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It’s all Taylor all the time! TMZ’s resident Taylor Swift insiders, Melanie Miller and Christina Cavaleri, break down all things Taylor with exclusive details from inside sources, one-on-one interviews, and more. We’ll sift through the rumors to separate fact from fiction about her life, love, tours, music, and relationships. This podcast is from the Swifties, by the Swifties, and for the Swifties!

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Joe Alwyn SPEAKS about Taylor for the first time, a year after their break up. WTF?!?! Sabrina Carpenter defends her work with SKIMS, and Charli XCX denies rumors about diss tracks only to diss again. Plus, Travis Kelce is looking like father material and the internet is interneting again - can Taylor just have fun? Fun Fact Clue: Variants Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Looks like the smallest man who ever lived does have it in him to propose after a short time unlike what friends claim. Taylor never lets anything get in her way from doing shows she can do it with a sniffle!!! Charli XCX is the last person we expected to take shots at Taylor. Plus, we have a Travis update and we get into some serious Clownery with our theories. Fun fact clue: hell Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hi SWIFTIES! Lots going on!!! We finally talk about Taylor and Gaga and no she’s not having his baby, but you should see your faces. Billie Ellish’s friends are now taking jabs at Taylor. What is going on?? Taylor has had some weird things happening at her shows that we’ll break down for you!! Plus, will Taylor make a 'So High School' video and feature Travis??? Fun fact Clue: Daddy I love him Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Happy Friday Swifties! We have fan fav Shy Taylor back today! Matty Healy is proving he really is the smallest man whoever lived. Plus, we finally have proof that Swifties really are born this way. An Outlander star is taking a play straight from Travis Kelce's playbook and shooting his shot at Taylor, disrespectful much?? Apparently Travis is a jealous type... does this make less or even more sexy????? We Hear YOU clue: Slurp Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Morning SWIFTIES! We have podcast fav Grayson on today! Kendall and Kylie are obsessed with Taylor Swift. Apparently the whole family is because they can’t stop shading hey, but it’s a hot summer so 'ThanK you aIMee!' Plus just after Jason Sudekis asks if Travis will make an honest woman out of Taylor by marrying her - Taylor goes ahead and declares TK her soulmate. Taylor has deemed the euro SWIFTIES superior - that’s hurts and finally she’s spotted out since her rendezvous in Lake Como! Fun Fact Clue: Brazil Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hi SWIFTIES! We have guest host Scarlett Sanchez today! And we’re digging deep into hard topics overseas. Does Taylor need to speak up about Palestine? Should she get involved in Edinburgh? Plus a Travis update, and what is on Taylor’s tour rider???? Fun fact clue: Butter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hello SWIFTIES! The who who’s of who’s that are back again, and today we have some man in the UK demanding Taylor sell her jets. Also Shy Taylor is back and we get into our thoughts. Plus, Taylor announced her opening acts - Shy thinks if Billie Eilish would have kept her mouth shut it could have been her. Fun Fact Clue: Paris Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Happy Friday SWIFTIES! We have guest host Shy Taylor back with us to discuss some pretty hot topics. One iof them we devour for lunch. And yes we’re looking at you Bullie Ellish. She’s gone to far and we can only assume Taylor has got BE scared. Plus wtf LDR!! We break down why the chiefs are back to practice with TMZ Sports Edward Lewis and whether or not Taylor had an impact on the KC Chiefs' schedule! Hosts: Melanie Miller & Shy Taylor Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hi SWIFTIES! Melanie is back and Grayson is joining her this week to breakdown the rumor that Taylor and Travis' engagement is just around the corner! And is it the reason for that hickey on her neck!!!! Plus should Taylor step up and address the chiefs kickers comments and what will happen when the season starts? We also get into tons of what we perceived to be Easter eggs for a brand new tour?? Fun Fact Clue: Female Rage: The Musical! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hi SWIFTIES!! This is a previously recorded episode! But we breakdown our first reactions to the BRAND NEW ERAS TOUR!!! All the clues we’ve seen and how it’s making us feel 'So High School'. Plus as always we have a daddy Trav update and is Emma Stone the biggest traitor of all time?? Fun fact clue? We don’t have one, but next Tuesday we have double the fun! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hello SWIFTIES! Is Disney plus going Taylor by putting a Swift vs Scooter doc on their platform after everything she has done for them? Teresa talks about meeting Taylor at Coachella and is she an avid Bravo watcher?? We think so and we’ll tell ya why! Of course we have a daddy Travis update continuing to thrive in Hollywood! Plus an exclusive interview with roast Queen Nikki Glaser about Lana and 'AIMEE' at 'The Met'! Fun fact clue: YBWM/Fortnight Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hi SWIFTIES! We have guest host, Shy Taylor, today! And boy the biggest member of the Beyhive didn’t come to play, as we get into all things Beyonce and Taylor. Plus, we cover how even though Taylor wasn’t at the Tom Brady Roast, her name was still mentioned.  Fun fact clue: last kiss Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Is Taylor getting Olivia Rodrigo back for - in our opinion turning on her by sending her a triple meaning of getting her back? Brads and Chads are at it again questioning Taylor’s loyalty to Chiefs Kingdom. And Matty Healy really proving he is the smallest man that ever lived. Fun Fact Clue: CPR Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hello SWIFTIES! The community has come together to prove Taylor was at the club with daddy Trav!! Plus we think we have pretty good reason to think that Travis and Taylor will get engaged this sparking summer and we think we know where! But Congratulations to TS for once again proving my she IS the music industry! Fun Fact Clue: can’t fight the moonlight Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hey Swifties!! We get into Matty Healy's thoughts on 'The Tortured Poets Department', Kim posting foe Karlie Kloss, and what movies Daddy Trav enjoys. Plus, is 'TTPD' getting added to the Eras Tour??? Hosts: Melanie Miller & Erin Cotton Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We all had a couple days with 'The Tortured Poets Department' now and we've seen some controversial (unpopular opinions) about certain songs. We're pretty sure 'WAOLOM' is about Ms. Rodrigo and Clara Bow isn't - we'll explain why! AND did Taylor really already put out her first song about Trav and did she mean it to be so spicy?? Plus we update on Taylor breaking news besides TTPD (we know its hard to think about anything else) !! Fun Fact Clue: Deadpool Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We got a double album!! At this point, we must all feel like the ‘It’s Always Sunny’ meme!! Expert Swiftie, Alyssa Ray, joins us on this special episode of Swift-Tea where we break down the most newsworthy, jaw drop and head-turning lyrics of Taylor’s 'The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology.' And we’ve got a message for everyone saying its slow and boring, GET IN YOUR CAR AND TURN IT UP!! Because this masterpiece is her best yet! thanK you aIMee Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Charlie Cotton joins us for another episode. We talk Coachella and my personal run in. We also get into yet another celeb Courtney Love, using TayTays name for relevance. As well as a TTPD Grove pop up! And our theories for a double release ?? As well as why and why not we think Tay will be back in the desert on next weekend! Plus, why wasn’t she there this last Friday to support Lana Del Rey? Fun fact clue: Wedding Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Taylor is back on TikTok, man that girl is smart! Which of Taylor’s ex’s girlfriend's listens to her? Let’s be honest - all of them! Travis is starting to hide from the paps, is this a bad sign??? Plus a Kelce brother is nominated for an Emmy! And how we think we know for sure Travis is hosting 5th grader! The biggest question of the hour is did Joe cheat and was he the reason that Taylor called 'Evermore' and 'Folklore' FICTION. Fun fact clue: Tays favs Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
First it was Billie, the it was Sabrina and now Morgan Wallen (fans)??? Can we leave this b*** alone??? What's the deal ?? Taylor explores the 5 stages of grief with TTPD... is this the first time Taylor made a fan theory reality? Plus a major clue that daddy Trav is filming Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader right now!!!! Fun fact clue: A big Stagecoach theory. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit