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The Sublime and Supernatural

Author: Jill Marie Morris

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The Sublime & Supernatural is a weekly podcast hosted by Psychic Medium, Comedian, Actor and Author Jill Marie Morris. This podcast covers a variety of topics from spirituality, to the paranormal, and more.
24 Episodes
Join psychic medium Jill Marie Morris as she makes a stop at the iconic Alfred Rosenheim Mansion in Los Angeles, California for the latest installment of Hollywood Ever After Road Trip. Most American Horror Story fans and movie buffs will recognize this home, as it has been featured on many television shows, and in several famous movies. Watch and find out what spirits are active in this Los Angeles home and why Jill wants to go back for an investigation after this mystical experience!
Find out what happened when psychic medium Jill Marie Morris held a sold out, overnight event at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Inn, in Fall River, MA. This original home is the location of the infamous Borden axe murders, allegedly committed by Lizzie Borden on August 4th, 1892. Strange happenings abound during the event in this Victorian-preserved home. Listen and learn who came by to make this the most exciting, yet creepiest venue Jill Marie has ever visited.
In this episode Jill Marie Morris takes a look at some cases whereas reported activity was not paranormal in nature, but rather issues caused by the living. Jill Marie shares her experiences and opinions dealing these cases, as well as how to look at the entire picture and those involved. From asking personal questions, to being brutally honest with clients who may be impacted by human issues, psychics, mediums and paranormal investigators are in a unique and critical position to offer sound opinion and offer information to the client(s) to get help from other experts when ghosts and goblins are not to blame.
On August 9th, 2019, Jill Marie Morris performed during The Valley of the Dolls Dinner & Party at Raleigh Motion Picture Studios; one of Hollywood's longest running movie and production facilities. The event was a celebration of life for actress Sharon Tate, who was murdered 50 years prior. Listen and find out what departed celebrities came by to say hello. Included, Jill Marie shares a touching moment that took place during the event between a guest (and celebrity fan) and the celebrity whose grave she had recently visited.
It's a heavy episode as Jill Marie Morris discusses toxic, intimate relationships. What makes someone stay in a toxic relationship with their partner? How can one leave? All of these questions, and more, are answered in this podcast as Jill Marie shares her experiences and insight into a situation that affects many.
Gun Violence & Social Media

Gun Violence & Social Media


In this episode Jill Marie Morris shares her thoughts about the correlation between social media and the growing epidemic of gun violence. Taking a raw look at the evolution of the crisis, including the recent tragedies in El Paso, Texas, as well as Dayton, Ohio, Jill Marie discusses the darker side of social media and how lack of reprimand for certain behaviors on social media platforms can create a climate for mass tragedies offline.
In this episode: Jill Marie Morris takes a closer look at the differences between hostile and non-hostile Interdimensional Beings. Listen as she shares her most remarkable experiences after a visit to the Mayan Ruins in 2006, as well as some interesting occurrences in Florida. Most recently, learn why an IB came to warn her and some others of a situation unfolding in a different part of the country. Strange but true, this episode will shed some light on the mystery of Interdimensional Beings, including how they act, what they are here to do, and even what some look like.
Does the ghost of Kate Morgan haunt the beautiful Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California? Opened in 1888, "The Del" has been the home to many ghostly encounters. A favorite destination for this podcast host, her first stay at the hotel turned into a night to remember. Listen as psychic medium Jill Marie Morris shares her unnerving experience while spending the night at this landmark location. Who was the woman standing at the foot of her bed? Why was Jill Marie making strange noises in her sleep that night, and did a group of kids on a freelance ghost hunt on the same night witness something go into Jill Marie's room? Tune-in and find out!
Sleep Haunting

Sleep Haunting


You've heard about sleepwalking, but what about sleep haunting? Ever wonder what could be happening when you sleep? Have you ever woken up from a dream feeling as though they've traveled through time and space, recalling intricate details of a place you've never been in the present? You could be visiting a place you were fond of in a past life. Listen to Jill Marie discuss astral projection, lucid dreaming, past lives and reincarnation, and the possible link to how the living may be responsible for a modern day haunting. It's a fascinating look at what may happen when the soul of the present goes in search of the past during sleep.
Psychic Medium Jill Marie Morris discusses why she stopped posting various types of predictions on social media. From cold cases, investigations and natural disasters, to murders and threats both domestic and foreign, learn how one person ultimately helped shape her decision to discontinue posting ominous predictions online. Also discussed: Celebrity gossip, the Kardashians, Prince and the murder of Vanessa Marcotte.
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