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The Suno India Show is a show which looks at the big news of the week.
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A month ago, a woman employee of the Supreme Court of India accused the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi of sexual harassment at the workplace. An hour after the story broke in the media, the CJI constituted a special hearing wherein he called the allegations against him a 'bigger plot to deactivate the office of CJI'. Three days later, a committee with sitting judges junior to the CJI began investigating into the complainant's allegations. On May 6th, the in-house committee gave a clean chit to CJI. The Suno India Show reached out to Nikita Saxena, Staff Writer for The Caravan who broke the story for the magazine on the allegations and the subsequent clean chit and what this could potentially mean to women across the country who are victims of workplace harassment.
In this episode of The Suno India Show podcast, we ask reached out to Mr Ranjan Panda, Country Manager - India at Climate Scorecard Project and Convenor at Water Initiatives Odisha & Combat Climate Change Network to discuss the aftermath of Cyclone Fani. He told us how the State managed to evacuate 1.2 million people in a short span of time while also highlighting the need for improving relief and rehabilitation efforts. The host Rakesh Kamal also asked Mr. Panda about the impact of climate change in changing patterns of cyclones and what more needs to be done to mitigate the impact of climate change.
On April 18th, the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education exams results were announced. Soon after, it was revealed that 3 lakh of the nearly 10 lakh students who had appeared for the examinations had failed the exams. Over 100 students were also declared absent even though they appeared for the exams. Since the results were announced, 20 students have killed themselves, allegedly dejected with the marks they received. In this episode we spoke to Padmaja Shaw, an independent journalist and academician from Hyderabad about this fiasco. She explained how the culture of coaching classes, lack of proper infrastructure and high aspirations of parents too are contributing factors which is leading to student suicides.
About 10 activists from the Fluorosis-hit areas of Nalgonda in Telangana and Prakasam in Andhra Pradesh are filing nominations papers in Varanasi to contest against PM Narendra Modi We spoke to Sudheer Jalagam, a social activist fighting for those afflicted with Fluorosis to know more about this decision to take on PM Modi head on.
Farmers Vs PepsiCo

Farmers Vs PepsiCo


Recently four farmers from Gujarat were sued by multinational giant Pepsico. The multinational conglomerate claims that the farmers have been illegally growing and selling a variety of potato which is exclusively registered by them. They used this potato, they claim for producing Lays potato chips. Pepsico claims that the farmers being sued are not among the thousands that it has authorised the protected potato variety. However, farmer unions and activists say that this violates farmers' rights and is against seed sovereignty and are fighting back against the company making this the latest battle in India between locals and big global players. The Suno India Show reached out to Kavitha Kuruganti of the Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture (ASHA) to know more about this.
In this episode of The Suno India Show, we reached out to environmental journalist Mayank Agarwal of Mongabay-India, a conservation & environment news and feature services, to talk if issues linked to environmental protection and tackling climate change are poll issues in this Lok Sabha Elections?
The Bharatiya Janata Party released its manifesto three days before voting in the 17th Lok Sabha Elections was to kick off. The Suno India Show reached out to party spokesperson Nupur Sharma to know more about BJP’s manifesto and its performance over the last five years.
Ahead of the Lok Sabha Election, the CPI(M) released its manifesto. In it, has proposed stopping mass surveillance, statutory minimum wage of not less than Rs 18,000 per month and promised to curb monopolies over telecom and internet service platforms. The Suno India Show reached out to their CPI(M) party member and MP Nilotpal Basu to know more.
A week ago, the Indian National Congress released its Manifesto. Titled "Congress Will Deliver", it has made many significant poll promises. In this episode we reached out to a key member of the Congress Manifesto Committee, national spokesperson for Congress and Member of Parliament Mr Rajeev Gowda, Karnataka to understand the key highlights of Congress Manifesto.
Ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha elections and for the first time ever, Safai Karmachari Andolan (SKA), a national movement to eradicate manual scavenging released their manifesto on April 4, at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi. The manifesto lists the specific demands made by the manual scavengers to break the shackles of caste, patriarchy, and for the recovery, reconstruction, and reclamation of their fundamental right to live with dignity. The Suno India Show spoke to Mr Bezwada Wilson, National Convener of Safai Karamchari Andolan. on what their demands are from political parties.
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