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The Small & Mighty Fundraising Minute delivers a quick hit of fundraising wisdom - practical, tactical ideas that you can put to use at your organization. For more tips and tools, Go to to learn about the Small & Mighty Membership program.
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What’s a “stock proposal,” and how will it help your organization be more agile and responsive when funding opportunities present themselves? Learn more here:
Pandemic Proposal Writing: How does proposal writing look at different during the COVID-19 pandemic? Should the content of your proposals be different? Are there things that you should or should not write about? I’ve got some resources that can help you!
What did I do that led to a 113% increase in visits to my web site? Hint: web site analytics! Listen and learn more....
Are you a person who makes things happen, or who lets things happen? I've found that there is a difference between staying authentically engaged with potential clients (or potential donors) and pushing too hard. If I stay authentically engaged, it might take longer, but clients and I can have fruitful relationships with great results. If I push too hard to work with a potential client, I might not get the gig, or I might get it but it won't work out the way that I'd like.  How do you know when you're crossing the line between cultivating and pushing? 
Through January 9, 15% discount with code BDAY2020. If you, or someone you know, is looking for some fantastic, targeted resources to help you raise more funds with greater clarity and ease, head on over to and check out the Small & Mighty Membership program. This sale only comes around once a year, and it doesn’t last for long! You will get time-tested, How To resources on everything from proposal writing, to finding new donors, to taking care of the donors you already have, to building more effective nonprofit boards, to conversation starters on topics in philanthropy and fundraising. I’d love to have you join our tribe!
My word for 2020: EASE

My word for 2020: EASE


My word for 2020 is: EASE. What does that look like in my work life, my personal life, and my clients’ work?
Just because it is early December, that does not mean it is too late for your organization to end the year with some strong fundraising accomplishments. Shift your perspective and go for some “easy wins.”
Pssst... There is a secret to securing larger foundation grants for your nonprofit organization. It is probably not what you think. In fact, it is probably easier than you think. Check out my FREE guide, "Is That Small Grant Worth It?" 



Are you bold and unapologetic when you talk about your organization?
A funny anecdote from an Oscar-winning actress reinforces the idea that sometimes your silly mistakes can be your biggest blessings.
Some nonprofit organizations assume that they cannot do anything fundraising related in the summer: everyone is on vacation, no one is around, etc. I say: Nonsense! Summer can be a fantastic time to connect with donors. When donors are not as distracted by things in the office, other commitments, or other nonprofit organizations, they are available to connect with you in more authentic and fun ways. Here are a few tips and ideas to inspire you.
Who Is Your “Nun”?

Who Is Your “Nun”?


Can you find inspiration from an unexpected source? Is there someone you are overlooking? Who is your “Nun”?
Your organization’s fundraising event doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. Build an event that looks and feels like YOUR organization, and you’ll create something that differentiates you in the marketplace and attracts enthusiastic supporters.
Recycle Your Content!

Recycle Your Content!


Tips for recycling and reusing content (article, data, research, photos, etc.) so you can make the most of your time and resources.
Deal alert!

Deal alert!


One week left to join the Small & Mighty Membership program at the lower annual rate! (Of course, the podcast will always be free!)
Ask the kinds of questions that will help donors, volunteers, board members, and others connect more deeply with your nonprofit.
Here is why you should not pursue that “Moonshot” donor, the pie-in-the-sky, long shot donor that will never be yours. I’ve also got some tips to help you convince others that it’s not aspirational to pursue such donors; it’s wasteful.
Articulate not just what you want FROM your board members, but also what you’re committed to providing TO your board members - so they can help the organization grow and they, themselves, can grow as leaders
Are you working so hard to make things perfect that you are losing out on good opportunities? Is all of your careful planning and analyzing really about achieving excellence, or is it more about control, or fear? How do we avoid making the perfect the enemy of the good?
My side hustle - a network marketing company - has taught me a few things about fundraising, and vice versa. There are surprising parallels! Authentic storytelling, turning your donors/board members into fundraisers, thinking more expansively about prospects... listen for more.
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