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The Sip with Ryland Adams and Lizze Gordon
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The Sip with Ryland Adams and Lizze Gordon

Author: Ryland Adams

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Pop culture, hot topics, and mouth burning celebrity gossip; with Ryland Adams and co-host Lizze Gordon NOTHING is off limits. Each week the opinionated duo welcome listeners and the occasional guest to join in on their uncensored conversations that will leave you thirsty for more.
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Jeffree Star Interview!

Jeffree Star Interview!


YouTuber & makeup mogul Jeffree Star joins today’s episode of The Sip! We discuss everything from losing a pet to  the ghost in his house, and what it costs monthly to sustain his posh lifestyle. We talk about his possible venture into a porn career & dive into what it takes to date or even sleep with him!
On Today’s episode of The Sip Ryland and Lizze share their unpopular opinions along with their craziest celebrity encounters! The two discuss what plastic surgeries they’ve considered and weigh in on Harry Styles being the first solo man to cover Vogue with his gender bending clothing choices. Ryland shares more about his new adopted kitten and Lizze explains why Tik Tok is keeping her up at night.
Trisha Paytas Interview!

Trisha Paytas Interview!


YouTube star Trisha Paytas is here for an uncensored conversation where nothing’s off limits! We discuss her rise to stardom on OnlyFans.  We discover how much she really makes as a porn star before diving into how she deals with YouTube drama & coping with criticism and backlash. Ryland share’s that he and Shane have adopted a new cat from Trisha’s boyfriend Moses, and we talk about Trisha’s role in our upcoming wedding!
Ryland & Lizze share scary alien encounters & celebrate Halloween on today’s episode of The Sip! The two discuss Kanye West’s presidential run along with Tik Tok stars who continue to cause chaos. Ryland gets defensive about YouTube comments and Lizze reveals her embarrassing encounter with Quavo from Migos.  Get your own Ryland ‘Tea’ Hoodie! Use code ‘Ryland’ at checkout for 25% off!
Morgan Adams joins today’s episode of The Sip discussing her biggest fight with Ryland, going back to college, and being misdiagnosed. Ryland & Lizze discuss the D’Amelio family gunning to replace the Kardashians, Justin Bieber’s new crocs collaboration, and Demi Lovato’s Ex fiancé jumping into a new relationship. Ryland shares that he’s considering adopting a horse! Get your own Ryland 'Tea' Hoodie! code 'Ryland' at checkout for 25% off!
Ryland describes his sexual experience with a man from Craigslist. Lizze’s upset about her cancelled wedding and the two discuss the craziest celebrity demands on set. Ryland & Lizze weigh in on Ally Brooke confessing she’s a 27 year old virgin and reveal the astrological signs they can not stand.
Ryland & Lizze discuss their at home ghost encounters before jumping into the 12 THOUSAND dollar backpack Kylie Jenner bought her daughter Stormi. The two discuss the latest celebrities to join Only Fans and decide whether or not watching porn should be considered cheating. Demi Lovato gets accused of using her ex fiancé and Ryland addressees assumptions about him!
Ryland & Lizze discuss their irrational fears before diving into Demi Lovato’s public break up. The two discuss Addison Rae being cast in a major film and Vin Diesel’s debut single! Plus, Ryland shares celebrity stories from when he worked in entertainment news & Lizze get BANNED from using Uber Eats. 
The Sip Teaser!

The Sip Teaser!


The First Sip Is Always The Hottest!
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Freckles Love

LOVING the show guys!!! AHHHHHHHMAZING!!! Can't wait for the next one!!

Oct 9th
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