DiscoverThe Shadow Storytellers: a Horror Fiction Podcast
The Shadow Storytellers: a Horror Fiction Podcast

The Shadow Storytellers: a Horror Fiction Podcast

Author: Fiona J.R. Titchenell & Matt Carter

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The Shadow Storytellers is a horror fiction anthology podcast by a pair of horror authors, featuring regular episodes in the style of classic anthology horror works like The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow.

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26 Episodes
Classics collide in a romantic Christmas Eve séance. --- Support this podcast:
A Christmas Eve home invasion awakens an unlikely savior for a grieving family. --- Support this podcast:
S2E8. Cozy & Snug

S2E8. Cozy & Snug


A couple’s holiday remodeling plans wake the dead. --- Support this podcast:
S2E7. Cursemark

S2E7. Cursemark


A girl finds a mark on her skin said to foretell great evil. --- Support this podcast:
S2E6. Couples' Retreat

S2E6. Couples' Retreat


A couples' counselor tries to revolutionize her profession with a new invention. --- Support this podcast:
S2E5. Back to Normal

S2E5. Back to Normal


A man seeks connection in a disease-ravaged world. --- Support this podcast:
Real monsters working a Halloween haunt decide to get revenge on a criminally handsy guest. --- Support this podcast:
Clowns find nothing but terror and madness at a child's party. --- Support this podcast:
Amid hell on earth, a young woman receives a tantalizing opportunity to own her own soul. --- Support this podcast:
S2E1. Very Fine People

S2E1. Very Fine People


Some very fine people dabble with a power beyond their control. --- Support this podcast:
A dangerous invader forces a small town suburban street to make a terrible choice. (Season Finale) --- Support this podcast:
S1E15. Kill Switch

S1E15. Kill Switch


When their employees can’t seem to stop murdering each other, a spacefaring corporation becomes eager for almost any explanation. --- Support this podcast:
Annoyed by both cosmic and earthly rules, an angel and a demon consider loopholes to change a murderer's fate. --- Support this podcast:
An archeological team on the trail of a famous cold case uncovers an uncommonly well-preserved threat to their sanity. --- Support this podcast:
A recently deceased mall Santa arranges for a Christmas miracle. --- Support this podcast:
S1E11. Don't Ruin It

S1E11. Don't Ruin It


Specters reach across the ether to crash a Christmas Eve family dinner, but their powers to terrorize have nothing on that one uncle. --- Support this podcast:
An amateur baker/necromancer creates a haunted gingerbread house to get to the bottom of her sister’s untimely death. --- Support this podcast:
A young boy's attempts to catch Santa in the act inadvertently release a horrifying darkness into the world. --- Support this podcast:
A generation of witches who've grown up fighting monsters discover the most dangerous one of all is closer than they think. --- Support this podcast:
Nostalgia, cosmic horror and a small town shopping mall collide in this nightmarish trip back to 2002. (Part 2 of 2) --- Support this podcast:
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