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The Shaft - A Minecraft Podcast
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The Shaft - A Minecraft Podcast

Author: dead workers party

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The Shaft is a weekly show covering tips, stories, and the latest news & updates in Minecraft. Interviews from notable Minecraft celebs such as Yogscast, Carl Manneh, CaptainSparklez, SeaNanners, SlyFox, PaulSoaresJr and even Notch! We also attend major gaming conventions such as E3, PAX, Dragon*Con, Blizzcon & Minecon. Grab your pickaxe and let's get a move on!
222 Episodes
Eric and Brent have a new podcast! Agent Academy is all about the game, INGRESS.Here is the first episode - If you like it, be sure to go subscribe to the Agent Academy Feed: us to know what's happening in the future:http://www.LargeMarge.media
Most of the hosts come together to discuss the past 221 episodes and over 5 years of podcasting about the world's biggest game, Minecraft. Follow us to know what's happening in the future:
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The Game Show [Episode 221]

The Game Show [Episode 221]


The crew is back for a long awaited update on the Shaft, A Minecraft Podcast
Minecraft Discussions from the hosts of The Shaft Podcast.
Join the hosts of the shaft as they discuss Minecraft.
Freckles joins the show to give that female perspective we've been missing.
The Shaft podcast gathers to discuss Minecraft and the Drama surrounding the community.
Is that a GuudeLP or is it a keyboard?  You be the judge.
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Marcelo Gueiral Dias


Dec 19th

Evan Coolie

is this kid friendly?

Nov 24th


Adrienne Milligan it is don't worry lo

Aug 21st

Adrienne Milligan

Evan Coolie I would like to know if it's kid friendly as well!

Dec 21st
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