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Candid interview and conversation
17 Episodes
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Hardest Games Ever ?Is Rich's window closed ?Do fewer people hate you now ?Josh Bridges boxing careerSelling the Ranch for $200,000,000Where is the line for testing the fittest versus gimmicks?War casualties as a SEALWill there be a CF Games movie in 2020?Who is better Noah or Spealler?Are these CF Games Athletes, Pro Athletes?Leadershipmuch more
How do you become a successful photographer?  Jim's story is unique and his skills in human communication are profound.
Professional GolferCrossFitWeight Loss
losing weightplastic surgerypoliticsCrossFit
PrisonCovid 19CrossFitCoronavirus
Weight lossProfessional GolferCrossFit
Fittest 1 Arm Man on Earth
Hospitals in New YorkCrossFitCovid 19Saving Lives
small business ownercovid 19CrossFit Ownerfitness
covid 19weight lossgym ownerdepression
20 year Pediatrician Kids and Covid 19Kids and Sugar
Covid 1970lb weight lossMarriageKidsCrossFitSmall BusinessChurch
100lb weight lossCovid 19CrossFitAnxiety
2 Josh Bridges

2 Josh Bridges


death of field, facial hair, CrossFit Games, I'm not normal, Covid 19, Dave vs Dan in Boxing, Reyes vs Jones fight UFC
1 Tom Siskron - fractured penis, covid19, keto
Author of Chasing Excellence  - with 1600+ 5 star reviews on Audible- Confidence- Being the Best YOU- Victim Mindset
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