borrowed a guitar, taught himself, and got after it When he was 8 he wanted to be an author His bands did well quickly because he approached it as a business His CD was on the desk of Gene Simmons and he was looking for Canadian bands since his wife is Canadian (Shannon Tweed) He needed a creative outlet but he also needed to pay the rent He stopped everything to take care of his dad who had stage four cancer Not performing currently Data over beta (intuition)." A lot of artists feel guilty charging for their work People feel unworthy of money They allow limiting beliefs to set in You need to approach this with a "whole brain," i.e., creative and logical Why do celebrities do drugs and salespeople need hugs?   Artists will self-sabotage to do what they want instead of what their fans want In 2021, with five mouths to feed, he has felt pressure and stress from having to provide for them He has to go create the cash and he loves the challenge The story is the challenge He was writing his book with a thumb on his iPhone while holding a sleeping, puking, farting baby Be resilient and disciplined to impact others This is what drives him No bad things can happen anymore in my life. You must hone your skills It takes practice and dedication When you fold, it doesn't mean you're weak, it might just mean you haven't honed your skill or found your groove or your recipe or your mentor He's a recovering perfectionist Quick and dirty, all the way Make offers every single day Build up your list Build up your asset Promote someone else's if you don't have your own Give them an irresistible offer Peter Cetera and Cher Protect the core product/offering while also testing new ideas They must all feed into/complement one another Innovation is different than inventing Keep fun in it People want results, not another course You have to piss people off Lukewarm is bad for business From six strings to six figures Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Get his book, "Hobby Boss: Turn Your Passion Into Profits"
Growth Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Founder of Self Publishing School The "silent salesman" (your book) He has helped over 6,000 people publish their book He's a C-level student and college dropout with ADHD...but he is writing his 7th book Sometimes the worst players are the best coaches because they know what it's like to struggle A book is a $15 mentor A book is a $15 mentor." What are your core objections and/or your broken record conversations? Write those down and send those out to your prospects Make Rapid Changes In Your Life with Erin Pheil on episode 455 Your book helps you sort, sift, and separate You can't spell authority without "author" It's not easy, but it's simple Keep it simple You can't spell authority without 'author.'" The M.O.R.E. Method to writing Mindmap it Turn the outline into a rough draft Rough draft Edit Take 15 minutes right now and get a sheet of paper and write a circle in the middle and set your timer Getting your book into print is easy Selling books is different How are you strategically writing to create leads, sales, and referrals 70% of all books sold are sold through Amazon Chiropractor gave out two books to every new patient Teach strategies, not tactics What is the purpose of your book not only for your reader but for yourself? Sales is service Create leveraged impact He had no master plan when he started Your first hire is a scary moment For him it was a customer service/fulfillment person A lot of his best employees were students first There are marketing mechanisms and channels Webinars Free book funnels What's the channel to get people to your funnels? Amazon SEO Ads Free + shipping works, but so does Free + Free! Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Get a free book from Chandler here Get an audiobook copy if you'd like  
Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Most things are applicable to sales and marketing Charles Manson, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, and astronauts Been in commission sales since he was 14 Sold Krispy Kreme and won a contest and a bicycle Started mowing lawns...but didn't mow the lawns since it was so hot in Atlanta in the summer Told the customers to name their price for what they thought it was worth Grew up near Bobby Jones's home course Got to listen to the CEOs of Coca-Cola and other Fortune 500 executives His "comfort zone" was everyone was successful and golfed at East Lake Golf Club Most got their starts in sales and they realized they were always in sales A hard 'no' beats a soft, sweet 'maybe.'" #1 at Macy's (Davidson's back then) 1955 he answered an ad about marketing plans in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Met Zig Ziglar on his first interview Went from $100/week to $40,000 a month Zig won a Rolls Royce and Ben won the "mystery prize" and became CEO of Holiday Magic Cosmetics (William Pen Patrick) at the age of 25 He went on a 25-city tour with Bill Patrick to introduce him Bill Patrick hired Napoleon Hill to be Ben's mentor when Hill was 84 and Ben was 25 "Call me Nappy!" Rodney Dangerfield tied  $50,000 is what Bill Patrick paid Napoleon Hill in 1966 to train Ben Napoleon Hill had a horrible family life W. Clement Stone Earl Nightingale, "If you want to keep a secret, publish a book, put a copy in every library, and nobody will ever learn it!" Pace Seminars and comfort zones W. Lamontt Bowens, out of prison, law school, helping juveniles Ben Gay had a stable family while Lamontt did not You need to reset your comfort zone Hang out with people who are where you want to be Sell from a position of strength Jim Rohn used to say, "Some will. Some won't. Next" His goal is $2,800 a day, which is how you get to $1 million a year It's "I am rich now. I am healthy now." Get one good suit and keep it clean There are no shortcuts He must always fight the urge to be lazy and fight procrastination He wants to stay in bed until noon Three ideas from Napoleon Hill Integrity in all things Focus Take action Be disciplined Write it down and get it done Always have pads handy (Napoleon Hill advice) He had 71 fresh ideas/reminders after a 3-day weekend Not all looked great come Monday, but those that made the cut were done that week Selling hasn't changed "Can I trust you?" Sell a good product, at a competitive price, to the right people Script chunks to be disciplined in sales and to win in sales The sheepdogs have gotten faster, i.e., the sales/marketing/technology tools have gotten faster He has given over 5,000 paid talks to over 2.5 million people Become a person of class, quality, and substance You must always sell yourself first Has written 24 books (at least) He uses one close...sales infiltration...sells himself..his magic close is, "Wes, based on what we've discussed, here's what I suggest we do...Fair enough?" Handle any objections, rinse, wash, repeat. Jimmy Rucker, Part 2, sales infiltration Judge Ziglar One-on-one is still important in sales Prospects still want to know "WIIFM"? We sort our emails with our fingers over the delete button You must get your prospect's attention Most sales are made, lost, or heavily influenced in the first few seconds Speed of capturing attention is important You can speak to 20,000+ a day with technology today Don't judge a book by the cover Went to buy his first Cadillac but he walked in wearing casual clothes and was judged by the sales reps as not worthy when he was 23 years old He bought or leased over 300 luxury cars they lost out on Has bought over 600 luxury cars to give away over the years Become a dynamic listener Bought 48 Lincoln Continentals at once over a phone call Become a "sales infiltrator" His father-in-law, Gigi's father, had a salesman who was his #1 salesman, Jim, who would offer the kids Cokes (with their parent's permission) and get them calmed down and drive the prospects around but Jim would sit down, put his cowboy boots up on the desktop and say, "Now that we've passed the pleasantries of the day, tell me: do you have any money?" He didn't spend any time looking for the "four corners" Get permission to ask questions and you can ask anything you want 10.5 million copies sold (as of 25 years ago) of "The Closers: Part 1" Stop going to battle Form a team: One has the money, the other has the knowledge/information Take away the "think it over" "Maybes" will kill you A hard "no" beats a soft, sweet "maybe" You can build rapport quickly He was in discussions with David Sandler to partner and they got along but David died "Fair enough?" You must smoke out the real problem How prospects have changed, and it's a time-saver: the prospect is well-informed Be likable, trustworthy, knowledgeable Work your system You must take full and complete responsibility Otherwise, you can explain away anything He learned this from Lee Trevino who was struck by lightning twice He used to have an "executive package" when he was selling his training material Small hinges swing big doors Listen for the grunt Put an exclamation point and make the "bad news" "good news" He has always stayed in the game J. Douglas Edwards (Tom Hopkins) Check their fingernails and heels of their shoes and have a meal with them and see how they treat the waitstaff Bobby Jones golf story Hire Eagle Scouts and military academy graduates Fame/success by association Look for interesting people His English teacher took a liking to him and make him a speaker and a writer Holiday Magic Cosmetics (largest MLM in the world at the time) Bill Dempsey recruited him Ben was winning the weekly awards and would share what he was doing Was speaking to auditoriums of people and was beating Zig Ziglar in sales "I will pay more to effectively communicate than any other talent." Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast "Think and Grow Rich" (Best-selling, least-read.) "Don't Let Your Past Hold You Back: The Redemption of a Gansta" 
Selling By Personality Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... The rocket man Became an entrepreneur Interested in emotions and selling by personality Loved model rockets as a kid Hired away from NASA to work in Colorado in toy rockets Eventually got let go but loved selling to consumers so he started his own rocket company Took 10 years Focused on emotions Worked on the school newspaper in college and sold the ads and he loved it Gave him extra money Extra getting fed by your pizza shop client Emotions can be triggered following a formula." Two big "nuclear bombs" hit him and he wanted to capture this moment and idea Emotions are triggered and there is a formula for triggering them There are 10 emotions, not five, as Dan Hill mentioned Happiness Sadness Fear Anger Embarrassment Guilt Shame Disgust Contempt Surprise The four big emotions salespeople use Happiness Fear Anger Shame Take what someone values and honor it to bring on happiness Anger is triggered when something you value is attacked Fear is triggered when something you value is threatened, i.e., a child gets sick Shame, unfortunately, is used often and is triggered when something you value is ignored Salespeople trigger shame all the time without even knowing it They'll start a presentation and ask the prospect, "What are you looking for in a new car?" A value solicitation question How do we build rapport? Rapport is established when both parties feel they have common values The four classifications of values People Possessions Passions, non-physical, i.e., our faith, our hobbies, sports teams Principles, our guiding principles. This is his second nuclear bomb discovery People with similar guiding principles have similar personality types, temperaments Myers-Briggs has four temperaments but 16 personality types Our purpose for humanity is to survive conflict, so we need four types of people Warriors Logistics Strategists, force multipliers, always short on supplies so how do you do more with less? Morale officers, i.e., caregivers, i.e., medical, courage-producers They all have similar values Logisticians value time To build rapport with those who value time we must understand and follow the sequence To know what they value, you must ask questions, but you can ask the wrong questions at the wrong time Salespeople become "me too" Prospects are trying to hide their values so they are not shamed by them later in an effort to close me We need to display our values first to our prospects so their values remain hidden You can do this the long way or the short way The short way is to display my emotion and show them we are in alignment You must be able to type people quickly Guiding principles are leading indicators Their leading indicators enter a room before they do Every day you make decisions based on your values to affect your future It's like a BINGO card There's a lot here so just remember that we're all in the Army so break this down to the big four What are the characteristics each type needs to be successful Warriors: Action-oriented A fighting partner "I've got your back" Speed/Time Agility They hate consistency, predictability Display your emotion that you have the same values as your prospects In NLP there is mirroring, but the purpose is to get the prospect to feel as though they are looking in a mirror If you have time you can research your prospects to learn about them and discern what their values are You can do this face-to-face but it takes work but the payoff is huge Personality temperaments are genetic You're born with it It guides your life Clothing and facial hair can tell you a lot about someone Earrings, big hoops are warriors Companies have personalities He attracts other logistical customers He builds rapport "What are you trying to achieve?" must be asked, but only after rapport is established. He likes Myers-Briggs over DISC Thinking to Feeling and Energy is vertical Tim is an introvert without high energy Myers-Briggs has four axes on two sheets Sensing vs. Intuition Split those in half Perceiver or Judger Warrior or Logistical Thinking vs. Feeling Intuition Feeler, Morale Officer Strategist Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Get Timothy Van Milligan's Books: "Selling by Personality Type: The Values, Fears and Anger Triggers That Cause People To Buy" "Emotional Copywriting Revealed” Visit his websites Customer Secrets Podcast Customer Secrets blog
Growth Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Was 23 living in Baltimore working for a huge company and handling a $5 million territory and didn't like it Moved to New Zealand but realized she had to work on her internals vs. her externals Started traveling the world and quickly grew her business to $10k/mo But wanted to dive deeper into research Getting her Ph.D. from Pepperdine Everyone can teach you something Stop judging and be open What is your purpose?" Gain clarity on what you're meant to become Understand marketing so you can get the word out Learn how to make an offer Beating cancer sent her on a new journey You need to evolve and respond to the challenges/opportunities that come your way Make Rapid Changes In Your Life with Erin Pheil on episode 455 You have to believe you are here to help others If you're feeling pressure you must ask if you like that pressure and what does your future look like if you don't change? Beat thyroid cancer at 14 The medical industry is a salesforce Sell yourself on the life you want Sell yourself on the life you want." She invested in mentorship and coaching Always show up We all want to do what we want and get paid to make an impact The virtual customer experience Technology is changing how we sell and serve Be hands-on with your social media She engages and responds to all of her inquiries Look at money like air She goes with intuition to set her prices like $5,555 or $33,333 Get clarity on your elevator pitch and offer You gotta do the work You need to be in alignment You must do the work You can co-create your trauma Stop being addicted to your victimhood Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Buy her book, "Live Your Truth: Start Your Journey to Freedom and Healing" Visit Colleen Gallagher's website Follow Colleen Gallagher on Instagram Connect with Colleen Gallagher on Facebook
Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Ask better questions Curiosity is a superpower We're awarded for answering questions in school Our parents ask us bad questions, "Are you sure you don't want to bring a jacket?" We're rewarded for being smart We explore and exploit Fake it 'til you make it is stupid Curiosity gets into authenticity Tommy Breedlove discusses "the gift of going second" Your customer will tell you what your next question should be." Cast a wide net We're all in love with our own perspectives Rinse, wash, repeat The curiosity curve and the curse of knowledge Rethink The Sales Conversation To Accelerate Sales Enablement John Reid Intent matters Problems with Challenger Selling and Hypothesis Selling Prospects are looking for context and relevance He's a big prefacer Let them know why you're asking what you're asking or sharing Most salespeople aren't having a conversation Your customer will tell you what your next question should be New salespeople are good at this naturally because they don't bring any bad habits to the game Move past your desire for a relationship just to have a relationship and to be liked Prospects have issues and they're not looking for a new friend in sales Prospects are more interested in the first call than the second Great salespeople get prospects more excited about the second call Be the best version of yourself It borders on vulnerability, which is also being overused Start with the assumption it's your fault Ask, "What could I have done differently here?" Great salespeople don't blab with a lot of stories What is the role of humor in a sale? The pain will emerge Professional selling is all about differentiation "Here's a technique that might help," is great to handle the analytical types instead of "Here's a trick I know." Be versatile "Don't take a 'no' from someone who can't say 'yes.'" What's the difference between a professional and an amateur? 
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