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The former TSN Radio morning duo of Steve Warne and Jim Jerome. Every weekday, the boys put a hilarious spin on some of the top stories in North American sports, along with pop culture and "whatever" weird stuff pops into their heads. New episode every weekday morning by 5am!
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Mike Babcock is done in Toronto….Swiping Wayne Scanlan's headline are the sens too good for their own goodCharles Barkley in hot water for a bad comment he made off off the record…However, the woman complaining about his comment has some skeletons in her own closet…
An epic Blue Team Elimination, first of the season. It HAD to happen as the Leafs fire head coach Mike Babcock. The Sens win in Montreal. Bobby Ryan seeks out help from the NHL/NHLPA assistance program
Today we discuss some fun trips we've been on, going south for winter vacations. The Sens continue to improve. An NHL spitting incident in Washington. By volume, it was a big one. Rob Gronkowski gives patriots fans a comeback tease. Puck-tracking technology may be in place for this season’s NHL playoffs. Even if the goalies lying on the puck, you’ll still know if it’s in or not. How close is Mike Babcock to being fired? The BabCLOCK is ticking
The Sens continue their revolving door of minor league callus. Is it a good strategy or not. Why do the Leafs suck? Should NHL referees blow a play dead 100 percent of the time when a player is injured? And Jim talks about the days where he did our old radio show in various place, always on remote,
We discuss Ron MacLean's speech Saturday night as he announces Coach’s Corner on Hockey Night in Canada is no more. The NFL helmet shining incident last week: did the punishment fit the crime? What's wrong with the Toronto Maple Leafs? Is it coaching or is it a flawed team? 5 new members of the hockey hall fame; none of them are named Alfie.
Sports and Whatever. Wayne Gretzky turns down a Team Canada job. Some host for the Canadian version of the View, which sounds intolerable, is apparently out here commenting about Don Cherry and ends up saying way more fireable things that Don ever did. She gets to keep her job though. We talk NHL playoff expansion, Jim has some weak attempt at trivia, and we talk Tom Brady's fountain of youth.
JG Pageau keeps rolling with 3 more goals, yet everyone wants to trade him. Don Cherry apparently wanted to apologize on Saturday night but the man won’t let him. Sidney Crosby has a hernia and has to decide what to do. Jim and I have both had past hernias and give our expert advice.
More on the firing of Don Cherry’s firing. We also take your suggestions on who should take his place. We’re also at odds over former Senator Nick Foligno getting a 3 game suspension. We do agree that winter's early arrival sucks. Jim tells a classic Habs joke.
Don Cherry gets fired and we have a loud debate about it. Try and guess who's on Don's side. We actually find out about the actual firing in the middle of the recording. We play the Don Cherry Remix that appropriately contains the lyrics, "Don't go changin', do it your way, go down blazing." Tom Hanks trivia. Jim's body is malfunctioning again. Tom Hanks trivia. We pay our respects after the passing of well known Ottawa golf pro Peter Haime.
If the Leafs put Jason Spezza on waivers, should the sens bring him back? Would the ones bring him back?How long until ads are on NHL jerseys…?Should we really think of athletes as role models?Our trivia is Top 10 rock bands and Jimmy isn't very good at that either.Jimmy gets emotional when we discuss legacy….and accepting the things you cannot change.
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Adam B

Great to hear Steve and Jungle Jim again!

Apr 23rd
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