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The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast

Author: Pat Flynn

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Pat Flynn from The Smart Passive Income Blog reveals all of his online business and blogging strategies, income sources and killer marketing tips and tricks so you can be ahead of the curve with your online business or blog. Discover how you can create multiple passive income streams that work for you so that you can have the time and freedom to do what you love, whether it's traveling the world, or just living comfortably at home. Since 2008, he's been supporting his family with his many online businesses, and he's been openly sharing his wins, his losses, and all the lessons in between with the community of energetic but humble entrepreneurs who follow him. Self-proclaimed "crash test dummy of online business", you'll learn about building authority online, email marketing, building a team and outsourcing, content marketing, podcasting, search engine optimization, niche sites, social media strategies, how to get more traffic, creating online courses, affiliate marketing, and productivity tips so that you create something amazing without burning yourself out. It's a mix of interviews, special co-hosts and solo shows from Pat you're not going to want to miss. Hit subscribe, and get ready to change your life.
455 Episodes
It's been 8 years and exactly 400 episodes since Brendan Hufford last joined us on the show. He's back to give us an update on where life has taken him since then. We talk about his experience as an admin for the SPI Facebook community, how the idea for SPI Pro started, and what lessons he's learned as a father of four and an entrepreneur. Brendan is an SEO expert—you can learn more at SEO for the Rest of Us. He's also going to dive into what we should know about SEO and why you don't need a thousand-dollar course to learn SEO the right way. There's a lot to talk about so let's dive in! Show notes and more at
Our job as marketers to help people make decisions, even life-changing ones. Creating scarcity and urgency ("scurgency," as I once heard someone put it) is the name of the game.Why is scarcity so necessary and what can it do for us? What's the psychology of selling, how do you set deadlines in a genuine way, and how do you help someone commit to life-changing action? Jack Born, today's guest, has the answers to those questions and more, plus a story about kitesurfing that perfectly illustrates the power of deadlines
Matt D'Avella is one of the most entertaining YouTubers I've found in a long time—his videos are engaging and his storytelling is brilliant. He's also the director of the 2015 documentary film Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. In this episode, Matt starts at the beginning and unpacks how he was able to go from $97k in student loans to debt-free with a thriving YouTube channel. He explains how he found his voice in front of the camera, his process for creating high-view uploads, and why he launched his new course platform, Slow Growth Academy.Whether you're a YouTuber yourself or just want a peek behind the curtain at someone who's doing it really, really right, this one's for you. Show notes available at:
As an entrepreneur, it's hard to be in it for the long haul, and Racheal Cook has seen a lot of people hit burnout really quickly. Some of the things that make someone a potentially strong entrepreneur—the focus, the hustle—can work against us when we deprioritize things like health. Racheal sees hiring others as a high-leverage opportunity that will help any entrepreneur grow their business to the next level and avoid burnout. We talk about the importance of "firing yourself," and how to set up your business from the start to be sustainable and profitable. Plus, she provides listeners with a special offer— a checklist with her tips for business growth. Podcast show notes available here:
After spending some time trying to figure out a direction to take, today's guests, Sam and Joe Pitcher, ultimately turned their artist-mom's talents into a thriving website and community. Their story shows that with enough experimentation—some of their first ideas completely bombed—you can land on something great. Their site,, is unexpected and surprising, and it's incredible what they've done to monetize it. Plus, there's a sweet story to go with this success—these guys are really proud of their mother. And they're from England, so they call her "Mum," of course. ;) Podcast show notes available here:
Although it might seem like a fad, TikTok has been the most crucial part of brand building for today's guest, Keenya Kelly. She's here to teach us about TikTok and a similar platform out there called Instagram Reels, and how you can use short-form videos on both platforms to take your own brand and business to the next level. She shares what kind of content has worked really well for her, why it's so exciting to be involved with this trend early, and tons more. She's super generous dishing out her secret sauce, has great charisma, and is really fun to talk with and listen to. Podcast show notes available here:
A lot of podcasters are struggling to find ways to monetize their shows. Today I'm talking to Jason from Supercast, which provides a way to create a membership opportunity with your podcast. Podcast show notes available here:
For this episode of the SPI Podcast, I invited my PR agent, Brittney L. Lynn, to talk about how she and her team help people get media attention. Podcast show notes available here:
Today I'll be speaking with Ramit Sethi about the psychology of selling. Podcast show notes available here:
Tracy Hazzard is here to talk about what gives a podcast that "binge factor" (which also happens to be the name of one of her podcasts). Podcast show notes available here:
Randy Rayess is the cofounder of Outgrow, and in this show he shares the different use cases for these email list growth tools, and how they might be useful for you. Podcast show notes available here:
Today's guest, Eric Partaker has dedicated his life to helping others be their best selves in business, relationships, and life. Podcast show notes available at
#437: Jon Oringer is the billionaire founder of Podcast show notes are available at
In this episode, I'm speaking with Dave Stachowiak, and he's the host of the podcast Coaching for Leaders. Podcast show notes available at
On this session of the SPI Podcast, I give you a heads up about seven terrible pitfalls that entrepreneurs often encounter. Podcast show notes available at
#434: Of all the things that seem vital and urgent in your business, how do you know what you should be focusing on right now? You can't address everything at once, so how can you stop putting out urgent fire after urgent fire so you can continue to grow? That's what we're talking about today with Mike Michalowicz. Podcast show notes are available at
#433: In June we asked Black entrepreneurs in the SPI community to share their experiences, and we're once again handing them the mic. This episode includes some things Team SPI has especially needed to hear. We're trying to do better and face our unconscious biases so we can make progress in the fight against racism. Warning: this episode includes mentions of violence and prejudice and may not be suitable for younger listeners. Podcast show notes available at
In this session of the SPI Podcast I talk to Sophie Walker. Podcast show notes available here:
In this session of the SPI Podcast, I talk to Dr. Benjamin Hardy. Podcast show notes available here:
#430: In this session of the SPI Podcast, I talk to Jacques Hopkins, who started six unsuccessful passive income ventures before finding the right niche. After years of work, Jacques has finally started to make significant money with his course, Piano in 21 Days [affiliate link]. We cover the importance of mapping out the customer journey, what's working well right now for online course creators, and the value of customer feedback. Podcast show notes available here:
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David Hawkins

Amazing show Pat! I discovered you here several years ago, and the info you share literally changed my life. Thanks so much for sharing this knowledge so freely.

Nov 3rd

Bishnu Mahali

listening to

Oct 5th
Reply (1)

Bishnu Mahali

Loved it

Oct 1st

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

A very interesting topic. When it's useful how could you make your content more digestible.

Sep 28th

Xhulio Kreci

Hello everyone! Im new to the poadcast and really enthusiast to be part of this community! Any suggestions on previous poadcast that are a must in order to understand the basics and the culture of the community?

Sep 12th

Forest Sea


Aug 3rd

Max Rodin

You forgot to say that if you are zero in the field, do not waste your time

Jul 21st

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

great episode very inspiring. 👍

Jul 12th

Randy Lee

Excited about this new opportunity and how it can help me grow the Flipping Genius podcast community! Thank you for everything! You are amazing my friend!

Jul 9th

Nekesha R. Williams

Pat, many thanks to you and your team for giving Black entrepreneurs the opportunity to share our experiences on your platform! Together... we will win! #BlackLivesMatter

Jun 19th

Adriana Jenson

I love Pat and his Smart Passive Income guests. They do such a great job of showing what's possible. This is especially useful during the COVID-19 economic times. For instance, Pat created an "emergency" mini series, where he brought on guests to show how some super-niched down businesses are doing very well right now, others illustrate great ideas on how to pivot an existing type of business to fit the current needs, and finally, how and why to create something new that's having proven success right now. In this episode specifically, they're covering the benefits of creating an existing online membership. After all, a lot of people are home or out of a job and want to learn new skills or solve an ongoing issue (ie, wanting to learn how to train the dog that's constantly barking and interrupting their Zoom meetings, how to play a guitar, losing weight and keeping it off, etc.). They discuss why you don't need a huge audience to launch a membership, and they provide examples for who is thriving in the membership creation realm right now, how they're booming precisely because people are looking to fill time and have a need for community that they're otherwise missing from in person interaction. If you'd like some inspiration, to get some creative money making ideas flowing, or to get ideas of making lemonade out of this lemon of a situation, I encourage you to listen to the emergency mini-series.

May 18th

Randy Lee

Pat: I continue to carry you and your guests along on my walks and am feeling smarter and smarter. With your encouragement and guidance I have launched my podcast "Flipping Genius" and am excited about the future! Thanks so much for all you do and provide.

Apr 2nd

Eduardo Souto

I'm a big fan from him, I have all his books!

Apr 1st
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Timera Boateng

wucommerce wordpress

Mar 8th

Harish Kumar

Loved the podcast.. Gotta a Lotta info. One of the best.. May I know the name of speaker again?

Mar 3rd

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

wow! Great show, if you don't feel pumped up and 200% motivated after listening to this show... We might be in Zombieland already.... 😜

Jan 4th
Reply (1)

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

congrats on the 400!

Dec 16th

حفيد عمر ابن الخطاب

thanks 😘

Dec 6th

Jim Eiden

This is why you need a Business Analyst

Nov 18th

Whitney Lee

Ive read Building a Story Brand 5x and recommend it to all my clients. Its been the most influential business book Ive read and I absolutely adore Donald Miller! Great guy, awesome personality. JJ too (his co host on the podcast). I only wish this episode was longer... I could listen to you 2 talk business for hours!

Oct 16th
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