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Author: Lauren Jones

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A personal growth podcast for women looking to seek out living life abundantly while seeking simplicity. In each weekly episode you will find helpful tips, encouragement, and practical everyday life topics to inspire you.
92 Episodes
It's not goodbye forever.... good things on the horizon for 2021. Stay tuned.  Join me today we recap our year and podcast!
Join me.  There are less than 2 months left of 2020. Let's make an intentional push to live with intentionality.  Small bits to focus on. Small tasks to tackle with the right mindset. 
Get out of your head: Jennie Allen Chapter 11 Speaks About: A Beautiful Interruption and sheds light into cynicism and how it can truly affect your everyday life and how you function and see your place in the world.  Join me as I had my very own lightbulb moment!  
How Are Your Thoughts These Days? If they are anything like mine they can be more negative than positive. They can feel more on edge and defending than empowering. They can tear down more than they can lift up.... Let's change that right now. Listen up for a little pick me up to take ALL of your thoughts captive.   The Book: Get Out Of Your Head by Jennie Allen
Focus Word: Silence

Focus Word: Silence


Mamma: Are you sick of NOISE all of the time? Listen up for some rejuvenation and a small challenge to you when you seek silence.
Focus Word: Listen

Focus Word: Listen


As a mom of three I am always listening and multi tasking. While this is good at times, it is also really bad too! I wanted to deep dive into how to become a better active listener!
Thanks for being here. I am so glad you stopped by.... WELCOME TO SEASON 3 I do a little back tracking on what I have been up to these last 2 months, as well as give you a look into season 3 and the upcoming episodes! Tune in.
Thanks for wrapping up season 2 with me friends. Tune in as I discuss the upcoming changes to season 3, as well as a few other important nuggets of information!   Seek and find a more simplistic lifestyle without the excuses! You got this mamma. 
I'm thankful for you listeners!!   In this short episode I am giving a little insight to the future of the podcast!
Child safety expert Pattie Fitzgerald shares how to prevent child sexual abuse in episode 212 on the Atomic Moms Podcast. I simple recap their conversation in an ALL important topic this week to keep our little ones safe.  This is a MUST listen for those of you who are interested in this topic, unsure of this topic, or unsure of where to start. is Pattie's website
Life comes at you hard. The chores and to do's never stop. Listen in for some ways to keep your home managing skills on point!
SO much happening in the world right now... listen up for a short and sweet episode on my birth story with Brooks as well as my COVID-19 bucket list! 
Fears and anxieties are real as mothers. How can we get more on top of the fears and anxiety? Join us in the conversation today! 
We mother. We wife. We are family members. We are also friends! Sometimes through life's ups and downs it is easy to see differences rather than similarities within friends. We chat on how to maintain those relationships, as well as how to see eye to eye with every friend you have!    
We love our littles. What a blessing they are. Join us today as we talk about our fun time in life, along with the struggles + laughs!
Motherhood is a blessing. It is the sweetest most amazing time in life. There are THOSE days though that can really get you down in the dumps. Listen up as we give you some fun tips to fight through those trying times!   You got this, mamma! 
Health and wellness seems to be a diluted topic nowadays. Join us as we give you some simple and fun health and wellness tips to jumpstart feeling better in your own skin! 
Being an adult can feel downright overwhelming. Tune in today for encouragement on how to look at life with a new lense. It doesn't have to be overwhelming (even in the most overwhelming situations). 
In today's episode we wanted to shed light on a very important topic regarding weather, kids, and getting out even when you don't feel like it. We talk about tips regarding getting outside, and how to dress right for the weather! This podcast is inspired by the book: There is no such thing as bad weather… written by Scandinavian mom and blogger Linda McGurk AKA the Rain or Shine Mamma. Linda swears by the brand: Merino Smartwool for many of cold weather clothing choices!  
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