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Survivalist Prepper, all about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and living off the grid without too much “tin foil hat” stuff. Learning how to become more self sufficient when disaster strikes. Stay up to date with the latest prepping news and information like bugging out, prepping and survival gear, and food storage etc.
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As most of you may have noticed we haven’t been very active here at Survivalist Prepper. There are a few reasons for this that I go though in this short episode, as well as some exciting things in the plans. While the Survivalist Prepper podcast may be going on the back burner for the foreseeable […] The post Upcoming Changes and a New Show! appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
The Covid-19 pandemic is something that preppers have been talking about for years, it’s a good example of how a disaster can sneak up on you regardless of how unlikely it is. While people determine whether certain disaster scenarios occur, we have no control over mother nature. History shows us that Natural disasters, CME’s and […] The post The Long-Term Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
The Evolution of a Prepper

The Evolution of a Prepper


In today’s episode of the Survivalist Prepper Podcast Lisa and I talked to Anthony about his preparedness journey. Anthony has been at this for over 2 decades and started around the time of the Y2K scare. The following is a write up from Anthony who has been a member of the Survivalist Prepper Academy and […] The post The Evolution of a Prepper appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
I recently had the opportunity to talk to Andrew from EMP Shield to go over how their products work. Their products offer EMP, Lightning and CME protection at a reasonable price. An EMP or solar flare could literally set us back to the stone ages, and being able to protect your important electronics could be […] The post EMP Shield: CME, Lightning and EMP Protection appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
These days we have the convenience of turning on a stove or grill and cooking a nice juicy steak, or turning on the oven at the flip of a switch and baking fresh bread for the family, but what would you do if that wasn’t an option? Or worse yet, what would you do if […] The post Emergency Cooking Ideas and Operational Security appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
With all the different disasters and emergency situations we could possible face, the process of preparing can be a little overwhelming at times and intimidating to say the least. It seems that even when we are more prepared than we ever have been, we still have the feeling that it’s just not enough. I titled […] The post Prepping Challenges and Distractions appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Going Off the Grid and Homesteading is something most of us think about at one point of another. Could you really do it? Could you leave everything behind and start from scratch? Like a lot of people out there, Lisa and I have toyed with the homesteading idea in the past. The fantasy of getting […] The post Going Off the Grid With Brian & Pam appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Prepping and Budgeting

Prepping and Budgeting


When we talk about ways to increase your prepping budget with the money you already have it means managing your money, and paying attention to where every penny you spend goes. You can make your dollars go farther by simply creating a budget, and sticking to it. At first it can be hard, but don’t […] The post Prepping and Budgeting appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
When it comes to a preppers food storage, one size does not fit all. We all have certain limitation whether that be financial or storage space. Our list of what we feel like we need to have, and our list of what we actually have can be to entirely different things. Storage space is something […] The post Prepping and Food Storage: One Size Does not Fit All appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
What is nothing happens? What if all you are doing gets passed on to your children? Is all of our prepping going to be all for nothing if life goes on without a hiccup? It shouldn’t be, everything we do should not only prepare us for anything unexpected, we should be instilling these values in […] The post Replay: What If Nothing Happens? appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
This is part 2 of what should I put in my first aid kit. In episode 1 Lisa and I talk about 3 different levels of first aid kits, beginner kits, intermediate kits and now we get to the advanced first aid supplies. Keep in mind if you are at the point of having an advanced […] The post SPP323 The 3 Levels of First Aid Kits (Part 2) appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
In this episode Lisa and I talk about 3 different levels of first aid kits, beginner kits, intermediate kits and advanced first aid supplies. Keep in mind if you are at the point of having an advanced first you should probably take a CMT class or a first aid class to be able to use […] The post The 3 Levels of First Aid Kits (Part 1) appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
As we travel along in our preparedness journey, we are bound to get sidetracked or lose focus at one point or another. Unfortunately, just about all of us fall victim to this, but we can’t afford to let it drag on. One week turns into three weeks, and that turns into months or even years. […] The post Maintaining Your Preparedness Level appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
One of the biggest influences on our prepping plans is people, and how they react in different situations. This will include people in our preparedness plans, and people we may come across. Understanding how to deal with different personality types is critical to getting the best results in any given situation. The way you interact […] The post Understanding Different Personalities & Prepping appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
This week on the podcast we have a special guest Morgan from RoguePreparedness on with us to talk about preparedness with children and some challenges she recently encountered. Morgan recently went on a multi-state 30 day trip with her husband and 2 children and shared some of her takeaways with us. Experiences like this are […] The post Tips for Preparing With Children appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Over the next few weeks Lisa and I are going through all the steps of bugging out, and discussing why it’s more complicated than it seems on the surface. This week we are going over bug out locations, supplies and resources, and next week we will be talking about bug out vehicles, and why one […] The post Bug Out Locations, Supplies & Resources appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Anyone who has ever gone through a power outage (I’m willing to bet is just about everyone) knows that it seems like life just stops without electricity. Literally everything we buy, and use is associated with electricity in one way or another. Take dog food for example. While you don’t need to plug a bag […] The post Cause and Effect of a Grid Down Event appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
The world we are living in today is a far cry from what I believe our forefathers set out for us to have, but in the US today everyone has become so focused on what they are entitled too, and it seems they have lost track of how to personally responsible and accountable for how […] The post Everyday Items I Will Miss When The SHTF appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
If you have been interested in preparedness for a while you no doubt have heard about the All-American Sun Oven, and possibly even own one. In my opinion, the Sun Oven is one of the most important preparedness supplies we can have. While food, water and shelter are by far the most important aspects of […] The post The All American Sun Oven Workshop appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Some people think that everyone will come together during a crisis, In this episode we talk to Brian about how people really reacted during the recent West Virginia chemical spill. What he saw was what we all think will happen, people fighting, looting and forgetting about morals. This is also a great example about why […] The post How Poeple Really React In a Crisis appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
Comments (18)

Darren Pryde

Woo hoo we have missed you

Mar 9th

Jake Wain this is a must see if you or a find question prepping

Jan 23rd

Jake Wain

Nut'n fancy has great reviews on tons of things from knifes to packs, from guns to scenarios on YouTube. they are long thorough and vary focused also SouthernPepper1 on YouTube has so much to teach in every prepping aspect it's awesome!

Jan 23rd

Jake Wain

I highly recommend vacuum sealing! I myself have sealed lots of different things and oftentimes will buy things open them and reseal them because I can do a better job of making it last. A huge psychological food to have on hand is candy. I like to bye a lot from stores after Halloween because of the sales. when i do that, i  tear each rapper just a smidge to be sure all the air gets out. I have tried many types of candy that I have sealed that were 4 in 5 years past expiration date and they were just fine, including  chocolate, hard candy, cookies from the bakery and Oreos ect. I'm looking forward to try some older. And sweet things or pleasure foods are important because it's psychologically takes the average person at least 3 months to adapt to a full-time state food storage. when times get hard it's nice to have something yummy to look forward to.  Also I don't count on gardening. I have the ability to do some but I believe in the Bible which says there will be drought, storms and other things which would prevent that. the only other way I know of do have fresh greens are sprouts which only take water no sun and very little effort. You only need to store the grains  or seeds.

Jan 22nd

Matthew Pipkins

I just started your show. it's still early for me in the programming and maybe this has been covered later on but I feel the need to comment on the sterilization. it's not just the steam... it's a combination of heat, steam and pressure that kills everything. And yess... a "pressure canner" will work as an autoclave. Forgive me for not knowing names at this point, but a question arised... what to do with the tools once sterilized. they make sterilization pouches that can be ordered from amazon and ebay specifically for this. just some helpful information to pass along. I have decided to commit to this channel in my down time, so thank you for doing this. I cant wait to catch up. sincerely, a fellow prepper.

Dec 28th

Darren Pryde

What happened to the preparedness experience??

Aug 1st


Are you serious? Your wifi router is probably dual band 5GHZ. If you obtained a ham radio liscense, you wouldnt sound so so so much like a quack. 5G uses high frequency in 30ghzto 300ghz range 5G cell networks are highly directional shorter wavelength with smaller antennas. Its just a different frequency delivering a better picture at faster speed with less inteferance. I dont recommend aiming any antennas at your head directly, but with the statements made mmmm ya got a scrambled egg. Dont leave the house! RADIATION!!! LOL

Jul 8th

Kathy Holmes

my twin sister is into essential oils... she's not an expert, but mixes up some awesome stuff... She's a microbiologist, and she helped our niece with a science fair project. During this she took the opportunity to test different oils on the growth in petri dishes... she found some awesome results! Oregano and Lemon balm are great oils!!!

Jun 5th

Frank Castle

Mercury dimes would be good, even U. S. dollars, other types of silver bullion wouldn't be as recognizable. U.S. dollars for a time; depending on the type of collapse and duration. Gold and Silver /are not/ a hedge against inflation; back testing data has shown it's not.

May 14th

Tuovi Sjölund

a bugoutbag for a woman and her cat

Mar 26th

Brian Parmentier

look at I Robot with Will Smith

Mar 15th

kapil busawah

Good stuff

Feb 5th

Ronda Allred

New to prepping and this podcast is so informative.

Nov 19th


USGS downgrades or upgrades Earthquake magnitudes after geological data has been reviewed by scientists. They have actual scientific data to verify such changes. They DON'T WHIMSICALLY change EQ magnitude. smh. #PacNW #WA

Sep 27th

paul burrell

Wow! good stuff! I appreciate the common sense approach to preparing.

Sep 19th


hey, im 39 years old never went to college... i make 22 bucks an hour in the automotive industry. college is NOT needed to make a decent life for yourself.

Aug 28th

Tony Farmer

you guys have an episode on prepping, bugging out without a vehicle? I'll never have one! Love your pc

Oct 12th
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