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Welcome to The Short Term Show, the show about short term rental and long term wealth. Hosted by Avery Carl, a short term rental expert who started with 1 property and turned it into 42 in a matter of 5 years. Avery became a millionaire in equity in 3 years and is sharing the tools she has learned with YOU. Avery brings on real property owners hosting real properties and crushing it in the short term rental space.
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Scriven Hoefs is an advocate of leveraging your real estate portfolio by keeping a longterm W2. In addition to his real estate investments, he is additionally a business development specialist and key account and strategic sales expert in Construction, Oil and Gas. He is an advocate in how to most productively build your business and to take the necessary steps to guarantee success in the future.   Avery speaks with Scriven about techniques in building a strong business from creating important partnerships to figuring out what is really in your financial and personal wheelhouse. We additionally discuss viable real estate techniques such as the value of land flipping, Reverse BURRRR and buying at tax appraised value. Scriven and I uncover the mental aspects of building a business and the importance of mindset and personal preparation to skyrocket the value of your properties and prepare yourself for not only financial but personal success.    Discussion Points How to leverage your portfolio by keeping a long-term W2 Importance of steep bench in finances How to decide upon your specific real estate markets How to decide between short and long term markets Reason to have bigger pockets Value of partnerships  Definition of reverse brrrrr  Using loans to build equity Value of land flipping - stick to your market and find your sweet spot Buying at tax appraised value Importance of building up your company gradually Value of figuring out what’s really in your wheelhouse    The Short Term Shop University The Short Term Shop Facebook Group IGMS Your Porter Smart BnB OwnerRez Beyond Pricing Pricelabs HostGPO Rich Dad, Poor Dad Set for Life
Rachel Gainsbrugh is a full-time IT Executive Pharmacist, part-time short term real estate market extraordinaire. After paying off her student loans, she and her husband were looking for a feasible way to catapult their savings in the right direction. Now, Rachel and her husband have listings all throughout the US, and work to help others who are just starting out in the field. She is an expert when it comes to capitalizing on specific markets and a variety of clients to keep her rentals booked and the cash flowing in,.   I speak with Rachel about the benefits of the different markets that she works in - from Atlanta to the Poconos. We also speak about how to go about finding your ideal clientele and how certain markets might cater to different types of people. Rachel and I additionally delve into the prospect of managing pet-friendly listings and the perks versus the costs that might be connected to that decision. We additionally talk about the common fears when just starting out in the industry, as well as the inner workings of the market that people might not initially (but should) consider.    Key Topics Making short term real estate work as a side hustle Hot markets in the country Perks of Atlanta real estate market How to find your clientele  Community service-centered short term rentals Benefits and risks of being pet friendly How to keep your unit clean and pet friendly Time cost of cleaning up between pets Initial risks and reliefs related to new rentals Inner workings of a strong short term rental Common fears and how to overcome them The Short Term Shop University The Short Term Shop Facebook Group IGMS Your Porter Smart BnB OwnerRez Beyond Pricing Pricelabs Rachel’s Facebook Rachel’s Instagram
Jeff Lloulian has been in the vacation rental industry for almost a decade. At one point managing hundreds of properties ranging from cozy cabins to luxury mansions, Jeff is additionally an entrepreneur always working to solve interdisciplinary problems in emerging industries. He has a background in both Economics and Philosophy, as well as experience as a lawyer practicing business litigation, cybersecurity and intellectual property. He is the founder and CEO of HostGPO, a company hoping to save short term rental owners time and money by offering them exclusive deals and offers to purchase vital furniture and supplies for their rentals. HostGPO now has 75,000 members between the US and Canada and is expanding rapidly.   Avery speaks with Jeff about his advice for not only investing in short-term rentals but acquiring the supplies and furniture needed to make them a success. We speak about how specific furniture caters to different markets and design aesthetics, as well as tips and tricks of the industry. We go into depth into the must-haves, common mistakes, advice, as well as how HomeGPO can benefit any rental unit owner no matter their experience or the current number of units that they currently have. We additionally speak about the intricacies of different markets specifically, the benefits of building equity and how to navigate the many hurdles that renters face in every part of the business.    How to negotiate deals on all aspects of short term rentals  How to avoid misleading or overpriced offers How to save time and money with higher quality furniture Jeff’s path from managing units himself to managing the company Inspiration behind why Jeff created his company Benefits of arbitrage units for everyone involved Regulations in a high end markets like Malibu Qualifications to join HostGPO Massive inventory options at HostGPO Dangers of log furniture and bed bugs Benefits of joining the HostGPO community Importance of building equity early on Why not to treat the short term rental market as a side hustle    The Short Term Shop University The Short Term Shop Facebook Group IGMS Your Porter Smart BnB
Julie McCoy is a member of the Short Term Shop and a major investor all throughout the US, focusing on the Smoky Mountains. She started investing in the real estate market in 2017 when she was working in the television industry, but quickly her real estate side hustle became her main hustle. She has now become a full-time Realtor, assisting Investors everywhere reach the same financial freedom that she achieved.   In this episode, host Avery Carl speaks with Short Term Shop member Julie McCoy about her journey in the real estate market as well as tips of the trade that Julie has whether you are starting out in the real estate market or you already have your first few rentals. We discuss aspects of short-term rentals and building new units from scratch that people do not often think about when they first buy land - from septic systems to wells. Join us as we delve into the short-term rental market’s intricacies and tips for success.   What You Will Learn How to make your money work for you The beauty of the short term real estate market How to find your niche What constitutes a good deal What constitutes good cashflow How to customize your land  Importance of knowing your land How to think about septic systems and wells Importance of developing a strong team The Short Term Shop University The Short Term Shop Facebook Group Rich Dad, Poor Dad Cashflow Quadrant IGMS Your Porter Smart BnB OwnerRez Beyond Pricing Pricelabs
Yonah Weiss is a leading expert in the real estate market when it comes to cost segregation and how to make the most profit, with the least loss from your real estate investments. He is not only an investor himself, but he additionally is a consultant who offers cost segregation studies to help people get the maximum tax deductions while staying within the tax code. He is an expert when it comes to helping people increase their cash flow and grow their businesses to exponential heights - his average customer recognizing up to $250,000 in increased tax depreciation expense. Delve into the world of cost segregation with us and learn how you can level up every single one of your investments.   Discussion Points How to accelerate a portion of depreciation Meaning of cost segregation When to do a cost segregation Relationship between furniture and depreciation How value is determined based on cost segregation Meaning of 100% bonus depreciation How to avoid income tax liability Price of the cost creation study   The Short Term Shop University The Short Term Shop Facebook Group IGMS Real Estate Professional Tax Status Crushing It! The Way of God Yonah Weiss’ Website
Brandon Hall is THE real estate CPA of The Real Estate CPAs. He has a wealth of knowledge around financials and taxes in real estate investment. Chatting to Avery Carl in today’s episode,  Brendon shares some fantastic nuggets of advice applicable to both new and seasoned investors. Avery asks questions based on what she knows, from experience, people have concerns about. From clarifying passive income to explaining when to make use of cost segregation in your property - he explains all of it concisely and in layman’s terms. So no more excuses! So strap in and prepare to be “in the know” about property taxes at the end of this episode.  Discussion Points About Brandon Hall Move into short term rentals  Is Short term rental - Schedule E vs C and Passive vs non-passive income Qualifying as a real estate professional for tax benefits Cost segregation Types of properties cost segregation makes sense to do on Accelerating Depreciation LLC vs Personal Ownership in terms of Tax Advice for new investors Brandon’s favorite book Resources  The Short Term Shop University The Short Term Shop Facebook Group How to win Friends and Influence People book Tax-Smart real estate investors Facebook Group Real Estate CPA YouTube Channel The Real Estate CPA Website
Karen Chenaille a realtor for eXp Reality and the founder and chief operator of Star Gazer Stayers, her short term rental company that she operates alongside her husband. Karen is a master when it comes to strategical short term rentals. A local Vermomter, she is an expert when it comes to buying within market niches with properties in Vermont, the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee and more. She speaks to the value of investing in rentals in lesser known areas, keeping in mind seasonal drop-offs related to specific rentals. She is dedicated to making a true profit through her rentals rather than just breaking even. She has made her living through knowing the tips of the trade as a way of making the most out of her rental properties.   In this episode, host Avery Carl has a conversation with Karen about techniques to built profit from your rentals such as going with the bigger house not more houses, and opening up booking availability for your property incrementally so that you can gain more profit during busy seasons. We additionally speak about common mistakes and dangers in the short term market arena such as the pros and cons of hiring a proper manager, the dangers of condos and the importance of loan pre-approval.    Short-term rentals in Mississippi  Value of investing in lesser-known rentals  Seasonal drop-offs in certain markets Dangers and benefits of condos  Benefit of shopping around lenders  Importance of loan pre-approval How to live rent-free Importance of never taking no for an answer What constitutes a good deal Highest and lowest performing properties Buy the bigger place, not more places Dangers of hiring a property manager Maximizing revenue through blocking calendar The Short Term Shop University The Short Term Shop Facebook Group IGMS Your Porter Smart BnB OwnerRez Beyond Pricing Pricelabs
Joe Prillaman found himself in a suddenly-booming short term rental market soon after he purchased a few properties in the area. He calls it “lucky” but the fact is that he also worked very hard figuring out the market, learning the tricks of the trade, and building relationships with other investors in the area before his first investment. So it may be thanks to a bit of luck that the market turned a corner, but he still did his part to ensure he could benefit from the upturn.  In this episode, show host Avery Carl gets Joe to open up about his journey to becoming a short-term rental property investor and to share openly how he finds and chooses properties to invest in. He has some great insights around investing in multi-plexes and why he has decided to focus on those going forward. Joe believes in the slow and steady approach to short-term rental investment and so far, it seems to have paid off for him.  Discussion Points Joe’s background in Property Investment Starting out buying a BRRRR Having a team around you for guidance when starting Why Joe got into short term rental investment What is a good deal to Joe How Joe is finding multiplexes Joe’s Financing process Getting into a great market on a low budget Number one mistake investors make Finding out more about the market you’re interested in Advice to 20-year-old Joe Joe’s advice to new investors Favorite book that impacted Joe’s mindset Resources  The Short Term Shop University The Short Term Shop Facebook Group Set For Life book
Tony Robinson is a short term real estate investor who learned from a young age the importance of holding property to build wealth rather than immediately jumping to wholesaling. Ever since he received enough capital to do so, Tony has been profiting from his well-calculated short term investments. He currently works actively in both the Smokey Mountains and Joshua Tree, California. He is an expert when it comes to understanding your market and making the right decisions whether you are purchasing your first short-term rental homes or adding additional real estate to your portfolio.   In this episode, show host Avery Carl has an in-depth conversation with Tony about the differences between the different real estate markets and how the specific needs of the property change geographically, and as the tourism and the population of the area changes throughout time. We additionally speak about the differences between short and long term rentals and the risks that may come with either investment. Tony speaks about the characteristics of the property that should be carefully researched prior to purchase, and how to know the right questions to ask before agreeing to the sale.   Discussion Points Tony’s Background in Real Estate Overview of Tony’s real estate experience How to tailor your selling tactics to different markets Method of using vacation home mortgage to buy homes Tips for picking and knowing your market Difference between short-term vs long-term rentals Risks of short-term rentals Why to avoid markets with out short-term rental regulations Importance of looking at previous ownership in rentals Why person running a rental is more important than the asset itself Suggestions for starting out in a newer rental market Tips for getting started and asking the right questions Picking your market, knowing your budget, making connections   The Short Term Shop University The Short Term Shop Facebook Group IGMS Your Porter Smart BnB OwnerRez
Pavan Mediratta and his wife Tracy left their corporate jobs - “retiring” to manage their vacation rental business with greater success than they imagined possible. Their business has boomed because they continued to make great purchase decisions and continued to self-manage all their properties.  In today’s episode, Avery Carl picks Pavan’s brain about topics ranging from his short term rental buying decision-making process to choosing a housekeeper. He shares insight into the way he negotiates for a property in the current extremely competitive housing market to make sure he gets the properties he wants. There are few people with his level of experience in the vacation rental market so this episode is once again brimming with great advice for new and experienced investors alike. Discussion Points How Pavan Mediratta got started in short term rentals The markets they focus on The important things to consider when managing a rental remotely Finding the right housekeeper How to deal with cleaning and maintenance problems Changing from long-term rentals to short term rentals Walking away from a steady income Choosing a unit according to its size Identifying a market to go into Good markets/deals in the past vs current market conditions Advice for “young Pavan” Favourite Book Dispelling limiting beliefs of new investors Resources  The Short Term Shop University The Short Term Shop Facebook Group Cashflow Quadrant Book
Avery Carl - real estate agent extraordinaire hosts The Short Term Show - the podcast with a focus on short term investment for long term wealth in real estate. Husband and wife team, Luke and Avery Carl, together with a great team, run a successful short term real-estate business called “The Short Term Shop”. Avery and Luke co-founded the business after realising that there’s a market for people who want to get into investing in short term rental property - but don't know where to start.  The guest today is none other than Avery’s husband Luke. He is the education and management specialist for The Short Term Shop University while Avery specializes in connecting investors with short term rentals with the highest ROI potential, and then training them to manage their short term rental from anywhere in the world. Discussion Points Luke’s Background Getting into real estate investing Luke’s First Deal First Single Family home Long term rental investment Why do short term rental investments? Getting advice from the “enemy” on getting started in short term rentals The value of a mentor Structuring a partnership in property investment What constitutes a good deal? Managing a property Hiring a housekeeper Avoiding bad reviews by weeding out bad guests Software to assist property management Advice for “newbie” short term rental property investors Luke’s most recent favourite book Resources  The Short Term Shop University The Short Term Shop Facebook Group IGMS Your Porter Smart BnB OwnerRez Beyond Pricing Pricelabs The Six Week Rule
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