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Does the world have you feeling a little salty lately? We're right there with ya.
Join the Saulty crew as we try and make sense out of everything going on in Politics, News and Pop Culture.
25 Episodes
The crew discusses a missing Russian bridge, an armed raking, law enforcement short comings, YouTube censorship and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.Hosts: Saul, Tim, Rachel, Jeremy
The crew discusses first amendment rights, a clean house, when it is okay to break the law, and personal addictions.Hosts: Saul, Tim, Rachel, Jeremy
Episode 23: Memorial Day

Episode 23: Memorial Day


The crew discusses:Taco Bell's entrance into the resort businessA carjacking spiderA hospital closingThe meaning of Memorial dayHosts: Saul, Tim, Rachel, JeremyGuest: Chief Master Sergeant Michael D Cummings, US Air Force retired. Special Guest: Michael D. Cummings.
The crew discusses:An Arkansas jail breakA Tinder gender swap experimentA sexless hashtagConditions of love.Hosts: Saul, Tim, Rachel, Jeremy
On this episode the crew discusses Denver's new laws decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms, Arizona legislature declares porn a public health crisis and adventures with the TSA
The crew discusses:NunchucksA Tough ParrotTasty Air PodsFacebook CensoringGame of Thrones and Avengers Endgame HeroesHosts: Saul, Tim, Rachel, Jeremy
Episode 19: Fake Outrage

Episode 19: Fake Outrage


Rachel returns and the crew discusses:A Japanese bone collector.Turkeys on a rampage.A mummy pirate.DOD representative says UFOs are real.Boy Scout sexual abuse cases.Student loans and the governments role.Hosts: Saul, Tim, Rachel, Jeremy
Tim returns, Rachel disappears and the crew discusses:The destruction of pornography.Car theft and soda pop.How does Collusion equal Obstruction equal Impeachment.The San Francisco poop map.Why do some people spoil the fun.Season 8 of Game of Thrones.Hosts: Saul, Tim, Jeremy
The crew discusses:A bathroom robbing Roomba.Motorcycles and turkeys, together forever.Identical twins paying child support.The Gassy Boss update.False rape charges cost a man 32 days in jail.Hosts: Saul, Rachel, Jeremy
The crew discusses:British Royalty trying the ban the popular video game Fortnite.A hotel owner tells an employee that his marriage issues are being caused by demons.Big Foot appears to be vacationing in Argentina and lost about 2 feet in height.Burger king is starting to test the "Impossible Whopper" in St. Louis.Students at Sarah Lawrence College are demanding free food, housing and laundry detergent.Hosts: Saul, Rachel, JeremyGuests: Daymond Special Guest: Daymond.
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