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The Septuagint Audio Bible

Author: Tom Bradford

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The Septuagint version of the Bible was translated from Hebrew to Greek by 70 Jewish scribes fluent in both languages. This is likely the version of the Bible Jesus would have used.
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You may recall that the Bible was written in three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. It's obvious why it was written in Hebrew. The Aramaic writings came due to the captivity in Babylon, and later Israel and the known world were conquered by Alexander the Great of the Greeks. Hundreds of years elapsed (during the time of the Macabbees) and eventually the Jews spoke Greek. The Greek name for the Son of God is Jesus Christ. But the Hebrew equivalent is Joshua (pronounced Yeshua) Messiah AKA Anointed Messiah. Meaning that the Book of Joshua (son of Nun) in the Greek would have been called Jesus Nun, which is something Eusebius commented on matter of factly in his writings.Part 1 of the Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History -> 11 of the Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History ->
This is Genesis chapter 1 from the Septuagint translation of the Bible.The creation account.
In this podcast I give the challenge: what evidence do you see in Genesis chapter 2 that would suggest that Eve was Adam's soulmate?And for those who are interested in my other channels, they are:The Bible Why Guy ( Revelator ( Book Matrix (
On creation day 6 God created man. He was told he could eat from all the trees freely except the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam was told to name the animals of the earth, which he did and afterwards God took Adam's rib and created woman.
In this episode, I answer the soulmates question and supply the next challenge.For those who want more information on what the Bible says about Soulmates, I have a detailed podcast posted here -> Adam and Eve partake of the forbidden fruit?Does the snake say anything that's true? andDoes Eve find Adam after partaking of the fruit, or was he with her the whole time?And for those who are interested in my other channels, they are:The Bible Why Guy ( Revelator ( Book Matrix (
The account of the fall of mankind.Eve is deceived by the serpent into disobeying God. And she causes Adam also to eat and then they hide from God because they are naked.After God asks them what they have done he reveals both the punishment and a foreshadow to his plan for forgiveness and redemption.And for those who are interested in my other channels, they are:The Bible Why Guy ( Revelator ( Book Matrix (
This podcast has in it the answer to the questions asked in the last challenge:1 - Do Adam and Eve partake of the fruit?2 - Did the snake say anything that was true?3 - Did Eve go get Adam and offer him the fruit?
Adam and Eve have children. Cain slays his brother Abel out of jealousy and is driven away by God and cursed to suffer hardship in his trade.
Ignore the publish dates, which I set for the purpose of sorting podcasts in the right order. This podcast was posted on Aug 4, 2020It is full of proofs from the Bible alone that creation was one-thousand year days!
The Generations (genealogy) of Adam down through Noah
God is grieved that he created mankind and wipes out all land based inhabitants of the earth with a flood
God wipes out all land based creatures with a flood. Noah and his family are saved.
Noah and the ark come to rest on mount Ararat and he and his family disembark from their journey
Noah curses his sons descendents due to the disrespect his son showed by mocking him to his brothers.
The family genealogy of Noah and his sons. With some detail about the more prominent cities built by some
This podcast highlights the differences between the King James Version of the Bible and Septuagint comparing Genesis chapter 1 - 10.
Account of the Tower of Babel. Nimrod leads men into constructing a tower to heaven in defiance of the Lord. So God confounds their speech and disperses man over the face of the earth
A famine causes Abraham and Sarah to travel to Egypt where she is taken as a wife by Pharaoh because he believed her to be Abraham's sister. Upon discovering the truth, he gives to them generously provided they leave.
Abraham and Lot separate because the land isn't big enough for both of them. Lot goes and dwells in Sodom. Abraham is told by God that all the land, he could see as far as they eye could see would be a perpetual home for him and his descendants.
Abram rescues his nephew lot from the kings that took him prisoner and he meets with Melchisedec king of Salem and honors him with a tithe for giving him victory over his enemies.
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