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Author: Doug and Wesley

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The Sheeples Knights is the rich integration of intellectual pondering and psychedelic spiritual discussions that we all need to hear. Join Doug and Wes as they explore the current events of culture, politics and what is happening in the real world these days. No narratives and no bah as we traverse through the chaotic landscape of the 21st century. We invite you join us live on Castbox every Thursday night at 9 pm eastern standard time, 6 pm pacific standard time. Show your support by subscribing so you can be notified when we upload or are live, and never be a sheep in the dark.
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Nancy's 2020

Nancy's 2020


this short little bit is for our show
Description is in the title.This episode had some audio issues and may have mono.
the sixth censorship

the sixth censorship


We talk about about the super villain Bill Gates and some of the current censorship behind the latest scandals surrounding the 2020 elections and government control. Doug tells us about his favorite cult and Wes proves he lives under a rock in last weeks late to upload episode.Join us live on Castbox, Thursday nights 8:00pm EST.
description coming soon
episode four now

episode four now


streamed 09/17/20
We talk about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the connection between the NWO and the opium fields in Afghanistan, Doug’s ex-girlfriend getting arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail at a police car along with other Antifa shenanigans, and aspects of the American press and government. Wes later tries to convert Doug into the cult of Anarchism as they discuss the state’s interventions in foreign and domestic situations.We hope you enjoy this discussion. Subscribe to the channel and follow Sheepless Knights so you can stay tuned for more episodes.Press the heart button because you should and tune in live every Thursday night at 9 PM Eastern time also known as 6 PM specific time.
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The Rabbit Hole

check out the new episode and tune in tonight at 8pm EST. No idea what our subjects are yay!

Nov 18th

Christen Hand

great show guys, but Wes needs to lay off the coke.

Sep 13th

Healing Law

Check out the Premiere if The Sheepless Knights podcaste' at This September3rd 9pm EST every Thursday at 6pm PST With your hosts Wes from The Rabbit Hole Podcaste' and Doug from Healing Law Podcaste'.

Sep 1st
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