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Does the world have you feeling a little salty lately? We're right there with you.
Join the Saulty crew as we try and make sense out of everything going on in Politics, News and Pop Culture.
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Biden attends a joint session of Congress to give a speech. It was a snoozefest that garnered a measly 11million viewers. The "most popular president in history", folks. The totalitarian left is getting bolder. This past week the FBI raided the office of former President Trump's attorney; Rudy Guliani's. They are also targeting patriotic grandmothers that were at the January 6th "insurrection". Not BLM or Antifa who have been burning cities for over a year. Nope, nothing to see there. This is political intimidation. Also, the latest in the fight against the covid lockdown bullshit. The people are starting to fight back but they have started to fight back smarter. All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show
All eyes are on Arizona as the most transparent recount in history is taking place in Maricopa County. Nine cameras are live streaming the whole thing. Gavin Newsom's Recall election is official. Republican She/Her - Kaitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner is running. Is this Checkmate? Biden attended the Virtual Climate Summit that included many world leaders and hilarity ensued as he was the only one wearing a mask. All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.
Episode 140: The Scapegoat

Episode 140: The Scapegoat


Abolishing the electoral college, packing the courts, disarming America, and more censorship; Just another week of the tyrannical left destroying America. The Chauvin trial was this week but the mob is asking for another sacrificial scapegoat. The media complied and have now moved to defend a knife-wielding 16-year-old. Is covid finally over? Let's check with Dr. Fauci. He seems to be upset that the Chauvin trial took him out of the limelight for a week. All that and more. on this Episode of The Saulty Show
The smartest person Biden said he knows, admitted to snorting parmesan cheese. c'mon man! Biden is only 100 days into his administration and he's already broken so many promises. This last week it was revealed that he plans to pack the courts and is preparing to sign 6 executive orders to rein in assault weapons purchases. You awake yet? The Derek Chauvin trial started his week. The State laid out their case but it didn't go as they had wished. Regardless of what the verdict is, cities will burn. oh and highways are racist? All that and more. on this episode of The Saulty Show
White supremacist attacks nations capital and ....wait what? it wasn't a white supremacist? Nevermind, folks. Nothing to see here, move along. The hysteria Du Jour: Matt Gaetz in a sex scandal. or is he? The left may have deployed an old tactic to set him up. The leftist narrative is coming undone at the seams, and it's glorious to watch. "Si se pwadueh!" means Si se pandering for the modern leftist. All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show
Biden holds a town hall but it resembled more of a "Weekend at Bernie's" episode than anything else. Bill Clinton will be joining Kamala Harris at a conference for "Empowering" women. The jury is still out on whether or not he plans to wear the famous, stained, blue dress and red heels. Assault on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Amendments. The left is coming for your guns, folks. FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS! All that and more, on this Episode of The Saulty Show
China, North Korea, and Russia mock America. Biden stumbles his way to a response. Literally. Crisis at the Border. Newly released undercover photos reveal conditions have gone back to Obama-era standards. Basically kids in cages. Shootout at the covid corral. Fauci and Rand Paul have a good old-fashioned Mexican standoff. Also, Liberal fragility is running rampant after Trump announced he plans to start his own Social Media platform. Coming in 3 months! All that and more, on this Episode of The Saulty Show
Episode 135: Woke Military

Episode 135: Woke Military


More Federal buildings burning. But they were mostly peaceful so the media remained silent The greatest military in history has gone Woke and it's enemies are salivating at an opportunity to defeat it. Was Jesus Racist? according to leftists preachers, he was. The world is spiraling into idiocy. All that and more, on this episode of The Saulty Show
Episode 134: Cancel Culture

Episode 134: Cancel Culture


House passes 1.9 trillion monstrosity and not one Republican voted for it. #unity Prince Harry and Megan Merkel Smollett are victims of racism and need help paying for their 14 million dollar mansion. Everything is canceled! We'll give you the latest in the list of things the left has banned this week. All that and more, on this episode of The Saulty Show
Cartoon Network goes woke! So woke they've gone, full racist. The Rise and Fall of Andrew Cuomo. New allegations of sexual harassment. Trump Finally breaks his silence. We give you the gist of his CPAC speech All that and more, on this Episode of The Saulty Show
Episode 132: Cancún Cruz

Episode 132: Cancún Cruz


Texas freezes over, Ted Cruz goes to Cancún and the Mainstream Media blows a gasket. Greta Thuneburg's response to all of this is, "How Dare you" Oh and Coca-Cola thinks you're too white. All that and more, on this episode of The Saulty Show
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez gets caught lying about her near-death experience. New evidence reveals she was nowhere near the 'insurrection'. Trump is acquitted of inciting insurrection after a week full of nothing-burgers. Liberal Logic: Biden is close to 60 Executive orders in less than a month, meanwhile congress has passed 0 laws. They have been preoccupied with impeachment... but Trump is the dictator.
Episode 130: Buy Sell Trade

Episode 130: Buy Sell Trade


The revolution has begun and boy is it being televised. Get your tickets for the rocket to the moon folks. These stocks are going up. It's a mad max dystopia and the proletariat are picking their teeth with the bones of dead hedge funds. You won't believe what the next wave of covid testing is all about. Let's just say you'll be walking funny afterward. Get your helmets ready folks, the Dwarf tossing competition has begun All that and more, on this episode of The Saulty Show
On this episode of The Saulty Show A demented man and a hooker walk into a bar... wait that was the inauguration. Nevermind. The news media went from attack dog to lapdog. We'll explain how. Biden plans to kill Trump's legacy by doing what? (drum roll) ...destroying jobs So the Q theories crashed and burned, right? Seems like some out there didn’t get the memo. There are still rumors of shadow government and to continue to "trust the plan". The whole theory is running on fumes at this point.
Episode 128: Run Hide Fight

Episode 128: Run Hide Fight


The US House of Representatives impeached Trump…. And Trump's approval rating went up. Democrats are like Wiley Coyote never able to catch the roadrunner. Meep Meep! More on the Capital siege from Jan 6th. New Evidence reveals there was a coordinated effort from leftists groups that instigated the riots. This was planned weeks in advance. Social Media Censorship is not done. A bombshell video from a whistleblower reveals Jack Dorsey's sinister plans to remove conservatives from their platform. Daily Wire is getting into the entertainment business. They release an awesome movie titled "Run Hide Fight". We give you our reviews.
On this episode of The Saulty Show: Civil unrest continues to plague America and the left is clutching their pearls. They are beside themselves at the sight of domestic terrorism. Apparently they forgot how they encouraged cities to burn last summer. The crew reacts to the nonsense and the new push to censor conservatives.
Episode 126: Societal Decay

Episode 126: Societal Decay


On this Episode of The Saulty Show: Walmart calls conservatives "Sore Losers" For refusing to acknowledge Biden as president. Shocking revelation of Dominion voting machines; white hat hackers were able to access one of the machines in Georgia as the runoff elections are taking place Women in the streets of Argentina celebrating with their tops off? You'll want to know why.
The SCOTUS has agreed to hear one of the election cases! Will it occur before inauguration day? Only time will tell. A new covid strain is plaguing the UK and citizens are slowly realizing that lockdowns will never end. Wonder Woman 84 (ww84) - was it a bust? We'll give you our review. All that and more, on this episode of The Saulty Show.
On this episode of the Saulty Show: The Wuhan Vaccine is here but according to Dr fraudci, you should still wear a mask. And while you're at it, cancel Christmas too. The left has gone insane. They now believe white people have lizard brains. Also, the crew discusses the latest developments on Election fraud
Get your popcorn ready, folks. The second act of the show is about to begin. Michigan forensic audit has concluded that the dominion machines were compromised. Georgia is doing signature audit, Arizona has ordered forensic audit of the Dominion machines- even issuing subpoenas. And 6 states with republican legislatures have now cast their alternate electoral votes for Trump. Trump continues to negotiate peace in the middle east, as Israel and morocco have agreed to normalize relations. Another Arab-Israeli agreement. All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show
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