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Does the world have you feeling a little salty lately? We're right there with ya.
Join the Saulty crew as we try and make sense out of everything going on in Politics, News and Pop Culture.
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The crew runs through a few quick articles about doorbell camera introductions, poorly chosen names, body hair, and a quick game of "Guess the State". Saul brings up the portrait of Bill Clinton wearing one of Hillary's dresses that was found at Jeffery Epstein's house and Saul continues with a discussion of a congressional trip to Israel. All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.Hosts: Saul, Tim, Jeremy, Heidi
On this episode the crew discusses the number of accidents caused by drivers going the wrong way on city highways, Mississppi citizens are afraid of ICE raids. Jeremy asks the team what they think about electric cars and Tim routes the conversation to the topic of non-citizens being denied citizenship if they collect welfare. Saul brings up the protests in Hong Kong and how Chris Cuomo thinks he can tell you what words you can and cannot use. The discussion comes to an end with a conversation about the strange things that happen when you have information about the Clintons. All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.Hosts: Saul, Tim, Jeremy, Heidi
On today’s episode…YAY! Rae is back to the show after surgery and some healing time. Saul opens the show with a special welcome home Rae mix up. Watch out folks… Cannibal Parrots on the lose…in what year? A little PSA for the gentlemen out there - Rae will kick you to the curb if you have a bird. DEAL BREAKER if you have birds. Saul jumps in to show and reveal his crazy cat lady date and the gymnasium home layout for her cats. Saul’s limit of “pussy” CATS (you filthy minded people) are 4, don’t even bother if you have any extras. Team brings it back around to talk about the Parrot’s size, era of existence. They chat a bit more before wrapping up and moving to the next chronicle. After a fall, this topic about a quick check to make sure a man falling on his butt doesn’t have more injuries. Turns in to a crazy unveiling of bone spurs that aren’t just for the feet. In Bronx, this elderly man is finding out the “hard” way as his 63yr old penis is showing signs of calcification in the shaft of his penis. The guys love Rae’s hand gestures as she attempts to provide a description of the development. This could be STD related but the man took off and left the hospital as the results were being provided to him, his secret is still out. Beware Bronx ladies, he could be “that guy”. Up last but not least, this NY lady is taking classes for a new level of attracting wealthy men. Rae calls the guys out for the Saulty-Sass-Attack that is about to unravel as the guys give opinion on whether the woman is “attractive”. Rae offers up her stylish correction of the matrix’s braids. Quickly they turn their attention to feet, do you find feet attractive? The crew has some thoughts to share! Keeping with the “D” …let’s take this from Dominatrix to Disney. The Saulty-Vengers have a lot to say about Marvel's next phase of productions. Jeremy reminisces over childhood cartoons and what part of Marvel he’s excited to see out in the theatres. Saul is hung up on Jeremy’s dislike for the Doctor Strange movie. Saul tries to get more opinion but Rae keeps on track with the change of ownership and how it aligns to the quality of the movies. Timmy breaks down the line up of what is releasing. Saul asks for everybody to voice which line up they have no desire to tune in and watch. Rae has a lot of input since the topic hits her forte of knowledge, listen this time since y’all ignored her previous warning… Read the classic comics all, Rae says you’ll really be entertained instead of letting these a$$hole corporations corrupt the true art of Marvel and DC!
Saul covers the latest topics in today’s news. Brazilian cross-dressing inmate trying to escape, the latest Tweets and coverage on the mass-shootings from the weekend, and of course miss cray herself; AOC. Next up some Crazy Chronicle line up with exploding toilets in Florida, a Rattlesnake & Uranium mixed up with some Kentucky Deluxe whiskey in Oklahoma, a large smack of rollercoaster horror in Queensland, a heart palpating pothole in Nebraska and a first of many funnies as the team finds out about an Alabama man’s “doggie style”. After covering the craziness in the world, the Saulty men move to discuss the topics for the show. How far will they get? Do they make it through a number of topics in the news lately or find that one topic that has so much in itself to cover…? Up first, the latest democratic-socialist meeting that was held a few days ago, opens the door to a new phrase the team is ready to exploit listening and watching as the speakers and attendees state absurdities about “gender names”, “clapping” and the offensive sound, “sensory overload” and all its silliness the MEN and WOMEN of the meeting can muster. The coverage leaves time to discuss the sad events of the weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Listen in while the insanity of these shooters is discussed and their manifestos about their claim to represent the “progressive” leftist movement. How the media is trying to twist the truth about the asinine men and what they truly stand for. The guys remind and educate the tie between the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment rights. Wrapping up the show with two “wake up calls” 1) we need to stop people from promoting the democratic-socialist party and their communist outlook for America 2) parents, raise your children and stop leaving it to people that have their own agendas. All this and more on this episode of the Saulty Show! Special Guest: Heidi.
Saul sets it up with an intriguing introduction of tonight’s episode. Thank you President Trump for freeing the rapper that was held in an overseas jail! Moving in to setting the scene for a new bartender in artificial intelligence, AOC’s crazy is taking on all new highs calling for riots in Israel and the “poor” United States neighborhoods and let’s make sure to take note of your credit as computer hackers have learned how to torment citizens by the millions sharing personal/private information on the dark web. Before the crew gets too caught up in the opening with opinion and banter, Saul turns it over to find out what’s hot in the Crazy Chronicles. Hysterics and tears roll out of the first conversation when a man in Mexico claims to have the largest penis in hopes of scoring a place in the Guinness Book of World Records; such a shame that the radiologist uncovered the flaw in his plan identifying his “average” size. Finally, a win for Heidi, Tim actually approved! Next up a quick mention of cocaine and a special kind of stupid for smuggling the drug under his toupee. No worries, Tim has your PSA on smuggling cocaine in your butthole… But hold on there, we might have another PSA for you. Off-brand chargers for your cell phone can be dangerous to your person. A quick cover of special intelligence when a bank robber provides the bank with his name and address. Before rolling to a final article we attempt to cover the new pussification of youth but Tim’s ADD kicks in and covers the latest freeway back-up. The guys just miss as they cruise under the scene. Jeremy gets a little mouthy about weeding out the weak and promoting more jumpers with score cards. With that Saul and the guys move to discuss for the first time, AOC and the delusional promotion of rioting for non-American causes. Palestine’s fictious oppression and the insane claim that Israel and the Jewish communities are to blame in history. The discussion then heads into political movements and refugees overseas as related to the ridiculous AOC comments. Listen up folks, the reality of how the movement is becoming more tragic in the United States needs to be stopped. Socialism is on the rise here and America needs to remember the most successful Capitalist government in the world and the importance to work harder to block this social movement. If you don’t want to hear it here, check out #WalkAway Campaign. Saul wraps up the show with a compelling example of our nation’s foundation in ‘How the Cavemen rose to Capitalism!’ All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.Hosts: Saul, Tim, Jeremy Special Guest: Heidi.
The crazy news chronicles starts out with a discussion of sports drinks as brake lights and leads to a criminal being found because he farted too loudly. The chronicles close out with a possible new Olympic event and Tim gives his opinion on the quality of the crazy news. The crew moves on to discuss Trump's tweet about the rat infestation in Baltimore and that somehow the word infestation is racist… What the Fu@#? All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.Hosts: Saul, Tim, JeremyReference: Special Guest: Heidi.
The crew discusses an animal shelter trying to cash in on the storm area 51 hype and a bear in Colorado that is rummaging through a dumpster behind a dispensary. The team tangents on to Heidi's truck adventures and Tim puts Rachel on blast for hitting a Porsche. The conversation switches to the Federal government re-engaging in capital punishment and it's comparison to abortion and evil. All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.Hosts: Saul, Tim, JeremyGuest: Heidi Special Guest: Heidi.
The crazy news starts with the police asking criminals to take a break until the weather cools down. A man calls in a bomb threat so that he can flirt with one of the flight attendants. Another man climbs down a building to escape a fire. Saul brings up a quick discussion of churches selling their values. Jeremy brings up Trump crashing a wedding at one of his resorts and the topic morphs into Google and YouTube needing to be broken up. All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.Hosts: Saul, Tim, JeremyGuest: HeidiReference: Special Guest: Heidi.
Rae Chronicles bring a fresh new look at Air BNB rental of the Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile. Frankenstein is taking on a whole new look with mix-match body parts found by the FBI. Cadaverous body parts are now for sale…! What are your thoughts on Facebook tracking your porn searches and views? The Saulty Show wants to know how to tap in also! After a quick break, the boxing gloves get laced up. What do women “really” want broken down by the Saulty Show? The team spins off of the article ‘Women Want Only 1.5 Things from Men’ to cover why are women not finding what they’re looking for in men today and the importance of a “mom” and “dad” in children’s lives. Saul brings it back around to the article and this toxic, new feminist movement of women not needing men as related to the article. It doesn’t take long for the show to quickly spin off course AGAIN about the roles, careers and other differences – what’s going on with the male versus female sexes? After realization how far off topic the crew went, they switch over and discuss the investigation at University of Michigan. The show’s guest takes a stab at relating the investigation of a rope that was assumed to be a race-crime when it was left behind on a table after being used to practice tying knots for a class to campus security immediately reporting racism. Claiming it was a “noose” left on a table…FBI is called in; reports are made, people are interviewed, and camera records are reviewed to only show no race crime occurred. Topic closes leaving the opportunity for a part 2… stay tune to find out if Saul and the guys attempt to discuss the university or missed topics planned for tonight’s show in upcoming weeks. All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.Hosts: Saul, Tim, Rachel, JeremyGuest: Just in timeReference:
The crew discusses wet crabs, ruined wedding pictures and 5 great internship options. The conversation moves on to the viral facebook event: "Storming of Area 51" and it's possible consequences. Saul talks about his thoughts on Trump's "racists" tweet and what Trump is really doing in the background. All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.Hosts: Saul, Tim, JeremyGuest: Heidi Special Guest: Heidi.
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