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Author: Chris Carlton

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Where should you go? For how long? How can you afford it.....?

These are just a few of the questions we discuss on The Study Abroadcast. If you're thinking about studying abroad this is a perfect podcast for you to listen to in order to motivate, and inspire your inner Indiana Jones or Carmen Sandiego.

Get ideas from others. Make plans for your own. And for Pete's sake, study abroad...smarter.
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“I would’ve never imagined I could have gone to Japan if it wasn’t for these people meeting me and inspiring me to do more ” — Cameron Peagler (truhiro)
Brandon Losh and Johnny Felsenthal are basically best friends who studied abroad at the same time, and had two vastly different experiences. After listening to the interview, if you listen to the interview in its entirety you walk away scratching your head wondering who had a better time. It's packed with stories, life lessons, and tips that you can take on your own study abroad trip. Berlin (but basically Europe), and Semester at Sea....Annnnddd Go!
“It’s so important to get out of what you know. It’s so important to try something new and have that fish-out-of-water experience while you’re young.” - Alison HealyAlison Healy is our first guest on the podcast that didn't study abroad. And like any good teacher, she morphs her story into a learning experience for pretty any other student going through the same thing she did. It wasn't her fault...really! She got shot; with cupid's arrow. It ended up working out for the best, but I'll let Alison tell you the rest, herself.We also learn about Dominican University (@dominicanu), how they're a hispanic serving institution, and rival pretty much any school in the country as far as making study abroad accessible to their students.
“One week, being in another country, you’re going to forget about what everyone else is doing in the U.S., and you’re going to be having so many of your own adventures that you’re not going to be homesick at all.” — Lexa & Caroline (@sippin_sangria)This interview couldn't have come at a better time ⏰.Why?Because I just wrote a post about making lifelong friends abroad and Lexa Muehlbauer and Caroline ZuHone have done exactly that.It's really a great story, too:They were at the same school and didn't know each other; they went abroad, and then they did. A website ensued, and the rest is history. If you're looking to learn Spanish, get lost, make friends, or start a travel blog you should listen to what these two have to say. We also get into what you should do after you graduate.I'm so glad I was able to get them on the show. “I’m not lost, I’m just exploring”
Brielle (@briellesajz) is serious about fashion, and the breadcrumbs prove it. She's slowly making her way around Europe and determined to make a name for herself in the industry. She's interned at both PVH and LUCKY BRAND, has passion for art, travel, and food, and it all comes together in her interview.*Point of fact: It costs exactly €17 to get into the Louvre which = $19.05. (We were trying to figure this out 😂)Wine tasting, French politics, Portugal, riots, internships, and job searching are also covered. “Lions do not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.” - Anonymous
First Chile interview...on the board; thanks to Rachel! She's also are first finance major, too, so she's really checking off all the boxes. And honestly, in this interview this interview was pretty much cruise control. Rachel remembered her trip vividly, like she just got off the plane. The Butler University alumnus is the current Study Abroadcast champion as far as length of time goes. I wish they were all this long.Thanks, Rachel!It's a great interview, too:Chile turns into South AmericaSouth America turns into earthquakesEarthquakes turn into foodNext we're talking about entering the workforceAnd finally she talks about her return trip to the exquisite continent"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" —Neale Donald WalschSHOW NOTESWhy Chile? 🇨🇱 [1:32]Where specifically in Chile? 🗺 [3:24]Moving around (and abroad) a lot as child 🚚 [5:07]Living in Australia from age seven to age nine 🇦🇺 [5:30]Going first semester, junior year 📆 [6:13]Scholarships, grants received 💸 [6:30]Setting up a direct exchange 💱 [7:15]What classes Rachel was taking 👩‍🎓 [8:05]Living situation and 'a day in the life' in Valparaíso 🏘 [11:45]Seeing the rest of South America 🦜 [18:02]Being grounded because of an earthquake 🛬 [23:10]Chilean cuisine 🥘 [27:42]Reineta fish & pisco sour 🐠 [28:53]Chilean wine and touring a vineyard 🍷🍷🍷 [34:03]Life after graduation 🎓 [35:38]How studying abroad helped rachel get gain employment 👩‍🔧 [36:27]Lonely Planet Chile & Easter Island  📚 [41:10] The EVERYGIRL 💻 [42:50]Rachel advice to perspective study abroad students 🙌 [44:19]Her recent trip to Ecuador 🇪🇨 [48:45]Revisiting Chile with her brother 👫 [51:56]
“Every aspect of our program is designed to immerse the student culturally, not only by staying with a home-stay, but also with all of our cultural activities and excursions.” - Monica Guajardo Spanish language immersion in Argentina through SOL  📓 [1:36]Learning the city through public transportation 🚍 [3:54]Classes and weekly museum visits 🏫 [5:10]Vineyard tours and hiking in the Andes in Mendoza 🗻 [6:14]How SOL offers a high-quality, unique Spanish learning experience 🙏 [7:00]Yearning for empanadas and dulce de leche 🍮 [10:40]How to get started with SOL 📝 [11:24]Gaining confidence in speaking a different language because of studying abroad 💬 [12:52]Final advice for studying abroad and applying for scholarships 💰 [15:10]
“To be in a country where you don’t speak fluently and you struggle to express yourself [. . . ], it made me so sympathetic, empathetic for people who are in countries where they’re not a native speaker but they’re trying, because I never really knew how difficult it is to represent yourself in a natural way.” — Tiffany Ferguson (@tferg__)Tiffany Ferguson is hustling. She's got a wildly successful Instagram page (linked☝️),Youtube channel (linked👇), and Twitter account (linked right here) 👈Tiffany hasn't graduated yet, but it seems like she has. She is a great example of blending your interests with your major, and how to have fun while you're doing it. If you want to graduate and have more than a piece of paper to show for it you should listen to this interview.TRANSFER STUDENTS!!!!!I transferred (twice) and so did Tiffany. She addresses the moving pains in her interview, but is happy she made the switch.Oh, I almost forgot...she studied abroad in France 🇫🇷, which is where her "mandatory baguette" picture above is from. SHOW NOTESDeciding to study in France through ISEP ✈ [1:30] Immersing in French Studies with the SUFLE program 📝 [7:19] Sightseeing in and around France via Flixbus 🚌 [11:29] Living out of a backpack while traveling 🎒[14:56] Eating vegan in a culinary capital 🍞 [18:44] Gaining respect for non-native speakers living in different countries 🙌 [20:43] The troubles of transferring schools while studying abroad 😧 [22:47] Future studies and the impact of studying abroad on her Youtube channel (166K subscribers and climbing) 💲[25:35]Media recommendations and final quote  📖 [29:15]  The Sky is Everywhere and I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson 📚The Purple Palace 📺Previously Gifted (Tiffany's Podcast) 🎙🎙🎙(Hooray for podcasts!)
The first interview I had with a student who studied abroad with Global Experiences was wildly popular."Man, I wish I could get more interviews like that," I thought. As luck would have it, a few weeks later I ran into Melissa Buerkett at the annual IIE Summit in NYC, and we decided to get an interview on the books.Melissa's above quote is what Global Experiences (@globalexperiences) does. She explains it in greater detail in the interview, but I'll come out and tell you: "almost anywhere can set up an internship for you abroad, but not everywhere can match you with one that'll align with your strengths." — Chris Carlton I don't know if you're aloud to quote yourself, but I just did 😊.The bonus is that the interview is peppered with Melissa's own global experiences that truly live up to the name of the company she now works for.
Nick Trifelos (@nick.triff) understood his international internship better than anyone I've interviewed to date. He went against the grain and traveled to Europe with a friend. (Why not, right?!)Him and his accomplice strategically selected their study abroad location as if they were setting out to conquer Europe. Mic drop 🎤
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