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Former TSN morning radio partners Steve Warne and Jim Jerome, covered in potato chip crumbs, check in with their unique takes on sports, life, and whatever. New episodes every Thursday.

"The best podcast I've ever heard. A triumph of the human spirit!" - Steve's Dad.
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We get into the Sens Ownership saga, Michael Block's Wild PGA Ride; the Florida Panthers Shocking NHL Playoff Ride; and how the Leafs may regret their emotional breakup with Kyle Dubas.
Ryan Reynolds is apparently out of the running for Ottawa Senators ownership. We discuss the weak suspension after Leon Draisaitl was slashed and how Connor McDavid was the guy who had to stick up for his linemate. That has us pining for old school hockey again, which the players never complained about. Jim is excited about his new vacuum purchase. We get into the bland new design of the Canadian passport. And much more.
Jim recaps his weekend emcee gig in Metcalfe, where he got pelted with mushrooms; Another Tiger Woods Romance Goes Sideways; Snoops Dogg Wants the Senators; King Charles officially takes over; Evander Kane hits a guy when he's down, and the 3 NHL coach of the year candidates from last year are gone.
Jim is in town to host an event called Shroomfest, which leads to a story of doing the other kind of shrooms. Steve is bummed about the Leafs winning and Aaron Rodgers leaving his Packers for the Jets. Rick Bowness rips his team right after their elimination and Ryan Reynolds' group is apparently putting in an offer for the Ottawa Senators worth over one billion dollars.
We're Talking NHL Playoffs, Mostly Oilers and Leafs. The Reality of Being a Referee. Maybe the league should stop showing slow motion replace to viewers and allow them to see it the way officials do. The Playoffs Remind US How Bland the Regular Season Can Be. Steve bets that if the NHL went to 50 games, they'd lose money in the short term but make it back in the long run.
Jim is finally getting a good night's sleep, although the cure for his insomnia seems fairly obvious. The NHL regular season winds down with some great races and now we have some great the playoff matchups starting next week. Blue Jays fans in the outfield are getting a little rowdy with opponents.
We gets into the 2023 Masters. Jon Rahm Wins The Masters; LIV Tour members Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson finish tied for second. Should Tiger Woods Ride a Cart? Steve gets crushed on NHL Twitter over not being a fan of using emergency backup goalies when you're winning 7-1 and the starter isn't hurt.
Brooks Koepka's well hydrated tirade at a Florida Panthers game. Memories of being fired. Blue Jays opening day! Georgia Tech football head coach makes an emotional plea after another school shooting.
After the World Baseball Classic, hockey fans start asking again, "Why is there no true best on best in hockey?" Canada Cup, World Cup, Olympics...anything! And Alex Ovechkin now has more 40 goals seasons than anyone...including Wayne Gretzky who played when goals were way easier to come by.
Jim's not sure anymore about the potential of the LIV Golf Tour but he does love Adele. We discuss the bizarre Lars Eller goal in the Colorado-Ottawa game. The latest ownership bid on the Senators is said to be $900 million. The James Reimer controversy over not wearing a pride jersey in warmups. Daniel Briere's son pushes a wheelchair down the stairs at a pub. Is his apology enough? We discuss what we think of trying to ban fighting in the QMJHL.
The Sens playoff push now rests on the shoulders of two rookie goaltenders. ESPN hosts think hockey doesn't count, which won't go over well at ESPN – one of the NHL broadcast rights holders. Offside challenges remain terrible and especially on overtime winning goals. Baseball's pitch clock will take some times to get used to. 
This week, we discuss the overhyping of the NHL trade deadline. We talk about the Chychrun to Ottawa deal. We discuss how the media today has lost its primary purpose, ignoring public service and following a path to money and views instead. Connor McDavid gets 50 goals in just 61 games. We glance at the new MLB rules which put the game on the clock. Aaron Rodgers is out of his dark retreat and we actually cut him a little slack. And we get into our latest TV binges, including 1923.
We talk about Chris Neil's Retirement Night, we address the trolls who are whining about it. It also leads to a discussion on fighting. With all the trade talk, we get into the Gretzky traded.  Jim has a unique spin on things because he was beside Gretzky almost the entire day. And we update the LIV Golf tour which will be alllowed to compete at the majors
We talk all things Super Bowl as the Chiefs win 38-35. The Sens are down to zero NHL goalies…and it's looking good so far. Ryan Reynolds finds his Ottawa Senator ownership sugar daddy. Are the Oilers all in on Erik Karlsson? Canadian women's nation soccer team calls their labour dispute with Canada Soccer "pretty disgusting."
Thoughts on the Super Bowl. Dumbest Super Bowl media day question yet. The end of Yellowstone… say it ain't so! Jaromir Jagr takes down Gretzky for a record that literally no one ever talked about…Valentines Day, Groundhog Day and more!
Tom Brady retires from the NFL with a one minute statement on social media. Hockey great Bobby Hull passes away. Neither of us has any defence for the things Hull did and said off the ice but we're not thrilled with speaking ill of the dead either. Sean Payton was hired as Broncos head coach. We play a great clip of Payton talking about his time in Ottawa and his first love...the NHL. We're a month away from the NHL trade deadline and the first domino falls. Bo Horvat is a NY Islander. And another famous TV sitcom star from our misspent youth passes away.
Jimmy gets fired; In 2023, what's funny and what's offensive? Show us a funny joke and we'll show you someone who's offended by it. Vancouver's handling of the Bruce Boudreau firing. NHL player has to sit out a game because his dog died. Flames head coach Darryl Sutter gets crustier and crankier by the minute. We talk about some Oscar nominations and how the prequel 1923 is better than season 5 of Yellowstone.
Jim tries to lose some weight. Steve tries pickleball for the first time. We talk about some good and bad movies we watched this week, include The Banshees of Inesherin. Why did Ottawa head coach DJ Smith bench Mathieu Joseph on the night he was scheduled to face his brother for the first time with tons of family coming to the game? Was play by play man Al Michaels cheering for the Chargers in their epic collapse against Jacksonville last weekend? What's the future of Tom Brady>
After a couple of weeks off, we've made a decision about the future of the show. We've had it with parents loudly instructing their very young children in public so we can all hear how amazing they are at parenting. P.K. Subban is honoured in Montreal. Why was there zero interest in a 33 year old former Norris winner? Brandon Belt signs with the Jays. Damar Hamlin leaves hospital. We give you our NFL selections. J.J. Watt's teammate knows absolutely nothing about hockey. Even darts and snooker make it onto the show.
We take our usual irreverent look back at the year that was.
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Better than Gilligan's Island meets the Globe Trotters. But seriously folks, this is the in best podcast in Canada!

Apr 30th

Adam B

Great to hear Steve and Jungle Jim again!

Apr 23rd
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