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Author: Dave and Ray Ray

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A Christian Apologetical Podcast from the Presuppositional Minds of Dave and Ray Ray
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Dave and Ray Ray clear an issue from the past episode with Tom Buck pointing out a mistaken understanding of Thabiti Anyabwile, then they discuss the Authority of Scripture.
Dave and Ray Ray got to sit down with pastors Doug Shivers and Jake Wright at the Mo Baptist Annual Meeting and discuss things SBC and MBC. 
We talked about the J Mac's word association of "Go Home" to the  "word" Beth Moore that leads us into the subject of the sufficiency of Scripture (aka Sola Scriptura).
Freemasonry Debate Recap

Freemasonry Debate Recap


Dave and Ray Ray sat down to discuss Michigan Grand Lodge Documents, Ray Ray's opening statement, and a couple of points from Brandon's opening statement.
Another time of debate between Brandon Mullins (Michigan Freemason) and T.A.G. Min's own Adam "Ray Ray" Cochrun. They debate the proposition "Is Freemasonry Consistent With Christianity?"
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! By His grace, we have been able to proclaim the Gospel in 100 ways! Thanks to all of you who have supported us over this time!  We were graced by a few callers and dealt with some memes to celebrate to occasion. 
Meme Theology and Russ Dean

Meme Theology and Russ Dean


Dave and Ray Ray hit a couple of memes and then focus on an article by Russ Dean, a "Progressive Baptist" pastor.
Ray Ray spoke at Dave's church, First Baptist Buffalo in Buffalo, Mo., discussing the topic of Community Groups. 
Recapping The KJV Debate

Recapping The KJV Debate


We did a recap of last week's debate as we commented on Nathan's opening of his recap video, explaining more issues with the KJVO position.
T.A.G. You're It Ministries was proud to present this debate between Brother Nathan Rager (Pastor of Independent Baptist Church in Tarpon Springs, FL) and Travis Horinek (Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network). They debated the proposition "God's Word Is Most Effectively Preserved in the KJV" with Bro. Rager affirming and Travis negating.
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David Van Bebber

Great podcast that assesses the world and current events from a presuppositional approach. It includes debates and serious discussions

Aug 9th

Jonathan H

XClover, I am sorry that you feel that way you do. However, your comment stayed up despite your prediction.

Oct 30th


wow can you be anymore hateful or bigoted? I am trans but I guess I just possessed by the devil huh? what sick pathetic people you are. it is cause of people like you that I fear for my life on a daily basis as it is the fundamentalist people like your self that think I should be killed or be put in jail or denied basic human rights. but what else can I expect from pathetic fundies. so yeah nice show of hate there. I only came onto your podcast as I could not believe you where as stupid as you appeared on CAP's channel. but I guess you are and are just as hateful and bigoted. but I doubt this comment will stand to long as you fundies tend to delete comments when they dont agree with you

Jan 31st

Becky Henkel

Patriotism has always been in our churches historically. It does not take away from our Christianity. Jesus made it clear that the two are not exclusive of each other. It denigrates the seriousness of the sacrifices of our military to separate the two.

Aug 10th
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