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The TeachDMD Podcast

Author: David Dutrow

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The TeachDMD Podcast will focus on topics related to education and educational technology, including thoughts and commentary on books related to those fields.
6 Episodes
A piece of Arthur Miller's The Crucible.
A recording of the Modoc Creation Myth "When Grizzlies Walked Upright" for use with my American Literature class.
A recording of The Navajo Origin Legend for use with my American Literature class.
A reading of the Onondaga Creation Myth "The Earth on Turtle's Back."
I'm back from Chicago and have had a couple of days to recover. So how was ISTE 2018? Listen and hear my complete thoughts on the experience!
It's ISTE Conference season! How can you make your experience a better one? Whether this is your first ISTE or you are a veteran, here are five tips that I have found have heightened my ISTE experience.
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