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Author: Laura Pence Atencio

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The Social Savvy Geek Show, hosted by Laura Pence Atencio, provides practical marketing solutions you can use in your business. As entrepreneurs, we often try to do it all ourselves and become quickly overwhelmed. We spend so much time “doing all the things” that we lose sight of why we got into business, to serve people and pursue our passion! Learn how to save yourself from marketing overwhelm while bringing in more leads and clients. Support this podcast:
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The time to start your marketing funnel and build the email list for your book is now. Not after your book is published. Host Laura Pence Atencio explains why you need to market while you write and how to implement the pieces of your funnel now. What guest talked about--- Support this podcast:
Host Laura Pence Atencio shares a book publishing calendar composed of milestones to help you reach your publication goals. What guest talked about.--- Support this podcast:
Your host Laura Pence Atencio covers the pros and cons of traditional and self-publish to help you make the right choice for your book. Special guest Aundrea De Leon shares how she healed herself of past traumas to live the life she wanted and how she helps other do the same to achieve their burning desires.--- Support this podcast:
You host Laura Pence Atencio discusses how to schedule writing time in your calendar and how a writing coach cam help you get your book drafted. She also covers when a ghostwriter might be the best option for you. Special guest Rick Killian of Killian Creative talks about how he became a ghostwriter, and how he gathers information from his clients to write their story with their voice.--- Support this podcast:
Knowing a book can help her listeners book more speaking engagements and expand their reach, host Laura Pence Atencio shares ways to vet your book ideas and zero in on your reader’s burning desire. This will make marketing your book easier. Special guest Kyle Matthews, Chief Connecting Officer with the Crankset Group, talks about hiring for culture, training for skills, and profit sharing.--- Support this podcast:
Host Laura Pence Atencio shares an overview of the steps you need to take to create, market, and launch your online course. This is the map to season 4.--- Support this podcast:
Your host Laura Pence Atencio breaks down what you need to know to discover the right price for your online course and how you can use bonuses sell more tickets. Special guest Dan Stratford of Stratex Digital Marketing discussed recent SEO trends, best practices, and what’s new with Google AdWords.--- Support this podcast:
Host Laura Pence Atencio covers why you need a great landing page, the components of one, and how to get started crafting your own. Special guest Caitlin Berve, creator of Ignited Ink Writing, shares how she plans on building landing pages as an author using her readers burning desire.--- Support this podcast:
Laura Pence Atencio discusses how you can use a webinar during the 90 day launch of your online course and what goes into a webinar’s creation. Special guest Vicki Helm from Smart Group Form talks about digital assets and how you can pull ideas from within to create an online course, webinar, or product.--- Support this podcast:
Host Laura Pence Atencio explains the difference between an everyday want and burning desire and shares how you can use your client’s burning desire to get them to purchase your online course. Special guests Kevin Stoelb and Kevin Bauman of Eolus shares how understanding their client’s burning desire is key to developing websites.--- Support this podcast:
Join host Laura Pence Atencio as she shares how you can use funnels to build awareness about your online course. She breaks down the pieces of funnel and where to start building your own. Special guest Caitlin Berve discusses the two funnel systems she uses for her two different ideal clients.--- Support this podcast:
Host Laura Pence Atencio knows in-person events are a great marketing tool. She shares what types of in-person events you can use and how to get started populating your calendar. Special guest Dianne Noda is a professional photographer who discusses how she gets the perfect picture to complement her client’s brand and meet their needs.--- Support this podcast:
Host Laura Pence Atencio talks about how systems and structures have helped her launch online courses, what tools are available to use, and where you should start. Systems and structures save time, and for business owners, time is money.Special guest Drew Griffiths of Colorado Tech Team shares the systems and structures he uses to track traffic and provide web and technical solutions for his clients.--- Support this podcast:
It’s a bonus episode! Monica Miller joins host Laura Pence Atencio for the whole hour, so they can share valuable information from their free masterclass How to Blog and Market for Maximum Profit. They cover the timeline of content creation and marketing, what kind of content you need to create, and how to design your promotion plan. If you’re wondering where to get started, this is a much listen to episode!--- Support this podcast:
In this episode your host Laura Pence Atencio covers the most popular free and paid marketing options and where to get started. She reviews the pros and cons of each and the importance of knowing which social media platform your ideal client uses. She is joined by special guest Aimee Mazal Skillin from Social Media Languages who talks about how she markets her services and the common misconceptions she has to correct when advising others.--- Support this podcast:
To effectively market your online course, you will need to know your ideal audience. Host Laura Pence Atencio covers how to research your ideal client’s language and burning desire so your marketing will resonate with them and how to implement that research. Special guest Caitlin Berve is an editor and writer from Ignited Ink Writing, LLC. She shares how readers are writers’ ideal clients and how she identifies her ideal clients.--- Support this podcast:
Laura Pence Atencio talks about why you might want to monetize your in-person, ways of monetizing, and when. With plenty of firsthand experience with both organizing and attending events, she knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting paid for your live event. Special Guest Sean Cooper is the president and CCO of Fit Financial Consulting, LLC and author of The Truth About Investing: Back to Basics.” He talks about how he stays healthy financially and how you can too.--- Support this podcast:
When the pre-event marketing is done and the event is full of attendees, the event organizer still has work to do. Host Laura Pence Atencio shares how to engage your audience both online and offline during your live event and how to create content that delivers what you promised. Special guest Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark adds to the conversation by discussing her marketing funnel and how she is using an online summit to fill seats for her live event.--- Support this podcast:
Your host Laura Pence Atencio walks you through important things to consider to make the most of your live event. She covers why and how you need to prepare in advance your emails, slides, handouts, and more. Special guest Monica Miller shares how she prepared for her event Print for Paws and what inspired her to host an in-person event.--- Support this podcast:
Host Laura Pence Atencio discusses why you need consistent messaging in your marking before, during, and after your in-person event. She shares how she learned attire is a part of your brand and how to write copy that will appeal to your ideal client. Special guest Krysti Turznik adds to the conversation by sharing how she helps people stop their inner struggle, feel confident in their choices, and experience a life filled with miracles and magic.--- Support this podcast:
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