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The T.A.G. You're It! Podcast

The T.A.G. You're It! Podcast

Author: Dave and Ray Ray

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A Christian Apologetical Podcast from the Presuppositional Minds of Dave and Ray Ray
125 Episodes
Dave and Ray Ray discuss the issue of loving God and neighbor (two co-equal commands) during this time in light of some articles of churches still gathering in defiance of the fact that people are getting sick. This with a bit of Presupp WazzUP, Meme Theology, and a hearty helping of Reformed Theology!
As the title suggests, Dave and Ray Ray discuss what's going on from the perspective of the God Who Provides!
Ray Ray brought in Travis, MBAN and TAG vet, in the absence of Dave to continue the discussion on Link, from Ear Biscuits, deconstruction story
Dave and Ray Ray catch up with Sonny Hernandez, of Reforming America Ministries, before he debates the scope of the atonement with Aaron Brummitt in Springfield, Mo on May 14th.
Ray Ray and Josh Jenkins, Pastor at Hope Baptist Church in Springfield, Mo, talk more about HB2285 from a pastoral perspective. Please take this information and act to end abortion in the State of Missouri!
More CRT/I with Coyle Neal

More CRT/I with Coyle Neal


Dave and Ray Ray discuss things CRT/I with Dr. Coyle Neal (SBU) to get another take on the subject and hit on Resolution 9 as well.
Dave and Ray Ray listen to the story of Link, Ear Biscuits,  and his faith and departure from Christianity. They launch into discussing how to speak presuppositionally into his story, calling him to repentance and faith in the true Gospel.
Dave and Ray Ray had the privilege to speak with Wes Scroggins who is involved as an abortion abolitionist in the state of Missouri. They talked about a bill, HB 2285, that needs all those who profess Christ as Lord of all things to plead with their state representatives to support and move it forward to end abortion now.  What does the Gospel compel you to do about the murder of the defenseless?
Meme Theology

Meme Theology


It's been a while, so here are some memes with a call to debate Leighton Flowers again.   #Think Before You Meme
The MBAN has started to become more "official" lately and Wil Hoffman, President, came on to talk about that and some witnessing to Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses.   
A "CRT/I Discussion" Recap

A "CRT/I Discussion" Recap


Dave and Ray Ray discuss issues from the previous discussion with Dr. Liz Dudash-Buskirk on CRT/I. Sorry for the audio in this cast, we hope that it doesn't impede the progress of this important conversation. Soli Deo Gloria!
A continuation of our conversation with Liz on Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and Resolution 9 from an outside perspective. The intention of this podcast is just to listen. 
Dave and Ray Ray brought special guest, Liz, to talk about Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and Resolution 9 from an outside perspective. The intention of this podcast is just to listen. 
Inerrancy Debate Recap

Inerrancy Debate Recap


With Dave over the phone and Travis Horenik as our guest with Ray Ray in the studio, they dig into the meat of the inerrancy debate. If you were wondering if they'd ever deal with an abundantly clear example of circular reasoning in apologetics, this is the podcast for you!
Inerrancy Debate

Inerrancy Debate


The debate from Jan 6, 2020 between Dave Van Bebber and Phil Kalberg on Biblical Inerrancy.
Dave and Ray Ray discuss issues concerning the debate that will be held on Jan 6, 2020 between Dave and Phil Kallberg. They discussed things about Phil's position from his paper he wrote for the Society for Pentecostal Studies.
The Inerrancy of Scripture

The Inerrancy of Scripture


Dave and Ray Ray discuss the inerrancy of Scripture and why it matters apologetically.
The Clairity of Scripture

The Clairity of Scripture


Dave and Ray Ray discuss the Clarity of Scripture and why it matters apologetically.
Dave and Ray Ray talk about the Necessity of Scripture and why it matters in Apologetics
Dave and Ray Ray again deal with the unwillingness of Terry Carter - a self-professed revival specialist, to dialogue with fellow brothers in Christ about how "God needs us." We then clarify our position on sex and gender in response to a listener's comment.
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David Van Bebber

Great podcast that assesses the world and current events from a presuppositional approach. It includes debates and serious discussions

Aug 9th

Jonathan H

XClover, I am sorry that you feel that way you do. However, your comment stayed up despite your prediction.

Oct 30th


wow can you be anymore hateful or bigoted? I am trans but I guess I just possessed by the devil huh? what sick pathetic people you are. it is cause of people like you that I fear for my life on a daily basis as it is the fundamentalist people like your self that think I should be killed or be put in jail or denied basic human rights. but what else can I expect from pathetic fundies. so yeah nice show of hate there. I only came onto your podcast as I could not believe you where as stupid as you appeared on CAP's channel. but I guess you are and are just as hateful and bigoted. but I doubt this comment will stand to long as you fundies tend to delete comments when they dont agree with you

Jan 31st

Becky Henkel

Patriotism has always been in our churches historically. It does not take away from our Christianity. Jesus made it clear that the two are not exclusive of each other. It denigrates the seriousness of the sacrifices of our military to separate the two.

Aug 10th
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