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Author: Pat Flynn

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Pat Flynn from The Smart Passive Income Blog reveals all of his online business and blogging strategies, income sources and killer marketing tips and tricks so you can be ahead of the curve with your online business or blog. Discover how you can create multiple passive income streams that work for you so that you can have the time and freedom to do what you love, whether it's traveling the world, or just living comfortably at home. Since 2008, he's been supporting his family with his many online businesses, and he's been openly sharing his wins, his losses, and all the lessons in between with the community of energetic but humble entrepreneurs who follow him. Self-proclaimed "crash test dummy of online business", you'll learn about building authority online, email marketing, building a team and outsourcing, content marketing, podcasting, search engine optimization, niche sites, social media strategies, how to get more traffic, creating online courses, affiliate marketing, and productivity tips so that you create something amazing without burning yourself out. It's a mix of interviews, special co-hosts and solo shows from Pat you're not going to want to miss. Hit subscribe, and get ready to change your life.

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#796 The legal ins and outs of running a business are a mystery to most beginner entrepreneurs. Fearing a huge bill, we don't reach out to a professional who could help protect us from the start. But here's the thing. Doing damage control is always more expensive than being proactive! So where can you get legal advice for your business? Also, as online creators, can we find and use contract templates for most of what we do? Listen in on today's episode because our newest SPI Pro Expert in Residence, Yasmine Salem Hamdan of Coaches & Company, is here to answer your most pressing legal questions! You'll hear us uncover the three-part framework to establish a legal foundation for your brand. We also explore trademarking, copyrighting, contracts, and the implications of AI-generated content. Yasmine is a master communicator who makes these scary topics fun and easy to understand. Enjoy! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#795 Why do we all chase numbers and try to grow our businesses too much? Instead, couldn't we run a small, flexible brand that generates enough passive income for a comfortable life? Today's guest, Brenden Mulligan of Podpage, is the perfect example of someone running a successful niche business and resisting the temptation to go big. His fantastic service helps podcasters create websites for their shows in minutes, with no technical expertise needed. In this episode, Brenden shares his journey from startup founder and Google employee to launching twelve products in one year and having eleven fail. We explore the lessons he's learned along the way and discuss starting a software company, finding the right pricing for your services, the value of niching down, seeking early feedback from your audience, and more! In our hustle-focused environment, Brenden makes the case for staying lean and working at a sustainable pace! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#794 With everything becoming artificial, building a personal brand is all about being human and letting your personality shine. In fact, one of the best ways to stand out and grow your audience is to lean into public speaking. But why is being on stage or even being on camera so frightening? How do we overcome anxiety and learn the skills to become impactful speakers? What can we do to connect with our audience online and in person? Find out today from Nausheen Chen, our newest Expert in Residence within SPI Pro! Nausheen is a prolific speaker who leverages her experience to coach and transform entrepreneurs into thought leaders. In this session, we explore the magic trifecta that makes for confident and effective speakers. Nausheen shares strategies to reframe your nerves, warm up for your talks, and leverage your uniqueness to stand out in the Age of AI! Show notes and more at Learn more about Nausheen at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#793 Too many people focus on hacking algorithms and miss the most important element of growing their audience. More than anything, we need to work toward building trust! Tune in because this absolute masterclass with Rory Vaden will be an episode that we refer listeners to whenever we discuss branding from now on! Rory has not only helped me find clarity around my mission, but he has also been instrumental in the careers of people such as Lewis Howes, Ed Mylett, and Amy Porterfield. This session will help you find your uniqueness and teach you how to leverage it in the service of others. You'll get the shortcut to automating trust online and turning your customers into your best marketing asset. Rory shares everything from uncovering the one thing you should focus on to the specific types of content you should post for maximum growth. Don't miss this game-changing conversation! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#792 Your content can sometimes connect with people and drive action. Other times, it can fall flat and never stand out. Have you ever wondered why? For one, storytelling is an essential part of successful marketing. That said, we don't often discuss the other important ingredient in the secret sauce. In this episode, I share how you can leverage data to support your stories and add an extra element of believability to your message. Numbers don't lie, so join me to learn how to collect and present relevant figures to your audience. So where do you find data to support your content? We'll look at everything from uncovering relevant scientific research to the AI tools that can help you get information fast. I'll also discuss my popular income reports and why I've stopped sharing those numbers. Listen in because injecting data into your marketing is an easy strategy you can implement for big results! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#791 How do you generate more revenue per client? How do you make more sales with email marketing? Also, how do you grow your email list and engage your subscribers? Today's episode answers these questions to help you make more money without being salesy or spammy. Joining me for this chat is John Ainsworth of,, and The Art of Selling Online Courses podcast. We discuss order bumps and upselling to enhance the effectiveness of your products, John's eleven-step framework for email promotions, using AI to write copy that converts, shifting your mindset around selling, overcoming the most common customer objections, and more. This incredible session looks at the top ways to increase your profit with online courses in 2024. John's expertise is also relevant for anyone running an online business and leveraging funnels to connect with potential clients! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#790 Putting ourselves out there online can be scary for many of us. This is especially true when we first start creating videos. But here's the thing. Your personality might be the unique selling proposition that takes your brand to the next level. So, how do you begin to share more of who you are to stand out in your space? Find out in today's session with Sarah Dawn, a knit and crochet designer and an incredible member of our SPI Pro community! Listen in on this coaching call to hear me help Sarah uncover new ways to monetize her skills and grow her business. We explore workshops, niche relationship building, YouTube, time management, and more. Sarah's personality shines throughout this interview, so you'll understand why I always stress the importance of putting yourself out there. This has always been the key to audience building but is becoming even more essential in the Age of AI. Enjoy! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#789 Selling your business can be a once-in-a-lifetime moment that creates generational wealth for you and your family. But how do you build a brand that attracts potential buyers? If you're inexperienced, how do you avoid being taken advantage of and leaving money on the table? To help us level the playing field, I'm interviewing Nick Bradley from High Value Exit and the Scale Up podcast. Nick has spent a decade in private equity and has been involved in over one hundred acquisitions. His expertise will help us build our businesses to sell and avoid falling easy prey to sophisticated buyers. So, what are the fifteen areas to focus on to increase your chances of creating a big exit? What are the minimum requirements your business should meet before you can consider selling? Also, how are you going to handle receiving a life-changing payout? We explore these questions in today's session! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#788 There's nothing wrong with building an empire around your brand. But why aren't more entrepreneurs with complementary skills teaming up to create ecosystems? What if this was a better way to serve our audiences? Let's explore that with our newest SPI Pro Expert in Residence, Pamela Slim! Like all of our EIRs, Pam is here to serve our community members with next-level knowledge and support. She has a serious track record, having spent three decades helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses and IP! Today's chat covers everything from creating a certification program around your workflow to advice for young people considering college. Join us to tap into Pam's expertise in networking, marketing, and leveraging social platforms. You'll also learn about the top skills to build up and focus on in the Age of AI. If you're a parent, these golden nuggets will also help your kids achieve their dreams. Enjoy! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#787 Some of my favorite success stories are ones where someone achieves their dream, only to realize their true passion lies elsewhere. Not settling, these people often redirect their skills into something greater. And that's exactly what today's guest is doing! Hala Taha, host of Young and Profiting and CEO of YAP Media, is applying everything her successes and failures have taught her to bring people together. She now runs one of the top podcast networks and leverages her knowledge and platform to generate millions of dollars. So, how do you attract volunteers and superfans to help grow your brand? What are the things sponsors look for, and how do your podcast art and reviews affect the offers you get? What are the minimum requirements to join a network, and how do you avoid signing a bad deal? These are just a few of the questions we explore today. Listen in! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#786 The top lesson becoming a parent teaches us about our careers is that time is our most important resource. That's because every moment spent on things we're not passionate about is time away from our kids! So how do you do more of the work you care about? Amy Nelson of The Riveter and the What's Her Story podcast, is joining me today for an inspiring chat about following your calling and helping others do the same. Listen in because Amy is our newest Expert in Residence within SPI Pro. The EIR program connects our community members with support from entrepreneurs with serious track records. Check out today's interview for more! In this episode, we discuss everything from pivoting a coworking business in the pandemic to being a parent entrepreneur. Amy also shares her insights into networking and building a community of like-minded people, the importance of storytelling, and supporting women in their careers! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#785 Tiny changes to improve your sales process add up to a lot more revenue. This is especially true for your checkout pages! So, how do you build a frictionless experience for your customers? Find out in my chat with Brian Moran from SamCart, a platform for creating fully optimized checkout pages. I'm an advisor for this company, so I'm very familiar with the work they do to help their users make more sales. Join us for this episode because this is the kind of thing that can fundamentally change how you do business! So, what is working in today's ecommerce landscape? How do we increase conversions and eliminate the extra clicks where we lose buyers? Brian and I cover this and more in today's session. We also dive into some game-changing use cases I didn't know were possible. You'll hear my gears turning throughout this conversation because the opportunities here are incredible! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#784 Don't underestimate the power of knowing somebody who knows somebody! In fact, building friendships in your niche is one of the best ways to fast-track your success in business. But how do you find the people who will champion your work and help you reach your goals? Tune in because today's session is all about exploring the types of connections that can help you at every stage of your journey. I share my thoughts about receiving support from family and friends, peers, and mentors while also doing your part to help the people in your life grow. Of course, joining a community like SPI Pro or a mastermind group is one of the best ways to learn from and start networking with like-minded people. These relationships can and will change the course of your life. Listen in on today's episode to start finding your champions! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#783 As creators, starting a physical products business might seem daunting. But is there a future where something like MrBeast's Feastables puts companies like Hershey out of business? Will influencers eventually run the biggest brands in the world? In this episode, I chat with a solo blogger turned empire builder. My friend Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening is back on the show to give us an inside look at the 10x growth he's pulled off since our last chat. We discuss affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and creating original products on your own or through partnerships with other companies. We also dive into Kevin's content creation schedule. His brand puts out a wild 120 to 180 articles per month. But that's not all. Kevin and his team publish across several YouTube channels, with some videos requiring months of shooting and preparation. Listen in! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#782 Something wild happened to me at lunch the other day. Even though this embarrassed me in public, there are lessons for us here. So, let me get it off my chest! I was on a Zoom call for work when, out of nowhere, a woman snapped at me. You see, she thought I was recording a video of her and her son. Before I could explain, this woman started calling me a creeper. As I turned my screen toward her to reveal I was on a call, she immediately realized her error. Apologies started flying, but it was clear this woman had other stuff going on that made her verbally attack me. The truth is, we can't ever know what other people are going through. This also applies to the trolls and haters we encounter as content creators and online business owners. So listen in for my perspective on leading with empathy and the importance of controlling your reactions! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#781 Techno-optimists or not, we can't ignore the AI-powered tools already changing how people work and create. So, what can you do to make yourself and your services irreplaceable? In this episode, we have an honest conversation about the future of audio content. As we look at how voice cloning is already affecting creators and artists, we share both rosy and realistic predictions for where things are going. Joining me are Mike and Izabela Russell from Music Radio Creative. [affiliate link] I use their audio agency for everything from podcast editing to original songs about Pokémon for Deep Pocket Monster! Mike and Izabela reveal how they leverage free educational content, Shopify, affiliate marketing, and relationships with hundreds of artists and audio engineers to grow and run their massive business. I also know their tips for staying profitable in the Age of AI will be a wake-up call for some and a game-changer for others. Enjoy! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#780 Many creators and entrepreneurs play it safe. Here's the thing, though. That's actually a dangerous mindset to have if you want to see your brand grow. So how do you take the kinds of risks that lead to massive rewards? For the last year, we've all been talking about the incredible 10x is Easier than 2x by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. I've also been applying this perspective to SPI and Deep Pocket Monster, my Pokémon YouTube channel, and the results have been game-changing! So what are the key principles that have stuck with me after reading this book? How do you leverage and set ambitious goals to 10x your growth? When does it make sense to focus on incremental improvements instead? I cover all of this in today's deep dive into one of the most influential books of the last few years. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#779 Many creators struggle with finding and negotiating sponsorships. One of the problems is that they're often not aiming for win-win-win deals. For an effective partnership, the value proposition should be obvious to you, the brand you're promoting, and your audience. So, how do you ask the right questions to uncover unexpected sponsorship opportunities? My returning guest, Justin Moore, is the founder of Creator Wizard. Since our last chat in episode 631, his incredible work helping people learn about brand deals has been blowing up online. Today, I wanted to have Justin back on the show to share a look at his business and the mindset that's helping him grow! This is a great chat because we dive into Justin's Sponsorship Strategy Summit, the value of networking and building relationships, finding the right mastermind group to help you level up, and why you should share case studies and success stories. Enjoy! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#778 If growing your business were easy, what would it look like? This is a powerful question because many of us tend to overcomplicate things. So how do we build a brand without getting distracted by things that don't matter? I haven't recorded a coaching call episode like this in a long time—not since the AskPat days! We wanted to bring that energy back in today's session, so listen in as I help Cassie Shawcross of understand her limiting beliefs and use her strengths to grow! Leaving a traditional career to become an entrepreneur is scary. But isn't always being stuck in jobs we don't want just as frightening a prospect? You'll want to listen in on this call because the perspective we gain leads to some inspiring breakthroughs for Cassie! This is a great conversation about being open to opportunities and bringing your people together. Enjoy! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#777 How do we sell more of our products? Essentially, what are the top strategies to get new leads and convert them into customers? Also, which tactics have stopped working, and where do we invest our time and money to get the best results? This is just a small part of today's wide-ranging conversation. My guest is Ben Harris from ClickFunnels, a popular and powerful platform for getting more people to your website and online store. You don't need to be a ClickFunnels user to learn from today's episode, though! Ben and I chat about buying ads outside platforms like Google and Meta, leveraging Facebook groups to simultaneously generate leads and build a community, soap opera email sequences, running webinars on YouTube, and more! Tune in because we get into basic and advanced tactics you might not have explored or considered yet! Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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