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Author: Chris Bates and Tyler Marolf

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The Teacher Zone with Chris and Tyler is a podcast just for Performing Arts Schools and Teachers. If you are wanting to grow your Performing Arts Lesson business, our show is here to help. We feature some of the best and brightest minds in Performing Arts Education and Business. Chris and Tyler are not only fellow Performing Arts (Music School) owners, they have also created the only whole system for our industry called
40 Episodes
True life story!! Robbie tells all about a horrible motorcycle accident causing him to have to delegate everything in his business instantly. We talk about how we don't have to wait on tragedy to learn to start delegating NOW!
Part two!
Chris and Tyler Discuss the 7 things they wish they had known when they were starting their companies.
Live are being changed. A community is being built. People cannot wait to be a part of what we are doing!
We're no longer just teaching lessons. We own the fact that we are thriving business owners!
This is where the lights come on and we remember why we started a lesson business to begin with!
Once you understand the chaos in your business you are now ready to get organized! Chris and Tyler discuss how to get organized and the benefits of implementing the right systems so you can move on to stage 3!
Chris and Tyler discuss the first stage of the series, Chaos to Culture which is chaos. We can't avoid it or go around it but there things we can do to to get out of it!
Chris and Tyler talk about the touch points of their upcoming series Chaos To Culture and the 5 stages of growth a lesson business must grow through.
Chris and Tyler have their special guest and owner of, Daniel Patterson, on the show to discuss the 6 drivers of studio growth every business owner should know and live.
We're all working on something to make our business's better but are we ignoring anything important?
Find out how to create the business culture that you've always dreamed of with your staff and customers.
Chris and Tyler Go deep on the the fear we all get when its time to implement change so our business's can grow again! Tune in for the solutions we all need to hear including some real life current issues we're tackling now at our own music school.
Chris and Tyler discuss the different strategies the lesson business space utilizes. Tune in for some solid solutions!
Tim Topham drops in to TeacherZone headquarters to talk about creativity in our lesson business's and inside the lessons themselves!
Special Guest and owner of Rockdale Music in PA joins Tyler to discuss how new systems at his lesson business have changed everything!
Live at Winter NAMM 2019 Chris and Tyler were asked to speak at NAMM University on How to Start a Podcast! If you've been waiting start one here you go!
In this episode we have special guest Roger Chow who is a career public educator and administrator (former Curriculum Director for Tacoma Schools, Literacy Director for Denver Schools, Executive Director of Secondary Education in Pueblo). In this episode Roger talks about the best way to promote learning and bring joy back to the process. He talks about some of the bright spots that we can utilize in our lesson programs including asking questions 80% of the time. You don't want to miss these insights and more from someone who is very passionate about helping students grow.
A very special guest and episode dedicated to all of our teachers and school owners out there. Current Exercise Physiologist, Mentor, Teacher, Entrepreneur and former Navy SEAL, Jeff Nichols, shares his experience with purpose, love, mentorship, drive and more on todays episode. Jeff sheds an amazing light on his experience and we get the real deal break down of all these important attributes applied to our lesson business's in Episode 22!



Special guest Danny Thomspson joins us again for a talk on different ways to approach pricing in our lesson business's.
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