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Author: Marco Vega

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We interview thought-leaders, focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and personal development.

While seeking practical and applicable advice, we explore our guest's careers and ideas, and hunt for innovation gaps in the market.

The Sapien Podcast is a project and is broadcasting from The Factory, Berlin.

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2 Episodes
This time I speak to, Devon Fritz, the Managing Director of Germany and CTO of Founders Pledge. We discuss the ideas behind Founders Pledge - such as how they determine which charities are “high impact”, and why they tend to focus on poverty reduction, animal welfare and global catastrophic risk. We then also discuss how they go about motivating startup founders to sign up to the pledge. The podcast is now available on all the major providers, Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcast, etc.  Would love to know what you think! You can Learn more about Founders Pledge here:  If you enjoyed the show, please consider supporting this project on Patreon at   
Marco Vega interviews organizational development consultant, Mike Romig, on the importance of wellbeing at work. Among other things, we discuss why the NGO world is more prone to low wellbeing and burnouts. Why organizations often neglect wellbeing, and how this produces huge costs - such as companies losing their most competent employees. We also discuss The key importance of leadership in setting the tone of an organization and how many leaders get trapped in singular “action logics” (or leadership styles), and what they can do to broaden their perspectives. Finally we discuss the wellbeing at work meetings at The Factory and how one can personally benefit from exploring the areas one most doesn’t want to explore. Sources discussed during the episode: Amnesty Report; Deloitte Report. For more about Mike Romig, visit: If you enjoyed the show, please consider supporting this project on Patreon:  
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