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Does the world have you feeling a little salty lately? We're right there with ya.
Join the Saulty crew as we try and make sense out of everything going on in Politics, News and Pop Culture.
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It's Thanksgiving week and the left wants you to stay home, locked up in your house scared for your life. We call for civil disobedience. Go big, invite everyone, stop living in fear and stop listening to the media. There are more important things in life than to fear a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. Also, The Kraken has been released! We'll talk about all the election developments that point to a good sign for Donald Trump All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show
On this episode of The Saulty Show: Liberal Logic run amok; Cocaine is now legal to snort in Oregon but the plastic straws to snort it with aren’t. Also, as the world waits for the US election results, America prepares for Civil war. The Million Maga March drew "hundreds" according to but pictures don't lie. If they lie about this they lie about everything.
Episode 118: Hanging Chads

Episode 118: Hanging Chads


The news media flocks after Biden by declaring him a winner and Trump goes golfing. Its 2000 all over again and the democrats are showing their true colors. Also, the Trump Accountability Project touted by AOC sounds a lot like communist propaganda used by totalitarian regimes. And the nation holds its breath to determine who really won the election. Whoever wins, one thing is certain - they will be sworn into a cloud of doubt.
On This Episode of the Saulty Show Social Media Censorship is in full swing. Cruz vs Jack Dorsey - The smackdown we didn't know we needed. Also, more Hunter Biden corruption news. Does Hunter hate Joe? The Trump train is picking up steam as the polls start to "mysteriously" correct themselves. And does anyone know what Biden is talking about?
Hello fellow Chumpsters! We're one week away from elections and things are getting even more interesting. The hunters have become the hunted as the Biden orgy-caboose has started to fall of the rails. We'll talk about his latest gaffes and more on this episode of The Saulty Show
On this episode of The Saulty Show The crew discusses the weeks events. Amy Coney Barrett hearing, the new Joe Biden corruption allegations, and Social Media's efforts to silence dissent.
On this Episode of the Saulty Show Trump beats Covid! But the media still calls him a "super spreader" More covid mandates. You think its ridiculous now? wait till you here what California's Governor, Gavin Newsome is proposing. We're officially in the Upside down, my friends. Also the 25th amendment is under fire as Nancy and the Democrats try to modify it. What are they concocting now?
Episode 113: Trump vs Covid

Episode 113: Trump vs Covid


Pernicious Politics, Plagues, Pyros, Protests and Plandemics. Its all part of a plot to place praetorian predators in high positions of power. We Proud Boys promise to perorate all that, but in no particular order, on this episode of The Saulty show.
We are 36 days away from election night. Its the final stretch so hold on folks, we're in for a bumpy ride. From Coup attempts to plandemics, from made up race wars to the great awakening - We'll cover all that and more on this episode of The Saulty show. Special Guest: Jonathan Morales.
Episode 111: SCOTUS Dilemma

Episode 111: SCOTUS Dilemma


On this episode of The Saulty Show Wow What a roller coaster week this has been. 2020, you ain't seen nothing yet. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Died over the weekend. May she rest in peace. It has set the stage for possibly one of the biggest fights for a seat to the Supreme court. We'll break it down for you. Joe Biden - left his basement again. This time to make an appearance for Hispanic Pandering Month. He elicited more facepalms than claps. Also, we'll talk about Netflix's new propaganda film called Social Dilemma. They cover the addictive qualities of social media but leave out crucial data to avoid offending leftists.
Trump gets another Nobel Peace prize nomination and as predicted, the left now wants to end it. If Democrats don't get their act together, they're gonna have to start hoarding Kleenex boxes instead of mail in ballots for November. Red Wave coming. The big purge is here. More and More Celebrities and former government officials are deleting phone records and their twitter history to avoid justice. What are they hiding? But thank God the internet is forever.
On this episode of The Saulty Show CancelNetflix was trending on twitter and you need to know why. There is a concerted effort by Hollywood to normalize pedophelia and its time to take a stand. Also the media has moved on to the latest hoax - this time it's "Trump downplayed covid". In February he was out in San Francisco telling people there was nothing to worry about and to go to Chinatown. Oh wait - That was Nancy Pelosi? Also, this week is the memory of September 11 and we must never forget.
On this episode of The Saulty Show This week Nancy pelosi got caught walking around looking like a wet mop while breaking her own laws. Leftist hypocrisy knows no bounds, folks. Why is everything still shut down? Wasn't this to flatten the curve?? If this isn't proof that when you give government too much power they wont give it up easily. And the Candace CardiB smackdown. The fight we didn’t know we wanted.
On this episode of The Saulty Show: Another black criminal is killed and more riots from the left. You're gonna love their latest martyr and the media's cover up. Has anyone seen Joe? Kamala had to give a response to Trump's nomination speech instead of Biden. They're hiding him now, making him ride his bicycle with a helmet just to show he's not dead. They don't plan to win. They are planning to create chaos. Big news for Trump this week. He's now leading in key battle ground tates. It's shaping up to be an early election night for November 3rd. Landslide coming All that and more on this episode of the saulty show Special Guest: Jonathan Morales.
On This Episode of The Saulty Show The DNC had their convention last week AOC endorses Bernard, Bernard Endorsed Biden, and Biden Forget the message. Slow Biden promised to cure cancer They removed god from the pledge They chose a satanic symbol for the logo All that and more. Special Guest: Jonathan Morales.
Episode 105: Joe Blow

Episode 105: Joe Blow


On this episode of The Saulty Show Joe Biden has made his VP pick and Trump couldn't be happier. The crew discusses what that means for the democratic party ticket. Trump is not letting anything stop him from bringing more peace to the world. Big news from the middle east. UAE and Israel to sign peace agreement. And rumors of other countries to follow shortly And the latest in the BLM riots and a status on the COVID Plandemic. Special Guest: Jonathan Morales.
Episode 104: C'Mon Man!

Episode 104: C'Mon Man!


On this episode of The Saulty Show the crew discusses: The 2020 Debates may not happen? Biden feels confident that since he's leading by so much then its not worth debating trump. Biden's growing pile of gaffes, Social Media Censorship continues - this week facebook deleted one of Trump Team's posts. Also, more Executive orders from Trump. For those of you that are making less than 100k you'll definitely like what he just signed.
On this episode of The Saulty show: Save the Children demonstrations across the country. The Great awakening has gone mainstream. Covid Hysteria - Fauci goes to Congress. And the Tik Tok Turmoil - The saga continues. Will it stay or will it go?
On this episode of The Saulty Show the crew discusses the social media giants ongoing efforts to quell dissent. The conversation includes the BLM/Antifa riots and the Wuhan virus lies that purvey the news networks.
On This episode of the Saulty Show: Random Acts of kindness for social media clout. More and more people doing good deeds to get followers. What is White culture? Is there such a thing? Well a certain museum wants to make you aware of the signs of whiteness. And more evidence that there is a Great Awakening happening in America these past few weeks.
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