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Language is something that evolves over time.  Our own use of language changes so much as we grow.  It influences our ability to interpret and interact with the world, and because our adult thoughts are primarily made up of a stream of words, language...
What is the difference between the peace the world tries to give and the peace that comes from the Prince of Peace? How do we access that?
Today I want to share with you 4 ways to face uncertainty-1. Be honest about the things only you can do.2. Manage energy, not time.3. Don't check out- check in.4. Remember that your body can only be in the present moment.  If you want to join me for...
who am I meditation
the klesha's teach us the root of all suffering
Merry Christmas friends!  What does it mean to truly give and to receive?  There is an element of openness and surrender to giving and receiving that creates connections and changes lives.Make your Christmas super fun by listening to the Croker...
Episode 53: Belonging

Episode 53: Belonging


This is where you belong.
do something and then do it again
Loosen your grip on how things "should" go.
find the common thread in a changing world
self-awareness, needs, and habits. that's where it's at.
breathe in joy
offer your body gratitude and love with this meditation
Find some love and acceptance for your body just as it is right now.
4 things I learned camping with a bunch of 11-18 year old girls.
You are formed by information.
Say "yes" to all of it.
eavesdrop on a private coaching call
There are some words that start with C that are pretty pernicious and prevalent and create all sorts of trouble in our lives.  I've mentioned them before on the podcast-- criticism, complaining, and comparison.  What's the antidote?  Another list of...
Ever wonder what it's like to be coached one on one?  Here's a chance to eavesdrop on a private coaching session.  My friend and client Cara wanted some help with sugar addiction, so we hopped on a call and recorded it for you.This week's resource: ...
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