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The Knowledge is Powder is a UK based skiing and snowboarding podcast in which people ramble on about winter sports all year long.
It is hosted by Jim Duncombe and Iain Martin who will be joined by guests from the world of snow to chat about wintery stuff and probe around in the avalanche of ski news.
Jim is a passionate skier and snowboarder who compleated numerous seasons and has continued to earn a living from skiing since retiring from the mountain life. His jobs have included badly selling ski holidays, reading complaint letters for a large tour operator, recruiting chalet staff and marketing. He currently creates content and blogs for a variety of winter sports companies.
Iain is part of the ski and snowboard industry furniture. Like Jim, he spent many winters in the mountains and went on to build two successful companies a seasoned worker community and job portal. More recently Iain founded a digital marketing & PR consultancy.
If you want to get in touch or take part you can email us on
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We would like to thank Switzerland Tourism for their continued support ( Find out more about the Escape to Valais ( challenge here The recent industry survey by Skipedia ( had some worrying results On a more positive note Chamonix ( is preparing to open lifts from May 16 And there is already skiing in Austria ( Iain interviewed Steve Cross, responsible for creating the super-viral 'garden chairlift'  Thanks to Pablo Rodriguez and Leon Rossi for their reviews via our Facebook page ( and Mike for his via Snowheads Pedro Davidenko didn't agree, but 93% of our iTunes reviews are 4* or 5* - why not have your say and give us a review or send us some feedback Thanks Andrew for your question about gay ski weeks. We'll put this on the list for next season Dave Ryding is the UK's top Alpine skier with two World Cup podium finishes and four Olympics under his belt already
This week Jim and Iain go searching for good news in our post-COVID world find out about Aspen's cocaine problem and how Timberline is on the up. There's interviews with Alex from Courchevel and Mark from Disability Snowsport UK and we discover yet another Ski Club of Great Britain CEO has resigned.  Show Notes In Alpe d’Huez, they are using ESF uniforms to make facemasks ( for frontline staff More face masks ( has being made in ski as businesses pivot their production Find out more about the Goggles for Docs ( project Mt Baldy opened ( for skiing last week, with social distancing in place Just in case you haven’t seen the homemade ski lift in a garden ( yet Zermatt has been projecting onto the Matterhorn ( to show their solidarity Zermatt has also been in the news for other reasons ( The CEO of the Ski Club CEO has resigned. Listen to our look at their travils in Episode 44 ( Jason Auslander tells us about the cocaine problem in Aspen You can listen to our interview with Jason about ski thief Derek Johnson in Episode 52 ( We first covered the problems in Timberline in Episode 38 ( Our competition winner is GJ Harvey Pablo Rodriguez asked about Scotland, where Iain hopes to ski next winter and Spain (we mentioned Baqueira in Episode 49 ( ) Jim interviewed Mark from Disability Snowsport UK ( Iain interviewed Alex Irwin about his ‘150 days of Winter ( ’ project Thanks for all the reviews from Daniel King ( , Paul Gilpin and Leon, as well as ‘wsirhc’ on Snowheads  with the rest of the world  In the meantime, Dick Yates Smith has a different Covid message: An exclusive interview with Dave Ryding – we’ll be finding out about life behind the scenes and how his barrista training is going!
Jim, Iain and group of ski and podcast fans gathered on Friday 10 April to record a live episode of The Ski Podcast online.  Topics ranged from what do Jim and Iain actually do to what are the Alps like in the summer?  Throughout the podcast, listeners post questions to the duo via the Facebook stream or joined them live in the virtual studio.  You can watch the full Facebook Live video on our Facebook page:
On Friday the 10th of April at 11 am BST we are going to be live on our Facebook page answering your questions in an ask Jim or Iain anything Q&A session. If you would like to put a question to Jim &/or Iain, you can email before the show, or you can ask us in the live stream comments or request to put your question to us live by joining us in the virtual studio. Join the FB event for a reminder
This week Jim and Iain interview Graham Bell about what inspired him to take on the famous 'Hausenkamm' ski run. Iain finds out about the world's most prolific ski thief in Aspen, as well as the rise and fall and rise of Andermatt.  There's our ski book group chat about 'Aiming High' and travel advice from Dave Froome about that pesky thing called COVID-19. The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism ( for their support. Show Notes Ski Sunday presenter Graham Bell recently filmed his ‘Hausenkamm’ demo run ( …in his own house! Would you buy this Lego snowgroomer ( ? You might get the chance soon. We first covered this in Episode 40 ( . Many thanks to Jason Auslander from The Aspen Times for sharing his time to tell us about notorious ski thief Derek Johnson Jim and Iain wish to confirm that we have never been involved in any ‘dodgy dealing’ during seasons in ski resorts. Thanks to Doug and Christian for their kind words Thanks also to everyone for our new reviews on iTunes… Don’t forget if you leave a review before 15 April then we will put you in the draw to win all this stash ( Iain interviewed Lars Werner from the Radisson Blu in Andermatt ( about the history of the Swiss resort Jim and Iain have been reading ‘Aiming High: The Life of Ski and Travel Pioneer Erna Low ( ’ by Mark Frary You can listen to our interview with Mark in Episode 51 ( Dave Froome from specialist agent ( gives his advice about claiming for refunds on cancelled holidays easyJet might not be flying now, but you can book your 2020/21 flights ( now Friend of the show Alex Irwin is based in Courchevel 1850 Ed Mannix runs Matterhorn Chalets ( in Zermatt
This Ski Podcast Special episode covers avalanche safety in detail as we look into all you need to know to make us safer on the mountain.  Dave Burrows from SnowPros Ski School talks about snow layers; teaches Jim how to use a transceiver properly; and looks at the different types of avalanches you could encounter. Caroline Elliot, an experienced snow patroller talks about working with her Search and Rescue dog, Fjord, who is trained to find people buried in an avalanche.
This week your hosts Jim and Iain are joined live by Rob Stewart - organiser of the UK's proposed new Ski Show. There's no elephant in the room as we start off with a deep-dive into the devastating impact the Coronavirus has had on the ski industry. Dave Burrows joins us with some avalanche advice, we interview the author of 'Aiming High' and you can win some stuff by giving us a review.  The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism ( for their support. SHOW NOTES The big news: yes, we are on the 7 Best Ski Podcasts ( list by Rad Season Did you hear about this thing called the Coronovirus? We discuss its impact on the ski industry, last week, right now and in the future In more cheery news the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival and Magazine have both been cancelled ( But the positive news is that a new ski show is planned, to be held at The Ski Centre in Hemel Hempstead in September Iain enjoyed his last runs of the season in Arosa and Andermatt in Switzerland Jim goes into a hole with Dave Burrows in our Avalanche Feature Watch out for our one-off Avalanche special coming out soon Thanks to Pat MacInnes for your 5-star review Would you like to win all these goodies? Simply give us a review on iTunes to be included in the draw Jim and Iain are reading ‘Aiming High ( ‘ the biography of Erna Low in Ski Book Group Iain interviewed Mark Frary, author of the book Coming up in Episode 52… The World’s Most Prolific Ski Thief The Rise and Fall and Rise of Andermatt Iain and Jim review ‘Aiming High’
There's a Swiss theme this week as Iain tests Jim on his Swiss summer knowledge, Jim rhapsodises about his trip to Saint Luc and Iain looks forward to his visit to Arosa and Andermatt.  We also find out which is the most average ski resort in the world and discover a national park in the French Pyrénées. The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism ( for their support.   Show Notes Congratulations to us – this is Episode 50 of The Ski Podcast ( (although thanks to our one-off and Olympic Specials we've actually on no.66) Iain shares his concerns that people are not acknowledging climate change. It’s happening and that’s why he founded Ski Flight Free ( . Jim put forward an excellent defence of Luchon’s decision to move snow by helicopter ( just prior to half term The world’s first solar-powered drag lift ( is in Tenna, Switzerland  By the time of the next podcast, Iain will have been to Arosa and Andermatt, travelling by train via Paris and Basel The yodelling championships are taking place this summer in Basel No, you can't do 'Cow Yoga', but you can do 'Goat Yoga' in Switzerland this summer Iain took a trek in the Pont d’Espagne national park during his recent visit to Cauterets in the French Pyrenees Jim continues his report from Bansko with an interview with Gary, representative for Balkan Holidays ( Would you like to win stuff? Give us a review on iTunes and we’ll include you in our competition to win stuff. Details coming soon in Episode 51 Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong is playing at the Zermatt Unplugged Festival ( in Zermatt  Thanks to Jack Hennessy for his emailed re view:  Dave from explained why Courmayeur is the most average resort Martina reports on her experiences of living in Courmayeur Iain took part in the City Ski Championships ( in Courmayeur and was told to take a fall so the City boys could win Iain and Jim are reading ‘Aiming High’ the biography of Erna Low for Ski Book Group Iain interviewed the author Mark Frary and we’ll feature that in Episode 51
In this episode Jim has been busy and reports from Anzère in Switzerland as well as part two of his trip to Bulgaria. Iain is out in Cauterets in the French Pyrénées, we hear about Jamie Barrow's new world record and friend of the pod Dave Burrows joins us live to talk about an exciting new trip for next winter.  The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism ( for their support.  Snow Aid Australia ( was a superb idea, originated by Rachael Oakes-Ash and which raised over AUD200,000 for bushfire relief/recovery and wildlife rescue/rehabilitation President Macron was in Chamonix viewing the melting Mer de Glace and launching new climate change policies It was also announced that there would be limits on the number of climbers on Mont Blanc ( (which would stop the rowing machine incident we discussed in Episode 40 ( ) Jim visited Anzère ( in the Swiss Valais region with Dave from Snowpros Iain was recording live from Cauterets ( in the French Pyrénées, where he also skied in Grand Tourmalet ( and visited the Pic du Midi It’s not great snow cover, but unlike in Luchon no helicopters were used to ship in snow ( Why do most skiers turn one direction more easily than another? Dave shared his thoughts Jim gave an insight into the rise of Bansko, where he was a guest of Balkan Holidays ( Thanks to all our listeners for helping us reach record audience numbers Thanks to Matt Hayes for his kind comments: “One of my favourite episodes yet! Great banter, insight and potential for legal action.” Also to Carolyn as she works on her 'big ski wear project' Thanks also to Craig for his 5-star review and we recommend Craig heads to Baqueira Beret ( in the Spanish Pyrénées on his short break from Barcelona Jamie Barrow ( set a new speed record for a snowboarder, towed behind a Tesla 3 EV at 183 kph We previous interviewed Jamie about his trip to North Korea back in Episode 4 ( .  Also generating zero emissions are the lifts in Les Arcs, which are all powered by renewable electricity Dave revealed details of The Ski Podcast’s first hosted trip. Join us in Morgins in March 2021. Details coming soon… Don't forget we are reading 'Aiming High' in Ski Book Group. Feel free to read as well and we'll discuss it in Episode 51 or 51
In this episode Jim reports from his travels to Switzerland and Bulgaria and Iain has been to Courchevel by train.  We discuss the merits of Ski Sunday and pick a new book for our 'Ski Book Group. The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism ( for their support.  Show Notes Chamonix has recorded its warmest winter on record ( so far  We discussed how to ski on ice in Episode 46 ( Jim visited Val d'Hérens ( in the Valais region of Switzerland Jim is making full use out of his Magic Pass, which we discussed back in Episode 35 ( The Patrouille des Glaciers ( race takes place in April Pippa Middleton took part in this race. Iain interviewed her about it way back in Episode 6 ( Iain travelled out to Courchevel via Eurostar ( and SNCF ( , booked direct with each company, as part of his work on the Ski Flight Free ( campaign  Courchevel is hosting the 2023 World Ski Championships ( in partnership with Meribel The downhill course will start from the Col de la Loze, travel down via a new piste cut from the trees, join Jockeys piste and finish in Le Praz  Jim visited Bansko ski resort in Bulgaria as a guest of Balkan Holidays (  Is Ski Sunday ( worth watching? You’ve got one episode left if you want to find out  They did show us this shocking and gripping accident from the bad old days of the Hahnenkamm  Ski Sunday did give the World Youth Games in Lausanne excellent coverage And there was an interview with Katie Ormerod, who is having a cracking season and leads the World Cup in Snowboard Slopestyle ( after a 3rd successive podium Dave Ryding took a 7th in the slalom in Schladming It’s Ski Book Group time again – this time around Jim and Iain will be reading 'Aiming High' ( - life of Miss Erna Low, founder of…Erna Low ( Thanks to Stella Coton for her kind words: “It's a really good listen!” If you’d like to give us a review, then please pop along to iTunes and share your thoughts  Don’t forget that if you’d like some The Ski Podcast stickers, then please email ( with your address and we’ll get some sent out to you Don’t forget to subscribe to The Ski Podcast wherever you download your podcasts so you never miss another episode
In Episode 47, Jim and Iain discuss cancelled flights at Chambéry, descending the legendary Vallée Blanche and we learn how to ski with your dog.  There's advice on skiing near Innsbruck, the latest news from Team GB - including the ski jump successors to Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards. The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism ( for their support. Fog closed down Chambéry airport (or more specifically TUI flights to the airport) generating a lot of coverage in The Telegraph ( , The Indie ( , The Mirror ( and more We discussed skiing in Hakuba in Japan in Episode 41 ( Jim visited the Swiss resort of Ovronnaz ( as he makes the most out of his Magic Pass We discussed the Magic Pass in Episode 35 ( The Winter Youth Olympics have continued in Lausanne 2020 in Switzerland ( Mani Cooper and Sam Bolton both represented Team GB in the ski jump ( Glynn Pedersen ( represented Team GB at Vancouver in 2002 Iain spoke to Caroline Elliot, owner of Fjord, a Search and Rescue dog ( about tips for skiing with your dog Jim enjoyed his first descent on the famous Vallee Blanche off-piste run in Chamonix (,26,en.html) Ben Hollingshead asked for advice about good skiing near Innsbruck – we suggested Kuhtai or Stubai for guaranteed snow, or Nordkette (directly above Innsbruck itself) for more advanced skiers Thanks to Chris Meigh, Daniella and Stella for their 5-star reviews Please do leave your reviews on Apple Podcasts or iTunes as it helps other people find us Thanks to Howard McGee for his cheese feedback! Also thanks to all of our listeners for helping us hit record numbers for The Ski Podcast Dave Ryding finished 7th in Madonna ( – his best result this season
In the first of our special one-off podcasts, Iain interviews UK snowboarding legend Chris Moran. Winner of multiple titles at the Brits and cover-star of issue #1 of 'White Lines Magazine', Iain and Chris talk about the progression of snowboarding, the 'bad old days' of snowboarding and Britain's chances for medals at Beijing 2022.
In Episode 46, we learn how to ski on ice, find out more about the Folie Douce in Les Arcs and Jim meets our podcasting friends from the other side of the pond.   There's a Team GB update and we find out more about the 'bad old days' of snowboarding from industry veteran Chris Moran.  The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism ( for their support. Show Notes  The Youth Olympic Games ( are taking place in Lausanne from 09-22 January 2020 Watch out for Kirsty Muir leading the way for Team GB – our hot tip for a medal Club Med have released another bullshit survey (   Seriously, do you eat 2kg of cheese a day when you’re on ski holiday? Watch out for our stand-alone episode coming soon featuring an interview with snowboarding veteran Chris Moran, in which we discuss how he ended up on the cover of Issue 1 of White Lines Magazine, how pre-snowparks they had to dig their own half-pipes and more tales of the early days of British snowboarding Friend of the Show Dave Burrows is back with advice on ‘How to ski on ice’ You can listen to Dave’s (1 hour, 41 minute) interview with Simon Butler on ‘The Ski Instructor Podcast ( ’  Jim teamed up with our podcasting friends across the Atlantic – the High Falutin SkiBums (   Iain interviewed Arthur Reversade, manager of the newly opened Folie Douce in Les Arcs ( Sisters Zoe (1st Half Pipe World Cup, Copper Mountain) and Izzy Atkin (3rd Big Air World Cup, Atlanta) both picked up podiums for Team GB Thomas Gerken-Schofield finished 4th in dual moguls in China – Team GB’s best ever result in this event APNorthfields ( asked for an episode about avalanche safety, so watch out for this coming up in an episode soon Thanks to Mike Pow on Snowheads for his kind comments  Thanks to Switzerland Tourism for supporting The Ski Podcast Go to for timing codes
In Episode 45, Jim visits Villars while Iain tests the new funicular in Les Arcs. We discuss tips for driving on snow after Iain's experience in Val d'Isère and Jim checks his sweat rate.  There's a Team GB update and we up our shred content with an interview about White Lines Magazine.  The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism ( for their support. Show Notes It’s virtual Christmas time on the pod…Jim has snow new Snowfeet ( from Iain, while Iain has a new copy of ‘Skiing with Demons ( ’ from Jim We interviewed author Chris back in Episode 20 (  Jim has been slacklining to improve his balance (  Iain tried #Snowga at ‘Yoga Week’ in Les Menuires in Episode 34 (  Graham Bell sells the ‘Skiers Edge ( ’ in the UK  Jim visited Villars and Les Diablerets (  He is using his 2019/20 Magic Pass ( , which we discussed previously in Episode 35  Iain and Jim swapped tips on driving in the snow Be careful out there  Iain recently visited Les Arcs to test out the new funicular (  The new Folie Douce has opened in Arc 1800  This is the statistically-impossible ‘bullshit survey ( ’ Iain was referring to Ski A&E was on the W Channel ( from 09-20 December. It's being repeated in late-Dec and into January. You can listen to our interview with the producers in Episode 43 ( and Episode 44 ( Jim found out about the importance of staying hydrated with Precision Hydration ( You can get 15% off any of their products using the exclusive discount code ‘THESKIPODCAST’ Thanks to Jake Shap for his 5-star review on Apple Podcasts  Also to Ski Bro: “Regular ruminations on all things ski from the experts!”  Thanks also to the team at ‘Where Stags Roar ( ’ for their update from Glencoe)  We interviewed Rod back in Episode 26 ( Thanks to Max Ellis for his comments via Instagram   Olympic medal winner Gus Kenworthy ( has joined Team GB You can listen to our interview with Charlotte Bankes ( (Episode 25) who also moved to Team GB, in this case from the French team  White Lines ( is bringing out its first print magazine for four years Iain spoke to Chris Moran, who featured on the cover of the first ever issue Chris Moran on Issue 1 This is the Ski Club faux pas at the KK with Mario Matt. Watch it 10:45 in. (Disclaimer - we get loads of stuff wrong too...!)
In this episode of the Ski, Podcast Jim has been to Val Thorens, Iain talks more about Ski A&E & Dave Burrows drops us a report from Verbier. There is an interview with Chemmy Alcott about getting back to skiing after having a baby, John give us an update on Timberline, we discuss our book club and more.   The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism ( for their support.  Show Notes Exactly how do you pronounce ‘Gstaad’? Swiss Air and SBB are expanding their Flugzug ( programme There was no trip to Val Thorens, but hopefully Jim will be skiing soon Club Med and the ESF have agreed to open two new ski schools in China (   We previously discussed the rise of skiing in China in Episode 36 ( Friend of the show Dave Burrows reports for us from Verbier Ski A&E starts on 09 December on the W Channel. You can also read Iain’s interview in print on ( We originally featured the story of Timberline in Episode 38 (our most listened to episode) SkiBro are offering surely everyone’s dream job ( …  Sir Ranulph Fiennes spoke at the London Ski & Snowboard Festival ( Iain spoke to Chemmy Alcott about skiing again after giving birth Chemmy has previously appeared on the podcast in Episodes 24 ( , 25 and Episode 42 ( Dave Moore contacted us:  “I loved the way you and Jim took the 2star in your stride. Great stuff Sure, as you say, you're not going to be everyone's cup of tea, and the tone with which you both seem to look forward to a bad review makes it all the better!” Thanks also to @APNorthfields for the Twitter mentions and enjoy the train out to the Alps Jim and Iain are still trying to find a new book for the pod’s ‘Ski Book Group ( ’ Jim really enjoyed ‘Inner Skiing ( ’ by W. Timothy Gallwey We interviewed the author of ‘Skiing With Demons’ ( in Episode 20 What’s going on with the Ski Club of Great Britain? They lost a lot of money and you can find out more about it here (
In Episode 43 Jim gets his first turns of the season in Saas Fee, Iain finds out about the new TV program 'Ski A&E', filmed in Val Thorens last winter. Steve Angus reports in with the latest from Val d'Isère and we consider entering the World Fondue Championships. The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism ( for their support. Jim looks out of his window to give us a snow report for La Clusaz Sign up for free snow alerts and resort reports at ( Jim shocked by all the snow in La Clusaz Iain is on the alert for 'greenwashing ( ' with his Ski Flight Free ( hat on Definitely not greenwash are the changes made by the Tschuggen hotel group in Arosa ( , Switzerland Did you make it to the World Fondue Championships ( ? Jim (almost) travelled to Saas Fee Iain interviewed John Quinn and Sean Doherty, producers of 'Ski A&E' - a new TV series coming to British television in December Podcasting is becoming more and more popular ( Jim interviewed Reuben Krabbe ( about his Nebula project ( Steve Angus reports in with the latest news from Val d'Isère ( We had our first 2-star review on Apple Podcasts :-( On the plus side, there was some positive feedback too... Coming up in Episode 44 Interview with Hannah from Winterized Chemmy Alcott with advice on skiing again after childbirth Interview with the producers of the TV program 'Ski A&E' Feature on White Lines Magazine Thanks to Switzerland Tourism for their support of the podcast.
In Episode 42 Iain visits the London Ski & Snowboard Festival, while Jim checks out the Annecy 'equivalent' at the High Five Festival. There's interviews with Chemmy Alcott on racing weight, info on motorhomes, new lifts from Porsche and much more.  The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism ( for their support. Show Notes We are delighted to announce our new partner: Switzerland Tourism ( There are new lifts by Porsche this winter in Gstaad and Arosa There is a Hublot lift in Zermatt ( Iain was at the London Ski & Snowboard Festival ( Sir Ranulph Fiennes was a bigger draw than Iain (who presented in the TalkZone about Ski Flight Free ( ) Iain in the Talkzone Jim visited the High Five Festival ( in Annecy Iain interviewed Jamie Barrow at the London show about his record-breaking plans for 2020 We've previously interviewed Jamie a couple of times ( . You must listen to Episode 4, which covers his experiences in North Korea ( .  Iain spoke to Chemmy Alcott about the challenges for a professional skier in trying to hit 'racing weight'  You can listen to previous interviews with Chemmy in Episodes 24 ( and 25 Jim spoke with Hannah from Winterised, about motorhomes in ski resorts, a topic we covered in Episode 40 ( Frank Saffery kindly gave us this review (after listening to our feature on Japan in Episode 41 ( ) Having gone back and listened to all your backcasts. Also having lived my entire adult life in Japan it’s good to have some exposure here. Thanks to 'sdstarr' from across the pond in the States, who gave us this 5-star review on Apple Podcasts:  Michael Bury kindly send us this, also about Episode 41: Just sent the link to my son, Jack Bury he's off to Niseko for the season   We were also delighted to hear from Frankie at Inghams ( after Mike's comments on their Japan package:  It was really great to listen to your Japan expert though – fascinating! Do note that our trips to Japan are of variable durations, so they can be longer that a 7-nights should guests prefer. In our 'Ask Jim & Iain' feature we tackled the question 'How do I spot a good looking helmet?' Safety and fit is more important than how it looks, but there was a divide on whether sunnies should be worn with a helmet!   The 'punter gap' issue was more clear cut Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss an episode You can also catch up with old episodes - in the last 30 days all 57 of our podcasts have been listened to, with over 30 people listening to Episode 1 ( Iain's favourite episode remains the feature on wolves in the Alps ( Thanks to all our listeners from around the world, including the Maldives, Japan, NZ and the USA ---- Coming up in Episode 43 - Part 2 of Jim's interview with Hannah from Winterised - Iain finds out about Laax, baby - Lots more…
In Episode 41 Iain finds out a women-only snowboard camp in Méribel, Jim talks to Mike about his adventures in Hakuba, Japan and we discuss why you should never ring a specialist travel agency if you're travelling on your own.  Show Notes Iain was at the winter edition of LISTEX ( We’ve chatted about Brexit in detail previously in Episode 8 ( and Episode 20 ( James Gambrill presented his research about UK consumers. You can view his slideshow with all the stats here The ‘Zuke ( ’ was one of the products pitched in the LISTEX Dragon's Den Iain interviewed Corinne Matthews (‘Cozza’) about Ticket To Ride’s Womens’ Only Snowboarding Camp ( in Méribel This week’s ‘Ask Jim and Iain’ feature is a question about single travellers Neither of us recommend you ring a specialist ski travel agency Try Skiworld or Solos Holidays ( , or maybe join one of the Snowheads ( trips Hannah James enjoyed our feature in Episode 40 about motorhomes in ski resorts, especially as she’s done a lot of it herself. You can check out her blog at ( and we’ll be interviewing her in a later episode. Jim interviewed Pod regular Mike Richards about Hakuba in Japan ( , which is now an Inghams destination Mike has previously been on the pod discussing skiing in Montenegro ( and Georgia (   Frank Saffery asked on Facebook 'if you had some Japan features' – we did also cover Niseko in Episode 32 ( Danny Mayes asked if he could hear something about Andorra or the Pyrénées – we have featured the French Pyrénées in Episode 9 ( and Episode 33 ( and Iain is travelling to Cauterets in February Thanks to Zeid for his kind comments: "Thank you so much for creating this podcast" The London Ski Festival ( runs from 24-27 October Jim and Iain would love to read ‘My Story’ by Eddie the Eagle, but only if it’s less expensive than £100
In Episode 40 Jim goes summer skiing in Saas Fee, Iain finds out about the Warm Up Weekend in Val d'Isère, it's Ski Book Group time, plus we discuss motorhomes in ski resorts.
In Episode 39 Jim and Iain find out about Women Only Ski Camps, what it's like skiing in Montenegro and chat trail running in the Alps.
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