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The Security Brief with Paul Viollis

Author: Paul Viollis

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Global Security Expert, accomplished author, TV personality and entrepreneurial CEO Paul Viollis passionately delivers an in-depth and interactive discussion on the issues that keep us all up at night. Paul draws from his background as a behavioral analyst to offer unique insight and realistic solutions to issues ranging from threats to our children, home, travel, house of worship and business to terrorism, cybercrime, school/workplace violence, identity theft, fraud and the new normal threats to what were, soft targets.  Join Paul and his guests every week (shows post on Thursday) for a powerful, dynamic, and enlightening conversation. 

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181:  The Final Episode

181: The Final Episode


As Paul prepares to launch his new nationally syndicated radio show with CBS News Radio, he and Seth sit down to reminisce and review all the major events the show has covered as well as their fascinating guests and timeless subjects. Paul wishes to thank his incredible staff and the best podcast audience in the world for the phenomenal support over the last 4 ½ years which paved the way for “Security Matters with Paul Viollis” on CBS which will air May 6th, 2019 nationwide.
One week—3 suicides---1 very tragic and sobering connection -> School ViolencePaul sits down and nationally renowned mental health clinician Bob VandePol to discuss the reality and foreseeability of suicide as well as the warning signs of survivors guilt and PTSD. Everyone, needs to listen closely to this one. #AOKwithpv
On the heels of the US State Department issuing a warning for spring breakers going to Mexico and a barrage of requests from our listeners for an advisory on staying safe during Spring Break, Paul breaks down the risks nationally and internationally as draws the blueprint to vetting the intended trip so as to avoid the perils many are left to suffer from, post spring break. Our #aokwithpv story showcases the beauty of a 7 year old Wisconsin girl and her family and how they captured the hearts of over 40 Police Departments. It will warm your heart to no end.
This episode is dedicated to the memory of Deputy Tim Graham.After the line of duty death of her husband, Sherry Graham Potter was made aware of perhaps the most vial and disgusting public statements calling for the murder of Police by a UC Davis professor. Her response is by far, one of the most poignant and powerful documents ever written. Paul sits down with Sherry to discuss the letter and the overall situation we face today regarding attacks on our Police. Our #aokwithpv story comes from Gainesville, TX and is one you don’t want to miss.
In light of the overwhelming number of requests for an educational show on this subject, Paul has a one on one with all listeners to present this subject from its most thorough sense. Tune in to learn what Human Trafficking is, Labor Trafficking, Sex Trade where it occurs, who is perpetrating it how they recruit and obtain their victims and most importantly how you can recognize and report what is happening in your own neighborhood. Our #aokwithpv story is one that will warm your heart and fill you with pride in our first responders.
In recognition of random act of kindness week, Paul is joined by three absolutely spectacular souls that share their respective stories of how, through their acts of kindness, their communities and countless lives have been made better. #aokwithpaulviollis
Paul sits down with world-renown Personal Protection expert Eric Konohia to discuss the case and break down what has been done thus far and what can be expected.
Given the plethora of crimes that are perpetrated on and through text messaging, Paul breaks down exactly how messages are transmitted thus illustrating the inherent vulnerabilities. More importantly, Paul shares the vetting process each person needs to incorporate before selecting their private messaging app. Choosing the wrong one can be devasting!
In recognition of the 15th annual National Stalking Awareness Month, Paul sits down with one of country’s purest subject matter experts on the subject of stalking and safety for women, the Safety Chick herself, Kathleen Gallagher. From current statistical data and trends to the critical information all victims (and friends of victims) must know to contend with this epidemic, Paul and Kathleen lay out the most valid and reliable framework on the subject. Closing the episode, a call to action is launched for all listeners to embrace. Stalking Resource Center 202-467-8700
Facing over 23,000 Police vacancies that are becoming increasingly difficult to fill, Paul addresses this dilemma in terms of why its happening, the damage its causing to the safety of communities and what we need to do to correct it.  
In true Security Brief fashion, Paul lays out the FACTS about the need for a wall on our southern border using empirical data and qualitative information to illustrate the costs, risks and benefits from a totally Non-Political position. You need to listen to this one! #aokwithpaulviollis.



The Security Brief team looks at two stories of giving that came from our listeners, who happen to be police men and women. These stories will touch your heart! Happy Holidays to all from The Security Brief! #AOKwithPaulViollis
A way overdue subject gets addressed in this ‘call to action’ episode where Paul illustrates the various risks you face when you get in a ride share and some of the things you can do to mitigate them. Ms. Summer Smith from Gulf Shores Alabama joins Paul for our live #AOK with Paul Viollis story. 
Paul sits down with former CIA Operator Drew Berquist to discuss the real story about protecting our nation and his new TV project with CRTV and his company Additionally, Paul has a brief chat with The Safety Chick Kathleen Gallagher Baty and Col. Rob Maness about their shows on coming in 2019. #AOK.
In recognition of this wonderful American tradition, Paul shares some top AOK stories from around the US and sits down with a very special listener from Kingwood, TX for her to share her special story. No better way to celebrate a Security Brief Thanksgiving than to showcase those that do great things for other. #AOK.
From a place of complete respect and gratitude, Paul delivers a special edition episode of TSB by sitting down with Freedom Hard Founder Chris White for a passionate and Patriotic conversation about our Veterans and the fabric of freedom they have and continue to clothe us with, on a daily basis. May God continue to bless each and every one of them. As has and will always be the case on Veterans day, Paul recognizes his hero, his Father Michael Viollis, a WWII vet and member of the original Underwater Demolition Team for the US Navy. That said, this years Veterans Day episode is proudly and emotionally dedicated to Paul’s Father in Law, Arthur Nitti; a multi-decorated US Army WWI Veteran and one of the greatest men that will ever grace this earth. May God rest your soul, Dad. #AOK.
Recognizing the ominous threat coming from the cyber world, Paul sits down with educational leaders from Holy Cross High School (Flushing, NY) and Cal State University (San Bernardino) for captivating conversations surrounding the astounding steps being taken to educate tomorrows leaders. Chief Joe Dowling (NYPD) joins Paul to weigh in or how law enforcement, nationwide, will be seeking future talent to join the ranks in the fight against cyber-crime. #AOK.
163:  #ArrestHate

163: #ArrestHate


On the heels of the worst attack against the Jewish community in the history of the United States, Paul sends a “CALL TO ACTION” for all listeners to #ARRESTHATE and get involved. Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Dennis Franks sits down with Paul and Seth for a powerful and passionate discussion on hate crimes and what we need to do to eradicate this epidemic. #ARREST HATE. #AOK.
As over 7000 Central American migrants approach Americas southern border and political rhetoric goes into overdrive, Paul sits down with President Trumps Advisory Board member Jason Meister for an in depth and completely frank conversation on issues ranging from illegal immigration and protecting our boarders to sanctuary cities, the approaching caravan and the building of the wall. An important conversation you don’t want to miss. #AOK.
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