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#602 Today I'm spilling some truth and sharing things that are going to upset a few people. We'll be discussing three things that people, friends, and even mentors and coaches told me to do. This is common advice that you might hear as well and that I decided to ignore. We’ll talk about the push-back I received when I first started the podcast and wanted to have John Melley, the awesome voice-over guy, read a fun fact about me in each episode. We’re also going to discuss focusing on one thing and one thing only in business. This is advice that I followed for the longest time, but have since come up with a different rule that works better for me. Finally, I'll share the advice I got about content creation and how following it led me to burnout. You’ll hear all about what I’m doing now instead. And yes, ironically, I’m sharing lots of advice in this episode. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#601 How do you build trust with someone who’s just visiting your website? How do you connect and convert them into paying customers right then and there? In business, we often have so many big ideas that we forget to go back to the tried and true fundamentals, like gathering testimonials from our audience. Today I’m chatting with Casey Hill, the Head of Growth at Bonjoro. They've created a testimonial tool that I think is absolutely revolutionary. Imagine this, you send a link to a customer of yours, and it then prompts them with the exact questions that lead to the most fruitful text or video testimonials and case studies that you could ever ask for. But what does a good testimonial even look like? When is the best time to ask for testimonials, and what are the precise questions you should ask? Casey shares all of this along with some massive tips you can use in your business, no matter which tools you use. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#600 Episode 600. Wow! I really appreciate all of you and a big thank you for helping me get here! We usually like to do something big for these milestone episodes, but I’m flying solo today. I have a fishing story for you that's actually a business analogy because that’s what I do. I'll get into a hobby because I enjoy it. And then I take my business experience and lay it over on top. So, there are going to be days when you do everything right. You have the right line, you have the right bait, you have the right location. You're doing all the same motions that everybody else is doing. And you're getting nothing. Why is that? What can we do about it? Well, I have some tips for you today, so join me for this milestone episode. Again, a huge thank you to all of you, and Team Flynn for the win! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#599 How do you keep getting back up after being knocked down again and again? Natasha was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and living in a hostel with her son, but everything changed for her when she started serving others. This is an incredible survival story and we’re going to hear the whole thing today from Natasha Graziano. If you need motivation, I guarantee this episode will help you overcome whatever challenges you’re facing. Natasha helps people realize their full potential. She is a bestselling author, mindset coach, and the Forbes #1 Female Motivational Speaker Under 40. We covered a lot of ground in this interview, everything from neuroscience to overcoming impostor syndrome and taking the woo-woo out of the law of attraction. We also get some of the valuable lessons Natasha has learned while growing her Instagram page to eleven million followers! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#598 It’s becoming more common to see couples not just starting a family but also starting businesses together. But is going into business with your spouse or partner a good idea? Finley Robinson is taking over the show today to talk about his experience working with his wife, Brooke. They run B•TRIBAL•FIT together, and Finley has come up with a three-point process for couples considering this kind of lifestyle: simplifying your priorities, having the discipline to stay in your lane, and finding your own balancing act. You’ll get an in-depth exploration of each of these points in this episode. Finely also shares how he and his wife handle the “wow” and the “how” that have made their business a success. These Teaching Friday episodes, hosted by members of SPI Pro, are jam-packed with actionable tips. This one is no exception. Listen in to find out how to run a business as a couple while preserving your relationship. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#597 When I was at Social Media Marketing World earlier this year, I heard something that just blew me away. It was the story of a 10-year-old who started his first business and sold it for $15,000 three months later. Today on the show, we get the complete story and a heavy dose of inspiration from Ryland Dixon himself. Ryland is now twelve years old, and he joins me on the show to give us a wonderful inside look at his membership site, Bible Builds. You’ll get to hear how Ryland came up with his business idea, and we talk about the challenges and lessons learned along the way. That’s not all, though. We also get a first look at Ryland’s new venture, Kid Business Club. He already has something else in the works, and the way he’s thinking about promoting this new business is insanely creative. Ryland is a super smart kid and this is an inspiring interview for us all! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#596 What if you had an offer people just couldn’t refuse? And no, I don’t mean going all The Godfather on your audience. I’m talking about making your products and services irresistible. Karthik Vijayakumar is talking over the show today to teach us his simple three-step copywriting process. He is the host of the Launch Plan podcast, creator of the Sales Copy Mastery series, and the founder of Design Your Thinking. Karthik will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to craft an irresistible offer. This is another installment in our Teaching Friday series, where we invite members of the SPI Pro community to share their expertise with our listeners. By the end of the episode, you'll be able to apply what you’ve learned to websites, sales pages, email campaigns, social media posts, and wherever else you connect with your audience. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#595 There’s no shortage of business strategies out there. But what if you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to stick? The key is adapting these tactics to your niche, your business, your audience. When Matt Giovanisci finally did that, his business skyrocketed. Now he’s the absolute authority in his niche and he’s bringing in hundreds of new subscribers per day. So what’s the business? Pool maintenance. Yes, pool maintenance! We always say the riches are in the niches. Matt is a classic example of that, and today we get to hear his whole story. We talk about the simple strategy that changed everything for him, selling digital and physical products, opting out of new trends, and much more. It was a fascinating chat with loads of actionable advice for us. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#594 As an entrepreneur, you’re creating something special and carving your own path. That isn’t always easy. You’re likely putting a lot of pressure on yourself and likely setting yourself up to experience some degree of burnout. Valerie Hamaker is a professional counselor, private practice owner, and host of the Generation Xhausted podcast. She’s taking over the show today to share her fantastic eight-step process for healing and managing burnout. These Teaching Friday episodes, hosted by members of SPI Pro, are jam-packed with actionable tips and this one is no exception. Valerie sees burnout as a symptom of being estranged from where we're supposed to be in our lives. We’re very lucky to have her walk us through every step we need to take to begin the healing process and come out on the other end with a new perspective. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#593 College is expensive. Shoker, I know. But did you know that the “four-year degree” is basically a myth at this point? Fewer than 40% of students graduate in four years. For most, it takes six years to earn a bachelor’s degree. College Flight Plan helps students discover their strengths, values, and goals and save between $50K and $160K. Greg Langston is on the show today to walk us through how the program works and to give us an inside look at the business behind it. He tells us about the process of getting high-school students to plan ahead and the surprising transformations that have often shocked parents. These are steps you can take at any stage of your life to set and achieve goals. Greg also talks about how SPI Pro has helped him develop his pitch to students and parents, and he gives us some great marketing tips. The way he gets effective testimonials that paint a picture of what it’s like to work with him is pure genius! I just had to bring Greg on SPI to learn more about his business and amply his message! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
# 592 Ever feel like your marketing is too salesy? The question is, can you stay true to yourself and still attract customers? You can! In fact, being upfront will likely lead to better results. That’s why Daphne Gomez is taking over the show today to talk about mindful marketing. This is another installment in our Teaching Friday series, where we invite members of SPI Pro to share their expertise with our listeners. Daphne has mindful marketing down to a three-step process: creating your brand values, developing a brand tone of voice, and auditing your current approach with your core values in mind. These practices will help you attract the people you can best serve, the ones who will become your supefans and help you have a bigger impact. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#591 How do people go from first discovering our businesses to investing thousands of dollars with us? You might think that's impossible, but today we talk about the funnels that can get you there. Rick Mulready, from The Art of Online Business Podcast, returns to the show and we go deep on creating relationships with your audience. We start at the moment people first come across your content and go all the way to the ultimate level: high-ticket items your superfans would go nuts for! You're likely serving your audience through courses, but what about the students who want to go deeper with you? You need to go beyond the norm and come up with unique experiences they'd love. We geek out on funnels and pricing and come up with exercises you can use to move your business forward at any level. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#590 In the early days, as Smart Passive Income began to grow, people started asking me if they could guest blog on the site, or guest host on the podcast, and I said no. It took me some time to realize that I was being selfish and actually hurting my brand by closing it to other creators. Your platform doesn't exist for you. It exists to serve your audience. And there are so many people out there with skills and knowledge you don't have, who can help your audience. So you owe it to your audience to share your platform. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#589 On today’s episode I interview the other Pat Flynn, owner of Chronicles of Strength. I like to call him Kettlebell Pat Flynn. Why did I bring Pat on? Because we wanted to connect and understand what it was like in this world to share the same name as business owners and entrepreneurs, and help those of you who might be struggling with something similar. In this episode Pat and I have some deep philosophical conversations about our approach to business, our approach to generalism and focus, growing too much, and all that kind of stuff. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#588 I was thinking about something the other day: that success as an entrepreneur is largely a game of energy management. You may remember when we had Jim Collins on the show to talk about his idea of the “20-mile march,” from his book Great by Choice. In the book, Jim talks about the idea of going 20 miles a day, no more and no less, and it's that consistency that'll get you to your goal. Even if you feel like you can do more, you don't because you want to manage that energy and establish a habitual rhythm or cadence. But what about the days when you just don't have the energy? Let's dig in today and talk about what that might look like. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#587 Today I’m talking with Keenya Kelly about short-form video platforms. Things like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and specifically TikTok, and how you can use short-form videos to grow your business. Keenya’s been on the podcast before to talk about the environment of short-form video. Many businesses are using them to get more leads and make more money. I ask Keenya some very specific questions about how we can use these platforms—even if you’re just starting from scratch, even if you have zero subscribers—to get in front of new audiences. This is the new form of organic reach, and Keenya’s here to break it down for us. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
SPI 586: Excuses

SPI 586: Excuses


#586 In the 14 years I've been an entrepreneur, I still create excuses about why I can't do certain things or why something I attempt won't work out. So today I want to cover some of the more common excuses that hold back entrepreneurs. This is going to be a great exercise in understanding how people think and how they gut stuck. Because guess what? Your audience, your potential customers or students, may also share the same objections or excuses that are stopping them from working with you or buying from you. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#585 Today I’m talking with Caleb Wojcik. Caleb and I go way back, and he’s been on the show a couple of times. A while back he talked about creating videos and getting started on YouTube. More recently he came on to talk about SwitchPod, the physical product that we co-invented and co-launched on Kickstarter to the tune of $438,000 from backers. I wanted Caleb to come on the show today for a few reasons. Number one, to give you an update on that company, where it’s at, how it’s doing, and how it’s performing. But more than that, Caleb has another update to share. Recently he and his wife have given birth to twins. They also have a toddler, so parenting has definitely affected Caleb’s work in many different ways. Caleb is here to share honest and real insights on what it's like to be an entrepreneur while raising small children, to give us an update on SwitchPod, and to talk about our new course, YouTube From Scratch. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#584 Writing a book and getting it out into the world is one of the hardest things you can do—and one of the most fulfilling. I'm currently working on my next book, titled The Lean Learner. After self-publishing three books, I want to try to get this one in the hands of a traditional publisher. If it works out, it could be an amazing way of expanding my reach into areas I haven't explored yet. And if it doesn't work out? There will still be a lot to learn from having tried. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#583 Did you know you can actually increase your productivity, creativity, and happiness simply by having plants in your office or around your house? We spend so much time and money on applications, devices, and other things to help us produce more. Why not simply add a plant? This isn’t just a feng shui situation, if that’s what you’re thinking. There are actual studies and data that prove this. I’m really excited because on today’s show we have Maria Failla. We’re going to talk about her book, her community, her business, and the parallels between growing a garden and growing your business. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Great podcast!! Thank you for putting this in layman's terms.

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Fantastic episode!! Very helpful as I build out my first Podcast.

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Amazing show Pat! I discovered you here several years ago, and the info you share literally changed my life. Thanks so much for sharing this knowledge so freely.

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Loved it

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A very interesting topic. When it's useful how could you make your content more digestible.

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Hello everyone! Im new to the poadcast and really enthusiast to be part of this community! Any suggestions on previous poadcast that are a must in order to understand the basics and the culture of the community?

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great episode very inspiring. 👍

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Excited about this new opportunity and how it can help me grow the Flipping Genius podcast community! Thank you for everything! You are amazing my friend!

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Pat, many thanks to you and your team for giving Black entrepreneurs the opportunity to share our experiences on your platform! Together... we will win! #BlackLivesMatter

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Adriana Jenson

I love Pat and his Smart Passive Income guests. They do such a great job of showing what's possible. This is especially useful during the COVID-19 economic times. For instance, Pat created an "emergency" mini series, where he brought on guests to show how some super-niched down businesses are doing very well right now, others illustrate great ideas on how to pivot an existing type of business to fit the current needs, and finally, how and why to create something new that's having proven success right now. In this episode specifically, they're covering the benefits of creating an existing online membership. After all, a lot of people are home or out of a job and want to learn new skills or solve an ongoing issue (ie, wanting to learn how to train the dog that's constantly barking and interrupting their Zoom meetings, how to play a guitar, losing weight and keeping it off, etc.). They discuss why you don't need a huge audience to launch a membership, and they provide examples for who is thriving in the membership creation realm right now, how they're booming precisely because people are looking to fill time and have a need for community that they're otherwise missing from in person interaction. If you'd like some inspiration, to get some creative money making ideas flowing, or to get ideas of making lemonade out of this lemon of a situation, I encourage you to listen to the emergency mini-series.

May 18th

Randy Lee

Pat: I continue to carry you and your guests along on my walks and am feeling smarter and smarter. With your encouragement and guidance I have launched my podcast "Flipping Genius" and am excited about the future! Thanks so much for all you do and provide.

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I'm a big fan from him, I have all his books!

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wucommerce wordpress

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