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Comedian Julian McCullough and Meg Molloy helm The Soft Spot, the world’s first Easy Listening comedy podcast. Designed to counter program these stressful times, the Soft Spot uses positive news stories, hilarious & soothing guests, deep dives into cozy subjects, and plenty of nostalgia to knit an audio sweater for your heart.
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Help Me Fonda!

Help Me Fonda!


Get your Jansport backpack with your initials embroidered on it, tease your bangs within an inch of their lives, and throw on your hip huggers because The Soft Spot is taking you back to school.Meg and Julian discuss memorable teachers, regrettable style choices (oh hey appliqué!) and of course, boners. Hurry up, it’s the bell!
Meg and Julian are back for another stop on their farewell tour. First, they share stories about jobs they were fired from. Then they revisit a chat with one of their favorite guests actor, master impressionist, and zombie killer Ross Marquand! While you may know him as Aaron from The Walking Dead, we now know him as the best (and only?) John C. Reilly impersonator. He also blessed us with (Soft) Spot-on impressions of your fav Sorprano, your favorite philosophical Texan actor, and a certain legendary Scottish silver fox. If you don’t know who We are talking about, I guess it’s about time you tune in and figure it out! And if that’s not enough reason to listen, Ross’s Soft Spot is a twofer: both the theme song of and the television show, Highlander! In fact, his enthusiasm for the show is so contagious you will feel like you’ve been bitten by a Highlander zombie, doomed to wander the earth in search of old episodes. Enjoy!
Julian and Meg start on their farewell tour and reveal their Soft Spots gone sour, former Soft Spots that just don’t hold up when revisited. Then they remember their visit with gorgeous kid John Mulaney! His love for Mr. Rogers reminds us that what is essential is not visible, that speaking softly can have a loud effect, and that not everybody has heard the Backstreet Boys..
Song of the Summer

Song of the Summer


This week Meg and Julian go sans guest for a deeper dive into the magic of Summer! The smells, the food, the new boobs and the old hits, Summer is boss when it comes to the good old days. Meg also recounts the horror of her recent bout with BPPV (vertigo), a harrowing and cautionary tale that will leave you spinning (but hopefully not her). 
Julian and Meg are on vacation so this week, we are thinking back on one of our softest episodes with Karen Kilgariff! Time to pop a bottle of champs and roll back to the days of the Lawrence Welk Show! This week we waltzed down memory lane with our hilarious friend Karen Kilgariff of “My Favorite Murder”. We chat about signature scents, old timey music, bad tv, and a fancy champagne lady who was wrongfully terminated. In the words of good ol’ LW, this episode is wonderful, wonderful!
This week we were joined by one of our favorite New York transplants, comedian Thomas Dale! Before we got down to serious Soft Spot biz, we chatted about mental and physical health, Thomas’s ‘Creep Cam’ being the BEST thing on the internet, and we even touched on the esoteric! We gush over the hunks of the early aughts and why Thomas loves straight boys, which brought us to Thomas’s Soft Spot- teen rom coms of the late 90’s and early 2000s! Thomas had us in tears and Meg laughed so hard she felt like she had completed PX90 by the time this ep was over! 
Dating and hooking up in the 21st century can be a confusing disaster. But how would the coolest people in the world navigate minefield that’s dating these days. From Amanda Cerny and Sommer Ray, comes OHoney, a sexy new series that offers a look into the lives and minds of some of the biggest celebrities of the internet age. Each episode they serve up their best advice to get through all the drama, scandals, and NSFW situations that are plaguing you. OHoney is like a sexy slumber party where you get to listen in on the casual honest conversations between your coolest friends:Subscribe at:
Softies rejoice! One of our favorite guests and people, from his podcast Ghosted, Roz Drezfalez is back on the spot. First Meg and Julian discuss their recent cruise (oh ship!) before they get into it with Roz about his formative childhood obsessions. From clowning (literally), to the rock and roll scene of suburban Michigan, to pro wrestling, we discover all the component parts that came together to make one awesome queen. Come and get it!
The Soft Spot welcomes Moses Storm, Matt Ingebretson and Lizzy Cooperman to their first live show recorded at CRUX Boutique in Los Angeles.
Lovers’ Spit

Lovers’ Spit


It was time to do another duet for our hardest softies so Meg and Julian go sans guest for a show about their worst (best?) break-ups! They say that breaking up is hard to do, but what they don’t say is how fun it is to talk about it after it’s over. Meg talks about dumping a guy on his way to pick her up for a dance, while Julian revisits the time he got punched in the face in the middle of a busy intersection. And since this is the Soft Spot, of course they talk about break up songs (Duran Duran and Broken Social Scene — can you guess whose is whose?). So get a haircut, get a gym membership, and start a new hobby it is time to break up baby. 
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Roy Ewing


Aug 15th

Tyler Page

ah vuhn, ah two, ah tree! I am a Midwestern boy born in 1985 in the Upper Peninsula of one Michigans. And your dedication to the fan of all things sweet, weird, esoteric, American, and lovely warms my heart. Thank you young Karen Kilgariff. You are a beaut.

Aug 13th
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