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Originating from the Minneapolis/St Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota, Stew first began his career in radio in 1998 while working for ClearChannel radio as an intern at 101.3 KDWB. His biggest influence was a group of high-powered personalities that were all on the roster at the powerhouse station including Tone-E-Fly, Scotty Davis, Zannie K and Dave Ryan. Stew answered and screened phones like a champ, assisted with running breakfast to the morning show, and occasionally got to be in the on-air studio. Very occasionally.

With a love for his country, and a heart that pumps patriotism, stars and stripes through his aging veins, Stew has taken his half-brained high school education to national radio, and he has found his passion, once again.

The best is yet to come.

Phone: 877-45-WARRIOR
Stew Peters is not a radio legend, but he will tell you he is!
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Garrett Ziegler is a former staffer that worked closely to President Trump, and broke through the media silence, today, on "The Stew Peters Show", exposing the Biden Crime Family. Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew with BREAKING NEWS: Hundreds of doctors and scientists have revealed COVID "Vaccine" findings, and have called for an IMMEDIATE WORLDWIDE HALT! Sidney Powell joined Stew Peters with BREAKING NEWS: She has filed a counter-suit vs Dominion Voting Systems, and revealed why Nancy Pelosi was TERRIFIED on Jan 6. Go Ad-Free, Get Exclusive Content, Become a Premium user:    Follow Stew on social media:    See all of Stew's content at https://StewPeters.TV    Watch full episodes here:    Check out Stew's store:    Support our efforts to keep truth alive:   Advertise with Red Voice Media: 
John O'Looney has seen deaths from the beginning, and what he has seen as an undertaker supports what many of us have suspected. The Arizona Senate will release its findings on the audit of the 2020 election on Friday, September 24, and Seth Keshel has his finger on the pulse. Gab CEO, Andrew Torba, joined Stew Peters to discuss what Peters refers to as "The Alamo of Free Speech", referring to the social media platform that vows to uphold free speech worldwide. Go Ad-Free, Get Exclusive Content, Become a Premium user: Follow Stew on social media: See all of Stew's content at https://StewPeters.TV Watch full episodes here: Check out Stew's store: Support our efforts to keep truth alive: Advertise with Red Voice Media:
Today's Stew Peters Show guests include: Former Pfizer Employee and BioTech analyst, Karen Kingston - Kingston issues a CHILLING WARNING about the "vaccine", saying she doesn't know how children will be able to stay alive. Edward Szall reveals Biden's gun-grab could be assisted by the UN or other outside military forces. Dr. Jane Ruby answers listener questions about shedding and side effects. Milo Yiannopolous is being targeted by the left, who have a new hobby: celebrating the death of Conservative Christians Go Ad-Free, Get Exclusive Content, Become a Premium user:    Follow Stew on social media:    See all of Stew's content at https://StewPeters.TV    Watch full episodes here:    Check out Stew's store:    Support our efforts to keep truth alive:   Advertise with Red Voice Media: 
Doctor Paul Alexander was Senior Covid advisor to President Trump. Since the end of the Trump Administration, he’s been warning that thousands upon thousands of children could be harmed directly by having this vaccine forced into their arms. The pandemic has brought a lot of changes to America, and it’s also changed a lot of individual people. Belinda Blease is a nurse, and she is no exception. She told me in an email that in March of last year she was a liberal atheist who hated Trump and hated America. Now, she calls herself a patriotic, Trump-loving conservative Christian. That sounds like a story nearly as interesting as the one she has to tell about Covid.  Vernon Jones is a lifelong Democrat running as a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Georgia. Jones joins Stew today on the show! We’ve spoken to two Democrats turned Republicans so far today, but you all know that one of the biggest problems in the Republican Party is the opposite: People who are lifelong Republicans but don’t put America first and just see the base as a bunch of cattle to be manipulated.   And we have a remarkable example of this, courtesy of a left-wing source. Rolling Stone magazine has put out a lengthy, heavily-researched article detailing how Congressman Kevin McCarthy was given a “MAGA makeover” by donors and establishment party operatives to make him appealing to the Trump-loving base. Quote: “At a critical moment in McCarthy’s ascent, a network of swampy operatives mobilized in his defense and a mysterious dark-money group carpet-bombed the airwaves to position McCarthy as the heir apparent to lead the Trump-era Republican Party. And when you follow that money, you discover a campaign of deception that’s even phonier than McCarthy’s rebirth as a right-wing MAGA congressman.”   Lobbyists tied to the petroleum lobby and other traditional deep-pocketed business concerns funded a fake astroturfed conservative group named State Tea Party Express. The group popped up in 2018, ran a bunch of ads promoting McCarthy as an immigration hardliner, just long enough for McCarthy to fend off a GOP leadership challenge from Jim Jordan. Once Jordan was beaten, the group folded up shop and vanished. Mission accomplished. I have to say, thank you to Rolling Stone for doing the investigative reporting that Fox News, National Review, and all the other well-funded “conservative” outlets are too lazy or too corrupt to actually do.    Lauren Witzke is a former Senate candidate. She joins me to discuss this article.
Stacey Lee is a hospital security guard. She’s scheduled to be terminated in November, but she’s coming forward now. She says she’s seen patients being refused treatment at her hospital, and she’s also seen those who do get admitted be mistreated once they’re there. Jummai Nache is a healthcare worker in Minnesota. Like millions of other health care professionals, she was ordered to get a Covid-19 vaccination or lose her job, so she got the shot last February. But days after getting the vaccine, Jummai felt severe chest pains. Her husband Philip raced her to the hospital, where despite the vaccine she tested positive for Covid-19. Almost immediately her body was riddled with blood clots, organ inflammation, ischemia, and other medical problems. In the end, doctors were forced to amputate both of her legs. Sandy is a nurse at the University of Vermont Medical Cemter. Sandy says she has questioned at least three doctors about the huge amount of anomalies they’ve encountered treating Covid patients. She says she’s seen a minimum of five patients who, in her view, are 100% cases of illness linked with the Covid vaccine. There’s a young woman, a diabetic, who was suddenly hospitalized with her first case of hyperglycemia in a decade. A man in his early thirties with cardiac issues out of nowhere. And then much weirder things: a twenty-something with a head-to-toe rash like she’s never seen before. A woman with circular rashes and bloated purple genitalia, not terribly unlikely a female version of Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend. In Sandy’s words, this isn’t simply bad medicine, this is criminal. Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters to reveal a horrific story about a young woman that went to the pharmacy to get her seasonal influenza shot, but ended up getting the MRNA injection being called a "COVID Vaccine". DeAnna Lorraine joined Stew Peters to reveal the newest sneaky way the globalists are trying to kill you, in case you won't give in to the pressure or fall victim to an unconstitutional mandate! Go Ad-Free, Get Exclusive Content, Become a Premium user: Follow Stew on social media: See all of Stew's content at https://StewPeters.TV Watch full episodes here: Check out Stew's store: Support our efforts to keep truth alive: Advertise with Red Voice Media:
Stew talks with a 10-year nurse who is angry enough to come forward and blow the whistle on the mistreatment of COVID patients, the elimination of viable treatment and the vaccine injuries she's seen. Hospital administrator joins Stew to reveal a letter sent to doctors threatening their license if they prescribe HCQ or Ivermectin to SAVE LIVES! Dr. Jane Ruby exposes the FEDS as they have now SEIZED Monoclonal Antibodies! A grandmother of 5 was at the Capitol, but NEVER ENTERED THE BUILDING. She's NEVER been charged, but she's on the FEDS NCIC "Terror Watch List", and her freedom has been stolen as if she's executing a sentence!
Stew talks with a young American podcaster who's platform was nuked by YouTube after posting broadcasts with Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone. The experts were simply talking about vitamins and early treatment protocol, but since it didn't fit the narrative, that speech was removed from existence. Stew talks with a Texas RN who bravely came forward to blow the whistle on "vaccine" injuries! The nurse reports that multiple other nurses and at least one doctor are DEAD after they got jabbed. Sheriff Richard Mack joined Stew and agreed that the fast-paced communist takeover will threaten you, directly, and VERY SOON! He says you MUST get your sheriff involved, RIGHT NOW! A communist tyrant judge overturned the Iowa governor, who recently signed a law preventing students from being forced to wear a mask. The fight is on! The "Iowa Mama Bears" are fighting back, and they joined Stew today. Lauren Witzke, former Delaware Senate Candidate, joined Stew to expose a LEAKED internal memo from Fox News, confirming the so-called "conservative" news outlet is actually CONTROLLED OPPOSITION!
Stew talks with a Nebraska Sheriff who says he'll DIE before allowing force-vaccinations in his state! General Milley should be court-martialed and tried for TREASON. ADE is EXPLODING, Dr. Jane Ruby breaks NEWEST "Vaccine" HORROR! The IRS is asking YOUR BANK to SPY ON YOU!  
Stew talks with viral TikTok author, Megan McGlover, responsible for posting "Biden Ain't My Pimp" shortly after the dictatorial announcement of the communistic "vaccine mandate". 20-year nurse, respiratory therapist Angela Wallace, came forward blowing the whistle on the "vaccine" adverse events she's witnessing FIRST-HAND! 30-year nurse, Tracy Jaros, says massive corruption, fraud, deception and scandals are taking place behind closed doors, fueling the false narrative Americans are being fed about the COVID "pandemic". Nancy Ross is the Power of Attorney for Veronica Wolski, who was best known for her work over the Kennedy Expressway on "The People's Bridge". She was killed at a Chicago hospital after being refused the requested treatment of herself, her doctor and her advocates. Ross joined Stew for an EXCLUSIVE. Dr. Lee Vliet was doing everything she could to treat Veronica Wolski, and despite her efforts, the Chicago hospital killed her patient. Dr. Vliet spoke for the first time since Veronica's senseless killing in the name of medical tyranny.
Nurse whistleblower comes forward and tells ALL about vaccine injuries, COVID lies and the mistreatment of patients in hospitals! Dr. Jane Ruby exposes the BIG HOSPITAL SHUTDOWNS! Maternity ward not delivering babies, massive amounts of healthcare workers walking off the job, doctors INTENTIONALLY killing patients! Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is stabbing President Trump, RIGHT IN THE BACK, financially supporting establishment GOP pukes that HATE America First! Carlos Cortez, Jr. tells his story of COVID SURVIVAL, after his HERO doctor prescribed Ivermectin, saving his life!
ICU Nurse turned whistleblower joins Stew to reveal the TRUTH about what's happening at the hospital with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir and ventilators. The nurse exposes what's happening with vaccinated patients, and breaks a BOMBSHELL revelation: The hospital CEO is asking doctors to DENY CARE to unvaccinated patients! Jarrin Jackson is a West Point graduate and Afghanistan War Veteran. He joins Stew, saying what Joe Biden has done is a "declaration of war" on Americans. Dr. Jane Ruby joins Stew with the FIRST LOOK at vaccine injured KIDS! The danger is horrific! Matthew Hopkins is an Australian attorney that has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, and that suit specifically targets the tyrants that have overtaken the land down under.
The Stew Peters Show has learned that Bill Stepien has been selling the endorsement of President Donald Trump, presumably without the knowledge of Trump. Lauren Witzke joins Stew to discuss. General Michael Flynn was targeted by the deep state, has risen as a leader during the information war, is fighting for election integrity and pushing for local involvement. General Flynn addresses his political aspirations, Afghanistan and President Trump's "vaccine" rhetoric in a 1-on-1 interview with Stew. The CDC tried to pull a fast one. Go figure. The federal agency has changed the definition of the word "vaccine", literally overnight, as the massive deception continues in an effort to vaccinate EVERYTHING!
The Stew Peters Show - Dr. Robert Young, a microscopy expert reveals his findings of the vials containing the ingredients going into the COVID "vaccines" - In these EXCUSIVE bombshell interview, Dr. Young explains WHY the contents are in the injections, WHO is responsible, and WHAT their plan is!
Mayo Clinic-Trained Board Certified Pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole, joins Stew Peters to discuss the DANGEROUS "vaccines". Bobby Piton exposes REAL EVIDENCE of major systematic voter fraud Dr. Jane Ruby describes what hospitals are doing to patients in the new "death chambers"
FULL SHOW! September 3, 2021 "The Stew Peters Show" welcomes: Bobby Piton: Expected "leaks" coming from GOP may be intended to derail the TRUTH TRAIN, chill the push for election integrity. COVID being used as excuse for incompetence, massive sex-trafficking cover-up. DEAD PILOTS! Dr. Jane Ruby reveals another pilot dead due to a stroke, along with a daughter of a pilot that reveals major health problems in her pilot father after the jab. Steve Lynch is running for county executive, and his worldwide viral speech has been used against him as he's labeled as a "violent radical"
Stew exposes a radical (seemingly homicidal) Mayo Clinic surgeon that wishes to kill "unvaccinated" patients by putting them to the "back of the line". Stew talks with a fired pediatrician who refused the jab, and that doctor has a message for EVERYONE! Dr. Zev Zelenko LIVE in EXCLUSIVE interview says the real treatments are a weapon against the genocide globalists are trying to unleash. Ivan Raiklin, former Green Beret Commander and outspoken election fraud analyst, was targeted by TSA as the weaponized enforcement arms of the regime attack Patriots.  
Stew Peters exposes the manual, published by the American Medical Association and given to physicians, used to teach specific language, social media posts, hashtags, interview techniques and other forms of brainwashing to indoctrinate the unsuspecting and trusting public to coerce them into a shot, and create fear surrounding the planned-demic. ENDORSED BY PRESIDENT TRUMP! Joe Kemp is a former Green Beret and the Gold Star Husband to his wife, Shannon Kent, who was killed by ISIS. Kemp is running for U.S. Congress, and was endorsed by Trump, TODAY! Kemp spends time with Stew and talks the real deal in Afghanistan and how the progressives want to push the "back to war" narrative. National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley BREAKING DISCOVERY - Facebook and Google using YOUR DATA to target you and YOUR KIDS, spreading fear and pushing you toward the inoculation being falsely referred to as a COVID "vaccine". Dr. Jane Ruby answers questions directly from you! A new segment on the show "Ask Dr. Jane" allows you to ask questions of the Stew Peters Show contributor and get the answers! DeAnna Lorraine exposes yet ANOTHER MEDIA LIE! Fake News journalists are telling you that nurses are quitting because they're "stressed out" or "scared" of the "Delta Variant". The TRUTH is that they're leaving due to unconstitutional vaccine mandates that would force them to be injected with a shot that has caused unprecedented injury and death.
Stew Peters welcomes Dr. Lee Merritt to discuss a Mayo Clinic Cardiac ICU Director who wishes death on Trump voters, publicly posting her feelings on Facebook for the world to see. Benjamin Burlew is an Afghanistan-deployed veteran who was arrested by the FBI for being present at the Capitol on January 6. When agents came to arrest him, they assaulted and slapped his wife, took his guns and embarrassed him before throwing him in solitary confinement. Burlew came forward for the first time in this interview with Stew. Drew Berquist, host of "This is My Show", has been deployed to Afghanistan over 30 times for counterterrorism operations. He joins Stew with new information that the Taliban offered Kabul to the U.S., but Biden refused. Jan Morgan is running for U.S. Senate, and she BLASTS Senator John Boozman, who openly blames President Trump for the Jan 6 Nancy Pelosi set-up charade that has led to the arrest of hundreds of innocent law-abiding citizens. DeAnna Lorraine has found the Bill Gates patent that will use Blockchain technology to track your 'vaccination' status.
The Stew Peters Show (August 30, 2021)  The Afhanistan Crisis is NOT an accident, according to Retired Navy Chief Petty Officer and U.S. Congressional Candidate, Jarome Bell. Bell Joins Stew to expose the purposeful plan to massacre U.S. troops to continue funding Democrats and their communist policies.  BREAKING! The contents of the vials from all four pharmaceutical companies that have developed CoV-19 injections have been examined by Dr. Robert Young, and the findings are HORRIFIC! Not only did Dr. Young confirm graphene oxide in the shots, but also revealed lethal and deadly parasites, stainless steel and other various metals and obscure ingredients. Seth Keshel is a former U.S. Army captain, Military Intelligence. Keshel has been dropping audit and election fraud bombshells all over the place, and joins Stew Peters to discuss what mechanism may be in place to rectify the country should the fraud be proven. Canadians are protesting peacefully at Prime Minister Trudeau's speaking events, and they're being wrangled by the communist gestapo and ARRESTED for thought crimes. Stew has the video and talks with Canadian Patriot Chris Sky about the state of Canada. What happens to your retirement investment if you're fired from your career job for refusing to comply with unconstitutional 'vaccine' mandates? Financial expert, Carlos Cortez, joins Stew Peters to discuss.
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Karina Guskova

i like this show. he has some interesting people on there to talk about relevant subjects. however i don't like the format of the show. It's in spurtz and bursts, he's always cutting off the people, even when they have more to say that is relevant to the topic. it causes anxiety in me and although i want to listen to the show to get the information, I've been avoiding it. there's enough stress and anxiety in everyday life. there's a reason so many people gravitate towards shows like joe rogan. they are laid back, they discuss every topic thoroughly, and it's informative. even if you don't agree with the topic you still want to listen. i wish there was a Christian joe rogan, just seems like no one wants to put in the time to do it. I've listened to stu peters for couple of months now, but i don't know how much longer i can, i want to hear the info, but it's an hr of mainstream media style, and i never watch msm, maybe that's why I'm not used to it.

Sep 14th

Hacked Robot

legalizing propaganda against the American people should never have been allowed. A government owned by the people does not lie to the people who own it. The illegitimate regime in DC is clearly owned by something other than the people, which means that they people have no choice but to expunge it from existence.

Sep 11th

Hacked Robot

these audio files are corrupt consistently. Somebody needs to test their product.

Sep 11th

Christina Mcgowan

Stew Peter is obviously a shill for the Antichrist Trump.

Sep 11th


this is a cut and sliced, jumbled mess

Sep 10th

Jason Morgan

skipping big time

Sep 8th


this episode and the last couple have been skipping around like crazy!! am i the only one experiencing this??

Aug 25th

Brandon Nash

has zelenko's site been taken down? I can't find it

Aug 17th


jeez this is disturbing!!

Aug 11th

You are a true hero Stew, I can not thank you enough.

Aug 4th

Lisa Schrant

General Flynn took the Q oath. I do not believe he is on our side.

Jul 31st

Kevin Hutchinson

great show. love the content.

May 25th
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