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Welcome to The Self-Love Movement Podcast Series Episode #8 Embracing Your Feminine Energy with Liz Wensing.Spring into Self-Love are some of my favourite highlights from this amazing conversation:>> Understanding what the feminine and masculine energy is.>> The difference between the mature and immature feminine.>> How to know if you’re out of energetic balance.>> The wisdom of your own body.>> The importance of emotional intelligence.>> The importance of truly embodying and feeling your emotions.>> How to deal with and release your emotional triggers.>> The power of choice in life.>> How to stop and create space to listen and receive your feminine guidance.>> The importance of having trust in your masculine energy.>> Where to start on your feminine embodiment practice.>> Rituals to help support your feminine energy.Liz's up and coming event with The Self-Love Movement:'s top 3 books:>> Activate Your Female Power by Dr Sharon Moloney: a fellow SLM tribe member! Check out our recent podcast episode here:>> Born to Lead by Brene Brown.>> Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini.Here is a link to my own Sensual Feminine Embodiment Playlist on Spotify! Liz here:Website: https://lizwensing.comInstagram: find out more about The Self-Love Movement, visit our website here: www.theself-lovemovement.comFollow us ladies, join our Self-Loving Tribe here:
Welcome to The Self-Love Movement Podcast Series Episode #7 The Self-Love Mindset Connection with Christine Corcoran. Spring into Self-Love are some of my favourite highlights from this amazing conversation:>> The importance of boundaries with Self-Love>> The definition of mindset>> The difference between reacting and responding>> The importance of having conscious awareness with your mindset>> The connection between your emotions, thoughts, mindset & beliefs>> Bridging the gap between positive and negative emotions>> How your thoughts can break your patterns or cycles>> The connection between your mindset and Self-Love>> The definition of intuition>> How to change the patterns in your life>> The energetics of having a victim mindset>> The 6 core needs as humans>> Pain versus pleasure>> The power of choice>> How to know if you’re coming from a place of fear versus love>> The importance of asking powerful questions>> The significance of habits in your day to day life>> Daily rituals to help you prime your day>> The importance of having positive self-talkThis conversation was rich in depth and provides so much wisdom and inspiration which you can take on board within your own life now.Christine's top book recommendations:>> Unleash The Power Within by Tony Robbins>> The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks>> High Performance Habits by Brendon BurchardYou can follow Christine find out more about The Self-Love Movement, visit our website here: www.theself-lovemovement.comFollow us ladies, join our Self-Loving Tribe here:
Welcome to The Self-Love Movement Podcast Series Episode #6 Personal Power in Relationships with real-life couple Jodie Milton & Reece Stockhausen from Practical Intimacy.Here are some of my favourite highlights from this amazing conversation:>> The danger of losing yourself in relationships>> The importance of prioritising your relationship with yourself>> We bust through some common conventional relationship myths such as selfishness in relationships, the need to compromise, that all conflict is bad, and that you can’t be loved by someone else before loving yourself first. >> The definition of Personal Power within a relationship>> The common challenges couples face with personal power >> The importance of vulnerability and speaking your truth in your relationship>> Owning your impact >> How conflict creates connection and intimacy >> How to have productive conversations opposed to arguments>> Co-triggering and knowing how to self-soothe in moments of feeling triggered >> The concept of low investment intimacy >> And SO much more.. This conversation was rich in depth and provides so much practical wisdom and inspiration which you can take on board within your own relationships now.If you are on the Gold Coast or surrounds be sure to check out their final Rock Your Relationship workshop before they leave the country: Gold Coast Australia, 23rd February 2019.Downloadable link for the Conflict2Connection 10 Commandments: You can follow Jodie & Reece are Jodie & Reece's favourite books to recommend:>> Passionate Marriage by Dr David Schnarch >> Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski>> The War of Art by Steven Pressfield>> Honourable mention to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark MansonTo find out more about The Self-Love Movement, visit our website here: www.theself-lovemovement.comFollow us ladies, join our Self-Loving Tribe here:
Welcome to The Self-Love Movement Episode #5 Deepen Your Self-Love Practice with your host and Founder of The Self-Love Movement, Alana Arvanitis.In this episode, I welcome you into The Self-Love Movement space and share my personal experience of 2018 and insights into the year ahead. We have just moved through a year of great spiritual death and awakening which has enabled us all to ascend into the fullness and truth of who we are born to be. We have shed the masks and illusions of who we thought we were and burnt all foundations built on false ground in order to step into our most authentic brilliant self. I also share 5 ways you can deepen your Self-Love practice in 2019.>> Self-Acceptance>> Letting Go of Comparison and Self-Judgement>> Listening To Your Heart & Soul>> Speaking Your Truth>> Caring Deeply For YourselfFollowed by my channelled sacred heart activation light meditation which will allow you to drop into your sacred heart to hear the whisper of its voice to help support you and your year.Don't forget to leave us a review and share this episode with someone you think it could help or support. For more information about The Self-Love Movement or to find an event near you, visit our website here: www.theself-lovemovement.comJoin our Facebook tribe here: www.facebook/groups/theselflovemovementgc
Welcome to The Self-Love Movement Podcast Series, Episode #4 Activate Your Female Power with my beautiful guest, Dr Sharon Moloney. Sharon is an author, clinical hypnotherapist, pregnancy counsellor, fertility therapist and birth educator in private practice on the Gold Coast. Her PhD explored menstruation and birth as women’s sacred experiences and her findings have been published in national and international journals. She works with individuals and couples on matters related to fertility, birth, reproductive loss, birth trauma and women’s health. Sharon’s most recent success is the launch of her brand-new book, Activate Your Female Power: Reclaim Your Body, Fertility, Health, Happiness and Confidence as a Woman. In this episode, we explore the unique and truly fascinating power of the female body. We talk about: >> How Sharon’s first encounter with her menstrual cycle deeply connected her to the Earth body and that the pain, cramps, and some often-commonly labelled menstrual challenges was a small price to pay for so great a gift.>> How Sharon’s search for spiritual truths and fertility issues led her to discover the infinite power she held within. >> How understanding your own female body and physiology can heal and support your body.>> Why so many women are so disconnected from their female bodies. >> Why it’s so important for women to practice regular downtime of the nervous system. >> Some common causes of infertility. >> How the divine feminine principle is rising up through the earth and into the bodies of women with an urgency to heal the world. >> How female bodies are representations of the earth body.>> The importance of embodiment and feeling your emotions. >> The wisdom of your cycle and the role your hormones have on your entire body.>> Ancient wisdom about the sacredness and power of menstruation. >> The difference between your physical body and energy body.>> How female bodies are a conduit for the sacred. >> Some ultra-mind-blowing facts from Sharon’s book. And so much more…Sharon's top 3 favourite books: >> Red Moon Passage: The Power and Wisdom of Menopause by Bonnie J. Horrigan >> Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Dr Christine Northrup>> The Once and Future Goddess: A Symbol For Our Time by Elinor GadonFind Sharon here: Visit our website here: our tribe here: Beautiful Love,Alana ArvanitisFounder of The Self-Love Movement
Welcome to The Self-Love Movement Podcast Series – Episode #3 Coming Home to You with Self-Love & Astrology with Tiarnie Vidler.In this episode I talk to my darling friend Tiarnie Vidler, and let me tell you.. You are in for a treat! Tiarnie is.. Tiarnie! She doesn’t like to claim any titles, as she absolutely oozes Sovereignty and claims to just be.. HER. Tiarnie’s strong and solid sense of self is one of my favourite things that I absolutely love about who she is. She is explosive with passion, yet as humble as pie.In this episode we dive into the mysterious superpower of Astrology.Tiarnie shares how understanding and being in rhythm with the language of the universe is key to expressing your unique blueprint.We talk about how;> Self-Mastery is the new black> Everyday enlightenment> How jealousy and competitiveness are a result of not knowing yourself> The Definition of finding home> Why knowing thyself is the biggest privilege> How spiritual expectations could be denying you of your truth> The importance of having rock solid foundations> The danger of giving your power away to other people> The importance of letting go of the stories we tell ourselves> How the planets give us wisdom and tools to help us understand ourselves> What the term retrograde means> Why the greatest gift is being who you are> The effects of dimming your own light> Comparison and judgement disappear when you know who you are> & some really simple teachings around astrology and much moreTiarnie’s favourite books:> You Can Heal Your Heart // Louise Hay> Pulling your own strings // Wayne Dyer> Your Erroneous Zones // Wayne DyerYou can follow Tiarnie our website:www.thself-lovemovement.comJoin our Self-Lover Tribe:
Welcome to The Self-Love Movement Podcast Series – Episode #2 VULNERABILITY & SELF-LOVE with Tessa Alexa.Tessa is an Emotion-Mindset Specialist, a Spiritual Teacher. an Artist of Authenticity. A Writer, Dreamer, Speaker and Doer. And is the founder of Academy of Authenticity, The school for psychology for the soul.She is here to REWRITE GLOBAL NARRATIVES OF EMOTIONAL-EXPRESSION. TO BE A THRIVING, LAUGHING, LOVING, BEAUTIFUL-IMPERFECT MESS OF A HUMAN. TO LEAD BY THE HEART AND BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN FEAR AND LOVE WITH TRUST. TO TRANSFORM TRUE-SELF SUPPRESSION INTO TRUE-SELF EXPRESSION, AND TO BE THE CHANGE SHE WANTS TO SEE IN THE WORLD.In this episode we dive into:> Tessa’s definition of Self-Love, vulnerability, courage and authenticity.> How to move from fear to trust to love.> Why Tessa couldn’t find the solution to true self suppression in any text books.> Why people who are themselves are magnetic.> Why most of us are living in fear or in our heads.> How authenticity is the stunning by-product of loving ourselves so much!> How the narratives we tell ourselves are ruling our lives.> The signs of living in your heard versus living in your heart.> The importance to knowing thy self.> Why suppressed emotions are causing pain and suffering in your current life.> The importance of living intentionally.> Where the core of distrust stems from.> The importance of having your heart on your leadership team.> The role fear plays in your life.> Why role modelling is Tessa’s favourite way of teaching.+ so much more.Tessa’s top 3 favourite books:•Bringers Of The Dawn by Barbara Marciniak•The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes: Harnessing Our Power to Change the World by Deepak Chopra•The Alchemist by Paulo CoelhoThis episode is full of wildly authentic knowledge, philosophy, inspiration, science, spirituality and love.You can follow Tessa hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!Big Beautiful Love,Alana ArvanitisFounder of The Self-Love
Welcome to The Self-Love Movement Podcast Series. This is my very first episode of many! Today, I set the foundation and intention for my podcast by sharing my Self-Love journey and how I came to create The Self-Love Movement. You can expect:~ Inspiration~ Empowerment~ Support ~ Vulnerability ~ Superpower Questioning ~ And loads of LOVE I will also be sharing:~ Why people struggle with cultivating True Self-Love~ How remembering and embodying your True Self is the key to your success~ The superpower questioning that you need to start asking yourself~ How to overcome the really uncomfortable + challenging experiences in your life ~ And tips + inspiration on how you can transform your life from suffering into blissful Self-LoveTo find out more about The Self-Love Movement, visit our website here: www.theself-lovemovement.comFollow us ladies, join our Self-Loving Tribe here:
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Sonny Katipa

Hi Alana . Enjoyed this presentation with Jodie and Reece very much. Very inspiring clear and practical .Grateful to you all for the wisdom you share .

Apr 10th
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