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Live, from Joe's mom's half-finished basement....listen to a parade of financial headlines, personal finance experts, creatives, and people with stories that inspire us. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, hosts Joe Saul-Sehy & OG meet at the card table and bring you guests, trivia, your letters about saving, investing, and risk management, and much more. Academy of Podcast winner for "best business podcast of the year," 2017 Plutus award winner for "best personal finance podcast," and Kiplinger magazine's only recommended personal finance podcast.
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How did America get its start? Of course, by relying on the financial fortunes of a few of our founding fathers. Today we're rolling back the clock to look at how some founding fortunes helped launch our country. We'll dive into the topic with Tom Shachtman, the author behind the Founding Fortunes, to discuss the roll of money in uniting revolutionaries, both rich and poor. Plus, should we be paying more attention to sustainability while investing? During our headlines we'll cover one report from Barron's that shows mutual funds ranking high on sustainability are actually outperforming the market. I know! We were surprised, too. And finally, we'll answer a question from Heather during our Haven Life line call, who just opened up a Fidelity account. Heather and her husband want to start investing, but aren't sure which funds to put money into. Thoughts? And of course, we'll save some time for Doug's trivia.
If the FIRE movement is so inspirational, why is it constantly under attack? More heat was lobbed at the early retirement movement last week by a couple of industry insiders on Twitter. To help us, we welcome the FIRE-y woman behind the Fiery Millennials blog, Gwen Merz, Len Penzo from Len Penzo dot com, and the wonderful Doc G from the What's Up Next podcast! These intelligent, retirement-focused people will be discussing the tweet that started quite the firestorm. If you or anyone you know has student loans, you'll want to listen to our Friday FinTech guest, Michael Block. He's the CEO and Founder of Pillar which is an app to help you pay back your student loans and save money. Early users have reported some huge wins, so we had to get the details from Michael about how it works. And finally, during our MagnifyMoney call in segment we will answer a question from an anonymous woman on how she will be affected by inheriting a ROTH IRA. As always, we'll quiz our contributors with an epic game show question about National Beer Can Appreciation Day from our neighbor, Doug. We'll have all that and more on today's show! We hope you can join the fun!
Let's get back to the basics. Everyone talks about retirement tools, projections, timelines, and tax strategies...what about answering, "How do I begin?" If that's you, we've got you covered on today's show because we're talking to CPA Michele Cagan about Retirement 101. We'll start off with how you fare against other savers (or non-savers), and then discuss how you should frame retirement. Is it one long process? Should you begin with picking investments? We'll cover all of that and more on today's show. Student loan borrowers everywhere cheered recently when a Navy vet had his loans discharged in court (something people said couldn't be done). In our headline segment we'll talk to attorney Leslie Tayne about how that happened, and maybe spill a little bad news (spoiler) about you and your student loans. But don't worry--all hope isn't lost. Leslie will also share some good advice for student loan borrowers. Of course, that's not all. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to a lucky listener AND save time for some of Doug's cat vs. dog trivia. It's another fun day down in the basement. Hope you can join us!
Is debt crushing your dreams? Are your relationships affected by students loans or credit card problems? You NEED to hear today's guest, Reshawn Lee, talk about her situation. Reshawn and her husband Rob had horrible credit card debt, student loans, and couldn't ever seem to begin saving...until they took some drastic actions and everything turned out (spoiler!) not just great, but with a trip around the world! Today we'll talk about the work they do on their Learn Hustle Grow blog and YouTube channel, and learn about how they overcame their issues and began their path to financial independence. Are you hearing (like we are) the buzzword "AI" all over the financial arena lately? We'll discuss one headline about how much of the artificial intelligence out there is more artificial than intelligent. Later we'll throw out the Haven Life Line to Christina, who can no longer contribute to an employee sponsored retirement plan after a job change. How should she continue saving for retirement? Of course we'll also share some of Doug's trivia AND much, much more.
Happy Birthday to our namesake Benjamin Franklin!! Today we'll celebrate by talking about one of our favorite topics, leaving your 9-5 job early. To help us, we welcome the woman behind the new EconoMe Conference, Diania Merriam, Len Penzo from Len Penzo dot com, and the wonderful OG from our very own podcast! This piece, written by Jessica Garbarino for her Every Single Dollar blog, is titled Why I Walked Away from a Six-Figure Job, and goes over some very good reasons to leave a "good" job AND many of the strategies she used to ensure she wouldn't have to return. (Big thanks to Mindy Jensen from BiggerPockets Money for reading it today as well!) Frustrated with your money management skills? Don't feel like you have enough of a handle on your monthly expenses? At the halfway mark of today's episode, we'll hear from Belinda Rosenblum and Joe, as they unveil the exciting new course offered by the Stacking Benjamins team, Making Money Easy. We'll walk through all of the details today. It's been a long time since we've had a Stacking Benjamins course, so we're thrilled to tell you about it today. And finally, during our MagnifyMoney segment we will answer a question from on whether or not a man is in the wrong for not wanting "free" childcare from his mother-in-law. Where do you stand? Is he on the right side of this argument? As always, of course we'll quiz our contributors with an epic gameshow question about Ben Franklin from our neighbor, Doug. We'll have all that and more on today's show! Hope you can join the fun!
Navigating the SECURE Act

Navigating the SECURE Act


Your retirement options just became more robust. A new law called The SECURE Act passed late last year and today we're sharing ALL of the information you need to know to change your plan to take advantage of this new, exciting legislation. If this is new to you, don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll begin the show with Joe & OG bringing you up to speed on the details. But if you're wondering how to use it well, we have something even better. Joining us on today's show we'll have Aimee Kwain from Fidelity Investments, Dan Keady from TIAA, and the Retirement Answer Man himself, Roger Whitney to walk us through their thoughts about the new law. Our goal today is to help you to understand how the SECURE Act impacts you, and we're excited about all you're about to learn. Of course, this is a Stacking Benjamins episode, so that isn't all....later we'll throw out the Haven Life Line to Leo, who is wondering what he should do with his money while he's saving up for a downpayment on a house. Should he invest, or keep the money safe in a high-yield savings account? Hoping for more? We've gotcha covererd. We'll also save some time for Doug's amazing weight loss trivia.
Are you frustrated that your average day doesn't start out chasing your goals but instead reacting to everything else going on? Between kids, spouse or friends, and co-workers, how are you supposed to get ahead on YOUR agenda? Good news, today we chat with Romi Neustadt, the bestselling author of You Can Have It All...just not at the same damned time! We'll have an amazing conversation focusing on how to REALLY set goals that stick (hint: you don't start with goal setting), how to keep your priorities in line, and the key to focus like a laser on the things that are most important if you want to get everything possible out of life. Plus, during our headlines, we'll examine some financial horror stories that very well could happen to you. Have you had some big changes in your life and haven't gotten around to updating your beneficiaries? While this may seem like something you can wait on, we're fairly certain today's ugly stories of people who put it off will make you jump on it sooner rather than later. Then, in our second piece, we're taking a broader view on "rules of thumb." Everyone considers the 10,000 steps a day mantra as a hard fact, but experts say there's a better goal you should have in mind. Being the savvy people we are (no eye-rolls please), we'll make some parallels to when people go wrong with financial rules of thumb. During our Have Life Line segment we'll answer a question from Richard, who can't get happy hour off his mind. With plenty of birthdays he feels obligated to attend in the next couple of months, how should Richard balance out budgeting and social obligations? And of course, we'll always save some time for Doug's trivia.
For many of us, "charity begins at home" is our constant refrain. But you have to admit, it feels good to give and to be a part of a community. Not only are you helping those around you, but you're also working together with your family or friends on a higher purpose. That's why we're thrilled today to talk with our friends, Scott Maderer from Inspired Stewardship, our good friend Paula Pant from the Afford Anything podcast, and the wonderful OG from our very own podcast about how they give! We'll share a piece from Marriage, Kids, and Money's Andy Hill about how he teaches his kids to give and get LOTS of great ideas from the team. Plus, at the halfway mark of today's episode we'll hear from Saul Cohen from Round during our Friday FinTech segment. Round helps investors find exclusive investment opportunities so they can invest actively like the 1%. How does it work? Saul will walk us through Round's mission and how they work with investors. And during our Magnify Money call we'll hear from our good friend Mollie, who wonders about gifts to nephews and nieces. How does she solve the giving problem? As always, of course we'll quiz our contributors with an epic gameshow question by our neighbor, Doug. All that and more on today's show! Hope you can join the fun!
What goals do you want to achieve? It's easier to reach any destination with the right people around you. To help YOU find your best route toward your goals, today we welcome Tim Rhode, author of Tribe of Millionaires, and founder of nonprofit 1 Life Fully Lived, to talk about building your network to reach your ultimate potential. Plus, during our headlines, we'll cover a piece from Bloomberg about how credit card debt has hit an 10-year high, and what that means to you. Spend too much money this last year? Maybe it's time to go back and listen to Monday's debt cleanse episode.... PLUS, how about fees that drive you crazy? We'll highlight a BIZARRE fee that a hotel in West Virginia charged. So random... Later we'll throw out the Haven Life Line to Anthony, who calls in to give the those of us in the basement some helpful advice about TSPs (Thrift Savings Plans) that you may have been unaware of. Thanks, Anthony! Of course, we'll save some time for Doug's possum-heavy trivia.
Wake up January 1 with a hangover? Even if you didn't "over-imbibe" on alcohol, there's another hangover people suffer from: excess spending. Let's make January a reset month if you overspent last year. As many financial gurus say, "Tomorrow is a new day" and you can decide that you want to grab the reins and control not just your debt but your money in general. Today we sit down with Brian Karimzad, CEO of Magnify Money, on all of the things you can do to make your debt cleanse a success. During our headlines portion of the show, we'll take a look at how the average 401k fared in 2019. Good, bad... great? If you didn't do well with your retirement plan last year, how do you make a change to improve in 2020? We'll share some ideas. Plus, during our second piece, we'll examine the reason popular financial company Vanguard just eliminated even MORE trading fees. That's not all, though! We'll throw out the Haven Life Line as well, and answer a voicemail from James who asks for investment advice. What do we think about James choosing top funds from different sectors to invest in? Is it a good strategy? Also, when he leaves the USA, what does he do with his retirement funds? And of course, we'll always save some time for Doug's trivia.
Where is the market going to go in 2020? Who will win the election? What did we learn from the Magic 8 Ball predictions of 2019? We'll start by looking at ALL of our last year's predictions and discuss LOTS of financial planning themes. Between emerging markets, individual stocks, playing the lottery, and more, we'll cover a wide range of money topics that you (gasp) might learn from. Calling in today to help out is our good friend, Paula Pant from the Afford Anything podcast, plus Len Penzo from OG from our very own podcast! We'll take a break halfway through this monster podcast episode to talk to Ryan Falvey from Financial Venture Studio. What does the future hold for FinTech? Ryan has a front row seat for some of the hot new ideas coming out of this sector and will share some of the important themes you'll see coming to your phone, your computer, and your portfolio in the future. As always, we'll also help a listener Magnify their Money...but today we're joined by special guest Brian Karimzad. Because Carter has a question that's specific to MagnifyMoney, it's fantastic that Brian dropped by just in time to help us answer! It's a great, two-hour episode of Stacking Benjamins. Hope you can join the fun!
While everyone else fights over whether this year or next is the beginning of a new decade, we'll help you focus your attention on the REAL issue: how awesome you'll plan to be in 2020 and beyond. Bestselling author and TED speaker Neil Pasricha joins us today to tell us stories about his amazing mother's search for awesome, his own lessons from past failures, and best of all, the history of the ellipses. They're hopefully the inspiration you'll need to kick off the Roaring 20's with a bang. What are your New Year's Resolutions? We'll share some that were recently featured in a top publication during our first headline, plus some ideas from our team about how you can make them actionable (the most important part of any plan). Of course we'll save time to throw out the Haven Life Line AND save some time for Doug's incredible Roaring 20's trivia. We all hope you're as excited about a great New Year as we are here in the basement! Mom sends her love!
We're ending 2019 with a fantastic look back at our interview with James Clear, author of Atomic Habits. One of the best thing you can do for yourself this next decade is building great habits and STICKING to them. Whether it's in your career, finances, relationships, or otherwise personal life, you'll find that developing great habits will be the best present you can give yourself moving forward. It's been a blast this past week, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Happy New Year!
Jill Schlesinger gave us her top money lessons at the end of 2018, and we still think they're pretty great lessons to keep in mind a year later. We'll start the episode with a special open, and then dive into our show with Jill. Enjoy!
Jean Chatzky gave us some fantastic lessons that we should've learned in 2017. Those financial lessons are still applicable two years later. We'll give the show a special open featuring Joe and OG, and then take a listen to our show with Jean.
Back in 2016 we sat down with NYT Bestselling author David Bach to ask, "What should we have learned in 2016?" He had some great answers that still apply here at the end of 2019. Enjoy!
CBS Business Analyst and host of the wildly popular Jill On Money Show, Jill Schlesinger joins us in the basement to recap 2015. What should we have learned? She'll have five lessons from events of the past twelve months. Joe & OG share headlines and take your letters, including one asking about "too big to fail" and another asking about multi-level marketing schemes. Should our listener take a "free" plan from an MLM company rep?  
Welcome to day 2 of our look back at the lessons we've learned from the past decade. This year we took a special look at credit and family finances, take a look at our original show description below: There are TONS of takeaways from 2014, and Rod Griffin from Experian joins us in the basement to tackle his top five that had to do with your credit and family finances. You'll be surprised how easily Rod takes current events and shows you what impact they have on your financial picture. Fidelity may be creating their own robo-advisory arm? Joe & OG share that headline plus others. PK gives some of the BEST advice you've heard during 2014 during his segment. Doug gives the gift of trivia, and much, much more. Thank you to for sponsoring our podcast. Have a careful and safe New Year everyone! Thanks for being part of the SB family in 2014!  
With the end of the decade quickly approaching, we decided to mix things up a bit. Leading up to our first brand new show of the year on January 1st, we'll be releasing each of our special "what should we have learned" episodes. It's not only a look at how our financial focus has changed since 2013, but also how much our show has changed! You can read the original show notes below: Top advisor Scott Tiras (Barrons top 100 independent advisor list) joins us with five lessons we should have learned from 2013. What are some ideas we can glean to avoid mistakes next year?  PK goes contrarian in this episode. Doug sneaks downstairs to borrow mustard. Len, Paula and Greg ask the magic 8 ball important questions about 2014....and much more.
We've got the best linens out and mom's favorite table settings because Liz Weston is FINALLY headed down to the basement today to help us put a cap on all of the lessons we should have been learning this year. We'll say a HUGE welcome to our last Monday show of the year, as we wrap up another year of podcasting. We'd like to thank you for joining us in what we consider our biggest year yet. We've made some big changes to how we put this show together, and we'll continue to do so as we continue to grow and improve, which is only possible because of your continued support. We recognize that we live in a fast-paced world with a thousand distractions, so we remain humbled that you CHOOSE to listen to us time and time again. Thank you. On today's show, we're taking a look back at 2019 to ask the big question: what should we have learned this year? While there is timeless investment advice, each year also brings some unique lessons for the future. Sitting down with us today to distill the big financial lessons of 2019 is Liz Weston, award-winning personal finance columnist and certified financial planner. During our headlines we'll talk to Harlan Landes from the Plutus Foundation about what's going on in financial literacy. December is prime giving-season, and Harlan has plenty of advice on what you can do to support financial literacy in your own local area. During our second piece, we'll tackle one financial planning quandary: why in the world is it so difficult to follow your own rules for asset allocation? When a piece of your portfolio becomes overweight, it makes sense to sell it... right? On the other hand, why would you sell a "winner"? We'll talk about emotions and investing during our second headline. Of course, we'll save some time for Doug's trivia too! Enjoy!
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