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Altovise is an introverted entrepreneur residing in the DMV that launched, stumbled, and learned how to manage entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, and being a single mom. Her failure led her to start conversations with CEOs and entrepreneurs about the good, the bad, and the ugly when you first start a business. (Or, when you first try to start a business) She has written and co-authored multiple best-selling books including her first book, "It's Okay to Cry" - and now, in this podcast, Altovise brings you the conversations that can help female Entrepreneurs in the DMV to launch, stumble less and learn. Can you become a successful entrepreneur? New episodes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
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It's a #SpeakEasy Podcast takeover by Margo Lovett host of Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation Podcast. Margo is bringing you a candid conversation with Altovise Pelzer about her journey as a woman in business, a woman in podcasting, and as a mother. Margo has watched Altovise's journey with a birdseye view of her consistency and heart for women. As a previous guest and fellow podcaster, Margo's vantage point gave her a perspective that added to this genuine and inspiring interview.Margo's brought some strong questions and conversations starting with Altovise posting videos of herself jumping rope. 1. What is the jumping rope all about? Altovise: So a friend of mine, Shannaan Dawda, was doing a challenge and it was the 100-day jump rope challenge. And I am, I'm not a big jump roper. I don't even know if that's the word terminology, but I hopped in to definitely support and it wasn't too bad. I only had a few days that I was like, Okay, Siri, me and you are not getting along!Every day I had to ask Siri a number between zero and a hundred. And when she gave that number, that's how many jumps times 10. That's how many jumps I had to do for that day. So imagine I, when I got the day that she said 100. And I had to do a thousand jumps. Oh, my legs were so sore, so sore, but I loved it.See, you're a pioneer girl. I've got a few questions for you. You always look like you're having fun. And I noticed that you were committed. You really, really were committed. Which takes me on over to the #SpeakEasy. You have been hosting the speakeasy podcast for four years. Now that takes commitment. You know, the data says that people stop podcasting after episode number eight, then I read after episode number 16, then I read after episode number 20, but four years in what made you decide I'm going to podcast.2. Take us back into it, help us understand what the speakeasy is all about and how did you make it for four years,Altovise: So it started with just an idea. Um, I was just like, you know, For me as an introvert, I needed to find ways to network that worked best for me. Um, for me, one-on-one conversations are what I can handle as long as you're not calling me on a regular basis.This is comfortable. Like I create the atmosphere here as opposed to having to kind of fit into somebody else's atmosphere. That's one piece of it. And then the other piece was there are so many entrepreneurs out here in the world. Like I know we hear about Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk and Grant Cardone, but there are so many entrepreneurs who are doing five and six and seven figures in their business who have so much insight and wisdom to share.I knew what it was like for me. And my first five years of business. I wish that I had some of the people who have had on as guests to kind of pour into me within those first five years. That's, that's who I'm talking to. That's who I want to serve.Margo: I hear it all in your voice and that atmosphere that you create for your guests, it really is one full of liberty and you listen because you care. And I can imagine you have learned volumes and volumes. I mean, you probably have a master's or Ph.D. in business just from being a podcaster. Altovise: You know how they talk about the 10,000-hour role? Well, man, I'm way past the 10th rule.I not only get to interview these awesome guests, but I also get to talk to them. I gave to, you know, it messaged them, email them, and over time it's helped me grow in a couple of areas. It's helped me grow as a business owner. It's helped me grow as a speaker. It's helped me grow as a person. There are still so many things, especially in the African-American, um, arena where it's taboo to talk about... it is taboo to think about it. You know, there are still people that are in hushed tones when it comes to human trafficking and domestic violence and things of that nature. When these things are very prevalent in our society and things that we, in order for us to top to stop it, we need to talk about it.And so it's allowed me to really dig in deep and get some roots in what I'm doing with my organization and helping women, who've been through domestic violence and homelessness. Each time I talk to somebody who's been in an arena or a realm where they've come from that, and they've succeeded, I say, wow.Every time. I do an episode. Every time we sell a program, every time we sell a book through world voice league money goes towards being able to support another child that can have a greater life like that. It supports a woman being able to get out of her domestic violent relationship and it's so much bigger than what it originally started as that I'm just like, wow.3. Where did you find the grit and the gumption to approach these people and have the confidence to know that I'm going to extend this invitation?So that was a crazy experience for me because it wasn't until after maybe about the first year or so, maybe two years that I started having this boldness in asking people to be a guest on the show.I'm still pretty nervous, you know, listen, we think more than we act as introverts. And so, you know, you kind of think of every scenario. No, I can't do it because I'm waiting for aliens to arrive or any number of things. Right. I mean, it is what it is. But I just had to go for it. And it was an interesting experience, but over time, I've learned to respect people's time.In respecting people's time, put me in, a place of being able to say, I'm coming to you because there's something I really do value about you. And I know that it's going to be something of value for my clients or for my listeners or, you know, in any number of ways. I also connect with people to bring them to do special masterclasses for my free Facebook community. I have them come and do special masterclasses for my private clients. I mean, I literally tap into many different areas when it comes to connecting with people.4. You've been through some things in podcasting, life, and entrepreneur. Give some pearls of wisdom concerning time for us, pleaseAltovise: So that's interesting that you would bring that up. I value my time. It's interesting because I had to make a shift within the business, maybe about a few years back.I had to start looking at my time as a value and it came after leaving a full-time job. And, you know, they tell you how much your time is worth. Uh, it came in the midst of me being in a community where they still didn't really value your time. They wanted you to do this and be here and do this and do this and it still, wasn't a true value on your time. And I had to come to the realization that if you don't put any value on your time, then somebody else will. And that is a harsh reality because we don't know how much time we have. And so if I'm always allowing somebody else to dictate the value of my time, Then that's how we lead to the grave, being the most valuable place on earth.It's because I allowed someone else to dictate what I was going to do with my time. And I said, wow, I saw this in working with my clients and looking at them and saying, no, your time is valuable. I think we've been conditioned along the way to think that we have to abide by what somebody else tells us our time is worth.5. What are you working on next?So for me, the next big thing that I'm doing is this program with #Unmuted through World Voice Legal LLC, which is my business. We did an anthology, which is the first in the series, and it came out in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. It was Amazon's best-selling book.What we're doing is something called the un-muted box and the un-muted box is a box that we're sending out to women's organizations worldwide. It will have empowerment books, self-care items, and necessities for women to become #unmuted.
"The entrepreneurial journey is a combination of experience, education, and execution" ~ Altovise PelzerThere will always be those willing to debate the value of education over experience and vise versa. It goes further back than history has even documented. The thing we must understand in business is that no matter what form of education you receive, it is what you do with it that matters most. Becoming an information hoarder does not bring you any closer to your dreams. In fact, when we spend loads of time, energy, and money collecting information we can find ourselves with analysis paralysis. It is time to get moving and to tao into the education that will move you forward on your journey. In this episode, Dr. David shared his insight on education, experience, and opportunities that impact the lives of entrepreneurs. Dr. David's nuggets; ~ Go back and get your degree no matter how long it takes. People don't ask you how long it took. ~ Education allows you to create a new world for yourself ~ Once you educate your mind the world belongs to you~ There are various ways to educate your mind (Secondary degree, certifications, books. webinars, coaching, etc.)~ Your past does not determine how far you can go in your future~ Anything worth having is going to cost you ~ You can do anything when you make up your mind to do it"There's nothing that I could not accomplish and everything in life I knew I could receive it through an educated mind" ~ Dr. David WalkerMeet Dr. David:Dr. David M. Walker is a voice of inspiration to many, and he believes that your most significant accomplishments are within your desire to be better than what you are today. Dr. Walker is a leading voice on the topic of Leadership, Life & Transition. He is passionate about seeing others transition into new and positive seasons in their lives. His purpose is to help you discover and live out your purpose and destiny in life.Growing up in the urban community of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Walker experienced the challenges and struggles that come with living in a community of drugs and gang violence. From this experience, Dr. Walker believes that education is the agent of a successful life.Dr. Walker’s education includes a doctorate in organizational leadership and a Master of Divinity degree in theology.Dr. Walker is a professional leader. He is a former NYC school administrator. He is a former pastor, and Dr. Walker is a former NCAA Division 1 college basketball referee. Dr. Walker is married to Emeline Toni. They have three adult children: David Jr., Tameeka, and Elizabeth. His greatest joy is his grandchildren: David III and Navy
Write the vision...If you value it then write it down. If it brought you pain then write it down. Journaling is therapeutic but for many entrepreneurs, it is adding another stream of revenue. It gives us an opportunity to flush out ideas and yes even write notes of encouragement to ourselves while we are on our journey. This is so much different than the diary Brandy used in the show Moesha. This can be your lifeline to something greater. This was a highly requested topic because so many don't see the value in writing things down. They either don't write things down allowing ideas to stay in their mind with the groceries or they write down things and do not have a plan in place to go back and read the journals. Oh, I know you have notebooks collecting dust on the shelf. I do too...well at least I did before I started doing a yearly purge. In this episode with Duanna we took a deep dive into what having a journal can do for you as an entrepreneur. Duanna's nuggets: ~ Create your own prompts by asking yourself questions (About goals, family, health, finances, etc.) ~ You value certain things after you have gone through something. What are those things that you value? ~ The fight is you vs. YOU - don't get distracted by comparison ~ Instead of fighting yourself build yourself up and start fighting the things that are trying to kill your dreams.~ Make it a habit to address the misunderstandings...even when it feels uncomfortable~ When you speak things out of your mouth you are speaking to yourself and over your dreams~ Journaling is the opportunity to sit with yourself"Why not now? Ultimately, a lot of times the things that we're so scared about when it comes to this fear are things that we created in our head." ~ DuannaSometimes the story that we tell ourselves is much different than the reality we are living. As creatives, we can come up with full production in our heads of what we think may happen. Don't allow that story to lead you away from your dream. Instead, as you journal you can recreate the vision you see. Change the negative thoughts and stories into positive ones and then rehearse them. Life didn't come with a manual but through journaling, you can create one. This can be your manual and possibly the manual that someone else needs as well. Meet Duanna:I am Duanna Barnes a new author who created a series of journals. After writing in a journal for 2 years after my spouse passed, instead of tossing it, I created something out of it.Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)Facebook: Duanna BarnesInstagram: leadin_ladyd
"Opposition can be an obstacle or an decide!" ~ Altovise Pelzer Entrepreneurship will have you doing some serious soul searching. From the connections that you make to the labels that you may be wearing from your past, you find that life and business tend to merge even when you pursue your dreams. With that being said, having some key things in your tools box will give you what you need to navigate the waves. Wendell's nuggets: ~ Be true to your story ~ We are the example that our children will follow after ~ The help being provided can seem offensive to some people (It's not's them) ~ People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care ~ In the most difficult times...pray ~ What you see is not always a true visual of the whole picture~ Ask yourself, "Are you breeding your children to be disrespectful?" ~ Every seed sown will reap a harvest ~ Without accountability it is hard to do anything"I have come to understand, especially in my walk with Christ, that people are responsible for what they know." ~ Wendell Pride is one of the ways that we cause destruction to our dreams because we don't ask for help when we need it most. There is the idea that we should put on our bravest face and muster through situations but this one of the ways that the enemy defeats us. Provision is put into place for us which is what Wendell found out in his journey. He believes that the prayers of his grandmother played a huge role in his survival of jail, drugs, and life in the streets. It was the provision that he didn't know he needed but he is thankful that he did. Wendell hopes, like many parents, that the transparency he displays about his past will help steer his 11 children in the right direction. When we attempt to be silent about what we have endured, overcome, or even failed at there is a false sense of perfection that we display for those who are watching our journey. (Those that we see and those that we do not see) Be the example that you wish you makes a difference. This can be for life and business.
Meet Dr. Erica: Dr. Erica Steele DNM ND CFMP BCND is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor & Certified Functional Medicine PractitionerI always knew from an early age that I was going to be a doctor, my job in my journey and my career was to discover which type of doctor that I would become in time. At the time I had no idea that I would be a Naturopathic Doctor. My parents are both scholars, multi-degreed, and both instilled in me the desire to learn as well as think for myself. My mother was a nurse and is now a social worker, so for me, caretaking was considered common practice when helping people. She worked with a variety of patients in a variety of settings and while in school brought me to school with her to learn. As a young girl, I sat in organic chemistry classes and ran around labs learning complex structures before my maturity. I think this prepared me to be a functional medicine practitioner. This really created a deep understanding of how the body works on a cellular level. My father is in education and my stepmother was a geneticist. Again, I learned how to question things, think independently, and recognize the science to which the art of healing really took place, which prepared me to answer the clues created in functional medicine practice. Coupled with experiencing natural healthcare practices as well undergoing acupuncture, rebirthing, reiki attunements, and participating in native American spiritual work under the age of 12. All of this prepared my calling and my path to become a naturopathic doctor.As I grew up, a rebellious teen, I left my house to start my career in natural healthcare. At 16 years old, I was the youngest student in my class to complete a massage therapy program. I immediately left the program and began working gaining lots of various experiences across different facilities in natural healthcare. I worked in spas, organic spas, med spas, with chiropractors, in PT clinics, wellness centers, and massage clinics nationwide. I fell in love with the complexity of the body and my ability to help facilitate people’s healing. I continued my education, going to school for neuromuscular therapy, in addition to various other manual therapy modalities as my career in massage therapy expanded before becoming a naturopathic doctor.I then was offered an opportunity to teach in massage therapy schools, as an anatomy & physiology instructor. This experience served me on many levels, honing my skills to teach people the body as well as gaining an even deeper understanding of anatomy, and physiology. From there, I decided to continue my education, while I gained experience both owning my own business, managing other people’s businesses, and eventually completing my associate’s degree in Psychology from the university of phoenix after various start stops in traditional community colleges in Southern California. Working full-time and being a single mother proved to be challenging when in turn balancing college education but I was determined to be a naturopathic doctor. I continued to persevere and not give up on my dreams while also teaching my daughter how to have a life and work balance.about2I was at a crossroads in my education as to the direction I would take and know that I wanted to be a doctor, but still unsure of which I did more research. I studied allopathic doctors, such as MDs, and the like. Although I appreciated their philosophies it did not resonate with me, and what I felt G-Ds calling was from me. I further explored being a holistic doctor including chiropractic, osteopathy, and naturopathy, especially since I worked with many of them throughout the years. Although I appreciated chiropractic care, I did not see myself as a chiropractor especially since I had already done manual therapy for so many years. Being an Osteopath disheartened me since they had abandoned much of their holistic practices to merge with the allopathic trends. When I further uncovered being a naturopathic doctor, it really resonated with me, but what made me hesitant was the lack of credibility it had in the medical community. Functional Medicine quenched my thirst by biochemistry and understanding on a detailed level how the body works. My deepest desire was to bring forth the science combined with the art of healing. I saw that this was a perfect blend in healthcare, just hoped that people would understand and respect why I would take this path. Especially since there were so few credible naturopathic doctors at the time, and so much overall miseducation as well as fear.I continued my education gaining a Bachelors in Natural Healthcare Sciences, yet still wavered on which direction I would take with my doctoral training. I was passionate and loved the practice of naturopathy, yet still was concerned that it would be an uphill battle politically, and socially. Naturopathic Doctors are not recognized, and the ones that are intended to be considered primary care physicians. Fundamentally, I believe that we are not primary care physicians, nor do I want to be a primary care doctor. I also choose not to prescribe medications or have an interest in performing surgeries. I also believe that we are not adequately trained to diagnose and manage pathologies, nor do I believe that is our place in healthcare. I greatly respect and work integratively with all doctors, respecting and deeply understanding our place in medicine, healing, and healthcare. I thoroughly believe in all the nature doctors before me, interesting my patients in aspects of their human frame, lifestyle, and health behaviors. I believe that our jobs are to motivate, inspire, and empower our patients to live healthier lives and not to diagnose and manage diseases using collections of symptoms. As I saw more and more of the new breed of naturopathic doctor that came into the scene wanting to replace allopathic doctors, merge with, or be considered them I began to generate more of my urge to pursue traditional naturopathy. I also saw that a traditional naturopathic doctor became no more than the herb or supplement salespeople, not running appropriate labs to understand the human condition with little to no conversation about diets if, as well as limited scientific education. This truly drove me over the edge and allowed me to finally make my decision to become a traditional naturopath with deep biochemical and laboratory diagnostic training. This is why I added the functional medicine component to my training to help me deeply understand the biochemical component of the person.I researched and found a traditional naturopathic school that emphasized laboratory sciences and functional medicine. I completed my Doctorate in Natural Medicine first and then my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the University of Natural Medicine, which had an emphasis in laboratory diagnostics. I overlapped my education with a Certification in Functional Medicine from Functional Medicine University; which in all was a total of 12 years of study in natural healthcare sciences.Falling in love with homeopathy and understanding many diseases end in the physical body, not beginning, and that disease is really dis-ease generated from mental, emotional, psychosocial, as well as spiritual manifestations led me to study more in human behavior in which I completed a 500-hour Clinical Hypnotherapy training, in addition to Handwriting analysis to further understand the subconscious and conscious mind behaviors. Most recently, I completed a second Bachelors in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University and am currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health Education with an emphasis in Complementary and Alternative Medicine to further understand the political environment and public healthcare policies already established within our field. I am continuing an additional subspecialty in Integrative Medicine to create more of a bridge between naturopathic and allopathic medicine while looking forward to continuing to a Ph.D. in Mindbody Medicine. Ultimately, I am a lifelong learner and am on a mission to help others reclaim their health using the healing power of nature finding the causes of their imbalances in health instead of just addressing the symptoms. I have committed my life to this practice and am building a practice that can not only stand the test of time, yet also facilitate healing in millions of families across the globe. I am truly passionate about my mission and vision to help families live naturally as a naturopathic doctor
If you don't see the creativity that it takes to be in business then you must have your eyes closed. Think back to the Chia Pets, which is still around, and look at the creativity it took to not only come up with that but to launch it too. This is why we see so many entrepreneurs take on other things like writing books or creating merch. The creativity does not turn off...or at least we hope that it doesn't. Joey was a guest on the #SpeakEasy Podcast with over 30 years of writing experience and some insight into what the creative process looks like. That included some tips on using it to be successful. Joey's nuggets: ~ No matter what industry you are in, there will be a time when you have to hit the reset button (and that is okay) ~ Find the balance between extreme focus and willingness to fail ~ Getting feedback is important to the creative process~ Don't be scared to cut some things out (Sometimes less is more) ~ There is value in having other creatives around you Being able to give the best book, merch, course, or even speech is directly connected to some of the key things Joey shared in this episode. That creativity is valuable so it is important to protect it. Know when the advice that is being shared is not for you and be okay with being vocal about that. "No" is a complete sentence! Joey even shared his experience with producing the award-winning independent film "Among Kings" with his brother in law. He was transparent about the shifts that he had to make after years of being on one journey that opened up more opportunities for their story. How are you using your creativity when it comes to your business? Come join the conversation Joey:Joey O'Connor is an award-winning author of 21 books and screenplays. He is the founder of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media, a Southern California non-profit arts organization. He is also the co-founder of the Congo Reform Association. Joey lives and works in San Clements, California.Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)http://www.joeyoconnor.orghttp://www.congoreformassociation.org
"Success will not come tomorrow unless you start today" Things have taken a life of their own during the last year but it has not halted the opportunity for creativity and success. There were many businesses that opened their doors for the first time during the pandemic. History has also shown that in times when things seem overwhelming or bleak that some of the greatest companies were birthed. That is a good word for it...birthed! What will you birth in this season? Jaye shared some key things that will help you to be able to not only get started but to stay consistent as we navigate through a new normal in the entrepreneurial industry. Things like having a village are not new terms to many but life circumstances have detoured us away from that simple way of creating and leveraging relationships in business. Jaye's nuggets: ~ When you have an idea it may take some time before you are in the position to birth that idea~ Support is important during every stage and process of building your business ~ Don't despise small beginnings. ~ Your village will include people that you meet along the way (Cultivate those relationships) ~ Be open - it allows people to share things with you that can help you to grow in life and business~ It takes courage to show up - applaud yourself for being courageous When you decide that having a village is valuable for you in life and in business you protect it. This can be a double-edged sword at times because the fear of bringing other people into your village may bring up past circumstances where the results were not the best. Don't allow that to hinder you! Continue to create new connections because as we have seen before, you never know who you may be sitting next to or standing next to. Jaye's story is one that will inspire you when it comes to taking that first step. DO IT! I do have a question for you tho. Are you consistently building and cultivating your village? Come join the conversation Meet Jaye:As a serial entrepreneur, Jaye has combined her experiences in motherhood with her background in healthcare as a community health nurse to build the blueprint for her company, Melanated Moms. Jaye’s work has created an authentic safe space for moms and women across the Melanated Spectrum to Find Their Roars and use their voices as advocates for themselves and their children. In 3 years, Jaye has grown Melanated Moms into a globally-recognized advocacy network for women who once felt invisible. She continues her work with her 2 daughters, Nadiyah & Ava by her side to show them the legacy being built starts with them.Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)@melinatedmoms (facebook, instagram, twitter)Jaye Wilson (LinkedIn)
How we are not only going to survive but THRIVE!Are you searching for answers surrounding media in Life after Covid?Today, Denise shares ideas on how to capture your audience using media with a twist. She shares how media is going to be different after everything gets back to "normal". We are finding new ways to engage with people online. She shares one of the best ways to build a list and connect with those on your list. Stay in front of your regular customers and begin to get new followers or customers. This is the perfect time to start something new. Are you wanting to get out there and go "Big Time"? Do not be afraid to reach out to radio and TV broadcasters, but you need to do it right. Find out the secrets to getting onto a show or radio program to tell your story. Know your audience and what your product or service will do for the listeners. A great insider tip from Denise: If you start recording a vlog or podcast, record them 2 months out. That way you can be more relaxed about getting everything out and can really connect with your customers. Such an encouraging podcast to help you move through this time and come out on the other side shining bright. Keep your momentum. Find a new pace, but stick with it in order to engage your audience on a whole new level. We are only 3 degrees of separation from the people we really want to connect with. You may never realize who is listening to you if you never reach out to the ones who are on your mind.One last tip: Plan out your marketing. Start now. Don't wait!Meet Denise: Denise Turney ( is a novelist, public speaker, and professional corporate writer. She brings more than 30 books, newspapers, magazines, radio, and business speaking and writing to a project. Denise Turney is the editor of The Book Lover's Haven and host of the literary radio show, Off The Shelf Books, Talk Radio. She has been listed in various entertainment and business directories, including industry leaders such as Who’s Who, 100 Most Admired African American Women, and Crosswalk. Her works have appeared in Parade, Essence, Ebony, Madame Noire, We The People, The Trenton Times, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, and Obsidian II. Denise Turney is the author of the books Portia, Love Has Many Faces, Spiral, Long Walk-Up, Rosetta The Talent Show Queen, Love Pour Over Me, Awaken Blessings of Inner Love, and Running Toward Freedom.Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)Facebook - Denise TurneyTwitter - DTWritersInstagram - Writer Denise Turney
He shares his personal struggles throughout 2020 and how he maintained staying positive through his journey. How to stay positive: 1.remain optimistic2.stay grounded3.meditationKeep striving for greatness and towards what we want our life to look like. It is also important to have good support people to keep you focused on the big picture and keep you accountable. We glean insight and inspiration from watching others. We should push through no matter what happens. Men also need help to overcome challenges as well. Do not be afraid to seek the help you need. Connect with those who are going to help you reach your goals. What does Life after Covid look like: Building my brand, classes, and programs including women, children as well as men. You can find and connect with Aaron at: email- aaronnobles84@Gmail.comYouTube- Aaron NoblesFacebook- Aaron T NoblesIG- iam_at84Meet Aaron: My name is Aaron Nobles and I am a personal development coach. I help people regain control over their lives. No matter if it through becoming more mentally aware of the cycles that have them "running on a treadmill", setting goals, or even fitness plateaus. I am able to help them elevate to the next level and beyond. I have written an e-book called (claiming your calm) this book is a 30-day meditation and journaling book.Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)Facebook (Aaron T. Nobles)YouTube (Aaron Nobles)Instagram (@iam_atn84)
Has 2020 shifted your opportunity for a "Big Ask"? It may seem like an easy question to answer but there are some key factors at play that you may not have anticipated. 2 times Emmy award-winner Mario Armstrong joined me in this episode to shed some light on what it looks like to create and execute a Big Ask for your business. Do you find that any of these questions resonate with you? ~ How do I craft a Big Ask?~ How do I get a yes when I ask? ~ What is the process that I need to implement when I get a no? ~ Can my Big Ask get bigger? Success is truly in the eye of the beholder. It will shift as you develop a Bigger Ask and Mario shared a Big Ask in this episode that he did with Spike Lee in a room full of strangers. His three ask formula gave him what he needed to show Spike that he valued his time, did his research, and wanted an opportunity to work with him. (I mean, don't we all have that one person that we wish we could work within our industry?) Take a moment and think about who that person may be for you. Mario dropped delivered gems all throughout this episode, including what kind of sponsors he likes to connect with and how he uses tangible affirmations in connection with the projects he wants to complete. Who knew that sneakers could motivate you to do more than playing a sport or getting healthy? 2020 was not the ideal year for some but it brought some lessons that can help you make 2021 a phenomenal year. Take the time to filter through the negative self-talk, switch up your circle, and take action by doing your own Big Ask. Dive in with both feet unapologetically and start focusing on what you want to see happen. Come join the conversation Mario:Mario Armstrong: Motivating people around the world to Never Settle— Inspire the human spirit— Teach lessons that matter— Uncover new perspectivesYou’ve probably seen Mario on TV as a two time Emmy Award-winning talk show host and Digital Lifestyle Expert® on NBC’s TODAY Show, CNN, NPR, and more. Or you’ve watched him on Steve Harvey, Inside Edition, Dr. Oz, FUSE, and other popular talk shows and news programs.​Mario is also the host of the Emmy winning Never Settle Show, a web television series that provides the advice and tools to help you hustle mindfully to pursue your passions.Mario focuses on positivity, motivation, and tactical advice to inspire people to take action pursuing their personal and professional goals, dreams, and passions. He is an entrepreneur, brand influencer, and a public speaker listed with Daymond John’s Shark Group Speaking Division. His new daily podcast, entitled Wake Up and Level Up, kickstarts your day in under 5 minutes with a jolt of inspiration, advice, and personal growth formulas. The podcast recently became a Top 200 podcast on the iTunes Self-Help charts and is in the top 10% of all podcasts around the countryWhew. When he’s not playing host, contributor, and expert, he’s living a balanced life, playing husband and father, devouring sushi, meditating, adding to his metal lunchbox collection, and taking his “sneakerhead” status to borderline obsessive levels. (Seriously, you wouldn’t believe this guy’s closet.)While Mario is the face, the fun, the fashion, and the force that everyone gets to see and enjoy, Mario Armstrong is hardly a one-man show. Mario comes with an entire team of strategists, researchers, producers, idea generators, and content creators all working hard (and playing hard!) behind the scenes, making great things happen. Every day. Mario Armstrong is many different things: TV host, media personality, motivational speaker, public servant, and social entrepreneur.
Author and filmmaker. She unmutes Voices that have been quiet for so long. Book- You Go Girl Film- A Silent Enemy is a documentary about survivors of domestic violence. What happens in the homestays in the home. We were taught not to speak about things that may embarrass our families. When we do that, we are perpetuating the cycle and allowing it to continue. Women who were survivors of domestic violence and abuse were drawn to her because of her book. After so many came to her, she decided to make a documentary about domestic violence. How do you move from "I can't do anything" to "I must do something"? 1) Take the energy that makes you want to help and transfer it into something that will make a difference for someone. She shared her idea and people started to put her in contact with others who could help her with the project. Then, she asked for funding for the project even at a time that she thought people had no money to help. 2) If you have an idea, go ahead and start working on it because you do not know who is waiting to help you build your dream. You can find Chandra and connect with her: Her book is available on Amazon & Barnes and Noble. IG: Chandra B PayneFacebook: Chandra Broadnax PayneA silent enemy on Facebook as well as Instagram. www.asilentenemy.comMeet Chandra: Born in Brooklyn, NY Chandra Broadnax-Payne is an Author & Filmmaker. Her debut book YouGo Girl, 25 Ways to Step into Your Greatness is a self-help book for women. It is a book thatstems from Chandra’s own struggles. In it, she shares her insights and the tools she used toreclaim her life and step into her greatness.Her documentary “A Silent Enemy” will premiere in Richmond, VA on October 17, 2020. It is aa documentary about Domestic Violence in the Black Community & the silence thatperpetuates it.Several years ago, she made a promise to God to help other women live happier morefulfilling lives. She does just that with her books and films which encourage others to be thebest versions of themselves, to stop playing small, and to honor themselves.Just a few years ago Chandra made a very difficult decision to leave Corporate America andlive out her passion. She now shares her inspiring story as a published writer andfilmmaker, empowering women to embrace their inner greatness. Chandra resides inRichmond VA with her husband. When she’s not writing she enjoys doing Yoga, Pilates,practicing meditation, and spending time in nature
THE Elaine Forbes Daisley- Virtual Accountant - Shares with us how to eliminate the frustration of bookkeeping and learn to make useful financial decisions. #1 thing is you must know your numbers3 Questions you must be able to answer: 1.How much are you making?2.How much profit from that money?3.How much you must sell in order to make a profit? "If you do not know your numbers, you are not in business- you are in a hobby" What about investing in your business? The problem with investing is that people do not know how to track the investment. Ask yourself if it is really making you money. If it is, what is the return on the investment?Get into the habit of knowing your numbers. - see exactly where you are- marketing budget should be about 10% of revenue- make sure you are investing in the right areasBook recommendation: Profit First It sheds a different light on how to run your business. #2 Do not get caught Co-minglingUsing business funds for personal expenses is a big NO. Because most small business owners do not know their numbers, they do not pay themselves and thus end up using business money for personal expenses. #3 Every business needs to do a financial statement every month. It will help you see what you have, balance assets and income. Connect with Elaine Daisley: FB: Elaine Daisley FB group: Create Financial SolutionsIG: The Elaine ForbesTwitter: Elaine ForbesLinked in: Elaine DaisleyGet her workbook: Financial Planning Made Easy. A business building workbook or sign up for her QuickBooks online course.Meet Elaine: Elaine Forbes is an Accountant, Author, Self-Publisher, and Business Development Strategies. She helps business owners and entrepreneurs eliminate the frustration of managing finances by creating simple financial solutions that help to grow, scale, and profit.As a financial professional with over 35 years’ experience, Elaine helps her customer to understand that knowing the numbers and having healthy finances impacts not only business but the ability to provide for the family and the future. She provides several business services which include, business developing coaching, QuickBooks Setup, Cleanup and Training, and Virtual Bookkeeping Services.Elaine holds a Bachelor in Public Accounting, Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors, and several licenses in the Financial Services Industry.Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
The mindset of being dynamic. Lady Victoria with 13 years in Healthcare is now a Life Success Coach. She had to pivot in her own career and life. Take your passion and/ or your purpose and create those phenomenal results that we want to see in our lives and finances. When it comes to change there are 3 types of people: 1.Somebody else will make something happen2.I hope it will just happen. 3.Movers and shakers who make it happen. They are the change-makers. They are redefining success.Redefining success does not mean to scrap everything. It does mean to re-launch, re-brand, and restructure. It means to make the wheel turn more effectively. Today, the persons who will be most successful will be the collaborators. Those who connect with others and bring about empowerment and change. These are the Eagles of today. Eagles are the leaders in the field. Eagles will use the shift to soar and to win. They look closer at time management, revenue-creating activities, and self-care. Take a moment to reflect on and improve in the following areas: - Celebrating others- Re-evaluate the value of certain relationships- Establish boundaries to increase productivityLearn to say NO. Learn to delegate. Learn your strengths and weaknesses. Tap into those who can help you build your weaknesses. It is very important to evaluate who you work with. Refer those less than perfect fits to others. Learn to pass up the immediate for the bigger picture. Become strategic in your ways and live in an abundance mindset. Come join the conversation by going to
Our Power of Why statement will be the driving force of our success or our failure. You will and must have something that pushes you to move when things get tough. It also sets a foundation for how you determine your value in three main areas. Time Energy FinancesMany of the people who have become successful will have a "Power of Why" story that made them go for the opportunity one more time. There is a higher level of creativity achieved when you are determined to win. That being said, a why that lacks deep roots will surely be carried away during your entrepreneurial journey. This Power of Why series captures the candid responses from several coauthors of the Power of Why Volume 2 anthology. These entrepreneurs are from different ends of the earth with varying levels of experience that extend over 30 years. It is time for you to experience something greater through the eyes of women and men who are at the level where you are trying to go. Join the co-authors: valuable lesson I learned in business was to make things clear because a confused mind will not buy. Even recently, I have seen that there are entrepreneurs that do not have clarity in their business. You should be able to:Cleary say what you doClearly say what you offer Clearly say who you serve Clearly state your boundaries This is the shortlist but that clarity will help you to have a better customer journey and peace of mind. Without that clarity, you will find yourself swaying back and forth with each client. This is NOT the place where you want to be as an entrepreneur. EVER! In this episode, we spoke to Grace about her journey and how her why made her gain some clarity in her business. Grace's nuggets: ~ Focus is important and without it, the background will drown out what you want to focus on~ Have people around you that push you to come outside your comfort zone ~ A gratifying part of the process is seeing the completed project - don't quit ~ Think outside the box and find how you can face change instead of fearing it~ "Not anybody could be a photographer by just taking a snapshot, but anybody can be an artist" ~ Grace I think we have seen evidence over time that no matter what resources you can create art Being able to adapt and adjust gives you a different perspective on your gifts and talents. It strengthens you and that strength can carry you through the tougher moments in your journey. Do you know what you have to offer? Have you clearly evaluated your strengths? Come join the conversation by going to Meet Grace: Grace Pamela is the owner and founder of Summerana, named after her two daughters, Summer, and Liliana. Her photography academy and magazine is home to more than 30 instructors from around the world who all come together to teach everything from shooting to editing and beyond.Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
Our Power of Why statement will be the driving force of our success or our failure. You will and must have something that pushes you to move when things get tough. It also sets a foundation for how you determine your value in three main areas. Time Energy FinancesMany of the people who have become successful will have a "Power of Why" story that made them go for the opportunity one more time. There is a higher level of creativity achieved when you are determined to win. That being said, a why that lacks deep roots will surely be carried away during your entrepreneurial journey. This Power of Why series captures the candid responses from several coauthors of the Power of Why Volume 2 anthology. These entrepreneurs are from different ends of the earth with varying levels of experience that extend over 30 years. It is time for you to experience something greater through the eyes of women and men who are at the level where you are trying to go. Join the co-authors: does it look like to your client or customer? This is a question that could shift things for you in business but it is not a question that most entrepreneurs ask regularly. Yes, we make sure that there are great graphics, and yes we make sure that we show up online flawlessly but what does the flow actually look like for the people who will be paying you. The funnel system is one that deserves it's own certification process as you look at the details of what makes everything flow. Oh, and everything has to flow! Certain programs and apps will present you with a funnel system that is easy to setup. Others make you feel like you need a Ph.D. to get it running properly. Ultimately you NEED a funnel system and in today's episode, Funmi shared how having a funnel fits into your why.Funmi's nuggets: ~ When you to clarify your brand and activate that online business so that you can make money while you are sleeping~ Let's be honest when it comes to starting the business, we want to make money but in the first few years, we don't~ This journey requires commitment ~ Think of your funnel the same way you think of building a relationship/friendship ~ Real networking is about building a relationship~ Everything will not always be in place for a perfect launchA huge win in entrepreneurship is you build an email list. That list can be your community, that list can be your support, and within that list are the people who want to buy your products and services. Many entrepreneurs say that they wish that they would have started building an email list earlier on. Are you building your list? If not, what is holding you back from creating the funnels that will help you succeed? Meet Funmi: Olufunmi Olutile is a digital C.E.O using her skills and training to help other business owners clarify their brand, design their visuals, and Activate their business.She moved her business fully online in 2018 and settled with the Kajabi hosting platform to deliver her products and services.Now a Kajabi expert, she offers a wide range of products and services from coaching services to building lead magnets, sales pages, online course creation, and membership sites.After overcoming the difficulties associated with starting a successful online business, Olufunmi now helps other people who are struggling to achieve the same success.To contact Olufunmi Olutile, please email or go to www.hearthustle.bizSocial Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)Facebook-
Our Power of Why statement will be the driving force of our success or our failure. You will and must have something that pushes you to move when things get tough. It also sets a foundation for how you determine your value in three main areas. Time Energy FinancesMany of the people who have become successful will have a "Power of Why" story that made them go for the opportunity one more time. There is a higher level of creativity achieved when you are determined to win. That being said, a why that lacks deep roots will surely be carried away during your entrepreneurial journey. This Power of Why series captures the candid responses from several coauthors of the Power of Why Volume 2 anthology. These entrepreneurs are from different ends of the earth with varying levels of experience that extend over 30 years. It is time for you to experience something greater through the eyes of women and men who are at the level where you are trying to go. Join the co-authors: a global presence has taken on a whole new meaning through the pandemic. The seven degrees of separation quickly dropped to one or two degrees. The connections you were once dreaming about are within a room on Clubhouse or are in a zoom meeting room that you registered to attend. The world has opened up and became your playground again. So, what are you going to do about it? Marina's nuggets: ~ If you work strategically working on your personal brand a shift can happen unexpectedly ~ You must be wise when it comes to your personal brand~ When you are locally known that is stage one ~ Elevation can happen across the board - (higher caliber of clients, higher prices & better collaborations) ~ Don't get discouraged with low engagement in the beginning ~ Use the skills that you have learned from life experiences and your job to make your brand more visible ~ Choose one thing to focus on as an expert and it will draw potential clients to you ~ ALWAYS deliver value to your clients Delivery is the name of the game when it comes to entrepreneurship. Are you able to deliver results?Do you have a flawless delivery system? Where are you delivering to? (Email, social media, DM, etc.) When you have a clear delivery system it takes the weight off of your shoulders. Customers want results and an easy way to pay you for those results. These are two of the things that people miss out on when they get started in their business. Marina shared some powerful examples from her personal journey in entrepreneurship. Meet Marina:An ICF ACC business coach, personal branding, and visibility strategist, Marina Vishnyakova Nazarenko helps experts, and entrepreneurs grow their business and visibility using the power of their personal brand. Marina is also an expert speaker at different international online and offline events, including ICF Converge-19 and ICF Business Development Series 2020.Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)LinkedIn:
Introverts are taking over the world!!! Don't believe me? Well, if you look at the top billionaires and millionaires you will see introverts making bold steps towards success. Don't stop there tho, in many spaces of entrepreneurship we are finding that introverts are making deliberate and strategic moves that are putting them in a position to win. If you are an can and will win too! This episode is the one that will set fire to you goals and the actions you take to get there. It requires you to listen with intentionIt requires you to take action It requires you to be consistent Nick's nuggets: ~ It's okay to be really it is okay~ Accept that there are advantages to being an introvert ~ You don't need to become extroverted to be successful! ~ Introverts tend to have a wider view of their surroundings (They survey the room) ~ The fact that you analyze things give you a stronger foundation when you speak~ Introverts tend to focus on having deliberate relationshipsUnderstanding your strengths will be one of the most valuable things that you start to understand as an introvert. It gives you a strong foundation to be able to build a business on. It can ultimately be the difference between having a business that does good and one that excels. Meet Nick:Nick Shelton, the bestselling author of “An Introvert’s Guide to World Domination”, has been fine-tuning the craft of effective, high-level social strategy and networking for twenty years. Beginning with his time in the United States Air Force, Nick learned skills that were indispensable to his journey. Coupled with extensive research and fifteen years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Nick finally cracked the code and developed tools that gave him the confidence to flourish in social situations. Nick has successfully built a strong, international network of friends, colleagues, and associates and continues to teach introverts how to upgrade their lives and lifestyles and navigate social events with ease.Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
Our Power of Why statement will be the driving force of our success or our failure. You will and must have something that pushes you to move when things get tough. It also sets a foundation for how you determine your value in three main areas. Time Energy FinancesMany of the people who have become successful will have a "Power of Why" story that made them go for the opportunity one more time. There is a higher level of creativity achieved when you are determined to win. That being said, a why that lacks deep roots will surely be carried away during your entrepreneurial journey. This Power of Why series captures the candid responses from several coauthors of the Power of Why Volume 2 anthology. These entrepreneurs are from different ends of the earth with varying levels of experience that extend over 30 years. It is time for you to experience something greater through the eyes of women and men who are at the level where you are trying to go. Join the co-authors:'s nuggets: ~ You know things that others will pay for ~ You CAN impact lives~ Serve a greater community with what you have and know ~ Change your perspective in order to move your needle forward ~ Make it a habit of writing things down~ Create clarity in your message When it comes to using your why to fuel you there is always a moment when you pivot. There is a requirement to change...change your mindset, change your habits, and even change your actions. That change will spark something for you as you walk in your purpose. There is nothing more satisfying than getting to the top of the mountain. ~ Glory What you do with the time you currently have will impact the time that you will have later. It opens opportunities and creates a clear strategy even when things don't seem clear. Taking courses Reading books Talking to people Collaborating These are just a few of the tools in your arsenal that will move you forward. How do you use them? Have you noticed a shift in these areas?Come join the conversation at Meet Glory:Glory St. Germain ARCT RMT MYCC UMTC is the Founder, CEO, and author of the Ultimate Music Theory Series with Over 50 books to her credit – she is the music theory expert! Glory brings over 35 years of remarkably successful teaching experience to the development of the Ultimate Music Theory Program, Ultimate Music Teachers Membership, and Online Courses, including her Signature Course the UMTC Elite Educator Program. Glory is a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) which she incorporates into her teacher training. She has served as President for many Music Teachers organizations and associations. Glory's passion for teaching excellence sets a new standard of achievement in Music Theory Education in producing continuous training through her Online Courses, Membership for Ultimate Music Teachers, and Exclusive Elite Educator training to help teachers Elevate their Income, Impact their Teaching and Grow their Expert Music Teaching Business.Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
This is your official mental health check. After enduring all that last year had to offer, it is important to do a temperature check on your mind and mental health. As many others are working on vision boards and smart goals they often miss the importance of a positive and healthy mind. Your mind could be your springboard or your stumbling block to your goals. Sometimes you need to create a plan to reach your personal happy place. It's time to flip the switch on putting an "X" on the discussion about mental health and depression. It is time for a reset to your nervous system. Today's guest, Vivienne, filled the gap when it comes to mental health. She saw a missing piece when it came to the average person's better understanding and manageability of their mental health. It's time to change what you think about! ~ Vivienne Vivienne's nuggets:~ When you feel that something is off you need to challenge those thoughts. ~ Determine what is at the root of the feelings or mindset that you currently have. ~ Audio is a powerful tool to reset your mind ~ When trying to battle anxiety take deep breaths and focus on where you currently are~ Pretending to be okay does not serve you or anyone else well ~ Don't allow shame and unrealistic expectations to hinder you ~ Giving your body time to recover after trauma is important One of the major shifts in how we look at anxiety is the fact that anxiety is good. Vivienne even mentioned making friends with your anxiety in order to be able to take control over it. It does not come from nowhere, it is a build up of stress that is not taken care of in a healthy manner. The effects of mental health on the entrepreneurial journey can shift you into overdrive or bring your business to a complete hault. Knowing how to engage with clients, your team, co-workers, competition, and even those within your network can be influenced by your mental health. People often say that we need to take the emotion out of business but when we think about how business is conducted emotion is threaded throughout the whole strategy. From marketing to networking, we bring our emotions (or lack of emotional connection) with us. Now is the best time for you to do a mental health check because it will affect the success you want to achieve. When was the last time that you have done a mental health check when it comes to your business or job? Come join the conversation: Vivienne:I am a therapist, author, and coach whose mission is to try and get the latest up-to-date information out there on anxiety and trauma so that therapy and treatment can be more effective. I was a teacher trainer for many years working in different countries and needed to reduce my own stress and anxiety levels and wanted to move away from quick fixes and spent time studying the nervous system and the brain to really understand how I could take back control of my own thoughts and sensations so that I could make friends with my body instead of fighting with it.In addition to my new book on anxiety, I have two free e-books that can be downloaded from my website (no email is required) one is on depression and the other is on PTSD. Both look at the most up-to-date information on common symptoms to help people better understand what they are feeling in order to help them take a more active role in their recovery. The free e-books are currently being used in a few local GP surgeries and charities.Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
Our Power of Why statement will be the driving force of our success or our failure. You will and must have something that pushes you to move when things get tough. It also sets a foundation for how you determine your value in three main areas. Time Energy FinancesMany of the people who have become successful will have a "Power of Why" story that made them go for the opportunity one more time. There is a higher level of creativity achieved when you are determined to win. That being said, a why that lacks deep roots will surely be carried away during your entrepreneurial journey. This Power of Why series captures the candid responses from several coauthors of the Power of Why Volume 2 anthology. These entrepreneurs are from different ends of the earth with varying levels of experience that extend over 30 years. It is time for you to experience something greater through the eyes of women and men who are at the level where you are trying to go. Join the co-authors: impact can be made even when you can't physically be in the room. That statement completely took people by surprise over the last year. The digital space became a hotspot for employees, event coordinators, therapists, and even educators. Some were ready while others were not prepared. Many Authors were more prepared than they realized. "It doesn't matter what goes wrong. It's how you deal with it that's the issue." ~ WendyWendy's nuggets:~ Take inventory of what you are accomplishing (Don't overlook your wins) ~ Focus on what you can do to help someone else ~ Marketing works better with a community ~ There is no need to fear collaborating with others in your industry ~ Start with the goal of impacting one personThere comes a moment when you understand that your experiences were not just for you. Your story...your message is meant to be a guide for someone else. How do we transition from that feeling or that moment to put the experience in a book or a course. While that will be different for each individual journey but it starts with the heart to serve. Think about what you want your story to do for someone else. How do you want it to be used? Where do you see it as being a benefit in someone's journey? This is your why and it will lead you to write things out that will impact many lives. So, are you ready to tell your story? Come join the conversation by going to Wendy:Wendy H. Jones is the best-selling, award-winning author of the Detective Inspector Shona McKenzie Mysteries, Cass Claymore Investigates Mysteries, Fergus and Flora Mysteries, Bertie the Buffalo Picture Books, and the Writing Matters series of non-fiction books for writers. She is also a writing and marketing coach, runs the Writing Matters Online School of author courses, host of The Writing and Marketing Show Podcast, and President of The Scottish Association of Writers.Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)https://www.wendyhjones.com
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