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The Sports Coaching Podcast with Sam Holmshaw

Author: Samuel Holmshaw

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In the Sports Coaching podcast, I invite coaches from various sports, contexts and backgrounds as guests to join me in exploring and discussing a wide variety of topics within the world of Sports Coaching.
65 Episodes
And a big welcome back! Its been just under year but The Sports Coaching Podcast is back again. Thanks to all those that have got in touch in our time away - we are very happy to be here releasing fantastic conversations once again. In this episode host Sam Holmshaw is joined by Fran Constancio (UEFA pro licence coach, YDP Lead (14-16s) & Assistant PDP (18s) at MK Dons Football club, formerly YDP Academy coach and Football & Education programme lead at Northampton Town Football club). Sam sat down with Fran back in July of 2022 to discuss the topic "Developing a long-term curriculum around the four phases of the football/ soccer game". In Segment 1 Fran talks us through the four phases of the football game (commonly known as attack, defence and the two transitional phases), why coaches choose to create/plan they're curriculum around these phases and discuss the potential benefits to players. In Segment 2 both Fran and Sam explain how coaches can begin to utilise working from the four phases in their coaching practice alongside creating principles for a game model. Finally some implications for coaching practice are discussed. A big thank you to Fran for jumping onto the podcast!
In the latest episode of The Sports Coaching Podcast host Sam Holmshaw is joined by Millie Chandarana (Blackburn Rovers WFC player, Mad Mentoring, The Beautiful mind game). In this episode, the guys talk about how coaches can facilitate the development of a positive athlete mindset. Millie talks us through mindset and how a healthy/postive mindset can benefit athletes in both sports performances and everyday life in General. Millie shares her playing experiences and how her own development of a positive mindset has impacted her progression as a football player/ in everyday life and to set up her own business focusing on physical and mindset development. Sam shares his experiences of fostering a positive mindset in athletes and why coaches should look to develop healthy mindsets with their players. GET 20% OFF @MANSCAPED + FREE SHIPPING WITH PROMO CODE SCPOD AT http://MANSCAPED.COM! #AD #MANSCAPEDPOD
In the latest episode of The Sports Coaching Podcast - Sam Holmshaw is joined by Ed Gibbins (co-founder and product lead at Rewire Fitness). In this episode the chaps discuss the topic "Do athletes spend enough time training their minds?". Topics such as cognitive fatigue, the perception of fatigue, mental readiness, and psyiological and psychological wellbeing are all discussed within this episode. A great listen for any coaches that are new into the subject area of sports science. Thanks so much to Ed for jumping on the podcast, you can find Rewire fitness at GET 20% OFF @MANSCAPED + FREE SHIPPING WITH PROMO CODE SCPOD AT http://MANSCAPED.COM! #AD #MANSCAPEDPOD Check out the pod at P.S - Apologies for any issues with sound quality - we had a few technical issues with the edit that delayed this episodes release!
In the latest episode of The Sports Coaching Podcast, Host Sam Holmshaw is Joined by Lauren Ammon (Athlete mindset coach - Cincinnati, Ohio, United States). In this episode Sam & Lauren discuss "How to create a culture for both coaches and athletes". Lauren shares her definition of culture, its importance in sports performance and so much more in this fantastic episode.  You can find Lauren Ammon at Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SCPOD at!
In the latest episode of The Sports Coaching Podcast, Sam speaks with the one and only Rhys Desmond - CEO of the In this episode today, the chaps discuss the topic of 'Developing a tactical and analytical understanding of the game as a coach'. In segment 1, Rhys discusses how a coach can gain develop a tactical understanding, with both Sam and Rhys sharing their personal experiences in developing their knowledge of the game. In segment 2 the chaps discuss the various ways they have both developed an analytical understanding of the football game. And finally, Rhys gives tips and advice for coaches in any sport on how they can develop their tactical and analytical understanding of the game. Big thanks to Rhys for jumping not the podcast as a guest, you can find Rhys and all his wonderful work at
In the latest episode of The Sports Coaching Podcast, Sam speaks with Patrick Touhey (president at Elite Performance Too – E, LLC. former high school basketball head coach and college assistant coach. In this Episode today Coach Touhey talks about turning individualism into inclusion with team sports. Patrick shares his insight into the importance of developing team bonding and its powerful impact on team cohesion and subsequent performance. Finally Coach Touhey provides advice on how we can help our athletes and teams reach there fullest potential
In this special episode of the The Sports Coaching Podcast we collaborate with Friday night counter attack host Hamzah Khohwadia. Hamza is a student at the UCFB university in Manchester, and an academy scout at Walsall Football Club. Hamza has just started his coaching journey at local grassroots club Unity FC. In this episode, we discuss 'coaching at my best' where Hamza takes us through the first few months of his journey as a grassroots football coach. Sam analyses Hamza's coaching practice, from his most effective moments in practice, to his biggest challenges and reflections made so far. Finally, the chaps share advice and tips for novice/first time and beginner coaches starting their journey. A different spin to our usual format, but this episode is well worth a listen to any newbies to the coaching world. 
Welcome back - we apologise for the delay over the last 3 months but we are so happy to be back with this brand new episode. In Episode 4, we welcome Tim Hall onto the Podcast (Athlete Mindset and Breathwork Coach). Tim first gives an insight into breath-work and its impact on athletic performance. In segment 3 we then move onto discussing mentality training, and how this can benefit athletes/players. Finally Tim shares his tips and advice for implementing strategies with your team or athletes within your coaching context.  Thanks so much to Tim for coming onto the podcast - you can find Tim on his website -
In Season 5 Episode 2, Sam welcomes Chris Meyer onto the podcast (Youth Basketball Coach in Sacramento, California, USA &  Author of Four Months and a lifetime). In this episode, Chris talks us through his 9 year journey coaching his sons basketball team from Kindergarten all the way up to eighth grade. Chris shares this unique journey discussing the strong bond he had developed with each players and why this was important to him, the different challenges he faced along with the way through the age-groups, and what he has learned through the journey. Fantastic listen - make sure to leave us a review at
Welcome back for Season 5 of The Sports Coaching Podcast! In the first episode of the new season, host Sam Holmshaw welcomes Matthew Raidbard onto the podcast (Senior-level college athletics administrator at the University of Hartford, former mens college basketball coach at Chicago State University, Doctorate in Educational Leadership). In this episode the topic 'Leadership in coaching practice: How can we be effective leaders?' is discussed. Matthew talks us through the importance of leadership in coaching, leadership practice, recognising and developing your leadership style and much more! You can follow Matthew on twitter: @coachraidbard & Make sure to check out Matthews new book on Leadership 'Lead like a pro'!
In this delayed final episode of Season 4, Sam Holmshaw speaks to Craig Scott. Craig is currently a First team coach and U12’s Head coach at Worthing United FC, Holds a BSc in football coaching and is currently the Webinar Host of the platform Youth Soccer coach. In this episode the chaps discuss the coach-athlete relationship, using Jowett's conceptual model as a framework for this episode. Craig shares his experiences coaching in America around the challenges he faced and eventually creating an effective coach athlete relationship. Finally the implications for coaching practice are discussed. Fascinating listen, apologies to our fans for the delayed release on this one, busy last month or so for host Sam Holmshaw.
In Part 2 of our collaboration with The Sports Initiative Podcast. Hosts Sam Holmshaw & Micheal Wright discuss a range of topics within coaching and youth development. The conversation carrys on with the chaps discussing holistic development focuses in sessions, and how this differs in, with German football coaches placing a high focus on psychological development over technical/tactical for example. The conversation then moves to 1 vs 1 development, player decision making and much much more!
In this very special episode of The Sports Coaching Podcast we collaborate with our friends The Sports Initiative Podcast. Hosts Sam Holmshaw & Micheal Wight discuss a range of topics within coaching and youth development. The episode was so good we decided to split it into two parts. In part one of the episode, both Sam and Micheal give an introduction to their coaching backgrounds and routes into the roles they find themselves in today. The chaps then begin to discuss Tactical periodisation and GAME models, and how these may be implemented in youth development, and compare this to the types of practice currently being delivered at the Southampton Academy in which Micheal gives an insight into! Really great episode for all involved in youth coaching!
In the latest episode of The Sports Coaching Podcast, Sam Holmshaw is joined by Will Smith, MSc Sports Coaching student, Masters coach educator intern and teaching undergraduate assistant at Leeds Beckett University, and boxing coach at Leeds Beckett Boxing club. In this episode, that chaps discuss 'an introduction on the coach-athlete relationship and its importance in coaching practice: an insight within boxing'. In the first segment, Will talks us through an introduction into the CA relationship and its importance within coaching. In the second segment, Will then explains the importance of the CA relationship within boxing specifically, and its effect on athlete performance. Finally the implications to coaching practice are discussed!
In this latest bitesize episode of Season 4, Sam Holmshaw is Joined by Kate Bancroft, Undergrad course team leader & lecturer (Education) and PE researcher at Leeds Beckett University, Doctorate in education (gender equality in schooling) at Leeds Beckett University and former assistant headteacher at Springwell Academy. In this episode today, the topic of 'is there too much attention on weight loss/slimness in sport?' is discussed. Kate first provides an introduction into the relationship between weight loss and sport/PE. Kate then shares an insight on the potential dangers on too much focus around weight loss and slimness, and finally the implications for coaching/teaching practice are discussed!
In the latest episode of The Sports Coaching Podcast, Sam Holmshaw is joined by Dan Richardson, Performance nutritionist at Dan Richardson Nutrition, Performance nutrition consultant & former Head of performance nutrition at Warrington Wolves, Former nutritionist at Manchester City Academy and Guest Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. In this episode, the topic of 'an insight on the importance and impact on nutrition in sports performance' is discussed. Dan first talks us through the topic of nutrition and where it fits in with sports performance, sharing great depth of knowledge into the micro elements of nutrition. In segment 2 Dan shares an insight into the relationship between sports/activity and nutrition, discussing the impact nutrition can have on athlete/player performance. Finally, the implications for coaching practice are discussed, with Dan giving some tips on how coaches across all levels of sports can implement elements of nutrition to improve athlete performance.
In the latest episode of The Sports Coaching Podcast, Sam Holmshaw is joined by Liv Phillips (Swimming coach and Ilkley Town Women's First team mental skills coach) and Ethan Holmshaw (Ilkley Town Women's First team assistant manager, operations director & head coach at The Holmshaw Academy, Lead coach at Horsforth Junior Football club). In this episode the trio discuss Mental models (of sport) and target performance models. In segment 1, both Liv and Ethan give an introduction to mental models, explaining the academic concept behind the model, and its purpose. In segment two similarly the guys provide an insight on the concept of a target performance model, and explain how it can be used in coaching practice. Finally in segment 3 the implications for coaching practice are discussed. Follow Liv on Instagram (livphillipscoaching) Twitter (@LivPhillipsx0) Follow Ethan on Instagram (ethanholmshawcoaching) Twitter (@EthanHolmshaw)
In the latest episode of The Sports Coaching Podcast, Sam Holmshaw is Joined by Ben Strafford, Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) student in Motor Learning & Control & Research Assistant (Motor Learning & Performance Analysis) at Sheffield Hallam University. This episode discussed 'what is a donor sport? & how can it be beneficial in youth development. Ben gives an insight into the concept of donor sports, whilst providing a brief overview of affordances & constraints. Ben then shares his work on how donor sports can be beneficial for players within youth development, with reference to the Athletic Skills Model and Early Specialisation vs Early Diversification. Finally the Implications for Coaching Practice are discussed! Thanks again to Ben for this time!
In the latest episode of The Sports Coaching Podcast, Sam Holmshaw is joined by brother Ethan & father Simon Holmshaw in an all-start Holmshaw Academy special episode. Ethan is currently a second year sports coaching student @ Leeds Beckett University and currently the Assistant Manager of Ilkley Town Women's first team, whilst Simon, is a former junior football manager of 12 years who won 2 league titles and a cup and currently the assistant coach of the Women's first team at Ilkley Town. Of course, the dynamic trio are also directors and founders of The Holmshaw Academy! In todays episode, The chaps discuss 'whats it like being coached by the managers son?'. Ethan played under Simon for 4 years and shared the challenges and difficulties he faced from other players, at school and even parents, whilst Simon gave his insight from the managers perspective of the pressures of having his son play in the team. In the second segment, the chaps discuss how they manage to coach together so effectively, and an insight of what its like working with your family. Finally, the implications for coaching practice are discussed, namely the importance of professionalism in coaching practice, presenting the right image in-front of players & other stakeholders, and managing challenges faced within coaching relationships!
In the latest episode of The Sports Coaching Podcast, Sam Holmshaw is joined by Beth Curzon, Professional football player at FC Pirin Blagoevgrad. In this episode today Sam & Beth discuss 'a players experiences on youth development and an insight on if coach gender makes a difference within the women's game'. Beth first gives an insight on her experiences within youth development, playing for both all boys & all girls teams, sharing some of the challenges she faced, what is was like transitioning and the influence on her game. In segment 2 Beth shares here experiences of working with both male and female coaches, and discussed with Sam the impact that coach gender has on players. Finally the implications for coaching practice are discussed! A big thanks to Beth for her time to come on the pod, great to expand our guests to players.
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