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Re-visiting the Mark Stone contract: He's 27.8 yrs old, in year 1 of an 8 year deal with an avg annual value of $9.5 million. He's 25th in NHL scoring. What this a great signing by Vegas, not bad, or one they'll regret? LSU wins the national championship this week. They fire up cigars to celebrate, an overzealous cop doesn’t like it, and it gets a little crazy after that…and it involves Odell Beckham junior Max Domi gets benched for taking a dumb penalty and costing Montreal the game. Claude Julien said, “You take a penalty like that, there are consequences. I did what I had to do... It’s not the first time he’s taken a bad penalty. Whats better…Canada Dry or Schweppes? Better question? Who cares? Another manager is gone in major league baseball….that’s the third one in the sign stealing scandal….A.J. Hinch then Alex Cora and now Carlos Beltran before he even managed a game with the Mets
Snake eyes for Gerard Gallant in Vegas. As he gets ready to coach at the all-star game in a few days, he’s been fired by the Golden Knights. Pete de Boer is in. Did Brendan Gallagher return too soon from a concussion? An Ottawa beer league hockey player gets a $700,000 award from another player who collided with him. A new Netflix series on the mind of Aaron Hernandez. New interviews cover former NFL star's sexuality, CTE & more. Christian Wolanin is a happy camper…finally skating with the sens again for the first time this season
Brad Marchand with one of the greatest NHL bloopers you’ll ever see. Not may fans are feeling sorry for him. Our poll deals with that. Remembering some of the most embarrassing NHL moments. Zack Kassian’s 2 game suspension after he’d had enough of Matthew Tkachuk taking runs at him. Tennessee Titans weren’t expected to make the AFC championship game. You won’t believe what their head coach said he would do if they win the super bowl this year. His wife won’t be pleased.
Jimmy has had it with the icy cold weather where he is. The boys swap stories of destruction at gas stations in Ottawa and Sudbury. Now that's how you penalize a team so it won't happen again! You almost won't believe how hard MLB hit the Houston Astros for stealing signs. The Oscar nominations are out. Among the best picture nominations, what film do you most recommend? The best women's hockey players will reportedly play a 3 on 3 game at the NHL all-star game. Will you watch it? Can you dig it? Will the Sens snap out of their 7 game slump vs the Hawks? Leafs' defenceman Morgan Reilly fractures his foot - out for minimum 8 weeks. Our moment of random hoopla is about a listener who needs romantic advice.
The Tennessee Titans are the story of the NFL. To go into hostile territory and defeat the super bowl champs last week. Then this week destroy the NFL’s number one seed, also on the road, who are these guys and what have they done with the real Tennessee titans? KC roars back from a 24-0 deficit…. The Ottawa Senators hire a new CEO. 7 straight losses for the sens. Has the page now been turned on Craig Anderson. How about waking up to a 7:20am emergency alert about a nuclear power plant incident?? Want a REAL emergency? How about Gwyneth Paltrow selling candles that smell like her groin. Ray Shero fired by the Devils.
Remembering our radio days, completely shocked we were never fired for something we said. Gambling our faces off for this weekend's NFL Playoffs Should you still get suspended for an illegal hit if someone beats you up badly for it? Cricket guy gets the ball in the crotch 3 times in one match. A clip from our old show as our moment of random hoopla.
We examine who is the most valuable centreman in the Ottawa Senators organization right now. That’s our web poll today. Larry David makes a fun appearance on the NY Rangers broadcast this week. And he was pretty pretty pretty good. Justin Williams decides he missed the bunch of jerks and rejoins the Hurriances. We discuss the NHL all-star tournament. Some obligatory Gretzky talk in there too. With Edmonton facing Habs this week it reminded me of the famous shocking 1981 Oilers sweep of the powerhouse Habs.
Sens lose their fifth in a row and fall to 30th place. The universe is unfolding as expected. We take calls from our Members-Only Hotline. Is Connor McDavid the most skilled player you've ever seen? if not, who is? That’s our web poll today. How Russian hockey fans got confused and thought they had actually WON the world junior hockey championship over Canada on the weekend. The XFL's new rules are out today….AND THEY’RE WEIRD….Two forward passes on the same play?? An NHL head coaching shuffle in Nashville today. The last Zellers closes.
Connor McDavid takes Toronto’s breath away with an incredible goal. Nashville fires head coach Peter Laviolette. Dallas is firing head coaches like crazy. Why the Olympics needs the NHL. What’s next for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady? We're pretty pumped about our idea for a new obscenely named piece of hockey equipment. We celebrate Ricky Gervais, who slays again at the Golden Globes. Jim has another twitter battle with a woman who referred to her own son as the “C word”.
Canada wins world junior hockey gold. A brave performance by captain Barrett Hayton. Canada rallies from a 3-1 third period deficit to defeat Russia. Somehow, a TSN Camera may be the MVP of the final. Jim's reading a new book about Scotty Bowman, written by Ken Dryden, so the boys recall the great Montreal Canadiens dynasty. We wrap up the NFL Wild Card Weekend. Our gambling battle ended in a draw.
Corey Perry's being a goof. The Super Bowl odds are out - Jim and I will now engage in an epic NFL gambling battle. Listen to hear who we've got this weekend. Canada is assured of a spot in the medal round. Golf season is back already - not that it really went away. Minor hockey coaches who do it right and others who do it wrong.
Jeremy Roenick jokes that he wants some sexy time with co-workers? Was NBC right to suspend him for that? What Jeremy might have said if he’d seen Pierre Maguire enjoying a footlong pogo during the game. Favourite sports moments of the past decade. But first we talk about our New Year's eve and Jim meets some very interesting people over the holidays that help change his perspective..
John Tortorella Snaps on the Referees and the NHL calls his comments unacceptable and unprofessional. Anthony Duclair will play for yet another hockey team. The NHL Atlantic division All-star team. The Habs-Soviets New Year's Eve Classic Turns 45 - often called the greatest hockey game ever played. Jim's new year's eve nightmare and what he did the time he found a naked portrait of the hostess of the party he was at.
Canada is known for its politeness…but maybe not so much in the sport of hockey….and we had what some are calling a pretty large breach of etiquette at the world junior hockey championship after we got run over by Russia 6-0. The New England Patriots had what appeared to be the easiest route to a first round bye one could imagine. Just win at home over Miami. And they couldn’t do it. How bout dem cowboys…. They are done….and their coach may be as well… Cleveland browns disappointment of the decade….fire their head coach…. We talk about our Christmas holidays and about new Netflix binges.
After this one, we're nervously taking our first real holiday from the podcast. We hope you have an awesome Christmas! Jim tells us today about his family's weird secret Santa rules - it involved stealing and making children cry. Plus est Sports moments of the decade.
1:25 Jim Endures the Worst Version of “Secret Santa” ever 5:46 We’re both massive Jim Carey fans 10:00 Steve finally picks a TV show that Jim likes - The Morning Show 13:33 Eddie Murphy was unbelievable on Saturday Night Live on the weekend 19:03 A great weekend of NFL - Jim goes 6 for 6, the boys heap praise on DAZN 24:49 Dumb names for NCAA Bowl Games 26:17 Patriots-Bills…great to see someone pushing the Pats 31:09 Pat Mahomes Trolls the Bears and he doesn’t need to. His track record and the scoreboard are enough 36:55 Web Poll - After bouncing around the NHL with several teams, maligned by at least one coach, why do you think Anthony Duclair has finally figured things out with Ottawa? 46:51 Could David Price and Edwin Encarnacion end up back with the Blue Jays?
0:00 Our award winning Christmas carol: Christmas is Here. 2:26: Memorable Christmas gifts we've given and received, as kids and adults, both good and bad 22:10 Family photos suddenly mean a lot 28:50 The Senators take down Nashville 29:50 Web Poll: Sometimes the best hockey deals are the ones you don’t make: Matt Duchene is in year one of a 7 year 56 million dollar deal. He has 21 points in 32 games. Kyle Turris is in year two of a 6 year, 36 million dollar deal and has 14 points in 26 games. As a Sens fan, do you want either of them back? 33:31 Donald Trump is impeached. Since the impeachment is going to die in the senate, we discuss why it might end up being a bad thing. 40:42 Islanders honour two of their legends. John Tonelli and Butch Goring each will have his number retired by the New York Islanders at Nassau Coliseum this season. 52:28 Lakers are awesome and Magic Johnson wants credit for it.
We've cracked the top 100 podcasts listened to in Switzerland. Thomas Chabot with over 37 minutes of ice time??? Chabot missed snapping the previous regular season time-on-ice record held by Dennis Wideman — then of the Calgary Flames — by just 10 seconds. Marc Methot changed his twitter photo from a Dallas stars photo to an Ottawa senators photo, prompting speculation he might be able to help the Sens. He has since changed it again to a Columbus photo. Great cheaters of the wait, all-time. Sidney Crosby the sports new nhl athlete of the decade Drew Brees: When evaluating great players in team sports, winning championships matter. But is it everything? Lacrosse goals…..Andrei Svechnkov…
0:00 Our "whatever" today is about technology and how Jim and I want to create our own apps. 17:46 THE TAYLOR HALL TRADE 22:19 Our After 4 years, the SD Chargers allowed Drew Brees to leave in free agency, turning to Phillip Rivers. When it comes to YOUR favourite team, what player exit do you think of most as, "The one that got away." 40:27 Former Sens head coach Marc Crawford suspended. We're happy and a little surprised that "Fire everyone" culture didn't win the day on this one.
0:54 Steve admits to a pretty moronic technical screw up 1:14. After a shaky university career, how Jim scammed his way into getting a job with Molson and looking after the Edmonton Oilers 9:32 One absolutely crazy night on the town with Mark Messier and Kevin Lowe 13:55 Gretzky saves Jimmy by being Gretzky 15:53. Jim actually got a day with the Stanley Cup???? 17:30 Messier does not approve of Jimmy’s fiancé AT ALL 21:46 With the Raiders leaving Oakland, what defunct pro franchise would you like to see make a comeback? You can guess what Steve’s is. Jim conjures up memories of the now-defunct WHA and the original Winnipeg Jets 26:11 The Senators attendance issues. The Sens are safeguarded for now, especially with a secondary ownership option, but no one should take them for granted over a long term basis 34:25. Ilya Kovalchuk - sick of not playing - walks away from the LA Kings who place him on waivers. 37:06 Is the KHL a thorn in the NHL’s side? 39:49 Anthony Rendon had unique reasons for not signing with the LA Dodgers 42:56 Nostalgia will always have a place in pop culture, Tom Cruise has a new Top Gun movie coming out this summer, Classic Rock, the new Mr Rogers movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood
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