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Every parent is a protector. Learn how to defend your home, protect your family and enjoy life. The information shared here is for general information only.
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Are you being followed? It’s a question many of us have asked before. In this episode, Andy will share some signs you’re being followed and what to do if you are being targeted.   Learn More about Online Training from The Secure Dad:
Andy welcomes Jason Brick of The Safest Family on The Block to the show. Together they will discuss what they’ve both learned as dads since they’ve started their respective shows. They’ll share their personal insights into family protection.   The second half of their conversation can be heard on Jason’s show The Safest Family on the Block on YouTube:   Find Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide exclusively on Amazon:
This week Andy shares about a time he intervened to help an alleged gift card scam victim. Learn more about how to prevent this type of crime from happening to you. Plus he shares the title and topics of his upcoming online learning course!  More on Online Learning:
Protecting your family is basic dude stuff and no one knows that better than Patrick McNamara. Today, Andy welcomes Pat Mac to the show to discuss the best ways we can protect those we love.    For more on Pat Mac: Learn more about online learning from The Secure Dad:
Andy discusses three of the most common misconceptions when it comes to burglaries. Don’t trust your family’s safety to a myth. Know the truth.    Protect your family with Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide exclusively on Amazon:
On this show Andy takes a critical look at fear. When we say we are afraid, is that really true or is something else preventing us from finding a solution to a threat? Are we really as afraid as we think we are?    Grab your free Know Your Neighborhood Guide: Coming Soon: Online Learning from The Secure Dad:
Know Your Neighborhood

Know Your Neighborhood


In this episode, Andy talks about why we need to pay attention to our neighborhood so we can keep our family safe. He’ll go over what to look for that may indicate you’ve got trouble next door.    Plus download your free Knowing Your Neighborhood Guide:   Coming Soon: Online Learning from The Secure Dad:
The Secure Dad Podcast celebrates 100 episodes with an Ask Me Anything show. Andy will answer your questions about family protection. Plus, he makes a big announcement.   Online Course from The Secure Dad:
Today Andy welcomes Jon and Alex of the Wanted Podcast. Jon and Alex use many tools in their jobs as bounty hunters and de-escalation is the one they utilize the most. They discuss the importance de-escalation plays not only in potentially violent situations but in everyday life as well.    For more from Jon and Alex: Instagram:   Take The Secure Dad 5 Day Challenge:
It’s important to know who lives around you. Just like you want to know all of the good people, you need to be aware of the bad ones as well. Andy will discuss an app that will help you find sex offenders living near your home. Plus, he shares more ways to protect your children.   For more form the NSOPW:   Be ready for the next disaster for free:
Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness


Are you ready for what 2020 throws at you next? Andy discusses how we all need to be ready for the next natural disaster, which very well may be a Sharknado in 2020. Plus he shares a free preparedness checklist for everyone.    Download The Secure Dad Natural Disaster Preparedness Checklist:
Today Andy welcomes Byron Rodgers of the Protector Nation Podcast to the show. Byron is a Marine Corps Veteran who is making his mark on the world in the field of executive protection. He’ll share ways that every family can be secure when traveling.    For more from Byron Rodgers:   Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide:
In this episode Andy discusses 4 Rules for Safer Kids Online. We’ll discuss what we need to model as parents, information our family should never share and I go over the number one rule for anyone using the internet.    Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide:
Today Andy welcomes Aaron, the host of the Dad in the Trenches podcast. Together they’ll discuss how to manage a crisis like a job loss, personal hardships and how that affects who we are and how our children see us.    For more from Dad in the Trenches:   FREE GUIDE: How to Freeze Your Child’s Credit:
Protect your child’s financial future from scammers by freezing their credit. Andy will talk you through the process because he’s personally done it. Plus find out how to get your free guide to do this process with templates. Guide to Freezing Your Child’s Credit:
Andy welcomes back Jerry Gowen of Operation Underground Railroad to discuss how recent events are changing human trafficking.    Operation Underground Railroad:   The Secure Dad 5 Day Challenge:   Today’s Show Notes:
Don’t make your car an easy target for a thief. Andy discusses simple and effective ways we can all make our cars more secure.    Take The Secure Dad 5 Day Challenge:   Today’s show notes:
Do you lose sleep at night wondering if the front door is locked? Have you ever forgotten to arm your alarm system? Everyone has done this at some point. On the show today Andy discusses a powerful secure habit that we all need to practice.    Protector Symposium 2.0: Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide:
Over the past few weeks riots and clashes have been happening across the country. In today’s episode Andy discusses 5 things we all need to know to protect our families in times of civil unrest.   Bug Out Bag:   Protector Symposium 2.0:   Emergence Disrupt Riot Environments:
On the podcast Andy welcomes Yousef Badou of Emergence Disrupt. Yousef is an expert in threat detection when it comes to situational awareness and behavioral analysis. Together they talk about how we can see trouble before it starts.  Also be sure to check out the bonus podcast with Andy and Yousef about avoiding group violence in a riot. For more on Yousef and Emergence Disrupt: The Secure Dad 5 Day Challenge: Today's Show Notes:
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