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The T.A.G. You're It! Podcast

Author: Dave and Ray Ray

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A Christian Apologetical Podcast from the Presuppositional Minds of Dave and Ray Ray
124 Episodes
This is the talk Dave delivered at the Witnesses Now for Jesus Midwest Conference. 
This episode is a contenuation of Ray Ray's discussion with the Riverview Baptist Church youth group dealing with Covenantal Apologetics and Dr. Oliphint's Ten Tenets. 
Ray Ray had a great time with the Riverview Baptist Church youth group and taking about apologetics with them. This is one of two talks, "Being A Great Comission Apologist." 
Dave and Ray Ray hit up two memes in the Meme Theology Studio.
Dave and Ray Ray discuss a surprise call from Nelson, MBAN's infamous JW phone debater. Then they rehash a part of their conversation with Pastor Carlos Smith and a covenantal distinction issue in his line of reasoning. Lastly, they deal with eisegesis in a reparations meme.  
Dave and Ray Ray zoomed with John Pabon and other concerned North Carolina Baptists about CRT/I and the SBC's Resolution 9 of last year.
Dave and Ray Ray introduce you to the newest MBAN member, Colton Wright, and talk about his encounter with a Jahovah's Witness.
Dave and Ray Ray hooked up with Bill Ascol and Derin Stidd to talk about an abolitionist resolution for the SBC to adopt as our collective position.
Dave and Ray Ray talk about some recent things and then dive into the Meme Theology Studio.
Dave and Ray Ray had a great discussion in light of the issues of race and the Church with Pastor Carlos Smith of The Journey Church.
Dave and Ray Ray bring on Josh Sharp who wrote an article on divorce and abuse for The Baptist Standard (link below).
Dave and Ray Ray want to introduce you to a long time MBAN member, Charles Smith, and his ministry to Jehovah's Witnesses. They Discuss a recent pamphlet that Charles authored called "Sharing The Truth With Those Who Think They Have The Truth." 
Dave and Ray Ray dealt with Dr. Richard Tow (Life Church Springfield) and his eisegesis of his implicit use of Romans 12:3  in his discusson on faith (video link below).
Recap: Romans 1-3

Recap: Romans 1-3


Dave and Ray Ray continue their recap with the most important issue of the discussion: What does Romans 1-3 really state?
Dave and Ray Ray continue to recap their discussion with Dr. Richard Howe and Adam Tucker on their "Why Do You Believe?" podcast.
Dave and Ray Ray discuss Civil Disobedience in light of an email article that Ray Ray received then dealt with another article that Russ Dean, an apostate Baptist pastor, that states that God didn't intend Jesus to die.
With things back to normal in the studio, Dave and Ray Ray warmed up a bit with that current event, then headed to the Meme Theology Studio to discuss some bad CRT theology, and started to do some recap commentary on their discussion with Adam Tucker and Dr. Richard Howe. 
This is the audio from Dave and Ray Ray's discussion on "Why Do You Believe?," with Adam Tucker and Dr. Richard Howe on inerrancy, philosophy, and apologetics.
With Dave in studio, in person(!), the "TAG Team" talks about the upcoming conversation with Dr. Richard Howe and Adam Tucker on Inerrancy, Philosophy, and Apologetics and review of Dave's KJVO debate.
Dave was invited on Steve Miller's radio program, Unconfused -- AM580 / KRFE / Lubbock, Tx -- on April 22, 2020 to discuss the perfection of the KJV. This is the aduio from that discussion.
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David Van Bebber

Great podcast that assesses the world and current events from a presuppositional approach. It includes debates and serious discussions

Aug 9th

Jonathan H

XClover, I am sorry that you feel that way you do. However, your comment stayed up despite your prediction.

Oct 30th


wow can you be anymore hateful or bigoted? I am trans but I guess I just possessed by the devil huh? what sick pathetic people you are. it is cause of people like you that I fear for my life on a daily basis as it is the fundamentalist people like your self that think I should be killed or be put in jail or denied basic human rights. but what else can I expect from pathetic fundies. so yeah nice show of hate there. I only came onto your podcast as I could not believe you where as stupid as you appeared on CAP's channel. but I guess you are and are just as hateful and bigoted. but I doubt this comment will stand to long as you fundies tend to delete comments when they dont agree with you

Jan 31st

Becky Henkel

Patriotism has always been in our churches historically. It does not take away from our Christianity. Jesus made it clear that the two are not exclusive of each other. It denigrates the seriousness of the sacrifices of our military to separate the two.

Aug 10th
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