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Author: Tom Eston, Scott Wright, Kevin Johnson

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Shared Security is your premier cybersecurity and privacy podcast where we explore the bonds shared between people and technology. Join industry experts Tom Eston, Scott Wright, and Kevin Johnson as they deliver the latest news, actionable tips, expert guidance, and insightful interviews with top cybersecurity and privacy specialists. Stay informed and take control of your online security and privacy in today's interconnected world. Tune in every week to discover invaluable insights, strategies, and tools to live confidently and safeguard your digital life.
458 Episodes
In episode 334, hosts Tom Eston, Scott Wright, and Kevin Johnson discuss two major topics. First, they explore the ongoing legal battle between Citizen Lab and the Israeli spyware company NSO Group. The courts have consistently blocked NSO’s attempts to access Citizen Lab’s documents to protect victim privacy. Second, they discuss Apple’s new AI features […] The post Citizen Lab vs. NSO Group, Apple AI and Privacy appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In episode 333 of the Shared Security Podcast, Tom and Scott discuss a recent massive data breach at Ticketmaster involving the data of 560 million customers, the blame game between Ticketmaster and third-party provider Snowflake, and the implications for both companies. Additionally, they discuss Live Nation’s ongoing monopoly investigation. In the ‘Aware Much’ segment, the […] The post Ticketmaster Data Breach and Rising Work from Home Scams appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In this episode host Tom Eston welcomes Jen VanAntwerp, founder of Sober in Cyber. Jen shares her journey in cybersecurity and marketing, and discusses the motivation behind creating alcohol-free networking events. Sober in Cyber provides much-needed alternatives to typical alcohol-centered industry events, fostering inclusive environments for both sober professionals and those simply seeking a different […] The post Sober in Cyber: Creating Alcohol-Free Networking in Cybersecurity with Jen VanAntwerp appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
Episode 331 of the Shared Security Podcast discusses privacy and security concerns related to two major technological developments: the introduction of Windows PC’s new feature ‘Recall,’ part of Microsoft’s Copilot+, which captures desktop screenshots for AI-powered search tools, and Slack’s policy of using user data to train machine learning features with users opted in by […] The post Microsoft’s Copilot+ Recall Feature, Slack’s AI Training Controversy appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In episode 330 Tom, Scott, and Kevin discuss the new features for iPhones and Android phones designed to warn users about secret trackers, possibly aiding in identifying stalkers. The hosts discuss Apple and Google’s collaboration on a technology called DOLT (Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers), aiming to improve user privacy by detecting Bluetooth trackers like Tiles […] The post New Tracker Warning Features on iPhones & Androids, 2024 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In this first-ever in-person recording of Shared Security, Tom and Kevin, along with special guest Matt Johansen from Reddit, discuss their experience at the RSA conference in San Francisco, including their walk-through of ‘enhanced security’ and the humorous misunderstanding that ensued. The conversation moves to the ubiquity of AI and machine learning buzzwords at the […] The post Live at RSA: AI Hype, Enhanced Security, and the Future of Cybersecurity Tools appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In episode 328, Tom and Kevin discuss two major cybersecurity and privacy news stories. The first topic covers the FCC issuing fines to major US wireless carriers for sharing users’ real-time location data, totaling nearly $200 million. They express surprise and skepticism over the carriers’ actions and deliberate on whether the fines would be impactful […] The post FCC Fines Wireless Carriers $200 million, Google’s Fight Against Malicious Apps appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In episode 327 Tom, Scott, and Kevin discuss the findings from Mandiant’s M-Trends 2024 report, highlighting a significant rise in traditional vulnerability exploitation by attackers while observing a decline in phishing. Despite phishing’s decreased prevalence, it remains the second most popular method for gaining initial network access. Discussions include the impact of high-profile vulnerabilities and […] The post Privacy Challenges in Relationships, Phishing Down but Vulnerabilities Up? appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In this episode Erin Gallagher, cybersecurity awareness lead at Fastly, discusses her journey into the field of security awareness and her unique approach to enhancing cybersecurity within tech companies. Erin shares her unconventional path from a communication major to leading security awareness programs at IBM and a large insurance company, before joining Fastly. She highlights […] The post Navigating Security Awareness in the Tech Industry with Erin Gallagher appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In episode 325, Tom and Kevin discuss a significant backdoor threat that nearly compromised Linux systems globally, stemming from an infiltration into an open-source project called XZ Utils by attackers who gained commit access and inserted a backdoor. The episode further delves into a cybersecurity incident where hackers stole 340,000 social security numbers from a […] The post Linux Backdoor Infection Scare, Massive Social Security Number Heist appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
Episode 324 features discussions on a significant AT&T data breach affecting 73 million customers and a sophisticated thread jacking attack targeting a journalist. Co-host Scott Wright joins the discussion, highlighting how millions of AT&T customer account passcodes, along with personal information, were compromised due to a leak discovered by a security researcher and reported by […] The post Massive AT&T Data Leak, The Danger of Thread Hijacking appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In episode 323, the hosts discuss two prominent topics. The first segment discusses a significant vulnerability discovered in hotel locks, branded as ‘Unsaflok,’ affecting 3 million doors across 131 countries. The vulnerability allows attackers to create master keys from a regular key, granted access to all doors in a hotel. The co-hosts also discuss the […] The post New Hotel Lock Vulnerabilities, Glassdoor Anonymity Issues appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In this episode, special guest Alyssa Miller joins the hosts for an insightful and entertaining conversation covering a broad range of topics from social engineering anecdotes involving Kevin Johnson to Alyssa’s journey in aviation and being a pilot. They discuss the challenges within the cybersecurity industry, including the transition to cloud computing and the neglect […] The post Alyssa Miller: Charting the Course Through InfoSec and Aviation appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In episode 321, the hosts discuss how connected cars are sharing driving data with insurance companies, potentially leading to increased rates for drivers. They also talk about the anti-TikTok bill passed by the House, which could force ByteDance to sell TikTok or face a ban in app stores. The episode also covers a significant update […] The post The TikTok Ban Bill, Your Car is Spying on You, Signal’s Username Update appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In episode 320, Tom and Scott discuss the contentious issue of who is accountable when Facebook or Instagram accounts are hacked, discussing potential failings on both the user’s and Meta’s part. They explore the possibility of inadequate security measures on these platforms and the implications of Meta potentially profiting from fraudulent ads. The episode also […] The post Who’s to Blame for Hacked Social Media Accounts, Spoofed Online Meeting Requests and Malware appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In Episode 319, Tom and Kevin discuss the potential data privacy risks associated with having an AI ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’ and why one should refrain from sharing their personal data with such AIs. They engage in a humorous conversation about the unusual advertisements these AI companions attract, while expressing concerns over their deceptive and sensitive […] The post Don’t Trust Your AI Girlfriend or Boyfriend, Exposing US Government Data Collection appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In episode 318, we discuss the trending ‘get to know me’ posts on social media platforms like Instagram and the potential risks of sharing personal information publicly, particularly in light of potential misuse for password resetting. We recount a similar trend observed years ago when social media was in its infancy. The second topic covers […] The post ‘Get to Know Me’ Privacy Risks, Pros and Cons of Publicly Sharing Ring Doorbell Footage appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In episode 317, Tom and Kevin discuss a reported deepfake scam that allegedly led to the theft of 25.6 million from a multinational company and Canada’s attempt to ban the Flipper Zero device, believing it plays a role in auto thefts. They critique the Canadian government’s understanding of the device and its capabilities, questioning whether […] The post 25.6 Million Dollar Deepfake Scam, Exploring Canada’s Flipper Zero Ban appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In episode 316, we have the pleasure to chat with Jason Haddix, a prominent influencer in the cybersecurity community. With an intriguing career path, from being a ‘computer kid’, venturing into the nascent dark web, to becoming a respected figure in the Bug Bounty space, his journey is nothing short of inspiration. We dive into […] The post Jason Haddix on Bug Bounties and Cybersecurity Career Growth appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
In this episode of the Shared Security Podcast, we discuss the concerning issue of victim-blaming in cybersecurity with special guest, Andra Zaharia, host of the Cyber Empathy and We Think We Know podcasts. Key topics include the societal issues within cybersecurity, the role of empathy in business and cybersecurity, leadership’s role in empathy and the […] The post The Problem of Victim Blaming in Cybersecurity: Empathy, Responsibility & Ethical Practices appeared first on Shared Security Podcast.
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An IP address tells websites and web applications where you are. Which compromises privacy and security. It is also used to block access to content. Often based on physical location. You can see a more detailed review of one of these tools here

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