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New episodes EVERY weekday! Former TSN morning show partners Steve Warne and Jim Jerome check in daily with their unique, hilarious spin on the hottest stories in sports...and whatever.

"The best podcast I've ever heard. A triumph of the human spirit!" - Steve's Dad.
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55 Year Anniversary of the Fixed Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston Fight. After Ali won the title the year before, Liston took a dive in the rematch in Lewiston Maine. The NFL will back away from reviews on pass interference. More on COVID and the NHL continuing to make plans for a return to play.
We finally have sports...and it's golf, right in Jim's wheelhouse. And he didn't even watch it.
Pro 3 on 3 Hockey League, CFL Delays to September, Turning Down $35M Per Year
Jim's rich buddy takes him on a wild helicopter ride. Former Senator Matt Duchene doesn't want a crazy different playoff. His fear is that the cup winner's name will have an asterisk beside it.
School's out until the fall. The TV show Cardinal is very Canadian and very good but why is the lead character always whispering? Shocker: Mikkel Boedker will not re-sign with Ottawa this summer, signs a two year deal in Switzerland. Jim destroys all his work while Steve builds a fire pit. Find out if Dean Brown is an incredible singer.
NHL playoff Sabre rattling; Melnyk is 100% certain they'll finish the season. Golf returns in the form of a skins game. Even with his pal Dustin Johnson playing, Jim wasn't into it. Jim's painting nightmare is almost over while Steve's wasp problem emerges again this year. Jim marvels at the number of Canadian music legends there are. Steve looks back fondly on a certain Neil Young song. WTF? People are actually making fun of autistic people on Tik Tok? A pro soccer team in Seoul uses sex dolls to help fill the empty stands.
We all make fun of TV sitcome for canned laughter...well get ready for the NFL with canned applause and canned booing...and virtual fans... A You Tuber wins a Tom Brady auction that includes seats to a Buccaneers game, dinner with Tom, hanging out on the field with Tom and the jersey straight off the QB's back after the game. $800,000. The biggest grudge held by every NHL fan base.
We take you behind the scenes of our podcast then realize there's not much to see. We discuss when listeners or followers go offside. Jeff Hunt steps away from the Redblacks and 67's.
Today we discuss Bryan Adams' comments about COVID, whether they're racist and the torches and pitchfork climate we're in right now. Will the NHL change its rules around to limit COVID. One doctor makes a number of suggestions on hockey PPE and changes to the actual playing rules.
Jerry Stiller passes away…Frank Costanza…Arthur on king queens…we ask the question who’s your favourite sitcom character of all time? Major league owners have approved a 4th of July start date for a new season. Holyfield Tyson…both well north of 50..talking about climbing back in the earn…you wanna see it. Avs to consider wearing Nordiques jerseys to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their taking away Quebec City's team.
May 10th is Heaven and Hell for Bruins Fans. It's the 50th anniversary of Bobby Orr's Cup winner in 1970. It's also the 41st anniversary of the Don Cherry too many men game. We talk about nasty injuries, and the joy of splinter removal. A twitter account that features horrifying moments of animals attacking other animals. How about a seagull swallowing a live rabbit. The joy of Splinter Removal
A couple of sports scandals today. Fun ways to deal with scammers on the phone.
If COVID ended today, would you go right back to the same family life and behaviour, like the stress, time and cost of getting to piano lessons, sports, play dates and so on? Or has this break maybe opened your eyes to some things and changed your priorities?
Former NBA star Ron Artest changes his name again so we check out some of the best sports nicknames ever. What actor is playing Joe Exotic in the Tiger King drama? Steve is loathing a character from the TV show Homeland. Jim finds something disgusting in his coffee.
What's the Best Ending to a Game You've Ever Seen? Most embarassing moments. Cheering when your golf partner fails.
Evander Kane Wants More NHL Personality, Murder Hornets, George Laraques COVID Battle
Childhood Nostalgia Our Awkward Moments Parenting Your Favourite Piece of Sports Memorabilia My weirdest laugh ever
CFL Wants 150 Million in COVID Relief, Money for NCAA Stars? Best Road Trip Tune. Will the NHL be a less exciting product playing in front of an echoing empty rink?
Steve second guesses everything. Sports Podcasts, What people respond to on social media. Dumb Rules in Sports that need to be changed right now. Enough with the Microscopic Coronavirus Images
Remembering the Battle of Quebec and how much more interesting hockey is when there's a little hate involved. We both give kudos to Ricky Gervais's Netflix series, After Life. We decide on our Mount Rushmore of Comedians and the NFL Draft was exactly what sports fans needed.
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Better than Gilligan's Island meets the Globe Trotters. But seriously folks, this is the in best podcast in Canada!

Apr 30th

Adam B

Great to hear Steve and Jungle Jim again!

Apr 23rd
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