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Hey guys, it's Margo Oshry aka The Snitch aka the host of your new favorite Bachelor podcast - The Snatchelor!
Every week I'll be recapping the latest Bachelor episodes and all of the drama with my sisters, special guests. Who knows who might show up?!
So get ready and tune in, because the Snatchelor is upon us!
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In this week's episode of The Snatchelor we are recapping both episodes of week 3 Bachelor in Paradise. We're talking about the "atrocious" Kristina Schulman, Demi, Derek & Kristian, the Jen Sav Theory of Maturity and Grace, and so. much. more. Like Hannah B on Dancing With The Stars, Jordan Rodgers pooping on an airplane, and Tyler C and Gigi Hadid's eventual hang out with Taylor Swift.
On this week's episode of The Snatchelor, Margo is joined by her sisters Jackie and Claudia to recap this week's episodes of Bachelor in Paradise and share their thoughts on all of the drama. They're also talking about all of the happenings in Bachelor Nation this week: Ashley & Jared's wedding and Hannah Brown's sad Instagram post.
In today's first ever episode of The Snatchelor, Margo is joined by Jackie & Claudia Oshry and together they break down the first two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. They're talking about Blake and Caelynn, Blake and Kristina, Blake and Hannah G. and Blake and Tayshia. Oh and they talk about the other people on the beach too.
1: The Snatchelor: TEASER

1: The Snatchelor: TEASER


Welcome to The Snatchelor where I, Margo Oshry AKA The Snitch recap all things related to The Bachelor!
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I'm in cant wait

Aug 7th

Aaliyah  King

bessy wow, I want to try it

Aug 8th
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