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Author: London Review of Books

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The State of… is a new monthly podcast from the London Review of Books which aims to take the temperature of our contemporary culture, assessing the condition of the arts, politics and society. On each episode LRB editors Joanna Biggs and Tom Crewe will be joined by two guests trying to understand a little better the state of our times.

2 Episodes
The Nation

The Nation


William Davies and Lorna Finlayson join Joanna Biggs and Tom Crewe to discuss the state of the nation - the UK - in the age of Brexit. Spoiler: there are no predictions here! Instead, they talk about the trouble they have identifying with their own side, how the issue of Europe came to represent the UK's growing internal divisions, and whether we should be excited or terrified by seeing our democratic system put through its paces. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
The Internet

The Internet


Patricia Lockwood and John Lanchester join hosts Joanna Biggs and Tom Crewe to assess the state of the internet, including podcasts, porn, Twitter, Facebook and their first memories of being online. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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Tiago Santos

Tom sounds odd. Maybe he is too close to the mic?

Apr 4th
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