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Join Dr. Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation® Radio show, National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, and New York Times Bestselling Author for a bold perspective on American ideals, the truth about liberalism and national security, and what is really happening with today's politics.
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We're in a modern day 'Plato's Republic'; Update on Our Fight for America, left off NYT best seller list, despite outselling books on the list; How Savage and others are being censored on Twitter; Why is NPR and other organizations being funded/been shut down? We need tougher laws to contain BLM and Antifa; We are a socialist nation now; How vaccines are developed and the dangers of new vaccines; Savage talks his appointment to the Presidio Trust by President Trump; Why this election matters; Who really have authority in this country
The real RBG; Brooklyn Municipal Building to be renamed after Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Florida governor will charge demonstrators with felonies for toppling statues or blocking traffic; Young Woman Alone On Miami Metro Viciously Attacked As Assailant Hurls Her Into Wall, Punches Her In Head Repeatedly; When Dems don't get their way, they try to change the rules; CNN’s Don Lemon suggests to ‘blow up the entire system’; ‘Defund the police’ activist Alyssa Milano calls 911 sparking massive police presence in her quiet California neighborhood claiming an armed an gunman was on her property; Mitt Romney announces his decision on supporting Trump’s Supreme Court pick this year; Foods high in ZINC ACTIVATORS – Quercetin & Epigallocatechin; CDC says avoid trick or treating this year.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the cult leader to the American left; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s body will lie in repose at Supreme Court; Supreme Court fight after Ginsburg’s death energizes women voters on both sides; Ginsburg’s Public Comments on Trump & Republican Senators; Ginsburg favored harsh sentencing for drug crimes; Ginsburg Disparaged the U.S. Constitution in Remarks Made to Foreign Press; Senators Overlooked Radical Record of Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Trump says he will name Supreme Court nominee Friday or Saturday, list down to 5; Republican turncoats already saying they will not vote for new SCOTUS appointee until after the election; Emmy's and Jimmy Kimmel sink to new lows; What the radical left has in mind if Biden wins and gets to appoint RBG's successor; Liberal loses it over RBG’s passing.
Biden is the Covid candidate, even calls his own campaign the Harris-Biden administration; What type of America will we see after the election if Trump wins? How far we have fallen in America; Why do people hate Trump so much? We're in the midst of a civil war; Mayhem in the streets; Chuck Todd shows the state of American journalism - dead.
From the Eagle to the Beagle in Two Generations; How can America win the war against itself? Savage finds old photos of himself; Biden not qualified for office; Jewish holidays approaching and Synagogues are closed, Savage disapproves; Man is a defiant creature; There is no more California; Cancel culture akin to fascism; Historic peace deal signed; Israel lockdowns; Our Fight for America hits bookstores today.
Our Fight For America

Our Fight For America


How the presidential debate will probably sound; If Savage were a debate moderator, what questions would you have him ask? “We Hope They Die”: Black Lives Matter Block ER Entrance After Officers Shot, Biden Pushes Gun Control Call After Deputies Shot; Special preview of Our Fight for America; Israel going back into lockdown right before their high holidays; Some libs are saying they will vote for Trump because they're tired of the media narrative against him
BLM marching to the tune of Trotsky; Fires in the west, not related to climate change; Woodward lies about Trump;Trying to define what Biden stands for is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall; 19th anniversary of 9/11 terror attacks; Left attacks Trump for military flyover in NY today; Media boycott of Savage continues; Truth and history, the only things that can save America; TIP founder suggested a military coup to remove Trump from office; BLM affiliated person arrested for starting fires; Flashback to Sept. 11, 2001's Savage opening; CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses
In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, conservative radio legend Michael Savage offered his insights on President Donald Trump’s standing in the 2020 presidential election, the ongoing Chinese coronavirus pandemic, and what he described as the Black Lives Matter movement’s goal of ushering in a “communist revolution” in the United States. Savage also dove deep into the genesis of his forthcoming book — Our Fight for America: The War Continues — and revealed what he believes is the most pressing issue which President Trump should address if he wins re-election in November.
Washington Post's Bob Woodward releases audio of Trump, claims the President lied to the American people about the severity of Covid; Thick wildfire smoke blocks sun, turns Bay Area sky orange; Fires in California make the sky look like we lost a nuclear war; Can we still save America? What are we saving? What is Trump promising that Biden isn't? Al Sharpton says ‘latte liberals’ want to defund the police; Left Mobilizes for ‘Mass Public Unrest,’ ‘Political Apocalypse’ Expected If Biden Loses; Why does FBI and others not take out Antifa and BLM? Pyrotechnic device at gender-reveal party causes California wildfire; University of Rhode Island to remove murals commemorating WWII veterans for lack of diversity; Savage interview with Breitbart; Sneak peak of Our Fight for America
Pelosi's Blowergate now making headlines in San Francisco; The worst September surprise in history, The Atlantic publishes fake story claiming President Trump called soldiers who died in WWII 'losers'; Blowergate salon owner stands up to Pelosi; Rule #16 for street thugs: If yer gonna sucker-punch a cop… be 100% he’s alone in his patrol vehicle; Trump mocks Pelosi going to the salon; Fat Al's Tuna Peter Schweizer joins to discuss his new documentary Riding the Dragon: The Biden's Chinese Secrets. detailing Biden's China corruption. Available to watch for free at or BlazeTV
Pelosi used shuttered San Francisco hair salon for blow-out, owner calls it ‘slap in the face’ (NO MASK?!); Democratic Pollster Predicts a Huge Trump Win on Election Night — But Says Biden Will End Up Winning Within a Week; BLM attacks a Marine, kicking him in the head in Wisconsin; Leftists calling for people to take to the streets, but turn and blame Trump; Omar, Tlaib call on MSNBC host Joy Reid to apologize after comments deemed Islamophobic;  Donald Trump Jr. joins to discuss his new book Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden and the Democrats’ Defense of the Indefensible, available now online and in stores.
The death wish of America by Biden, BLM, Antifa and others; Man suspected in deadly Portland shooting calls himself ‘100% ANTIFA’; What should Trump do about Portland? redirects to Joe Biden's website; How the Insurrection Act can be applied today in Portland and other cities; New Covid stats; Based on the recommendation of doctors Fauci and Birx the US shut down the entire economy based on 9,000 American deaths to the China coronavirus; Savage health scare story.
Wisconsin Juvenile Arrested, Charged with First-Degree Murder for Kenosha Riot Shooting; Melania Trump pleads for an end to ‘looting and violence in the name of justice’; Kamala Harris has sunk the Biden ticket already; Trump poised for another upset victory; New study on marijuana addiction; What evangelicals think about Jerry Falwell Jr.; Drop in Brazilian COVID-19 cases prompts hope of herd immunity; Aggressive mob of white BLM protesters threaten white diners, DEMAND they raise their fist and show solidarity with them…. or else; Arnold Spielberg, father of Steven Spielberg, dead at 103; Bette Midler attacks Melania Trump.
Cop shoots unarmed black dad Jacob Blake in back SEVEN TIMES in front of his kids sparking riots; Convalescent Plasma Promising COVID–19 Treatment; Kellyanne Conway’s daughter Claudia accuses mom of ‘physical abuse’ and putting on a ‘show’ by quitting Trump job; Pool boy claims Jerry Falwell Jr. liked to watch him have sex with wife; Trump releases second-term agenda; Swarm of ‘armed anarchists’ wielding axes and guns descend on Denver Police HQ and ‘shoot fireworks at cops’; These countries have never reported a coronavirus case, some of them Savage has studied in.
Savage back in the studio he hasn't used in years; Media questions Trump about QAnon connections; What is QAnon? Savage finds an old picture of Teddy, goes down memory lane; Steps need to be taken to bring down big tech; Nearly 50% of voters say White House press corps cares more about self-promotion than journalism; Can Biden really beat Trump? Steve Bannon on fugitive Chinese billionaire’s 150-foot superyacht hours before he was arrested with military plane overhead: Donald Trump’s aide is charged with crowd-funded border wall scam; Mr Rogers vs. Captain America, who do you choose? Savage shares a halibut recipe that's better than what you would find in a restaurant.
Goodyear apparently bans employees from wearing MAGA and pro-police attire… but BLM is okay; Prominent corporations from around the world are bankrolling the “defund the police” movement and boycott Savage; From 'go west young man' to go east young man, people leaving California, but bring their liberalism with them; Right-wing commentator Laura Loomer wins GOP primary in Trump’s Palm Beach district; Marianne Williamson: DNC ‘Like Binge Watching a Marriott Commercial’; The Dem party then vs. the Dem party now; Pastor at DNC says America can go to Hell; Laura Loomer – Republican candidate for Florida's 21st District joins to talk about her campaign and being banned by social media platforms.
It's the final countdown for America; Donald Trump ‘wants FDA to approve oleander plant extract as a drug to cure Covid-19’ after it was promoted by Ben Carson and MyPillow founder – despite no proof that it works; Trump administration approves oil drilling in Alaska wildlife refuge; We are supposed to be good shepherds of the Earth, not the great exploiters; Savage tweets from the weekend; Barack and the beach house: Longtime friend ‘builds Obama’s multi-million dollar Hawaii ocean villa using loopholes to bypass coastal protection laws’ on site made famous by TV show Magnum PI; Trump campaign messaging getting lost. Dr. Scott Atlas is the new Covid czar for the Trump administration, Savage revisits an April interview with the doctor.
Savage shares an email chain he received on his day off, filled with revisionist history; White male inventions; Savage is bored with Kamala Harris; Top performing episodes of the Savage podcast; Has Trump been trumped? Cal. communists propose wealth tax- would drive those who now pay the most out of the state; The difference between the two parties - rhetoric; Feds say Yale discriminates against Asian, white applicants; Dallas Judge Gives Complete Custody to Mom Who Wants to ‘Transition’ James Younger into a Girl; Seattle BLM protesters demand white people ‘give up their homes’; We may see a disaster in November with the election; Physical recovery vs spiritual recovery - how they're connected; Pelosi wants people to give flowers or bows to USPS workers.
Can Trump/Pence beat Biden/Harris; Tough team for Trump to beat; Major media figure says Biden now wins in landslide; Harris now modeling her speech pattern after Michelle Obama; The issues with Kamala; Media and the left head-fake Trump; What picking Harris means for the black vote; What a Kamala Harris presidency will look like.
Comments (415)

Mark Johnston

Your new book is in the new non-fiction section in Barnes and Noble in Atlanta. They are not trying to hide the book in another section in the bookstore.

Sep 24th

Kyle Remon

I really want to get a full sprite count of all of Peter Griffin's speech, facial expressions, and body gestures while he's at the dinner table. The. I would then like to animate Peter at the table to Michael's voiceover. It would add a dry humor to the often morbid topics and also add some flavor to many of the insulting names he gives public figures. I would love to see an apathetic Peter mouth the words "George Step-on-all-of-us". It would be a ton of work and I need both FOX and Savage to sign off on it before showing anyone. Please, someone who is a master Flash animator please do this.

Sep 13th

Mark Munro

If there is one podcast to listen to, this is the one.

Aug 28th

Mark Munro

Goodyear lost another customer. Buh Bye.

Aug 20th

Mark Munro

excellent ep as always

Aug 13th

Chuck Brown

There are deeper powers in India that have a globalist agenda. This is the point that lady was making. You are very rude

Aug 3rd

Vincent Mongelluzzo

I need new episodes!!

Jul 31st

James McBee

Don't eat on air....disgusting!

Jul 26th


is his show on around the country or is he retired? his podcasts are shorter and shorter.

Jul 25th

beav909 he blames Guilianni for today's crime problems. Jesus.

Jul 24th


Savage is a LIAR. Rush never said covid wasn't real. Savage should be taken off the air (his words) for slandering people like that.

Jul 16th


Jesus, this guy is a total bore, old and bitter. His "show" has become a bad listening experience all around.

Jul 16th
Reply (1)

James Cavolo

glad to hear

Jul 11th

Paul Dornitz


Jun 23rd

Scott Lichte

"I'm going to eat on air." Slobber, spit, talks with food in mouth. In other words, I could care less about etiquette, voice quality, or listeners. I'm a slob and disgusting.

Jun 20th


Will never tell u the books they burned and why. look into it.

Jun 16th

Chuck Brown

The constitution haters are using black issues to ruin our economy, cause chaos, and get Trump out. They are the true racists/fascists

Jun 11th
Reply (1)


I really like Savage but he should give the self-flagelation on the virus a REST. I'm glad he's on the right side of history today but 2or 3 months ago he was the among the biggest hypsters, alarmists and hysterics around. Worse, he slams, smears and soils his fellow conservative talk show hosts who weren't off the hook maniacs about how bad this virus was. Enough already. I love the good stuff, though....the Savage with sound, well-reasoned, strong opinions and interesting stories from his life.

Jun 7th

Robert Rivard

got to love jew-haters they have no life

May 25th

Nicholas Brandt

this guy is a dipshit

May 16th
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