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Session kickoff! Audio quality on episodes 1-3 are bad, 4 and 5 are better, and it's good by episode 6, when we got our legs under us..
In order to help the living, you have to deal with the dead.
The party has so far survived the first day in Barovia. Will they survive the first night?
In the shadow of Castle Ravenloft.
We've reached civilization again. But how civil can it truly be?
What lies inside the crumbling manor?
The party questions the burgomaster. Ashenram questions her patron. Kayden questions a priest. Zergil questions some drunks. Cu questions nobody. Mada questions her existence.
The party hatches a plan to capture and interrogate the demon-cop of Valleki. Are they powerful enough to pull it off?
The largest settlement in Barovia has fallen to darkness.
The western most settlement of Barovia, Kresk, appears to be at peace. The Wizards of Wines, however, is having a bad time.
Programming Note: This entire episode is a single combat encounter against dozens of creatures. For brevity's sake, not all dice rolls, actions, and tactical descriptions made it into the recording.  Please imagine a large room full of barrels and vats that is being breached on 3 sides by plant monsters~
The fight is over, but what were the costs?
Counterattack against the druids ! Can they be stopped?
Guest edited by Xythe
The Abbot makes his presence known, and invites the party to visit his house of healing. And what they witness is indeed a sickening sight.
The second wine delivery is made but the recipients aren't too happy about the delay.
We're back in Valleki, where no good people are allowed.
Edited by  Patrick Williams
Edited by Patrick Williams.
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