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Sometimes the news can feel overwhelming. But The Signal is here to sort the news from the noise. It's your smart and sceptical dive into the stories that matter, delivered straight to your favourite podcast app every morning.
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Lizzie Pelly

This is a very uneducated podcast - disappointing

Jul 30th

Mark Cochran

In America we usually put down a 1 month deposit for rent and one month's rent upfront. Usually you sign an agreement regarding what's accepted and what's not acceptable. Painting the walls would be unheard of, and a landlord could simply give you very little notice and evict you. However, if you have the landlord's permission; I would suspect it would be alright. Usually a 12 month lease is signed. if you don't stay the 12 months, then you'll lose your first month's deposit. The landlord is responsible for repairs not caused by the tenants. For example: The dish washer, dryer, laundry machine, refrigerator etcetera. Back to the lease, if you give a 1-3 month notice, depending on the original agreement... you can leave and get your deposit money. If there are any damages that exceed the cost of the deposit... don't plan on getting your money back and you might owe money upon an inspection. Usually a third party inspector, but not always the case. Sometimes hole in the wall repairs or scratched walls could cost the renter money, as that is not normal maintenance. When I lived in Taiwan. You would be expected to pay a 2 month's deposit and 1 month's rent. Then pay 2 months at a time. On the Mainland, aka China: Normal procedure is 3 month's rent and 1 month's deposit. In some provinces I've been told 6 month's rent and a month deposit. However, most apartments are already furnished for the renter. Cost of apartments in the cities is sky high.. my ride is here gotta go. interesting podcast

Jun 3rd

Trudy Weibel

Excellent format: 10 mins on 1 or 2 topics well exploited

May 22nd
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