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Author: Sabrina Riccio

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Embark on a journey + reclaim your sovereignty. During a time of revolutionary spiritual leadership, tune in for authentic conversations with spiritual teachers and thought leaders alike, living their truth and inspiring others to do the same. We are here to bring back and anchor the humanness in our spiritual experience here on Earth through vulnerability, compassion, + authenticity. As we live our life from our fullest, most authentic expression, we allow ourselves to be the light in the world. As we go forth and become our own guru, we are blessed with the opportunity to infuse love where needed most.

The Sovereign Society Podcast is your place to discover spiritual principals, self-care practices, divine guidance and rituals from those who’ve been on the path to reclaim their sovereignty, their truth, and their light. With a mission to catalyze and anchor a conscious paradigm shift, Soulistic Alchemist, Paradigm Shifter, and Aquarian Priestess Sabrina Riccio, has gathered here to share personal insights, as well as authentic conversations with modern medicine women, cosmic dudes, and entrepreneurs alike to inspire you to stay true to the voice deep within your soul, uplevel your human experience, and radiate your authentic radness.

As we come together and have the courage to share our medicine with the world, you’ll discover what it takes to overcome your fears, listen to your intuition, practice radical forgiveness, design a business and life that supports the highest good, unapologetically let your freak flag fly, and how to stand up and gracefully share your medicine with the world.

Join us as we explore topics such as entrepreneurship, spiritual activism, conscious living, spirituality, leadership, self-love, yoga, wellness, personal development, Kundalini Yoga, the Divine Feminine, the sacred reunion, meditation, psychedelics, self-help, inspiration, consciousness, relationships, metaphysics, and self-empowerment.

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As Conscious Leaders of today, we are here to answer the call for generations to come. As we prepare for 2020 and a new decade of millennials parents to the leaders of tomorrow, Energy Healer Jasmin-Lalani Fejerang is sharing with us the truth about the Ascension Journey and how we can do our part to pave the path ahead. These children being born are increasingly more sensitive then we’ve ever witnessed before as they are here to teach us what it’s like to awaken to the New Earth frequencies and codes. This is the time for us to rise to the occasion and help anchor the evolution of humanity.   In this Episode, Jasmin and I talked about… ◆ The truth about the awakening + ascension process ◆ Honoring our upbringing and the evolution of religion while honoring our spiritual journey ◆ Understanding Indigos, Rainbow Children, and Diamond Rays ◆ Conscious Motherhood and paving the path for our children ◆ What it means to be multi-dimensional ◆ The Medicine of Mount Shasta ... and so much more.
Throughout our lives, each of us has a powerful story to share. Thing is, many are afraid of unleashing their medicine by sharing from that space of authenticity and vulnerability. We are living in times where we can truly embrace the fact that #vulnerabilityissexy. It’s how we cultivate more of what this world’s been craving… connection. While there’s no denying the uprise of Spiritual leadership, we must also be honest about how many people are abusing their power to attack those who are most vulnerable, especially those who are just beginning their spiritual journey. As a survivor of sexual assault in the spiritual community, Women’s Empowerment Coach Brie Pugh is on a mission to unapologetically share her story. With the rise of the #MeToo movement, we have the blessing and opportunity to live in a time where survivors can share their stories with empowerment knowing that they aren't alone. Without a doubt, this episode may be triggering to those who are navigating through this life as survivors of sexual assault, but now, more than ever, do we have a responsibility to share our truth and to use our platforms to educate and help others know that they aren't alone in their journey.  Change begins when those who are courageous enough to show up and share with conviction. It's time to honor our privilege as leaders in the developed world to speak up on behalf of those who've been silenced in places around the world and even in our own backyard. In this Episode, Brie and I talked about… ◆ Answering the Call to Your Bigger Purpose ◆ The power of Sharing your Story ◆ Reclaiming your Light after traumatic experiences ◆ Honoring Privilege + How to Make a Bigger Impact ◆ The importance from Living With Integrity ◆ Addressing Spiritual Bypassing to Shift the Collective Experience ... and so much more.   Discover More about Brie Pugh Brie Pugh is on a mission to help women come home to themselves, break all the rules, and unleash their divine power to create a life and business with soul. She does this through 1:1 and group coaching programs, as well as retreats. Brie believes that spirituality and entrepreneurship are two sides of the same coin.   We all have gifts we are here to share with the world- we all have a role in raising the consciousness of the planet through our passionate, skills, and stories. But we must rise to the calling of our soul. Brie would like to hold space specifically for the Sovereign society’s listeners- if you would like to connect on your own trauma story or are seeking support in your life/bus, she will be doing gifted 1hr 1:1 sessions...just message on IG or FB.   INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK |   IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO’S NAVIGATING THROUGH TRAUMA FROM SEXUAL ASSAULT OR WOULD LOVE OTHER RESOURCES |   Keep Up With Sabrina Riccio INSTAGRAM | || WEBSITE | YOUTUBE | TWITTER | Join the Sovereign Society Facebook Group here |
The evolution of Spirituality is THRIVING, alive, and well. As millennials, we are redefining what it means to be spiritual in today’s day in age. We are being called to bring our energy and visit the sacred sites around the world to activate something deep within ourselves. We are taking responsibility for our health on all aspects and levels including ancestrally, in our community, and our overall well-being. We are rising up to come forth and unapologetically share our truth and live our Sat Nam. My dear friend Fern Olivia is no exception. As someone who’s been educating the world about the importance of thyroid health, she’s moving mountains and speaking up on sustainability, doing the work, and what it takes for us to reclaim our innocence. Our lineage plays a massive role to our experience today and it’s up to us to take action and do something about it. Truth is, there’s no more time for us to play small. Each of us are here to show up in our power and in our wholeness. To get there, we must be willing to embrace all facets of what makes us us. We must honor the truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We must be willing to have faith in something bigger than ourselves. From this space, we experience miracles.   In this episode, Fern and I talked about… ◆ Answering the Call to visit Energy Vortexes + Sacred Sites around the World ◆ All things Thyroid Health + Your Glandular System ◆ The Truth about Social Media for Connection + Authenticity ◆ Owning your connection to Break Free from Societal + Religious Conditioning ◆ Claiming your Power to Overcome Health Conditions, Ancestral + Past Life Trauma ◆ Transcending False Light by Embracing Darkness + Sadness and what it means to be human ... plus so much more   Discover More from Fern Olivia Cosmic Truth Kundalini Yoga Retreat and Reiki Certification in Greece May 3-9 2020! Save $222 off the Greece retreat w code SOVEREIGN   WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK |   Keep Up With Sabrina Riccio INSTAGRAM | || WEBSITE | YOUTUBE | TWITTER | Join the Sovereign Society Facebook Group here |   ◆ BUSINESS TOOLS I RECOMMEND  ◆   Kajabi :: All-in-One Course Creation Platform |   Email Server :: FloDesk / Save 50% off! |   Video Conferencing:: ZOOM |   Scheduling :: Acuity Scheduling |     ◆ PODCAST EQUIPMENT I USE ◆   :: LIGHTING ::   Ring Light |   iPhone Ring Light |     :: AUDIO ::   Microphone Shock Mount with Pop Filter |   Zoom Recorder for on Location Podcasting |   Clip on Mic |   Audio-Technica USB Mic for Desk |     :: FILMING ::   Logitech HD Pro Webcam |     :: ACCESSORIES ::   Desk Mic Stand |   32 GB Memory Card |   Compact Tripod |   Rechargeable AA Batteries |     Disclaimer :: Sabrina is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to     ◆ STAY CONNECTED ON SOCIAL ◆   INSTAGRAM | ||   WEBSITE |   YOUTUBE |   TWITTER |   Join the Sovereign Society Facebook Group here |  
Hard to believe, but we are approaching the last weeks of this decade and preparing for a new decade with 2020 crystal vision. Now’s the time for us to set the foundation for the visions and goals we have for the years to come. To get there, we must be willing to do the deep internal work. Scorpio season is here and the doors are open for us to experience our rebirth. Not only that, we are preparing for our last Mercury Retrograde. This is the time for us to shed what no longer serves and to make space for what does. As we embark on the journey to become the diamond in the rough, we have a responsibility to take back what is ours and to set precedent for what’s to come. In the states, we are preparing for what’s quite possibly the most important election of our lifetime and it’s time as millennials to step up to the plate and to be the change we wish to see in the world. This starts with us committing to the work and educating ourselves as to how we can do better.  “To implement great change, believe in your power. Believe in your worth. — Sabrina Riccio   In this episode I shared... ◆ How to Prepare and Activate 2020 Crystal Vision ◆ The Energy of Scorpio Season + how to harness the last Mercury Retrograde of the Decade ◆ What it takes to polish your Diamond in the Rough ◆ The Truth about the Power of Millennials ◆ Preparing for the most important Election of our Lifetime ◆ Deets about my latest Group Coaching offering Breaking Free ... and so much more.   Ready to Break Free from the shackles and become fully embodied? I invite you to join me for my newest offering BREAKING FREE, a 6 week liberation to reclaim what’s already yours. |    Keep Up With Sabrina Riccio INSTAGRAM | || WEBSITE | YOUTUBE | TWITTER | Join the Sovereign Society Facebook Group here |  
In an oversaturated world of social media and spirituality, what sets you apart is your authentic Truth, your story and your Radness. Thing is, there’s no one out there quite like you. It takes you becoming fully embodied in your Truth, your Sat Nam, to really go out there and SLAY. It’s a journey of embracing all facets of your human experience with deep compassion. As you do, you’ll begin to magnetize to the life and relationship you deeply desire. Sophie Nik is committed to helping empower women to elevate their relationships + create a life of more impact, freedom, luxury, and romance. Reinventing your Worthiness is about you doing the deep internal work, to receive and experience what’s already yours. This requires you to go there and unapologetically honor the process of going through the shit with the deep knowing that you have the power to reprogram the old stories and beliefs once and for all. It’s a process and through that process, you are here to honor your flow while stepping into your truth.   In this Episode, Sophie and I talked about… ◆ The power authenticity and storytelling in Social Media ◆ Creating your own rules in business + life by honoring your unique process and flow ◆ How stepping into your truth can heal your lineage ◆ Reprogramming the stories once and for all ◆ Going beyond Ancestral Rules of what Success looks like ◆ Finding the Root of your Triggers + Transcending Toxic Positivity ◆ How to Call in the Relationship you Desire ... and so much more.   Discover More About Sophie Nik Sophie Nik is an advisor to female entrepreneurs and impact driven creatives. She works with clients 1:1 and in her business mastermind, “Money, Men, and Manifesting”. She has an affinity for empowering women to elevate their relationships and create a life of more impact, freedom, luxury, and romance. Prior to entering the online space, Sophie obtained a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as certifications in Holistic Health and The Psychology of Eating. Upon receiving her degree, she worked at an eating disorder treatment center due to her own struggles with food and body image growing up in Los Angeles. Sophie always knew she was destined for more than traditional therapy and this became apparent during her spiritual awakening in 2017. She decided to quit her job with the only plan being to start her entrepreneurial journey.   Sophie’s superpowers include: being able to identify people’s unique gifts and helping them to monetize, baking insane cookies, and supporting women in becoming the best version of themselves.   Keep Up With Sabrina Riccio INSTAGRAM | || WEBSITE | YOUTUBE | TWITTER | Join the Sovereign Society Facebook Group here |
Embodiment is everything. As is you implementing the tools and the practices for you to go out there and share your medicine with the world. While it may feel as though your industry is oversaturated, truth is, there’s no one who can do it quite like you. No one who’s experienced what you have. No one who carries your essence and your unique magic.   Life + Success Coach Lexi D’Angelo believes that each of us has the power and opportunity to cultivate sustainable and fulfilling success in whatever it is we choose to share with the world. The way to get there is by doing the deep internal work and tuning into that inner guidance once and for all. It takes you taking radical responsibility for your life and choosing to answer the call.   We are all on an evolutionary path. Through the process of integration and embodiment, you are able to share from that space of pure magic and Truth. This is the chance for you to finally get out of your own way and experience the miracles that are waiting to be experienced by you.      In this episode, Lexi and I talk about…   ◆ Honoring the Journey and Trusting the Process of you and your business’ evolution   ◆ How Powerful and intentional Branding can bring greater impact to your message   ◆ Recognizing the gap in your industry and doing something about it   ◆ The importance of integrating and embodying your medicine   ◆ Claiming radical responsibility for your life   ◆ Addressing + observing the patterns that are holding you back so much more!     DISCOVER MORE ABOUT LEXI D’ANGELO     Lexi D’Angelo is the founder of the Integrative Alchemy Practitioner™ Certification and is a Master NLP Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Life + Success Coach for leaders who are ready to confidently facilitate miracle-style client results that make them stand out and sell out (at the highest level prices).   She empowers her clients to ditch the guru strategies that are sucking their souls and instead, tune into their inner guidance and claim their unique magic so they can create fulfilling and sustainable success THEIR way—aka without sacrificing their purpose, passions, and priorities in the process.   Lexi has created a highly effective modality for immediate and lasting transformation called Integrative Alchemy™, which is a potent blend of neuroscience, psychology, metaphysics, quantum physics, and ancient wisdom. By utilizing Integrative Alchemy™, Lexi is able to help her clients ditch the bullshit beliefs, limiting programming, and self-sabotaging tendencies that have kept them burnt out and broke, and instead, upgrade their conscious + subconscious coding so they breakthrough their income ceilings and experience Quantum $hifts in days (or even minutes), instead of years.   WARNING: Side effects of hanging in Lexi’s sphere include 2-10xing your income, halving your work hours, being 100% unapologetically you, and making your wildest fantasies your reality. Unicorns included.       WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | SIGN UP FOR INTEGRATIVE ALCHEMY |     Keep Up With Sabrina Riccio INSTAGRAM | || WEBSITE | YOUTUBE | TWITTER | Join the Sovereign Society Facebook Group here | Shamanessa Goddessa Shoppe |
We are on the precipice of massive shifts in the collective and in the spiritual community as a whole. As more people are awakening from the illusion and piercing through the veil, it’s time for us to have an honest and genuine conversation on what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience. Embracing all facets of this journey, Krista Reierson of Chalice Grove is here to share the depths of the soul and what it means to be human during this wild time in history.   While it’s important to actively work towards our highest embodiment, it’s just as important to honor the journey and trust the unfoldment that is your life. This is the time to activate and embody your wholeness. Through Kundalini Yoga and awareness, you have the power to become the you you’re destined to not only experience, but also to share with the world.   This is the time for you to get radically honest and compassionate with yourself in order to implement great change collectively and for the climate. Our impact with revolutionary change begins within. It starts by you embracing your inner alchemist and this episode is the vulnerable, raw, and Real Truth to help you get there.   In this episode we talked about… ◆ Getting radically honest about what it means to be spiritual ◆ Embracing your Seasons of Becoming by recognizing patterns + rewiring the beliefs ◆ Toxic Positivity and how it impacts the Climate Crisis ◆ Comparison as the thief of our joy ◆ The Dark Night of the Soul’s Initiation Process ◆ Your Trials as your Greatest Teachers ◆ Activating your Neurons + 10 Bodies to Align to service     Discover More about Krista Reierson   Krista Reierson is the founder of Chalice Grove, a health and wellness platform, and is a sought-after expert in the field of the human psyche; with a background in psychology, kundalini yoga and the mind, body, soul connection, Krista’s experiential based wisdom derives from her mental health hitting rock bottom. Somewhere deep within, she knew she had the ability to heal, nurture and love herself back into wholeness without the use of pharmaceuticals.  Her company has a wide variety of products and services which include yoga and meditation facilitation, sacred adornment, writing, public speaking and her newest digital course, Alchemy. Her work is deeply rooted in psychology, epigenetics, the quantum, ancient yogic philosophy and experiential-based-learning. Join Alchemy:      Keep Up With Sabrina Riccio INSTAGRAM | || WEBSITE | YOUTUBE | TWITTER | Join the Sovereign Society Facebook Group here | Shamanessa Goddessa Shoppe |
As we embark on a new season, it’s time for us to rebirth ourselves and to take the initiative to align to our Truth. This requires us to not only take inventory about our thoughts and views, but also, if we’re taking action to make those dreams our reality. Fear has been running the show in the collective and this is the time for us to reclaim our power. We as a collective have an opportunity to change the trajectory of this life and it’s up to us to embody what’s genuine, authentic and sacred. Stephanie Bellinger of @thespiritualbossbabe reminds us that we have the opportunity to infuse more ease and flow in all aspects of life. It comes down to us healing ourselves and honoring the sacredness life offers. We see how business is shifting and what’s been seen is the truth that people are craving connection and to share that, we must first connect with ourselves, our Truth, and our essence. As we begin to truly embrace all facets of our human experience with the understanding of the interconnectedness of it all, we find ourselves cultivating the business and life that’s aligned to our soul’s Truth and purpose.       In this episode we talked about…   ◆ The importance of doing the deep internal work when building your soulful business ◆ How plant medicine can expand your life + subconscious mind ◆ How infusing more play allows more abundance ◆ What it takes to activate a spirit led business ◆ Vulnerability + the impact it has in our business ◆ Quantum Manifestation and shifting the Subconscious Identity ◆ Embracing the lessons of your past + your journey ◆ How to understand your purpose           Stephanie Bellinger is the creator of Spiritual Boss Babe-- the booming online community serving tens of thousands of women around the world.   Stephanie is a Spiritual Mentor and Mindset coach helping healers, coaches and visionaries Quantum Leap into their next phase Purpose, Impact & Abundance from their soul centered work.   After overcoming many struggles, challenges and failures, Stephanie was led to doing a ton of deep inner work over the last decade, and began sharing her journey, lessons and experiences, to help other women from all walks of life.   Stephanie's mission is to help purpose driven women completely transform their mindset, unlock their innate magic, and create a life and business that sets their SOUL on fire! She believes that together, we can transform the world, and raise the vibration of the planet.   Keep Up With Sabrina Riccio Leave your 9-5 and Activate that Soulful Empire once and for all with THRIVE |   INSTAGRAM | ||   WEBSITE |   YOUTUBE |   TWITTER |   Join the Sovereign Society Facebook Group here |   Shamanessa Goddessa Shoppe |   Love this podcast? Leave a review on iTunes and send your screenshot to to receive your FREE 30+ page ebook Sadhana to help you up level your morning routine to go out there and thrive in the Golden Era.
It's game time, folks. As we embark on the last months of this decade and prepare for 2020 crystal vision, this is an opportunity for us to do the deeper work in order to receive the benefits that come with living beyond the surface. By honoring the ancient mystic teachings into this Modern Era, we have the power to pave our own path and align with our soul’s destiny.   For episode 086, I had the pleasure of having Master Numerologist Remington Donovan in my home at The Creosote Casita in Joshua Tree, CA to talk all things Numerology, the Ancient Wisdom of Qabalah, and Astrology and the Golden Thread that connects these teachings. While there is an uprise and more interest in the world of spirituality, it’s important to not only discern through the Love and Light movement, but to also cultivate that healthy relationship with yourself, your intuition and your Truth. For us to be successful and implement great change in the world, it’s time for us to take action and unleash our medicine in the world.   In this Episode, Remington and I talked about… ◆ The power and influence of numerology ◆ The path to actualizing your destiny ◆ Life beyond the vision board ◆ Why teachers are more critical than ever before ◆ Reframe the hustle into flow ◆ How to infuse Tantric Numerology, Tarot, Kundalini Yoga, and the Mystical Arts to Master your Reality ◆ The Golden Thread between the mystery schools ◆ What 2020 has in store and how we can SLAY the rest of 2019 …plus so much more   DISCOVER MORE FROM REMINGTON DONOVAN Remington Donovan is a Master Numerologist, Mystical Qabalist, Tarot Diviner, Astrologer, Seer and teacher based in Los Angeles, California. He was born into the tradition of Swami Satchidananda, learning meditation and yoga directly from him at a very early age. He began formal training in the Western Mystery tradition as a teenager studying under an Adept Master for 22 years, practicing the Hermetic, Qabalistic wisdom of the ancients. He uses these technologies and talents to empower, inspire and guide individuals to unlock their deepest spiritual potential in private readings and group sessions locally and worldwide. His workshops include Numerology, Tarot, Tarot Therapy, Geomancy, Astrology, and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, to name a few.   Remington’s unique and contemporary approach to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, combined with his deep Esoteric knowledge and wisdom, establishes him as a rising voice and international teacher. website: Instagram: Join Remington’s Fall Equinox Experience:   Keep Up With Sabrina Riccio Leave your 9-5 and Activate that Soulful Empire once and for all with THRIVE | INSTAGRAM | || WEBSITE | YOUTUBE | TWITTER | Join the Sovereign Society Facebook Group here | Shamanessa Goddessa Shoppe | Love this podcast? Leave a review on iTunes and send your screenshot to to receive your FREE 30+ page ebook Sadhana to help you up level your morning routine to go out there and thrive in the Golden Era.
These are times where we need the medicine of magic more than ever. Understanding the golden threat between all the religions and mystical teachings around Spirit and the connection between all things, the Golden Era is asking of us to come together rather than separate. With that, we must be willing to listen to these teachings and find the Truth and the love that reigns within these lineages. As a collective of healers, we’ve been clearing through lifetimes and lineages of the conditioning that money is inherently dirty and evil. This is a time in history where we are seeing healers cultivating the idea of conscious capitalism where we can use our money to do great things in the world.    In this week’s episode, I had the pleasure of having an authentic and real conversation with a soul-babe who gets it. Bakara Winter is the owner of Everyday Magic, author of WTF is Tarot and How Do I Do It?, creatrix of the Wayhome Tarot and Postcards from the Liminal Space Oracle Deck. A Modern Witch and mystic of the Golden Era, this woman is someone who’s seeing the writing on the wall about the shift we as a collective are experiencing. As someone who honors the earth and respects the magical traditions, she’s someone who has no issue telling it like it is. Bearing witness about what’s unfolding in the world, she’s seeing the deep mystical and spiritual truths about how the world is evolving and the revolutionary shift of the world and in this episode, we talk all about it.     In this Episode we talk about...   ◆ How to approach magic with open eyes + arms ◆ Discernment in the spiritual world + how to honor your energy ◆ Importance of embracing your shadow and your light ◆ Bridging conscious capitalism + modern mysticism ◆ Why collaboration is the new competition ◆ Rewriting the story about our lineage + the shift we‘re experiencing as a collective ◆ The psychedelic renaissance + how plants are working with us to heal the world ... and so much more.   Keep up with Bakara Wintner INSTAGRAM | / SHOP ALL THE THINGS |   Snag 10% off at Everyday Magic with code SovereignSociety10   Keep Up With Sabrina Riccio Leave your 9-5 and Activate that Soulful Empire once and for all with THRIVE | INSTAGRAM | || WEBSITE | YOUTUBE | TWITTER | Join the Sovereign Society Facebook Group here | Shamanessa Goddessa Shoppe | Love this podcast? Leave a review on iTunes and send your screenshot to to receive your FREE 30+ page ebook Sadhana to help you up level your morning routine to go out there and thrive in the Golden Era.
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